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Guts in a sentence | guts example sentences

  1. A knife in the guts.
  2. If I have the guts.
  3. And he hated her guts.
  4. Love your guts out man.
  5. His guts sank and froze.

  6. Silas did have the guts.
  7. Your Mama hates my guts.
  8. Ugh no, I hate his guts.
  9. Other humans hate our guts.
  10. He’d never have the guts.
  11. You sure have guts, girl.
  12. She just didn't have the guts.
  13. That maneuver took guts, Tam.
  14. Then, she spilled out her guts.
  15. But he has a little more guts.

  16. She’s a-bitin’ in my guts.
  17. One man has got the guts and.
  18. It takes guts to leave a 9 to.
  19. I don’t have guts to face him.
  20. Thereafter, he spilled his guts.
  21. Hates my guts, Rod grinned.
  22. Do you have the guts to do this?
  23. That'll free the gas in its guts.
  24. There’s an ache inside my guts.
  25. Do you have the guts to die here?

  26. You got guts, I'll tell you that.
  27. Peter's guts and intestines went.
  28. She remembered his iron guts and.
  29. Don’t you feel in your guts that.
  30. No—guts, you have lots of guts.
  31. Even as he collected werewolf guts.
  32. Yeah, Bob’s wife hates my guts.
  33. Let’s begin to get your guts.
  34. A watery, gassy feeling in the guts.
  35. All bluster and no guts and no work.
  36. That caused a small shiver in my guts.
  37. Another opportunity to spill her guts.
  38. Having the Guts to Be Your Best Trader.
  40. What you are doing takes a lot of guts.
  41. The pain was like a dagger in his guts.
  42. But my guts are telling me to press on.
  43. Enough of these bastards hate his guts.
  44. Only, I wouldn't have the guts to do it.
  45. This amazing young man has guts, suh.
  46. Joey held his breath, his guts caved in.
  47. I know for a fact that he hated my guts.
  48. Read me the guts of Tripp’s interview.
  49. I hate your lazy, good-for-nothing guts.
  50. But I’ll have their guts for garters.
  51. Maurice can’t stand her guts, she said.
  52. I didn't have the guts to rat anybody out.
  53. I'll lug the guts into the neighbour room.
  54. He could feel it twisting inside his guts.
  55. You have the guts to stand up to Augusta.
  56. I didn't have the guts to disappoint them.
  57. You’ve got some guts, Aqua remarked.
  58. Run you through the small guts for nothing.
  59. My guts were really screwed up last night.
  60. He spilled his guts the moment he saw me.
  61. We’ll be laughing our guts out while our.
  62. We both hated each other's guts by that time.
  63. Walking with Christ takes guts and commitment.
  64. And I had the guts to do it, unlike you! But.
  65. It sounds very simple, but my guts were tight.
  66. The kid wasn’t a weak no-hoper, he had guts.
  67. But I don’t have any ambitions and guts.
  68. I saw the cancer tearing at her guts every day.
  69. No other girl has ever had the guts to do that.
  70. His guts felt sick, his bowels turned to water.
  71. I cared so much it sat like a stone in my guts.
  72. Enough about my guts, though - I mean they are.
  73. He said it’d only give him a pain in the guts.
  74. There was a queasy, nauseous feeling in the guts.
  75. I thought you had more guts than that, Sweetpea.
  76. That monk has got some guts doing what he did.
  77. Instantly my guts turned over and my mouth dried.
  78. Stupid, but guts, the cigar smoking man said.
  79. Even if it’s tearing my guts out to be written.
  80. She’s got guts though, I’ll give her that.
  81. They still hate our guts the last time I checked.
  82. And I could see where the blood and guts had gone.
  83. I think your old man had twice the guts you had.
