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    1. Their eggs are good travelers, hitch hiking on board container’s en route

    2. He had a triple hitch today, BigThree, EndsWaving and BobbingTwo, all the kedas who over-filled the tiny pasture behind his place

    3. Grand Central Depot was announced at shortly before 6:30 in the evening and after the routine of disembarking was completed without hitch, Mr

    4. “Danip’s renting a company team so I’ll hitch ‘em up behind his

    5. “Good, I got to put these away,” he shook the axes, “and get ready to hitch up this team, come walk with me while I’m in a good mood

    6. They passed through security without a hitch, except the officer had to explain to Li-Li that Mr Snuggles would not be hurt going through the scanner

    7. fulfilled the first part of my plan without a hitch, but

    8. He was quite pleased with how things were turning out and how all the arrangements were coming together without a hitch

    9. Sometime in the future it could hitch a ride inside my mind

    10. ported without a hitch, the next message

    11. I figured that someone would be along soon, and I could hitch a ride

    12. There was no hitch, though, and the sick were speedily transferred to the “Coromandel,” where the pure sea-air did much for them

    13. The journey across the Sound and around to the southern side of the Isle of Wight had gone without a hitch, the Dawn running silently on her batteries

    14. we'll hitch up and get into town 'fore the stores close

    15. The shipment arrived without a hitch

    16. It was a nine year hitch, with marked cards being dealt

    17. Irma’s breakdown started when Scram was pounding out the hitch

    18. “So you’re sure about this?” Chris Harden was obviously trying to be cooler than he was actually feeling inside; the little hitch in the voice gave him away

    19. “I’m proud of you, son,” his father’s voice was soft, with that hitch in it again

    20. Rocky blocked with Mike while banging out the bank hitch

    21. Okay, what’s the hitch? What kind of fuel does it use?’

    22. My mom works across the street in the medical building as a therapist, so I’ll hitch a ride with her again

    23. They reached the pastures quickly, without a hitch

    24. Success in one or two sectors often goes to our heads, and we assume that these strong aspects can support the other, weaker sectors and carry us forward without a hitch

    25. When they asked Manda what she did for a living, she kept hearing a hitch in her voice whenever she said,

    26. plan because of one tiny hitch

    27. There was one hitch, the Egyptians regarded shepherds as an abomination, they

    28. The actual drive to the restaurant went off without a hitch

    29. I managed to hitch a ride, and I also found a ride back to Tyler

    30. implementation appears to be progressing without a hitch, well within

    31. project or implementation appears to be progressing without a hitch, well within

    32. The company wanted me to leave immediately, and that’s when I had a hitch in the plans

    33. Walter Thompson’s public offering came off without a hitch

    34. Her mumbling had not set well in him, neither had the fact that her breathing had started to hitch

    35. For 11 months, they have maintained a steady friends-with-benefits relationship without a hitch

    36. Maybe up on the road I could hitch a ride with a passerby

    37. hitch was fastened around his legs

    38. The first song went without a hitch and so did the ten that followed

    39. go about without a hitch,”

    40. Daveda’s moment went without a hitch; she just looked up at the

    41. The procedure had gone without a hitch

    42. An open convertible on the opposite side of the street stopped, a young man asked the driver to hitch a ride to who knows where

    43. We arrived without a hitch

    44. The Hampton processing and repacking operation starts up without a hitch

    45. watch, as I used my lips and my tongue, causing his breathing to hitch and pause as I

    46. Now the reporters seemed to want to paint them as needing to hitch their wagon to my caravan

    47. I bought a pair of rope soled shoes, neat trousers and a white shirt, then attempted to hitch to Madrid

    48. Six hours convinced me hitch hiking was not an option so I endured third class, wooden train seats, surrounded by fat mothers shouting “Jose, Maria, aqui!” as they peeled boiled eggs, tore open bread rolls and gossiped while their scrawny, wrinkled husbands drank wine from basket-covered bottles and smoked foul-smelling cigarettes

    49. The first performance went without a hitch

    50. quite go without a hitch this time

    1. was bathed in a golden hue and her breath hitched at the

    2. hitched a ride” said Catwhiskers

    3. He hitched up his

    4. “Are they all hitched up yet?”

