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Frasi con sod (in inglese)

1. SOD YOU, THEN, Death said.
2. That Vatavai is a big sod.
3. Now the sod was answering back.
4. Laying sod for an hour will burn.
5. Not like you, though, you poor sod.
6. Poor sod, having to live with that.
7. You stupid old sod, said Pender.
8. The sod walls flickered in the firelight.
9. Ground the faces of the poor into the sod.
10. It's only loaded with rice, yer silly sod.
11. He’s a depressing little sod, isn’t he?’.
12. Everything was constructed from dry, sod bricks.
13. I don't know what's got into the silly old sod.
14. Beneath the sod, Brendan had written in his message.
15. Then we freed that fat sod you entombed in the hills.
16. The silly sod has gone and lost his bloody sword hand.
17. Ireland (the old sod) but somehow they never could and.
18. ANNIE - Sod the bank, you were still drooling over the money!.
19. Sneaky little sod aren’t you, said the chief sub-editor.
20. The dirty sod, I always knew there was something dodgy about.
21. You cheeky sod, laughed Carol, I’m sure that I have a.
22. I’ve got into the habit of bouncing things off him, poor sod!.
23. Their avian screeching reverberated off the sod walls of the cavern.
24. They returned to their Stronghold of Sod by the ancient Burial Ruins.
25. A real sod house! I loved stories, and history intrigued me very much.
26. She is coming to terms with the fact that he is just a grumpy old sod.
27. Jane, the bastards had it booby-trapped, the poor sod was blown to bits.
28. They hewed at the sod barrier blocking the entrance with their steel weapons.
29. Walking back to the pond, he wondered who the poor sod was and how he had died.
30. Let us breach this Sod Stronghold and contend with the Denizens of Chaos within.
31. The poor sod has never got beyond two minutes and he has been trying for a year.
32. Shoop could think was that the daft sod must’ve been mind buggerinlgy drunk by.
33. Just tell me where the damned boat is, please, he beseeched the drunken sod.
34. Lov nodded, shoveling dirt into a hole in the sod Jaxon had caused to fix his roof.
35. They passed the Stronghold of Sod, now abandoned by Zolgnath and his Drystyx Monks.
36. Who was this man? A really rather nasty, arrogant little sod he was too she thought.
37. Gaea’s twin moons formed parallel crescents behind the tower of the Sod Stronghold.
38. The Stronghold of Sod left by the Drystyx Monks made a looming outline on the horizon.
39. You sod Harry, I was worried about you, she said with a hint of anger in her voice.
40. I ran around the side of the house, wondering what the silly old sod had done this time.
41. Maybe we should have a word in private with the stubborn old sod, Eddie, outside of work, like.
42. He’d had money all this time, the tight-fisted little sod kept that quiet, said a smiling Spock.
43. Any of you shooting off your mouths could make the difference between us earning £100K and getting sod all.
44. Still, I think Hollowcrest is a sneaky old sod, and he wouldn’t have minded having someone like you around.
45. Immediately behind and below the tractor was a harrow with dozens of circular blades meant for breaking up sod.
46. His first instinct was to punch the arrogant sod in the face and it took all his will power to restrain himself.
47. Geoff Collins, the nosey sod, knew all about the commotion on David’s yacht, though it was of no interest to him.
48. For a moment it plunged away, bringing up moist corks of sod which it spat unceremoniously into a shaking analysis bin.
49. Cousin Charlie meant his cousin Frederick, in Oxford; beneath the sod meant a particular spot in that town to find the man.
50. There's another two, the trooper said, seemed like a waste to chuck them, but its more than this jaded sod can carry.
51. We will keep the income account at cap spreads basically until they tell us to sod off, which I don't think they will on that level.
52. Isn’t that right Owen we had one silly sod a few days ago who had a nosey through the slit and they shot him through the head.
53. Then I thought wait a minute she was a whore and wouldn’t complain anyway I scowled and thought sod you it doesn’t matter anyway.
54. Once in Gaea the Drystyx Monks established a headquarters with sod bricks, stacked into walls and an observation tower by magical means.
55. The sick jokes saying that she must have been a cracker for him to do it, the debauched sod, were already circulating via text message.
56. Copper acts as an anti-inflammatory agent needed to activate superoxide dismutase (SOD), an enzyme that protects joints from inflammation.
57. He had been invited to accompany the town marshal to check on an old man who lived in a sod house far out of the little town where we lived.
58. Bloody silly yon man was they hit him dead centre of the forehead blood and brains all over the place poor sod never knew what hit him boyo.
59. Bloody hell mate you’re a greedy sod aint you three women pining for you when most of us have to make do with one, and he grinned at me.
60. The flight was smooth and uneventful, and I was met at Naples airport by Emanuele, who is the poor sod landed with the job of facilitating our move here.
61. A disconcerting image of the cameraman thrown in a shallow grave passed through my sights; he sat up in the dark and noticed the blanket on his bed was made of sod.
62. Did you see that mangy looking cur its probably got rabies the bloody Turkish shit hound if I see it again I will shoot it on site and sod the fucking consequences.
63. Great chunks of sod went flying through the air as the young female in her prime peeled off to the left in a desperate lunge to avoid a head on course with what was behind me.
64. Looking over the damp sod in the direction of the sun, a glistening ripple of gossamer webs was visible to their eyes under the luminary, like the track of moonlight on the sea.
65. So yours truly and one more silly sod have been volunteered to go out and get some and I thought I’m not going out there without a bloody good shot with me hence why you volunteered.
66. But what the hell there was nothing we could do about it and the Germans would be watching our troop build up anyway so we said sod it and ordered more ale and then Anne got us all singing again.
67. You are so young ‘mes infant’ what can be gained by shooting you? I shrugged my shoulders and thought you countess know sod all about the military or you would know they are a law to themselves.
68. Within the space of a mile from its outskirts every irregularity of the soil was prehistoric, every channel an undisturbed British trackway; not a sod having been turned there since the days of the Caesars.
69. He was typical of his class of Officer thought they knew everything and knew sod all just because they had a pip on their jackets wouldn’t listen to anything the kind that got men killed with their stupidity.
70. There is, one knows not what sweet mystery about this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath; like those fabled undulations of the Ephesian sod over the buried Evangelist St.
71. Sometimes the well dent is visible, where once a spring oozed; now dry and tearless grass; or it was covered deep—not to be discovered till some late day—with a flat stone under the sod, when the last of the race departed.
72. Though Hareton has made him a standing jest for six weeks, and I have used more serious measures, and attempted to frighten him out of his idiocy, he gets worse daily; and he'll be under the sod before summer, unless you restore him!.
73. Though Hareton has made him a standing jest for six weeks, and I have used more serious measures, and attempted to frighten him out of his idiotcy, he gets worse daily; and he’ll be under the sod before summer, unless you restore him!’.
74. Graham had to juggle being a taxi for the kids with running the house, poor sod, while his wife recovered … and of course, bumping into Dave yesterday … the service at the Abbey and everything … it’s given me a bit more of an insight into the man.
75. Poor sod! Although they moved into the village some three years ago, his wife has been working in Bristol so doesn’t know many people and the other week he was worrying at me that she was lonely, so I suggested that he tell her about the Granny & Grandpa Club.
76. In this density there is always moisture—always a smell of confined, perpetual shade, of cobwebs, fallen apples (turning black where they roll on the mouldy sod), raspberries, and earwigs of the kind which impel one to reach hastily for more fruit when one has inadvertently swallowed a member of that insect tribe with the last berry.
77. The grass flames up on the hillsides like a spring fire—"et primitus oritur herba imbribus primoribus evocata"—as if the earth sent forth an inward heat to greet the returning sun; not yellow but green is the color of its flame;—the symbol of perpetual youth, the grass-blade, like a long green ribbon, streams from the sod into the summer, checked indeed by the frost, but anon pushing on again, lifting its spear of last year's hay with the fresh life below.
78. After clearing away the fresh sod and recent vegetable mould, there appeared,.
1. You're the sodding professional.
2. I’m the sodding tooth-fairy.
3. I'll give them sodding ostriches.
4. Smith’s sodding fan club, she sneered.
5. I wouldn't give an ant's fart for the whole sodding lot of them …'.
6. Halfshaft noted resentfully that the magician had even brought his sodding pipe with him.
7. You wanting more sex with your partner is the same as you wanting to put up a sodding great skyscraper, preferably 100 stories high, with great views, aircon and a swimming pool on the roof.