  84. But I knew, too, I wouldn't have the guts to do it.
  85. You don’t have much in the way of guts either.
  86. She would never have given him credit for the guts.
  87. They would swing about with their guts hanging out.
  88. I hadn't even had the guts to tell her what I was.
  89. Bah! Trust your guts, boy! the Eldest advised.
  90. I don’t know where I found the guts and.
  91. As he chews, he can almost hear their guts rumbling.
  92. It would simply come down to watermanship, and guts.
  93. My guts clenched as I caught the dead boy in my beam.
  94. Only they did not have the guts to say so in public.
  95. He was expecting blood and guts to come pouring out.
  96. Max and Star felt their guts drop through with dread.
  97. A strange tingling sensation crawled through his guts.
  98. Still it was reason enough for Lilith to hate my guts.
  99. Its guts dragged in a contest of strength by the dogs.
  100. Did he really have the guts to trade these breakouts?
  1. We’re really gutting this thing.
  2. That, and gutting the Warlock from neck to groin with her knife.
  3. When gutting the trailer to make room, I left one tank in place for this.
  4. Maybe he is an animal that needs gutting, I said, but maybe there are others too.
  5. The meat - like any predator's - is worthless, so we don't need to hurry with the gutting.
  6. Pat cuts up the carcass, without gutting it, in exactly the same way that Randy did in Alaska.
  7. Two sailors ran to help, gutting the second fish as Nancy was already pulling out a third fish.
  8. We’re nearly there! Yelled Wyatt as he fought off one of the zombies, gutting it like a fish with a butcher knife.
  9. They tie a rope to the tractors bucket and by attaching it to one of the hind legs, raise up the animal for Rick to start gutting it.
  10. His sword struck his present enemy, and he felt the initial resistance of the flesh before pushing through to the organs, like gutting a fish.
  11. That said, the progression of these glaring and gutting failures overrode this hidden hope, and I realized that my gifts were opportunities, not guarantees.
  12. By the time he got back from fishing, the others were about ready to start their salad supper, but he insisted on gutting his two fish ready for the freezer before he changed.
  13. Venture capital creates disasters, for example HMV, by gutting the host company of capital and then relisting the husk back to the public and the same kinds of institution they bought the company from in the first place, at an inflated valuation.
  14. It had three indoor dry/wet docks used solely for repair and retrofitting older yachts, whether that entailed adding new features, repairing structural or mechanical issues, or sometimes gutting a boat and replacing all the innards (my father's word).
  15. What if Schnottweiper hadn’t been present that morning at the gutting of the fish? What if he had not managed to extract Brumvack’s club from his sleeping form? What if, what if, what if he hadn’t led his brother to face his near-demise at the hands of the Dark Water Horror?
  16. I’d add no gutting of companies to lower the working force and make a quick buck, no monopolies, no monopolistic practices by a controlling group of corporations, responsible bidding, truth in advertising, positive advertising only, elimination of legalese and fine print, provisions for ending a contract, nationalization of key discoveries with ample one-time remuneration for the inventor and his company, equality in wholesale pricing, no tying up a competitor in court to drain his resources, procedures for quick settlement of patent violation suits, etc.
