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Frasi con gimp (in inglese)

  1. Yep, the mean critter caused a felling pine to gimp his legs.
  2. I can't see a gimp mask without getting an instinctive desire to wail on it with a baseball bat.
  3. It was obvious Hussan was the bitch in this relationship, and the lithe greased gimp stopped meditating and quickly got up and disappeared through a beaded curtain.
  4. And this meeting is an indication of your idea of being positive and helpful is it? Hauling me in here on a pretext, with your gimp from Human Remains at your elbow?
  5. There was often a third man always wearing a gimp mask; another bouncer with a massive prison tattoo he knew worked on the doors of the Arkadia clubs; a short tattooed thug; occasionally a huge African.

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