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    1. towards tumours – see Medical Matters if, like me, you have that short a memory

    2. It falls short onto the counter, not that she would have caught it anyway

    3. If you set unrealistic goals for yourself in the short term then you're not going to achieve them and that’s not going to keep you motivated

    4. Now what about really short bits of time

    5. Naturopaths recommend following a cleansing programme, or short fast, a couple of times a year, preferably in spring and in autumn, to cleanse and strengthen the digestive system

    6. “I’m just glad I could help on such short notice

    7. They hadn't been separated as long as this since she went to Himla's in the Tdeshi investigation two short years ago

    8. Conversely, something that seems like a short term benefit, may have long term implications

    9. Another cloud crossed her mind, Yorthop's years in the central city were running short, she feared that might be the reason for this invitation

    10. After two of the short local years, she was now getting used to living with Kulai

    11. This yields a large volume of unspoiled tomatoes in the short term

    12. On the other side, Raj had to crouch down to open the window, and he was already short for a sixth-grader

    13. Herndon kept his hair short

    14. That’s because prices don't rise every day – they spurt only during a few short intervals of time

    15. He knew he had only been working with her a short time, but he trusted her enough to believe she would never try anything like that

    16. Even with considerable research the managers of Mutual Funds are not always able to take correct decisions about entering or exiting a particular script as the share price movements usually defy all logics at least in the short run

    17. Under-performance over short periods of time, even a year is quite acceptable

    18. Cutting too short or too long depends upon the type of lawn and the type of lawn mower

    19. He tried to breathe but the breaths came short

    20. After all, she and Dan have only been married a short time and it was pretty common knowledge that they were trying for a baby

    21. Estwig was smart and could take direction, but he was still thirteen to twenty years short of three and hadn't reached his full bulk yet

    22. Quickly reaching into my purse, I extract a £5 note and slip it into Emma’s hand … I know how short they are of cash now that she is at home with Barney and not working

    23. There is a short silence

    24. In short I have found peace at last

    25. Taunton is only a short drive from here

    26. The text was short and but not sweet

    27. There was a buzz of confusion as they backtracked to link his short answers to the questions the BBC had put

    28. To cut a long story short, over the next two years I swapped overalls for a shirt

    29. For a short while it worked well enough

    30. " Even a couple of the kedas had been short tempered and BobbingTwo put four legs up at another

    31. It was short

    32. Ricci cuts his song short and comes quietly over to the bed

    33. Ahmed jumps up on the bed, his short stature notably emphasized by standing on something so high

    34. The text on my wife's phone was short enough that I couldn't not but read it all in one go

    35. "Water gets short out there at times and places

    36. and short term and the return on

    37. That’s the short of it

    38. "It was pretty boring here," Ava said, "There wouldn't have been much for you to do and I am so short of fabrication capacity it took awhile to build up enough room for another soul

    39. She could look up a short bio of everyone on that crew, and a few more recent notes on those that survive

    40. His short black hair was greased back like a Hollywood wise-guy He was a big man, bigger than Rafa and muscular where Rafa was obese

    41. undergrowth at the margins of every road, short and hunch-backed and wallowing

    42. The short arm of the law, eh Theo?"

    43. It had gone by quickly because they'd been living in short slices for much of the time

    44. go? It seemed to Lucy as if the whole world existed within this short, dank

    45. He slept for a short while, during which time he dreamed that he could see a chariot of

    46. ‘That is not what you said a short while back

    47. A very short hour later my wife and daughter arrived home

    48. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review

    49. The big man was glaring at him and breathing loudly through his nose, forcing the air out in short bursts

    50. Joshua looked down into the eyes of the guard, still breathing in short bursts and mumbling something under his breath

    1. A spark glimmered in the center, but it continuously shorted out before it could build enough power to remain stable

    2. “Turned out that the Tursii hadn't mentioned that the shipments in question were mining explosives---and that the irregularities in question were shorted shipments