  1. The vehicle had been gutted out.
  2. The fire gutted the structure.
  3. The building was gutted and dirty.
  4. The buildings had been gutted and.
  5. Skinned and gutted it was even smaller.
  6. His car was still gutted with no engine.
  7. You should have gutted him, after all.
  8. I’d be gutted if it was any other way.
  9. Fat gutted by the time they’re twenty-five.
  10. Ivan’s and Gabriel’s houses are also gutted.
  11. I noticed Stargazer equipment, opened and gutted.
  12. Tacitus was gutted as he nodded, I'm afraid it has.
  13. The vehicle flips over and is gutted with a fireball.
  14. It looked hollow and gutted with almost all parts rusted away.
  15. Falling to the hallway floor, feeling gutted, I sobbed my heart out.
  16. A third bucket could be used to save salmon eggs gutted from a female.
  17. The White House was completely gutted during the 1948–52 renovation.
  18. Dresden burned for seven days, and 80% of the ancient city was gutted.
  19. Best gutted and then cooked in their skins which are rough and leathery.
  20. I gutted the bird and saved the heart and liver and gizzard to make soup-stock.
  21. She led her down the stairs and through the bottom floor, which had been gutted.
  22. She gutted him first and then went after a second assassin; his fate was the same.
  23. Directly ahead were the remains of the sawmill, its buildings blackened and gutted.
  24. All the victims had their throats slit, except for Lorelei O’Malley, who was gutted.
  25. In both cases meat should be cut into lean, fat-free strips and fish gutted and filleted.
  26. Fully furnished, beautifully furnished, the place had been gutted of all personal items.
  27. Douglas’s shoulder was far from healed, and to Pillsbury, he seemed emotionally gutted.
  28. I would have gutted him, Rayne remarked in an emotionless voice, he means you ill.
  29. I would have rode into Miner’s Hold and called out Matai and gutted him in front of Boras.
  30. Look who got gutted in an alley like a pig and look who’s dancing on your fucking grave!.
  31. After decapitating the bird, I gutted it, tossing the intestines and head onto the draining board.
  32. We make a note of where the buck is and, - to my surprise - it has been gutted in the Hungarian way.
  33. The tower, which served as the nucleus of the Phoenix Project, was completely gutted from the blast.
  34. By the time the wrecker was able to haul the gutted vehicle off the road, the stench was overpowering.
  35. He gutted financial regulation, leading directly to the Savings and Loan Scandal that cost $160 billion.
  36. Or had he been smuggled out of the country with heroin in his colon, gutted as soon as he reached shore?
  37. As expected, the factory was gutted by the time he reached the site, and the Fire Tender came much later.
  38. That has effectively gutted most of the older cultures, and replaced their values with a spiritual vacuum.
  39. No DNA samples with any luck, not after a small but intense blaze had gutted the contents of the building.
  40. With a gutted crew and no plane, the men weren’t called for assignments, so they killed time in Honolulu.
  41. The Negro has no preexisting culture, has a gutted family structure, is desperately poor, and has no allies.
  42. His face suddenly showed alarm, Look out, he shouted as he gutted one before it could complete its run at her.
  43. Put on a conveyer hanging up by a hook, skinned, gutted, jointed and out of the other end as sausages or steak….
  44. They should be opened out, but it will be easier to hang if cleaned and gutted without removing the backbone, head or tail.
  45. Office buildings once glorious were left gutted and blackened amid barren business districts smoldering at the throat of death.
  46. My father looked as if I’d just gutted him, and I felt a pang of regret—but it was mingled with a twisted sense of satisfaction.
  47. Watching B-29s crossing over with impunity, they knew that Japan’s air defenses had been gutted, and that the Americans were very close.
  48. With a series of quick movements she unhooked it, hit it on the head with a stout stick, then gutted it, throwing the body into the bucket.
  49. But that was why, even though Team Sydney was looking forward to powering into its 9th country, we were also gutted to be leaving this one.
  50. Once proud buildings collapsing inward on themselves, as they had already been gutted by fire, adding to the growing destruction of the city.
  51. The stag was then gutted and slaughtered, roasted and eaten and the head and horns proudly displayed as a mark of the hunting prowess of the king.
  52. We rode down the main avenue towards a brick wreck with gutted windows and the front of the façade gone so that the staircase was exposed to view.
  53. One the second try he clipped me pretty good," he pulled up his bolero to show Ava the scar, "but I gutted it out and jumped the third time and won her.
  54. He felt like, Is this it? The greatest thing in life, the thing men kill for and this is it, over in a few minutes, leaving you all gutted and depressed.
  55. If she ever found the opportunity (and he knew that she would seek it relentlessly) she would gut this man, as she had gutted his predecessor, Atargatis.
