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    1. There were names and dates of observations and astronomers credentials, but the gist of it was, an extermination asteroid was on the way

    2. Cat had never sailed paper boats in puddles, but she got the gist of it

    3. ’ I said relieved as I grasp the gist of what she is saying

    4. Oh there was a little more ceremony and detail, but that was the gist of it

    5. "That is the gist of my plan for handling it," Alfred said

    6. Catching her gist, and a shrewd judge of character, Alexei made a decision

    7. She watched several of the dancers for a moment and got the gist of their movements

    8. Having caught the gist of her

    9. could get the gist of it

    10. The gist of the story, without increasing the

    11. write out the information in your own words the collective gist from

    12. steps as they did, you can get the general gist and shortcut the mistakes

    13. But that's the gist of the tale, obviously it's had to have been exaggerated over the centuries

    14. “What's the gist of the citation?” the Elf asked, maintaining an air of directness without any frustration in her voice

    15. “Actually,” Elenir had just entered the bridge and caught the gist of the dialog

    16. The gist of the note was that Felicity was to gain my confidence, see if I was involved with Felix

    17. Brubaker quickly absorbed the rest of the article, the gist of which was that in a study commissioned by the environment ministry, Lennox was the city with the highest levels in the entire province in terms of ozone and fine particulate matter, the prime constituents of smog

    18. The gist of it was; the charges went away

    19. And you say, I should ask her? Is there possibly a way for you to sort it out and just give me the gist of it when you’re done?”

    20. “Zat is ze gist of it, yes

    21. The gist of the letter was that Barbara Ebhart couldn’t

    22. gist who for over 30 years has helped hundreds of patients overcome their addic-

    23. “Yeah, that was about the gist of it,” he said as he looked at the poster

    24. It was the who, what, when, where and why rule, that allowed the reader to know the gist of the story in the first paragraph

    25. Gist was that for face saving measures, they would immediately give me ONE of the wrongfully denied step raises, then, they would give me the others at shorter intervals until I was made whole

    26. “That is the gist of everything we know thus far

    27. I can’t repeat exactly what he said, but that’s the gist of it

    28. He got the gist of his words and realized that

    29. The gist of his argument and the central theme of the book was: Just what has

    30. gist of their conversation

    31. Though he had suspected the reporter, Carl Rabbin, had something up his sleeve during the interview, he wasn"t prepared for the gist of the story

    32. or in his case a Dear Warren, The gist of the message was: They had both been too busy with their careers to have time for each other

    33. Roger related the gist of the kidnapper"s call

    34. They are ‘states of insight into the depths of truths or the gist of existence, unplumbed by the discursive conscious intellect

    35. What is the gist or main point of the concept? Have you referred to a dictionary, thesaurus, or

    36. I mean, it was a great idea, but there wasn’t anything in those, you know the gist of the story

    37. “Not all of it, no, but enough words here and there to get the gist of it

    38. probably got the gist

    39. Thorpe's exact words at the elevator door, but the gist of the message was clear

    40. Guessing the gist of June's message, one of the

    41. “I think we get the gist

    42. However the gist was that

    43. gist of the act is shocking enough

    44. The gist of the matter was that the Zomboids were

    45. the gist of it?

    46. The gist of

    47. The gist of this story

    48. But Pretty Boy, that’s not the gist of my speech

    49. ‘’That is the gist of it, miss, although other, more senior officials will tell you in more detail what we want

    50. That is the gist of my adventures, or misadventures if you prefer, in World War Two

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    Synonyms for "gist"

    center centre core essence gist heart heart and soul inwardness kernel marrow meat nitty-gritty nub pith substance sum burden effect point short upshot

    "gist" definitions

    the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work

    the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience