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    1. “It’s full of loose ends!” Then she’d poke me in the shoulder with her needle

    2. He dug it into his forearm with a sewing needle and some printers’ ink

    3. Tattoos are inscribed with needle and ink, but the Ta Moko is a design carved into the skin using the Uhi, a traditional chisel formed from a fragment of Albatross bone

    4. things, all of these slight, needle tip sensations, were a lullaby for the child afraid of

    5. All of these things, all of these slight, needle tip sensations, were a lullaby for the child afraid of the dark

    6. needle soft in the sleep of the two year old,

    7. I could not pass through the needle eye on those long,

    8. Jesus said, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter Success doesn’t just happen

    9. and the needle finger, blues in twos and white coats,

    10. Imada looked and pointed at Ava, made the motion of sewing with a needle and thread

    11. It was very, very good, if it had been done with a needle and thread

    12. Alan’s ragged edges, and with the needle that she usually used to

    13. There are needle scars along her right forearm

    14. She has felt the caress of the needle

    15. Roman dropped the needle and started running for Johnson’s van

    16. that the needle that Johnson first tried to stick him with was able to hold more of

    17. There was more poison in the needle that Roman

    18. She imagines the tip of the needle breaking skin, sliding into muscle, the bulge where the liquid pools as she presses on the plunger, and the spasms, a face, a rictus grin

    19. Jock is aware of pain, aware of the needle being stuck into his buttocks, but he is in that quiet moment of shock when a broken body fails to connect with the receptors in the brain that describe a wound

    20. With needle and thread, she embroidered a small image onto the widow’s brocade—an image of herself on the palace steps

    21. “Drink the rest of it now,” Carl said as he threaded his needle

    22. The needle wasn’t as painful as I expected

    23. He put the needle back in the fishing kit, and pulled out two cans and a

    24. Swiftly she became aware of Todd's presents, and the needle “No—” was her final word

    25. dropped her needle in surprise

    26. "I'm sorry but time is of the essence so there is no time for you to go thru the shakes right now," it said as it mainlined her with that needle

    27. "Goodness, we must be at the center of the Universe" he clutched at the needle and dropped it back into his pocket, it still had a little turn occasionally and the pointed end was fairly sharp

    28. Savannah didn’t flinch when the boned needle pricked her flesh

    29. finger with the needle

    30. A green liquid was swimming inside the cylinder, and a plastic cover was guarding the needle

    31. Before he had a chance to react he felt the needle driven into his arm

    32. The auto winch dropped down towards the ground and in a few seconds Martin was gliding onto the soft, needle covered turf

    33. If there had been some invention that was able to measure excitement, the needle on its gauge would have

    34. ” Sebastian grunted noncommittally as he prepped a needle, sliding it under his skin

    35. Sebastian shifted to look at the bag on the floor as he held the needle in his arm

    36. Sebastian pinched off the hole from the needle in his arm, waiting a few seconds to let it heal before he moved to Aspen

    37. Sebastian slid the needle into the vein of Aspen’s left arm, which was the one closest to the bed he’d share with Russell

    38. Sebastian took her near arm with the IV needle it in and looked at the cuts that had been at her wrist

    39. Can you tell me?” Her needle went in and out of the tiny gown she was making

    40. ” I slid the needle inside the linen and stopped stitching

    41. I stuck the needle into the material, thankful for the moment she held me

    42. Garrett slid the needle expertly under Sebastian’s skin, piercing the vein

    43. Trying not to chuckle, he looked back at his arm as Garrett removed the needle from his skin, only brushing the surface of the puncture with a dry piece of gauze

    44. Glancing around, I noticed dyed material with a needle stuck into it

    45. The needle screeched crazily across the record as the top caved in on top of it

    46. stretched from one ear to the other, revealing needle sharp, small and curved teeth

    47. Katie glanced up, the needle pausing in mid air

    48. Needle sharp teeth tore at her throat and barbs bit into her back, the incredible pain taking away what little fight she had left

    49. She picked up the needle and considered the task before her

    50. You haven’t felt the prod of my inexperienced needle yet

    1. Crotchety then, they needled me even more

    2. “You better be careful” she needled, “or you’ll get promoted to sainthood

    3. She’d needled him as he walked through the door—something about whether or not they were still 388

    4. The other kids needled Jackie, and she was “like a motherless kitten,”(2)

    5. I pulled several soft needled pine branches down and piled them up on top of each other and then I laid our blankets over top of them

    6. A soft-skinned boy in glasses with taffy-colored hair and the finest trace of a mustache needled across his lip

    7. Trey needled his eyebrows

    8. Ashton said, “Dennis Martin needled Candace all the time

    9. But here, in the dark of the night, an accusing voice needled me

    10. Which is to say that while it was patched at the seams, needled and glued together with bits of yellow thread and old hemp, with floppy turrets, torn flanks, and bleeding gums, it nevertheless had one of those looks which say, I smell bad but you smell worse

    1. The pain in her leg began to surface as sharp needles escaping from her leg

    2. The needles are still buzzing

    3. Johnny swapped his legs over, feeling the first glimmer of pins and needles

    4. We approached junctions, the heavy braking making me slide feet first towards the front of the truck and sending needles of dull pain up my legs

    5. the onset of pins and needles, lifting thin reeds

    6. “Yes, but I think the pine needles would fall off”

    7. Pine needles form drifts here and there and crunch under out feet

    8. We follow him as he picks his way through the pines, our footsteps muffled by the layer of pine needles underfoot

    9. So I stood there like a twallop, swaying in the sunshine, cursing my bad handling of the whole situation and prising tiny, bloody needles from my hand

