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Frasi con gist (in inglese)

  1. But you get the gist.
  2. The gist of this story.
  3. I think that's the gist.
  4. I think we get the gist.
  5. However the gist was that.

  6. But he gets the gist of it.
  7. Zat is ze gist of it, yes.
  8. The gist of capital structure.
  9. Yeah,, that’s the gist of it.
  10. Having caught the gist of her.
  11. That was the gist of it anyway.
  12. I think you have the gist of it.
  13. What follows is the gist of each.
  14. Jesse got the gist of the message.
  15. I get the gist of it, he conceded.

  16. The gist of it was; the charges went away.
  17. The gist of the argument revolves around.
  18. Roger related the gist of the kidnappers call.
  19. What was the gist of this conversation?
  20. The gist of the story, without increasing the.
  21. He got the gist of his words and realized that.
  22. Can you give me the gist of it? Gary asked.
  23. He asked, What’s the gist of the story?
  24. Guessing the gist of June's message, one of the.
  25. But Pretty Boy, that’s not the gist of my speech.

  26. That is the gist of everything we know thus far.
  27. The gist of the matter was that the Zomboids were.
  28. This is the gist of the hidden curriculum of schools.
  29. The gist of the letter was that Barbara Ebhart couldn’t.
  30. You can read more about the derivation, but you get the gist.
  31. But in the meantime I think you get the gist of this heading.
  32. You need better sources, but you got the overall gist of it.
  33. She got the gist of what had happened but still needed details.
  34. It’s this emotional recognition which is the gist of the thing.
  35. The gist of the dream was easily enough painted: She'd botched it.
  36. I can’t repeat exactly what he said, but that’s the gist of it.
  37. I rang up Shazi, summarizing the gist of my conversation with the CEC.
  38. Cat had never sailed paper boats in puddles, but she got the gist of it.
  39. Catching her gist, and a shrewd judge of character, Alexei made a decision.
  40. Not all of it, no, but enough words here and there to get the gist of it.
  41. Oh there was a little more ceremony and detail, but that was the gist of it.
  42. Yeah, that was about the gist of it, he said as he looked at the poster.
  43. The gist of his argument and the central theme of the book was: Just what has.
  44. Thorpe's exact words at the elevator door, but the gist of the message was clear.
  45. The gist of the modified AFN function is to have the lowest ratio within a specific.
  46. With this in mind Mac took that initiative and further posted the proposal’s gist.
  47. The letter’s length was another surprise, but the gist was on the very first page.
  48. She watched several of the dancers for a moment and got the gist of their movements.
  49. Actually, Elenir had just entered the bridge and caught the gist of the dialog.
  50. That is the gist of my adventures, or misadventures if you prefer, in World War Two.
  51. I stopped in the hallway and the gist of their request was that they had a new mascot.
  52. The gist of optimization occurs in the realm of balancing the return on equity (ROE).
  53. The gist of technical analysis is to follow an upwards trend and sell before the risk.
  54. We will not reproduce his speech word for word, but will only summarize the gist of it.
  55. The gist of this discussion will be from the point of view of I have some cash available.
  56. The lighter was a bit awkward to handle with that ape hand but he got the gist of it quickly.
  57. What is the gist or main point of the concept? Have you referred to a dictionary, thesaurus, or.
  58. But that's the gist of the tale, obviously it's had to have been exaggerated over the centuries.
  59. The gist of the note was that Felicity was to gain my confidence, see if I was involved with Felix.
  60. I mean, it was a great idea, but there wasn’t anything in those, you know the gist of the story.
  61. The message came through muddy, and there must have been a few typos, but the general gist was understood.
  62. The edited gist of Stephan’s article read: ‘South Africa now employs more staff than the private sector.
  63. In a gist, having Section 8 tenants does not change so much of the rules and regulations within your property.
  64. I removed my hand from my mouth and told them the gist of everything that happened with me and Cole yesterday.
  65. Adrian couldn't fatham the gist of our conversation and I took that opportunity to sink my fangs into his neck.
  66. Dorothea told him that she had seen Lydgate, and recited the gist of her conversation with him about the Hospital.
  67. Because Ros was the exception and spoke the most articulate Komotu Ben had ever heard, he got the gist of Tam's reply.
  68. Granted, it may arrive mashed, crushed, pureed, mangled and broken, but at least you receive the gist of what was sent.
  69. What's the gist of the citation? the Elf asked, maintaining an air of directness without any frustration in her voice.
  70. She paused as if she felt it indecorous to speak of her pregnancy before Pierre, though the gist of the matter lay in that.
  71. I suppose so, said Teal thoughtfully, recalling the gist of his briefing; the missing girl was his focus, not the site.
  72. It was the who, what, when, where and why rule, that allowed the reader to know the gist of the story in the first paragraph.
  73. And this confession of a man’s obligation constitutes the gist of the third answer to the question, What is to be done?