    5. he hitched his bundle on to his back, settled it as

    6. Usually the horses would be hitched to a tree or fence outside of the tabor but, due to circumstances, they were now kept inside the secure circle to prevent theft

    7. ’ He hitched the strap for his M249M22 machine gun over his shoulder

    8. He hitched his horse to a tree, took out his collapsible shovel from one of the saddlebags and started to clear a spot next to the fallen tree, shoveling the snow aside and forming a low three foot wall in a horseshoe shape

    9. Kallias hitched, she hurriedly made her way to the city gates

    10. But even before that, she sought out one of the deceased bandits’ horses hitched just outside the fort’s walls

    11. Perhaps even more chilling was the absence of the other horse that had been hitched outside of the fort

    12. They had complied to a tee with societal norms regarding growing up, getting hitched, securing the blood line, having respectable employment, living in the right neighborhood with the big house and yard, having the latest in autos and technological devices, wearing the right clothing and associating with the proper friends, taking their vacations to the proper places, and…you know how it goes, right?

    13. Early that morning Zarko hitched the buggy and drove off to fetch Crissy and Mitzka

    14. Once he arrived home he gave the stable boy instructions to have the buggy and horse hitched the following morning, in case he needed to return to the infirmary urgently

    15. As soon as she heard his feet crunching on the grass, her breath hitched in mild panic

    16. Aspen’s hands massaged his back as Sebastian arched into her, watching as her eyes glazed and her breath hitched

    17. Dotted around were people, some with their trouser legs rolled up or skirts hitched up above their knees; couples soaking up the sun together or rolled in an intimate embrace

    18. So we hitched a lift back to ‘Dead Man’s Farm’ but when we got there we could find no sign of George either in the barn or around the farmstead

    19. ” Though when the woman leaned forward to expose the tops of her breasts, then hitched up her skirt to show her legs up to her lower thighs, he knew that last comment was not entirely truthful

    20. “I took an earlier bus, and hitched the rest of the way in

    21. The two men hitched their chairs up to the table, and without ceremony

    22. He hitched his old smooth-bore rifle higher under his arm and continued

    23. Eric’s stride hitched as his eyes came to those of his wife

    24. They were off again at five AM on the bus to Talanga from where they hitched a luxury ride with a British anthropologist in his Land Rover to the junction of the highway, and there jumped in the back of a large truck all the way to Cedros

    25. When the numbers settled, Tony hitched a seven

    26. Whitey behind the wheel, as Bones hitched shotgun

    27. It was only last weekend that we had got hitched, and instead of a wedding ring, we each had our special tattoo done on her thigh, and my hip, so we would be joined when we went riding

    28. “Do you know what your name means princess?” he asked, his lips trailing over my earlobe and my breath hitched

    29. With a smile of anticipation, David hitched his bag more firmly on to his shoulder and pushed through the incessant crowds towards her

    30. Laura spoke sharply to the animal, which subsided, then pushed off from the landing stage and sitting on the centre bench, hitched her skirt high over her legs with a practiced movement before taking up the oars and plying them through the still

    31. I hitched up my belt and leant across the counter to kiss her cheek

    32. ” she said as she stood and hitched at her sword belt

    33. ” She hitched her purse onto her shoulder and closed the door behind herself

    34. I hitched to the police station, thinking that way Murphy would

    35. After they placed their flies, they sat down shoulder to shoulder and hitched at the

    36. Gary rounded up a swaybacked horse and hitched it to his wagon

    37. When they were finished, their cavalry horses were each hitched to a small 'walking plow'

    38. He hitched up the team of dogs to a training sled on wheels and gave her the reins

    39. ran his fingers up my thighs and to my waist, and then he hitched his fingers in the