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1. You can hear the holy sods droning away.
2. The sods would know just how well he could shoot.
3. The greedy sods took everything and gave nothing.
4. The sods don't have no archers to protect them no more.
5. He'll make sure Robert Neville knows what you sods are up to.
6. Fizzicists experimental prototypes and all the villagers odds and sods.
7. I checked the other rooms and other than odds and sods there was nothing.
8. Mind, Your Eminence, they’re the usual odds and sods with crappy weapons.
9. These microbes are vicious little sods, and I don’t want to make things worse.
10. The nasty sods were trying to rob a little boy of what his mother had given him.
11. The lucky sods got a virgin! and he received a dirty look from Patty for his outburst.
12. May you have more luck than the poor sods who prayed to our gods for insight, Zarko said with a wry smile.
13. Not as deep as the shit those poor sods in and around that plant will be in if it blows, added Nick sombrely.
14. For example, in the name you could have a couple of flowers here and there or maybe some sods of grass next to each headline.
15. That was what poor old Peter himself had expected; having often, in imagination, looked up through the sods above him, and, unobstructed by.
16. Uncle Hobart's shed was filled to the gunnels with various odds and sods that he’d collected over the years, including all the things that he didn’t want Aunt Martha seeing.
17. Hareton, with a streaming face, dug green sods, and laid them over the brown mound himself; at present it is as smooth and verdant as its companion mounds---and I hope its tenant sleeps as soundly.
18. Hareton, with a streaming face, dug green sods, and laid them over the brown mould himself: at present it is as smooth and verdant as its companion mounds—and I hope its tenant sleeps as soundly.
19. That’s right Johnny but have you noticed there are no flies anywhere I can’t understand it Johnny’s can should have been covered in the black sods and we should have been shooing them away but there’s hardly a one around.
20. My uniform was cut off at the aid station Sir and ever since I have been dressed in pyjamas and a dressing gown I was given short notice about coming home and these odds and sods you see me in mow Sir were all the nurses on the hospital ship could find me.
21. So next day my brothers decided a ladder toboggan might be the way so we hunted downstairs near the old kitchen that our father had turned into a work place, along by the passageway near the odds and sods room we called the Cave, in fact it was the place in the olden days they hung the meat.

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