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    1. Uh! If I wasn't infected with that Instinct I'd spill his guts on his mother's carpet with a carving fork

    2. Don’t you feel in your guts that

    3. ‘Stephen would have my guts for garters if I let you overdo it, Molly

    4. She is a professor of Religion, she is here to edit “The Unknown History of Christianity”, she is considered to be a very important person and she obviously hates my guts -without a reason whatsoever

    5. The ache in my guts still rankled but I had no desire for a repeat performance

    6. ‘Gran would have my guts for garters if I abandoned you, Kate … not to mention the fact that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself either

    7. ‘After all,’ he said lightly, ‘Gran would have my guts if I didn’t

    8. Floor panels lay exposed here and there, with the guts of the place, cables and wires, exposed and trailing across the floor

    9. He’d never have the guts

    10. spills the guts of war torn sub-Saharan news

    11. I was on my knees throwing up my guts when I heard ‘him’ for the first time

    12. the guts of the piece,

    13. "He said Nuran came to his cabin puking her guts out and whining that you were so mean you were going to make her stand her shift anyway

    14. “We can be sold?” She felt cold in the guts over that

    15. The girl has always wanted to delve about in the guts of things, especially living things

    16. For a moment, he cursed Kev … wishing he’d had the guts to take Kev up on his offer when he suggested Andy should go with him

    17. His stomach is complaining, a mixture of sour guts and emptiness, and he is sweating

    18. Billy doubts that the man sitting next to him would worry about the mess, but he would definitely be pissed-off if they lose the Lexus because Billy has soft guts

    19. As the tyres grip and the engine drops its guts, Helen's body slides down into the passenger seat foot well

    20. Staccato bursts; calm down, blood and guts, one of them is still there

    21. He gags as he falls, spilling his guts onto the front of his flak jacket and then onto the floor, and he turns away and starts to crawl as soon as he feels solid earth beneath his spine

    22. 'These men apply observation rather than chicken guts in

    23. Kazar and the boys spilled their guts on that one so to speak

    24. "I'm sorry," it took every ounce of guts she had to open herself up to his rage

    25. This incident was leaving a sinking feeling in her guts

    26. splashing of its guts on the floor

    27. "What guts," she sneered

    28. "I'd thank him, if only he had the guts to fight in the streets

    29. His hands still grasping his guts, the soldier's body toppled

    30. Despite suffering what was an obvious mortal wound, he used what little power he had left to cover his steaming pile of guts in a shield of Oneness, while simultaneously attempting to shove the twisted pile of entrails back inside with his hands

    31. You must have silently appreciated my guts and said to

    32. If you find yourself in the second lot and have the will, the courage and the guts, try the PPW way

    33. “What guts, Tejas!” she said, shaking her head in disbelief

    34. “What?! You know I’ve only said everything that you all damn well think but would never have the guts to! It’s pathetic

    35. This would surely be a spectacle to be seen and experienced firsthand, if one had the guts

    36. Had he really earned this treatment? He only wanted to help, but she obviously hated his guts

    37. It must have taken a lot of guts and it proves to me that you love me as much as I love you

    38. As the moments passed, tenseness increased, the knots in all of their guts tightening and twitching

    39. The fear appeared from nowhere and started to rise again in Monty's guts

    40. A few of them were squirming trying to hold their guts in while some pulled their self back the way they had come with the aid of the grass tufts leaving trails of blood like garden slugs on the terrain whilst the few who hadn’t been hit turned and ran as fast as they could

    41. “They infiltrate our trench lines and then call the name of a soldier when the person goes to find out who wants him he gets a knife or bayonet in the guts and then the Turks scarper back to their own lines

    42. butchered in the abattoirs of the north, minus all their messy blood and guts and dung

    43. “I shouted no to him but it was too late the explosion ripped his chest and guts to pieces I could see that he had gone the fighting passed on but I sat down and cradled him in my arms like I had with Ben

    44. “Smell that bacon frying is there anything in the world that smells better than that when your guts think they have been cut out of you?” I replied

    45. One man has got the guts and

    46. By then it was too late and the whole length of the blade was inside his body and he fell backwards onto the trench floor while I held onto my rifle keeping the bayonet firmly lodged in his guts

    47. “Who’s that you couldn’t help me mate could you I have been shot in the guts and it don’t half hurt?” I replied

    48. Yes, she knew it, but this was one time she wasn’t going to spill her guts

    49. How she had had the guts to try such a maneuver he couldn’t fathom, however

    50. The weight of his actions swelled inside him, wrenching at his guts

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