    3. Step1: Short left two wires of potentiometer and then lengthen the third wire and one wire from shorted pins

    4. communicator, but the water had shorted out its circuits

    5. He pointed out that the owner had been shorted by $500 and my father said, “Well, he didn’t catch it, did he?”

    6. its Vss pin 1 is shorted to the ground

    7. Usually, bolt is engaged (locked), the switch terminals get shorted

    8. is to be shorted only

    9. Then the Greeks shorted it to Serapis

    10. The ships stabilizers and electrical systems nearly shorted out on

    11. Arcing wires at the end of the cables soon shorted out the local

    12. First we shorted it at 46 and

    13. We then bought it at 39 and sold it at 50 and then we shorted it again

    14. We first shorted it in Dec at 46

    15. then we shorted it at 37

    16. In this example above, we shorted SPY at 145 and covered at 140 (we missed

    17. The blast was intercepted by the mech’s frontal shield projectors, but it sent a crackling wave of electricity that shorted out the shield

    18. Besides, it shorted out when it took a dive in the stew

    19. The bugs sparked and jerked as the water shorted out their circuitry

    20. Mitchell felt as though the circuit he tried to create had just shorted out

    21. “He told me he shorted the battery in the trunk, with the cuffs; it heated up and burned through the chain

    22. An acrid smell filled the air, and a series of loud, crackling noises ran through the droid as the electrical circuits shorted out one by one

    23. impromptu speech for less than a minute (we always shorted the time--

    24. He quickly reached for his phasor—the weapon of choice in that situation, pulled it from the holster, and aimed, but as he pulled the trigger the circuitry shorted out and the phasor became inoperable

    25. followed two prisoners and the guard were shot; another bullet shorted out

    26. First, the lender will receive the full balance of the loan, not a shorted amount as it does in the conventional short sale

    27. Their brain functions and nuclear detonating capabilities were immediately shorted out

    28. “Whatever shorted out primary weapons drained the reserve power for the shield too

    29. In the tests that I ran on you last night I found the circuit that Zora shorted out and I have duplicated a power wavelength that’ll have the same effect and that can be broadcasted over a large area

    30. Molloy had scrubbed a true memory about one jacker who had shorted out the fences and cut his way through, somehow sprinting across the gas in the no-man’s-land to saw a hole through the outer fence

    31. What she gains on the volatility crash, she loses on the rise of the intrinsic value of her options that she shorted

    32. So she has effectively shorted puts

    33. She possibly has shorted stock against it already, and possibly not

    34. The spread gives you negative gamma as the calls you shorted have a higher gamma than the calls you own as well as positive time decay as the shorter option drips value faster

    35. She can buy XYZ puts and short calls on the exact same strike and expiration (a synthetic, please see Chapter 12) and have virtually exactly the same position she would have if she shorted stock

    36. When a bear is convinced that prices are going lower and wants to sell short, but a bull is afraid to buy from him, that bear can sell only to another bear who shorted earlier and now wants to cover, take profits and leave

    37. This chart shows where I shorted the stock of Hess Corporation (HES) as it was tracing a short-term double top, with bearish divergences in all indicators

    38. In any event, if you wanted to be smart you could have shorted Vodafone and longed Orange and protected yourself from the outcome that Vodafone was too high instead of Orange being too low

    39. I mean I shorted 75c; it’s around the price

    40. Even though I shorted WLP at 67 for 1,800 shares and it stopped me out and then went down without me, I still was in it and I still came back strong with size in other trades

    41. So I shorted some more at 49

    42. Some traders shorted off this level off the daily chart and sat there, out above the next level

    43. GMan: Actually I shorted FB at 21

    44. One trader chimed in that he shorted FirstRand just above resistance

    45. If we had shorted shares after the breakout, we would cover our shares before the earnings release

    46. Yes, we would have lost money if we shorted Facebook shares upon the completion of the H&S top pattern

    47. If we shorted this stock after the breakdown through the neckline and placed a buy-to-cover stop-loss order just above the high of the breakout day, we meant to risk about 5% of our position

