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Frasi con fret (in inglese)

Now you're going to fret.
She told him not to fret.
I wouldn’t fret over, my dear.
And don’t fret about your boss.
I do nothing, and I fret about it.
There, Scarlett, don’t you fret.
I fret about you all the bloody time.

Oh don’t fret, I’m not that cold.
I began to fret as I clung to the phone.
There is nothing in it to fret your vanity.
And don't you fret anything, you sweet girl.
Furthermore, there is nothing to fret about.
We'll conquer this demon, don't fret, my dear.
The worrying things that caused our souls to fret;.
Dont you fret about that, his father said from.
But immediately he reverted to form and began to fret.
But he immediately reverted to form and began to fret.
Suzy, Suzy, my love, you shouldn’t fret anymore.
Do not fret if you cannot experience all senses at once.
Don't fret about Father, dear, she added, as they parted.
It’s not the time for me to fret and analyze and be nervous.
It was in our nature, then, to fret over what this would do to Molly.
She was standing, holding the bloody towel, and wearing a look of fret.
On fretless stringed instruments: it is your fingers that act as a fret.
It means he’s not so badly wounded and I don’t have to fret about him.
Never did she fret or complain, but, as usual, appealed continually to God.
We mustn’t fret about events that haven’t happened yet he replied tenderly.
She knew her mom might fret – her dad would say nothing – but she deserved it.
Don't fret; you are just as pretty as any of those three, but you are now unavailable.
Have them box-up their weapons so they won't have to fret about a casual traffic stop.
To watch her like that soothed him gradually quite out of the fever and fret of the day.
But don’t you fret, Miss Scarlett, it’ll be over in a month and we’ll have them howling.
Perhaps, in most cases we do not witness instant karma, so we fret and assume that life is unjust.
Fret not yourself because of evil men, neither be envious of the wicked, because there shall be no.
Don’t fret, friend—‘suffer an hour, live for an age!’ that’s how it is, my dear fellow.
Tom himself began to fret over the scene-painter's slow progress, and to feel the miseries of waiting.
Tom himself began to fret over the scene-painter’s slow progress, and to feel the miseries of waiting.
Don’t fret, he’s occupied at the moment and asked that you wait in this room until he’s finished.
By cutting off the vibration of a string by putting our finger on a fret board, and shortening its sound.
Eh, lad, don’t fret! said he, in the tender singsong caressing voice old Russian peasant women employ.
Fretting, he waited for Kehaar.
He was too busy fretting about.
Need to stop fretting over Suong.
A grave anxiety was fretting Mitya.
Something seemed to be fretting him.
Fretting, she dug her chin into her arm.
I fear she is fretting about something.
And when thy slumbering conscience, fretting.
He was fretting over the fire while she laughed.
So tell her to stop fretting and get on with it.
Now she began to combat him in his restless fretting.
He’d learned not to waste precious energy fretting.
All that fretting seconds ago was a waste of my time.
The question is still fretting your heart, and not answered.
She spent her evenings with my mother fretting over Harold’s.
Have listened to mother for hours, fretting about future dangers.
She gathered something was fretting him, that he found things hard.
Let us never give way to a fretting, murmuring, complaining spirit.
You’re still fretting over this Kobayashi test? Tammas asked.
Put the welfare of your family first_, and stop fretting about yourself.
When I returned to the dining room, Andrew was still fretting about Darren.
I don’t want you fretting over it, Cap’n, Sound struggled to say.
This was exactly the kind of nonsense he didn’t want them fretting about.
He grimaced at that last thought, then ordered himself to stop fretting about it.
There had been months in the past when he’d felt her fretting about him from afar.
I see I have the means of fretting him out of his melancholy for some time to come.
She wondered whether she should stop fretting about speed and worry instead about safety.
She then thought about poor Tadeo, fretting and losing his hair, and burst into laughter.
So he tortured himself, fretting himself with such questions, and finding a kind of enjoyment in it.
Priscilla fretting in her chair that he should stay away so long saw very clearly that no cook could help them.
It was time he put his mind to that endeavor and cease fretting about what could have been and should have been.
She loved him? Caleb had been fretting over the bond that had formed between her and Dominic the last few months.
Instead of fretting over whether our stop is in the correct place or not, just keep in mind the overall objective.
From a logical standpoint, there was really nothing I could do, so watching and fretting about it wouldn’t be of any help.
Tim was fretting but still smoking up the stash which I suggested he give back but he decided against that so we both got blazed.
As he scrambled about trying to find his bearings, this mysterious and cloaked figure was still fretting about trying to unnerve him.
He’d already climbed into the rear seat and pulled the door closed, when Sound rapped on the glass, his fretting face peering inside.