  74. They are ‘states of insight into the depths of truths or the gist of existence, unplumbed by the discursive conscious intellect.
  75. The gist of all this is that, if we don’t act first, this airbase may well be crushed under Soviet bombs by the end of this day.
  76. And you say, I should ask her? Is there possibly a way for you to sort it out and just give me the gist of it when you’re done?
  77. The gist of the F-bombs was that all the freaking over-the-top TV crime shows had taught the freaking criminals what not to freaking do.
  78. There were names and dates of observations and astronomers credentials, but the gist of it was, an extermination asteroid was on the way.
  79. Carla heard the gist of the conversation and suggested the first thing was to move Rubin above ground, wrapped in bin bags and duct tape.
  80. Sculpture and monuments and any thing inscribed anywhere are tallied in you, The gist of histories and statistics as far back as the records.
  81. I knew that she would perhaps be muddled and not take it all in exactly, but I knew, too, that she would grasp the gist of it, very well indeed.
  82. Though he had suspected the reporter, Carl Rabbin, had something up his sleeve during the interview, he wasnt prepared for the gist of the story.
  83. The gist of it was a simple, bold assertion—the University of Washington’s eight-oared crew was going to win gold at the Berlin Olympics in 1936.
  84. I record only the gist of the conversation, perhaps a good deal I don't remember correctly, but I was too much excited to remember with perfect accuracy.
  85. He’d hesitated, struggling for words, but as she remembered later, the gist of it was that there was something about this race, this boat, that was different.
  86. Although their English wasn’t so good, the two lads got the gist and noticed that the two girls look sheepish, every time the contents of the box were mentioned.
  87. The “Critique of Pure Reason” was adopted by the scientific crowd; but the “Critique of Applied Reason,” that part which contains the gist of moral doctrine, was repudiated.
  88. Gist was that for face saving measures, they would immediately give me ONE of the wrongfully denied step raises, then, they would give me the others at shorter intervals until I was made whole.
  89. That was the gist of my questions, or rather of the throbbing at my heart in the hour and a half I spent sitting on the bed in the corner, with my elbows on my knees and my heaul propped in my hands.
  90. He remembered how carefully and at what length everything relating to form and procedure was discussed at those meetings, and how sedulously and promptly all that related to the gist of the business was evaded.
  91. This new delusion is precisely the same in nature as the old ones; its gist lies in secretly leading astray the activity of our reason and conscience, and of those who have lived before us, by something external.
  92. Mr Bloom thoroughly acquiesced in the general gist of this though the mystical finesse involved was a bit out of his sublunary depth still he felt bound to enter a demurrer on the head of simple, promptly rejoining:.
  93. So we’re going to have two sessions, and about financial freedom obviously we can’t cover everything in two sessions, so I’ve had to pick and choose what we’re going to cover, and you will have the main sort of gist of it.
  94. The old regime would have us believe that the law was superior to the lawmakers; herein is the gist of the social crime of every form of privilege and personal inequality, the institutionalizing of the fatalistic doctrine of Divine election.
  95. Jackson, not content with making this extraordinary and insolent communication in its ordinary form, underscores the words "could only," containing the point or gist of the insult, thus aggravating the act, either by the distrust thus manifested of Mr.
  96. Brubaker quickly absorbed the rest of the article, the gist of which was that in a study commissioned by the environment ministry, Lennox was the city with the highest levels in the entire province in terms of ozone and fine particulate matter, the prime constituents of smog.
  97. It’s vital that various ambassadors come, but that they each speak to so-and-so or such-and-such at a particular time, and no, they can’t sit with the Indians, and what, we haven’t got green tea, and is Italy coming, because if so, Hungary isn’t – you understand the gist.
  98. The machine translated ebooks won't compete with the work of literarytranslators and their labor of love during days and months if notyears, but they would allow readers to get the gist of some literaryworks that have never been translated so far, or only translated in afew languages, for commercial reasons.
  99. The gist of this critique is twofold: (1) the over-all change in principal value is the only available measure of investment-trust performance, but (2) this measure cannot be regarded as an index of normal earning power in any sense analogous to the recorded earnings of a well-entrenched industrial business.
  100. The conversation continued about the bombing in the South and he became wild and reckless in his language, pausing only to drag hard on his cigarette, every third word being ‘blyad’ meaning fuck, and I couldn’t completely follow his slurring speech and accent although the gist was clear enough, him being of the opinion that the Russian heart was a cold heart, never happy with peace, only happy in war, in suffering.

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