    40. ” My breathing hitched as I fought to hold in a sob

    41. We hitched up the boat

    42. After changing money at one of the innumerable Beirut Bureaux de Change advertising competitive exchange rates, the others went sight seeing, shopping and night-clubbing, I said I'd meet them in two days and hitched north to Byblos

    43. After making a watercolour, I hitched to a gorge that boasted caves with stalactites that were not as grand as Waitomo

    44. After six months without finding a nice young man to share my affections, the contrast between the wealth of the parents and the daily struggles of the city’s poor, of which I was one, became so distressing I handed in my notice and hitched west

    45. It was hitched together with gold and steel pipes all through the land

    46. One of his hands moved to my neck and the other hitched my leg on his hip

    47. “Oh, nothing…” His fingers trailed over my body and my breath hitched

    48. Conan hitched at his girdle and followed the chief outside

    49. He hitched his belt, and his hands touched the girdle Khemsa had given him; he scowled, then smiled bleakly

    50. Finishing his meal, Conan wiped his hands in the sand, rose, ran his fingers through his thick black mane, hitched at his sword-belt and said:

    1. I had to repair everything from back hoes, skip loaders, down to lawn mowers and anything else including fabricating and installing hitches on trucks

    2. A laugh hitches in his throat

    3. More stone and less red brick was the main difference between West Country schools and those of the Midlands, and the season passed without hitches until our entry in the West Country Shakespearian Festival had us denounced from several county pulpits and threatened with closure by the police

    4. dropping in half- hitches with an economy of movement that harmonised with

    5. He slowly hitches my right leg

    6. hitches and glitches - when it was all said and done and over - what an amazing time we

    7. Who’s responsible for the child’s life, the enforced mom? The “father”—if he’s around? The court? What happens when there’s one of those unforeseen hitches and the court-appointed and supervised doctor can only save one life—either the woman’s or a baby she was forced to have? Is she to be “killed” by law to “save” a child that wouldn’t have been born if she hadn’t been forced to have it? Guess!

    8. Aaron gets off near Salinas and then hitches over to Interstate 5, a straight shot all the way to Seattle

    9. What happens when there's one of those unforeseen hitches and the court-appointed and supervised doctor can only save one life— either the woman's or a baby she was forced to have?

    10. This had all been thought out and arranged very carefully years ago by Wemyss, and ought to have worked without a hitch; but sometimes there were hitches, and Lizzie's arm was a minute late thrusting in a dish

    11. And then he hitches his pants up to his stomach!! He laughs like a hyena at his own

    12. "beautifully" and that the deal he was working on had actually happened without hitches

    13. My heart is racing and my breathing hitches

    14. Briefly he closes his eyes, and his breathing hitches

    15. “Did he?” My voice hitches up several octaves

    16. His breath hitches, and he grins at me

    17. My breathing hitches and I press my thighs together in a bid to halt his progress

    18. My breath hitches

    19. If you are capable to handle the transaction without hitches and flaws, then we have confidence in the deal

    20. She had always seen the odd pauses and dark lines in the colours of his words and assumed they were accidental hitches

    21. Secure the string to the bow with a round turn and two half hitches at each end

    22. A ladder can be made by simply tying as many manharness hitches in a rope as you need for hand and foot holds

    1. “She picked me up the morning after I was kidnapped, and again this morning as I was hitching back into town

    2. results of their labours for a moment before hitching up the team

    3. “But you said it was like hitching a wagon, that there’s a schedule and so on!”