    10. entire collection of knitting needles and enough boiled sweets to

    11. repeatedly tried to insert the needles into his tiny veins

    12. On it were big brass knobs and levers, a few tall, cylindrical and deeply indented push buttons, and a few large meters with very thin needles that were waving slowly, but remaining in the green

    13. The ticket office end of the place was manned by a middle aged woman with grey hair and a pair of knitting needles going fifteen to the dozen

    14. A suit brush hung to one side and a repair kit with extra buttons, needles, and matching threads

    15. He sheathes the needles in their plastic covers

    16. thread, needles, and little cans

    17. Carl handed one of the needles and cans to

    18. eternity; the stead blow of pins and needles out of the northwest; nights requiring

    19. For just such emergencies, he always stored a good supply of canvas, strong sisal thread, and long, curving mariner’s needles

    20. It could get very unpleasant on the plain when the wind blew; the sand would sting like needles on exposed skin

    21. The orb slowed her pulsing and contracted into a small ball, barely visible amongst the pine needles

    22. Sharp stones served them for knives and hatchets to cut with; fish bones, and the hard sinews of certain animals, served them with needles to sew with; and these seem to have been their principal instruments of trade

    23. There were pine trees whose needles hung onto small limbs, shading a part of the boulder

    24. Her tension pricked into his skin like millions of little needles and then, his nervousness became a taut wire and it encircled them both and switched them around as though they were clutched body to body so that not even a breath of air separated them, neither of them knew how to go about unravelling the chords of dissonance, and both desperately wanting to, and pull them back to harmony

    25. needles, calico, twine, and Yankee notions in general to use in

    26. Suddenly pain flooded his body and a thousand tiny needles of white hot fire filling his mind and flesh

    27. And then the surgeon produced a number of long sharp needles with wires protruding

    28. ’ Jimmy groaned as the surgeon forced these needles into his hands and feet in the way an acupuncturist might

    29. breath his rib cage was lanced with pain, like hot needles being drawn through his flesh

    30. My feet hurt on every step to my room, sending needles up both legs

    31. Some cadets like me were scared of needles besides the odd pet snake and a few other things we will get to later

    32. "I wish I could help her!" and the needles flew in and out, in and out, faster than ever, as she turned

    33. Soaked, his feathers pointing away from his shivering body like crooked needles, he found himself standing between the lettuce and the carrots

    34. Dawn hated injections and she felt the usual spidery tingle down the back of her neck at the thought of needles

    35. As it had lain hidden amongst the pine needles, the whitish spots marking the snakes back reflected the dim moonlight back up at him, giving away the adder's presence

    36. Onwards he ran, the pine needles beneath his feet swirling about his belly as he kicked them high

    37. Hunger sated and thirst slaked, the young badger moved his body around in a circle a few times, until he had cleared a depression in the pine needles

    38. As he entered the beam cast by the sunlight, he saw a darkened patch of pine needles, a great scorch mark made by the lightning bolt hitting the forest floor

    39. Apparently he did not like needles

    40. O‘Connor‘s ―distorted‖ world view, Race is the social hemophiliac and he the annoying prick that needles our collective ―conscience‖

    41. Karla luxuriated under the water pounding her back, the hot needles easing the tension from her shoulders

    42. “What’s your problem, you desiccated old prune? You don’t like the word ‘fuck?’ Try doing it once in a while, why don’t you, it works wonders on wrinkles!” In a deflating gasp, the woman cast her eyes downward and her knitting resumed, the needles clicking a furious tempo

    43. needles would turn gold and then drop in the fall

    44. Our coolant and cylinder-head temperature gauges weren’t all that precise, but the needles moved, essentially

    45. When Colling completed the insertion of both needles on the first attempt, and without incident, the sergeant told Colling that his intravenous technique was about the best he had ever seen

    46. All about me a thousand thin needles, soft as cushions

    47. When I woke again she still held me, but the press of needles had receded and I could see a dim and gentle light filter through the fir above me

    48. “Lady please!” shrieked the woman! She was nude still, stark white hairless skin with a flowing wreath of fir needles cascading from her head

    49. I took a bough laden with needles and met them at the edge of my roots

    50. They have done terrible things to you, your heart is scarred and full of needles

    1. My thoughts go to my father and Raj and the needling thought that I should have done more for them

    2. Hartle briefly regretted needling Sim the night before

    3. His voice high-pitched, the erratic Indian continued needling his captives, doing a mock war dance as to reinforce his sanguinary resolve while tapping the club of death on the palm of his hand or thigh

    4. Dr Bruce Rosen of Harvard Medical School experimented with needling the acupuncture point on the hand known to help ease pain

    5. his 1+1 will never =2, so he won't find what he requires with me! " Just a little needling point I thought she should know

    6. “Stop needling me! Just show me where the javelin lists are

    7. We were both smiling because she figured I was needling her

    8. insisted on needling Scott about his love of bluegrass music

    9. ” I said not able to resist from needling him

    10. talents and needling remarks one against the other

    11. I feel it on my ear, needling me to turn my head

    12. Of course, we couldn’t resist needling them about it

    13. Of course, we couldn’t resist needling them about it

    14. Oh, I’d taken offence at something he’d said, and then I’d kept at it, needling and bitching, and I wouldn’t let it go, and he tried to get me to stop, he tried to kiss and make up, but I wouldn’t have it

    15. George Harrison’s “When We Was Fab” was a single on the radio around the time we started writing together, and it was quite an odd experience to stand with Paul while the video played on the studio television one afternoon, containing, as it did, all these musical and visual in-jokes that still seemed to have a little needling edge to them

    16. I thought he was needling me about what time I’d come in

    17. After two years, I knew that when Jacobi wasn’t needling me, he wasn’t happy

    18. That was what had been needling her

    19. ‘Reservations,’ he lied, because it would have been needling to say he wanted as long a last night at home as he could have

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