  56. No longer could passersby watch chickens slaughtered in the gutter or fish gutted and cleaned in the same trough before being quickly fried and served up.
  57. The small 1,200 square foot office at the end of the hall on the top floor was completely gutted, with a plywood floor and wires hanging from the ceiling.
  58. He recognized the man with his back towards him to be the Su-Katii Commander from the day before, the man was still occupied as he gutted his Uphrian captain.
  59. The mildewed pasteboard walls forming small rooms had been gutted, opening onto a large room with the century-old vaulted ceiling intact, and rotted floors were being removed.
  60. The beam then burned through one of the cruiser’s missile magazines, touching off a series of powerful explosions that gutted the unlucky ship and ripped it in two jagged parts.
  61. John law took that evil one step further: he gutted France’s entire economy, and made that debt so huge: it became the main economic factor responsible for the French revolution.
  62. Now that he had a knife, a thought crossed his mind, it had been over a hundred years since he gutted a woman, and Cindy’s lifeless body lay on the floor of the pod waiting for him.
  63. Reacting speedily, her companion took out the knife she was always wearing at her belt and stuck it in the 150 centimeter-long cod, then expertly gutted it while it was still thrashing around.
  64. She hadn’t thought about her abb in a long time, after seeing him gutted when they fled their home, but right now, right now, all she wanted was her abb to hold her and tell her everything was going to be ok.
  65. He split the man's skull—ducked another swinging knife and gutted the wielder—felled a man with his left fist and stabbed another in the belly—and heaved back mightily against the closed door with his shoulders.
  66. He gutted the first guard that had rushed off to the alarm with such haste that he had forgotten to don his armour, while at the same time he deflected a well-aimed lunge, sending a vicious riposte across the second guard’s throat.
  67. Looking around the open fields, littered with the bodies of his men, Ngo felt both immense sadness and near helplessness: his division had been basically gutted in the fighting of the last 24 hours and the French position seemed nearly as solid as before.
  68. Nestled between the trusses, the passenger ship portion would be gutted to provide common galleys, schools and the kinds of support that would be more efficient centralized rather than distributed among three freighter modules which were lacking in amenities.
  69. Although he had never seen them and no one had ever described them to him he immediately recognized the walls eaten away by bone salt, the broken-down wooden balconies gutted by fungus, and nailed to the outside door, almost erased by rain, the saddest cardboard sign in the world: Funeral Wreaths for Sale.
  70. I sought inspiration among gutted palaces and cloisters embowered in weed, derelict churches where the vampire- bats hung in the dome like dry seed-pods and only the ants were ceaselessly astir tunnelling in the rich stalls; cities where no road led, and mausoleums where a single, agued family of Indians sheltered from the rains.
  71. Four hours later the palace was gutted, smouldering timbers were all that remained of a once proud building that had stood for hundreds of years, I felt a great sorrow that in all my life I had not built anything that would last through the ages, all I seemed to do was destroy, this latest demonstration of my vandalism rekindled my ambition to build a Tollan to rival the beauty of anything that had gone before, prophetically I was determined to build a beautiful city that would still be alive in a thousand years.
  72. IN return: these domesticated dogs acted as guards, warning the people of any approaching danger, they acted as companions, constantly begging for attention, willing to do ANYTHING for a little love, they ran with the hunters and brought down game the hunters could not bring down, they were the ears, eyes and nose of these nomads, they were invaluable in insuring their survival: and for their sacrifice, for their mindless programmed domesticated worship of their masters… they were given scraps, and whenever a female wanted some meat to add to the stew, a little food was used as bait to lure one of the DOGS close enough so their heads could be bashed in with a cudgel, and they were then gutted, skinned and their meat was eaten.

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1. His gut said it was.