Here's the seacoast morning, big and permanent and beautiful; there is she, fretting, always unsatisfied, and temporary as a bubble of foam.
So you just sit there have a drink and stop fretting about those good for nothings at the bar I will sit here and look after you don’t worry.
And of how much more value are you than many birds! Besides, all of your anxiety or fretting doubts can do nothing to supply your material needs.
Morel fretted after her son.
The small motion fretted him.
She fretted at losing Annie.
Will they work? Moshe fretted.
I fretted the winter coming on.
He seemed puzzled and rather fretted.
A yard of fretted water heaved between.
That stupid Venus of mine, she fretted.
And how he fretted for you to come!.
She fretted him to the bottom of his soul.
She fretted about what Lyons had told them.
When she was fretted he could not bear it.
We will have fretted ourselves for nothing.
Leah fretted her concern and the old woman.
Marius fretted with the handle of his pistol.
He tossed and fretted among his rich cushions.
Lord Dagon fretted as he sat on his coral Dais.
Sven, are you sure that was wise? He fretted.
He hacked at the earth till she was fretted to death.
For the rest of the month she fretted, worried that.
She fretted, I hope he's not headed for a broken heart.
Later, I fretted about whether to tell Phil about Fiona.
When she fretted he understood, and could have no peace.
Freddy fretted and some of his hair started to fall out.
The barrels now all lashed together creaked and fretted.
He fretted intensely over what to tell Ava about his visitor.
So he went on through the winter; but he seemed not so fretted.
Dorothy fretted about the house, wringing her hands and crying.
Leah fretted her concern and the old woman grumbled her displeasure.
But he fretted so, got so furious suddenly, and again was melancholic.
He fidgeted and fretted, but Nicolette forbade him the luxury of time.
Encased in a polka dot bathrobe she fretted as she spied the policeman.
Greg fretted over their defense plan and mentally reexamined every detail.
She was sure it was very ill--it cried, and fretted, and was all over pimples.
Paul's swells white above the fretted, pointed, or oblong buildings beside it.
As he hurried along Darkburst fretted about his mother and the danger she was in.
The Sulabuns were dynamic and heedful that many Kravenas fretted and stepped back.
She rose and closed her reading, rose of Castile: fretted, forlorn, dreamily rose.
The more she fretted and struggled to set her free, the firmer became her fetters.
So still he wondered, indeed fretted, about what the ravens might have done to him.
She frets about.
She frets over a zit.
Now he sits and he frets.
You experiment with your fingers on the frets.
The foolishness of man perverts his way, and his heart frets against the.
My mother frets and frets there in Goaves, lest I go mad and run to her.
I found her sitting on an old canopy bed, looking down at her fingers on the frets of a green electric guitar.
He began the guitar solo and closed his eyes as his fingers ran up and down the frets as though they were possessed.
This is not one of those holiday resolutions, which frets and fumes its hour upon the stage and is forgotten forever.
Poor dear, I've no doubt it frets her to be kept in the dark, and it may make her doubly anxious about me and the others.
All stringed instruments with frets use metal bars as buffers to separate one particular wavelength from the rest of the wavelengths on the string.
Morel it was one of those still moments when the small frets vanish, and the beauty of things stands out, and she had the peace and the strength to see herself.
It was tuned to the D scale, which is a nice way to start learning the guitar because no matter how you move your fingers along the frets while strumming you never get a clashing chord.
The death of himself is now recognize, he has ceased from all his labors, there is no more strife within him, an empty vessel, the things he knew in life, the knowledge, the worrying, the fears and frets, and so on are now left far behind him.
That Babylonian influence was not active, is seen by the utter absence of any geometrical ornament; neither rosettes or stars, frets or circles, nor any other such elements are seen, and perhaps no such large piece of work exists so clear of all but natural forms.
The pettishness that might be caressed into fondness, had yielded to a listless apathy; there was less of the peevish temper of a child which frets and teases on purpose to be soothed, and more of the self-absorbed moroseness of a confirmed invalid, repelling consolation, and ready to regard the good-humoured mirth of others as an insult.
The first time I heard Terry’s rendering of Macbeth’s misery, cynicism and poignant insight into the folly of life… and all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty deaths…life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing! it moved me to tears.
When eleven o'clock came, Don Quixote found a guitar in his chamber; he tried it, opened the window, and perceived that some persons were walking in the garden; and having passed his fingers over the frets of the guitar and tuned it as well as he could, he spat and cleared his chest, and then with a voice a little hoarse but full-toned, he sang the following ballad, which he had himself that day composed:.

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