    48. The next day showed a small “hanging man” type of formation, which is a cautionary sign at the end of a sharp move to the upside, and so I decided AIG could be shorted in size right here

    49. This is where the stock can be shorted

    50. Rocket stocks are shorted after their high volume climax run as they break below any day’s intraday low, which generally is the first sign that the climax top is at its end

    1. The robots stood there for a moment, their circuits sputtering and shorting out, before falling over with a large, heavy clunking sound

    2. - connector with shorting

    3. - 8-pin (M) Dip, FRC - connector with shorting

    4. Who can forget the time that George Soros "broke the Bank of England" by shorting the pound and walked away with a cool $1-billion profit in a single day? But the cold hard

    5. There are no restrictions in shorting a currency, because when you sell one, you have to

    6. The garage doors started to close; Philippe fired several times at the electrical cables near the motor, shorting out the power cables in a shower of sparks

    7. what it actual means is that as compared to buying or shorting a

    8. The holographic number at the head of the driveway flickers, as if its power supply keeps shorting out

    9. “Our manifestation orbs have wireless technology, but we can pretty much tap into any electrical system whether it’s wireless or not, and if it’s a computer, we can affect it at the molecular level, changing electrical pathways, shorting out circuits or creating new circuits, and rewriting software in real time

    10. She knew that the adrenaline from the race was like rocket fuel, that it was probably keeping her brain from shorting out forty years before its time

    11. There is a good reason for my reticence here, because taking the short side of any market, either shorting stocks directly or by buying an inverse ETF, is a dangerous tactic

    12. As long as each trend leg extends in a momentum move approximately consistent with previous moves, the probabilities favor buying the next pullback for another trend high, or, in the case of a downtrend, shorting the pullbacks for another run at the lows

    13. In this case, the sell-off marked E spiked the MACD to a new extreme low reading, now suggesting that the next bounce would be a good shorting opportunity

    14. In the aforementioned example, if you have continued shorting into the new uptrend, eventually you would have been trapped on the wrong side of the market with an outsized loss and forced to throw in the towel

    15. If you are uncomfortable buying spikes to support or shorting spikes to resistance, consider adding these to your trading plan

    16. Shorting into the pullback at D is a good trade based just on that criterion, but, in this case, it is further motivated by the failure of the breakout level at A

    17. For instance, if the higher time frame is in an uptrend and the trading time frame rolls over into a range that holds near the extreme of that trend, shorting below the bottom of such a range is exactly the wrong trade on the higher time frame

    18. Why put yourself in the position of being the weak trader who is washed out of the market? However, if you are executing some variation of this buying against support plan (or shorting against resistance), it is essential to limit your loss and your risk on these trades; some of them will drop support and trade lower with a vengeance

    19. , shorting into the first bounce following a strong down spike with a stop above recent highs)

    20. Even if a trader misses the top of the Cupola, he or she still has plenty of time to profit from shorting the market, given the size of the move ahead

    21. For instance, rather than simply shorting into a runaway bull market that I feel has gone too far, I can wait for the market to make a buying climax and then enter on the Anti

    22. , buying or shorting an overextended market)

    23. Some traders love to fade markets, specializing in buying weakness or shorting into strength

    24. Buying somewhere near the middle of the bands after the market touches the upper bands or shorting after it touches the bottom is often a good trade

    25. Though there may have been money shorting into retracements following these two points, they are not examples of the best possible trades

    26. Though it is difficult to quantify this tendency into a precise rule set, many traders find that their results improve with the addition of a rule that prevents them from buying when the line is extended to the upside or shorting when it is extended to the downside

    27. The reverse setup applies for shorting, of course

    28. On a single time frame, you would not want to make a standard practice of buying strength above the upper band or shorting weakness below the lower band

    29. Looking only at the daily chart, we would never consider shorting under such a consolidation, because a high and tight flag is usually indicative of real conviction from buyers; furthermore, shorting an extremely strong market leader in any context is usually a recipe for pain