    4. ” He teased, playfully hitching my leg over his hip

    5. She probably got tired and hitching a ride with him was the best alternative

    6. ” He purred hitching my leg up and burning heat shot through my core in anticipation

    7. In response to her gesture, he stepped into the boat, and she set off, hitching up her skirt to just above her knees and rowing with easy, yet remarkably efficient strokes

    8. She put the tray on the bed, then hitching up the fringe of a scarlet embroidered nightdress that only just covered her hips, climbed on to the bed and sat cross legged with the tray between her knees

    9. She decided that hitching a lift was the only option open to her

    10. Dublin’s saddlebag with food and canteen inside had been carelessly hung on the hitching rail

    11. Without a word between us, I galloped up, took the reins of Fred’s horse, hitching them around my saddle’s pommel

    12. He called over the sound of the motor “It’s a bit late to be hitching a ride

    13. Spain was still hopeless for hitching so we caught busses and trains

    14. Rather than risk meeting the police, I didn't stay long in Benghazi, hitching to Derna with three men who drove hundreds of kilometres out of their way to show me ‘Green Mountain’, so called because fifty years previously it had become green when it rained for the first time in centuries

    15. I told them about hitching across North Africa

    16. Conan glanced at the sun, just beginning to dip behind the flat-topped houses on the western side of the bazar, and hitching once more at his belt, moved off in the direction of Aram Baksh's tavern

    17. After a hundred yards, I encountered the King’s version of the gatehouse which looked exactly the same only here, there were more guards, horses tied to hitching rails and men moving about checking a long line of wagons, peddlers and merchants

    18. As I made my way down the main road and out of Marbella, I tried my luck at hitching by the roadside, stopping every so often to face the cars coming towards me

    19. they left, Rachel and Wendy caught up with the fugitive munitions specialist who was hitching a ride to New St

    20. I mean, this is obviously your first time hitching a ride on a boxcar

    21. The only way she was going anywhere was by hitching a ride

    22. We are leaving it here and hitching a ride on a super freighter

    23. They just wanted to save time hitching the boat later on their departure

    24. As expected, truth was hardly a consideration in hitching up with someone, but tact and restraint were never a consideration for Charlotte, who generally spoke what was on her mind

    25. silent, then dismounted and tied the reins to the hitching rail

    26. warily approached the quaint home and tied the reins to the hitching

    27. Mary Catherine dismounted and tied the reins to a hitching rail

    28. reins of her horse to the hitching post

    29. Their horses, still tied to the hitching post, reared and

    30. sound of gunfire and struggled to free themselves from their hitching

    31. skittish mounts, which were still tied to the hitching post, untied

    32. There was a hitching post and a hitching rail on each side of the two stairs at the front porch though no horses had been hitched there within the last sixty years; the water troughs had long ago deteriorated and been removed for firewood

    33. Vinny pulled on his trousers hitching them up a bit and did a

    34. ‘’My trigger finger is already hitching

    35. stopped at the hitching post

    36. Without further fuss, hitching her sari and tucking it, she obliged him

    37. Hitching the dragon wagon makes pay backs in shifts and cloud gaining

    38. “Man, I'm hitching to Seattle, and thought I'd drop in for a rest

    39. “So, after the trucker you were hitching a ride with kicked you out of the cab, you heard Miss Lewis call for help?” says the Sheriff

    40. A hitching rail stood nearby

    41. “I’m not hitching up with a new group

    42. He had seated himself in a chair by the District Attorney's desk and as he talked was hitching it closer and closer, for men of Kahn's stamp seem unable to talk without getting into almost personal contact with those with whom they are talking

    43. Caymus briefl y considered hitching Ghost to the carriage until

    44. “Where is everyone?” asked Euther, hitching his horse to a post

    45. a veneer of authenticity by hitching them onto older and historically verifiable texts and traditions

    46. impart a veneer of authenticity by hitching them onto older and historically verifiable texts and

    47. I looked out the open dungeon doors and there, as bold as daylight was Rolf strolling over to three horses, which were saddled and tied to a hitching post

    48. deceptions; to impart a veneer of authenticity by hitching them onto older and historically verifiable

    49. His head had shaken back and forth while hitching in one deep, exasperated sigh after the next

    50. and was about to protest when he told me that my hitching to make the appointment was

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