gag frasi

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Frasi con gag (in inglese)

I tried not to gag.
The Truth: Gag the Sheep.
She choked behind the gag.
He wanted to gag, but couldn't.
Why gag her mouth? What did he.
All I could do was cough and gag.
She pulled the gag from his mouth.

Brock was always pulling that gag.
He checked that her gag was secure.
Y’hungry?’ He slipped off the gag.
What’s the gag? London demanded.
The other pulled the gag from her mouth.
He pulled the gag from the man’s mouth.
I roll my eyes and take a swig—then gag.
The gunk collected in my skimmer is gag.
What’s the gag? the checker asked.
Someone tried the old Spanish Lottery gag.
To have the gag remov'd from one's mouth!.
Gruesome enough to set off the gag reflex.
She tried again this time ignoring the gag.
Gag the creature and bind him as I command.
When she got near him, she took out his gag.
It made her gag, and she felt like vomiting.
Her breathing was shallow and she began to gag.
Takes more effort than this to get her to gag.
He lays on top of me, reaches to remove the gag.
Nervously, Kara came over and cut the gag off me.
And I was expecting the old Girdle of Venus gag.
Someone put a gag in her mouth, Tolro said.
He removed the gag and she gulped at the fresh air.
Tongue and nose is taste, smell, savor, swallow, gag.
He was pushed down into a chair and the gag removed.
She tried to gnaw at one, but the gag got in the way.
The demon stuffed the gritty gag back into her mouth.
When my kids were much younger we had a standard gag.
This was obviously some sort of gag so I played along.
My eyebrows rose, he was really carrying this gag on.
Leave the gag in until she stops screaming, please.
She leant it to look at it but the smell made her gag.
Only the white cloth of the gag was visible through it.

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