2. He knew it in his gut.
3. GUT, is the quest for.
4. In his gut, Danny knew.
5. Zat and gut, hot coffee.
6. Then he starts to gut it.
7. It was a gut feeling of.
8. I had a gut feeling that.
9. There was a fear in my gut.
10. Her gut feeling told her.
11. I went with my gut, Amelia.
12. The acid was up in his gut.
13. And elbowed him in the gut.
14. Your father busted a gut.
15. His gut told him it was late.
16. Excitement curled in his gut.
17. Just call it my gut for now.
19. Callous: all for his own gut.
20. It was a gut feeling of sorts.
21. It didn’t take her gut to.
22. A good gut check would be to.
23. He does not have a beer gut.
24. I needed more froth in my gut.
25. My fist connected with his gut.
26. It had gone bad like her gut.
27. His gut was al he had to go on.
28. He relied on his gut feelings.
29. Her gut feelings that day had.
30. That’s where my gut leads me.
31. We have to trust our gut Alex.
32. Anticipation knotted in her gut.
33. Pain and guilt warred in his gut.
34. I’ll admit, it’s a gut call.
35. I felt a familiar tug in my gut.
36. My gut tightened with excitement.
37. She shared her gut feeling that.
38. Listen to what your gut is saying.
39. Stimulant, eases colic in the gut.
40. A booted foot caught me in the gut.
41. It was a punch in the gut for him.
42. His gut told him that there would.
43. Jason’s gut knotted but he nodded.
44. Rykus’s gut tightened at her tone.
45. And this is the truth my gut told me.
46. Pick a spot: nostrils, chest, or gut.
47. I could feel panic welling in my gut.
48. One of the blasts hit Joey in his gut.
49. His gut told him to stay with the box.
50. He has a gut that hangs over his belt.
51. He felt the blow of a shot to his gut.
52. Wouldn’t that gut it? I quipped.
53. His fake tears made me want to gut him.
54. There was no queasy in my gut about it.
55. Liz felt the guilt wrenching in her gut.
56. So was the lead ball of fear in my gut.
57. His little beer gut hung out over the.
58. My gut was telling me she wasn’t here.
59. Instead he punched Jake in the gut and.
60. We can’t survive on your gut feelings.
61. The punch to his gut gave him the answer.
62. At that moment, her gut voted pleasance.
63. I felt like I'd been punched in the gut.
64. I have this gut feeling that you and I.
65. We had a gut feeling about it, said.
66. BETRAYAL is such a huge punch in the gut.
67. His words flew into her gut like a knife.
68. On this rare occasion, his gut was wrong.
69. Braden died the hard death of a gut wound.
70. We have to kill him! Let me gut him!.
71. And that’s when I felt a pain in my gut.
72. His gut feeling told him to open the gate.
73. A gut stuck out where he used to be flat.
74. Anna: So then go with your gut here Avery.
75. That last remark got me a punch in the gut.
76. Stokes’s gut, knocking the wind from him.
77. The hunter is happy, and begins to gut it.
78. The importance and functions of gut flora.
79. A twinge of old fear wound through his gut.
80. The movement in Billy's gut is unstoppable.
81. He might as well have punched me in the gut.
82. His gut instinct told him they were trouble.
83. A gut feeling is telling me this was local.
84. Maybe my gut instinct was wrong, he thought.
85. Blood loss and a gut shot—gone in a week.
86. I just go with my gut, follow the trends.
87. It was starting to allow me to trust my gut.
88. I had a raw nagging feeling in my gut this.
89. It was more like a limb growing from my gut.
90. I had this gut feeling that she’d show up.
91. My gut was twisting in knots, but I continued.
92. Then suddenly a sharp gnawing pain hit my gut.
93. He sucked in his gut, and took a deep breath.
94. I heard a scream behind me, and my gut seized.
95. I thrust the bucket of eggs into his beer gut.
96. That’s why you still need to use your gut.
97. What’s your gut say happened to her?
98. Diarrhea washes out the bacteria from the gut.
99. Of course if he’d ignored his gut then he.
100. He noticed a sinking feeling in his gut again.

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