    30. The reverse is true for shorting into pops

    31. In equities, there are frequent restrictions on shorting that may cause actual trading results to diverge from theoretical tests, and there have even been examples where shorting has been banned altogether for a group of stocks or entire regions

    32. C: The actual entry would have been somewhere around C or the bars following, executing the plan of shorting intraday breakdowns or perhaps simply shorting below the previous day’s low

    33. One of the divisions between professional and amateur traders is that professionals are often just as willing to go short (or just to short) a market, but the public often has a bias against shorting

    34. There are several reasons for this; most equity traders have a natural inclination toward owning stocks, and think that shorting is a very complex transaction, or that it is somehow immoral to bet on a company’s value going down

    35. Shorting is nothing more than the opposite of being long

    36. It is also worth considering that a certain amount of the buying and selling pressure in the market represents more complex interests than simple buying and shorting

    37. If she feels that the premium is too small, she can go long the spread by buying Asset A and shorting Asset B

    38. A trader fading an uptrend, for instance, would be shorting into that uptrend

    39. For most new traders, buying and selling higher is intuitive, but most professional traders are as comfortable shorting and buying back lower

    40. Premium Seller and net options shorting

    41. What trade would fit that whole combo of thought? Shorting VIX calls

    42. And let me so note that unless someone can prove an option short has set out to manipulate a stock by shorting it, this person has done nothing illegal while taking a huge risk shorting the stock

    43. Buying (shorting) at the close on Thursday before expiration week if the market was down (up) and selling (covering) the Friday of expirations would have netted the following results since July 1978:

    44. So it suggests again, counterintuitively, that when volatility lagged, the right play was to commit to shorting it for a longer stretch of time

    45. 80 each and 20 July 65 puts for $1 versus shorting 10 April 100 calls for $2

    46. Translating to our AAPL, the iron butterfly would involve buying the AAPL March 95 straddle and shorting the March 85 puts and March 105 calls

    47. Then you are better off buying the call of the same strike and expiration and shorting the stock

    48. But by the same token, simply shorting both has risks too

    49. If I bought up the short index, knowing that the swap counterparty was going to have to hedge, and at the same time started shorting the underlying stocks, I can create two, three, four times the selling pressure

    50. Remember Bialystock and Bloom selling countless 10 percent shares of their play in the movie The Producers? That’s what we had with stock loans as many of the same Wall Street firms that would later cry foul at all the shorting would abet the alleged “enemy” by lending out the same shares several times over

    1. His yard boy, who was friendly with Estwig, though half a decade younger, ran a few blocks after them, then snatched off and waved his shorts as they rumbled out of sight

    2. Prince Ahmed, wearing furry slippers, a pair of boxer shorts with Snoopy on them, and a frilly bathrobe, sits miserably on the silk sheets of his huge canopy waterbed, while his portly, graying American lover, RICCI BAOLONI, cardigan sweater and cotton briefs, plays softly at the white baby grand piano nearby

    3. Melinda noticed a stain on her shorts

    4. My still damp jeans and shorts lay at the foot of the bed and I put them in the bucket in a vain attempt to confine their ill-humours

    5. Two pairs of boxer shorts, grey

    6. Already there was a fair bit of activity in the streets – people wandering around in what she could only assume was special holiday attire for men of brightly coloured shorts and tops, some women in absurdly brief skirts, others in long muslin affairs that wouldn’t look out of place on Errd, most of them carrying bags of towels and dragging small noisy children laden with buckets and spades

    7. “Them, just shorts and tee-shirts for the while” replied Fred

    8. She rolled up his other two pair of shorts and put them under the arch of his foot, then wrapped his foot much tighter with Desa's dress

    9. KELLY is in shorts and halter-top

    10. Astride a couple of motor bikes sat a couple of other visitors, rather obvious in matching wraparound sunglasses, identical maroon shorts and gaudy waterproofs; I couldn't help but wonder why they found our van so fascinating

    11. I was quite taken aback and shot upright just in time to catch myself reflected in two pairs of mirrored lenses before reeling into two pairs of maroon shorts and almost passing out

    12. Him in his bathing shorts, scratching his belly, engrossed in his book and me stretched out on a towel in the shade

    13. He crossed himself whilst testing the bundles with his toe and then the maroon shorts came into view and I knew he was the enemy

    14. to our school?' Tapan grumbled as he rubbed the ball on his shorts

    15. In particular she asked each fair maid if she would wash her son’s crinkly boxer shorts and diamond pattern ankle socks

    16. He wore the Australian team shirt, but had a pair of casual khaki shorts on

    17. took his hands out of the pants and slid it again into Ish's shorts

    18. maid if she would wash her son’s crinkly boxer shorts and diamond

    19. ” The crew had given up watching them so he let her undo his shorts

    20. Was it really only a month ago that he was at school with his friends, playing basketball, hitting the arcade after school, ogling the girls as they walked past in their mini shorts and figure hugging tops?

    21. Helen watches the doctor as he packs his clothes, wrapping the American currency in his boxer shorts

    22. There were a few people with shirts and pants and a few with just shirts, shorts or clouts

    23. Heather slid on a pair of athletic shorts, a T-shirt, and over both top and

    24. He is a large muscular man wearing a dark blue shirt and shorts with distinctive orange-red hair

    25. my haste I caught the leg of my shorts on a hook or

    26. Into this he put a wooly jumper, spare socks and underwear, an extra shirt and a pair of shorts and a sleeping bag

    27. She pulled out a pair of black shorts with suspenders attached, and a cropped top sewed to the suspenders

    28. The suspenders rested on the outer edges of her breasts and the shorts ended at mid thigh

    29. He was willing to remove his shorts

    30. Off came his shorts, his socks and shoes

    31. His face growing warmer by the second, Sammy pushed down his shorts and

    32. Scott could just discern a man in a T-shirt and shorts scrambling up the slope towards the waterfall

    33. Sebastian moved quietly to one of his bags and pulled out a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt

    34. Again, he cleaned the dried blood before slipping his gym shorts over her

    35. He had her wrapped in his coat with his sweat pants over the shorts she was wearing

    36. In her skimpy shorts and halter T-shirt, she was back to her old self, before the months of confinement that had left her wasted away to a pale skeletal shadow of this beautiful woman

    37. I looked at Johnny whose uniform was faded to nearly the same colour as the dust his shirt had no arms left in it and his pants were now a pair of shorts

    38. “Where the hell have you come from and where did you get a uniform that looks like that you are more like a tramp than a member of his Majesties army!” I must admit that my uniform was a bit informal the shirt was three sizes to large for me as was the tunic I had on a pair of shorts that were a might small I had no cap and was wearing plimsolls on my feet

    39. The ants were now eating through the thighs of his ragged shorts; he tried not to imagine the new pain once the material had been eaten

    40. wear was shorts, a shirt with collar, low-slung shoes and low-cut socks

    41. office, Maria going along as my interpreter, and me dressed in my shirt, shorts, shoes and socks

    42. She then laid into his PVC lined shorts with her favourite crop, telling him to shut up he was a bad dog

    43. She slipped his gag and collar on after she had shredded the shorts and led him round the house occasionally kicking him and flicking him with her whip, clearly with practised dexterity

    44. James, of course, went up to his room, returned a few minutes later in shorts and a tee shirt and went jogging

    45. I changed out of my overly large and overly used sleep shirt into a pair of denim shorts and a pink strappy shirt and clambered into my car without shoes or brushing my hair

    46. He had to get rid of his tie and chino pants if he ever wanted to fit in with the locals who only ever wore baggies or shorts, jeans and tee-shirts

    47. I noticed he had abandoned his outer town clothing and adorned the local attire of shorts and a tee-shirt, it made him look even taller

    48. The rest was up to the individual and most wore shorts and short sleeves with vellies which is a type of shoe made of leather and no socks

    49. During weekends most Expats wears shorts and sandals

    50. Frank left the shop with a pair of expensive Nikes, some shorts and a running vest, all neatly packed into a new rucksack

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