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    1. This is too much! I must be spiritually and morally obtuse because these hackneyed storylines seldom seem to ―move‖ me

    2. Hackneyed expressions such as ―great‖ or ―greatest‖, as they relate to professional athletes, have, in my estimation, lost much of their (traditional) relevancy in recent years

    3. I mean, he didn’t do those hackneyed been there done that, type of moves that everybody else did

    4. Not only is it not new, it is hackneyed in comparison to the far better prose of the classic mystical religious writers

    5. "If anybody else had said that, the phrase would have sounded hackneyed

    6. If their constituents buy all of this hackneyed

    7. “Is it not said that love is a hackneyed expression unless it’s backed by money

    8. One might contrast this hackneyed clamor of the Musalmans to the low-key Hindu murmur when Mahendra Choudhary was ousted in a coup in Fiji, and made captive besides

    9. sonal questions from the hackneyed German official

    10. Man, can he drink! Before he got through half the flask he had abandoned his usual, hackneyed comments for ‘you lazy, bum’ or ‘your best days are behind you’ or ‘you really suck

    11. knowing as she was of the town as hackneyed as she was in bluffing

    12. Besides, though taste latterly had deteriorated to a degree, original music like that, different from the conventional rut, would rapidly have a great vogue as it would be a decided novelty for Dublin's musical world after the usual hackneyed run of catchy tenor solos foisted on a confiding public by Ivan St Austell and Hilton St Just and their genus omne

    13. ”—Buddhist teachers had their own set of hackneyed phrases

    14. that—not to attribute to me any such bad eminence; but, owing, I verily believe, rather to circumstances than to my natural bent, I am a trite commonplace sinner, hackneyed in all the poor petty dissipations with which the rich and worthless try to put on life

    15. Before commencing, it is but fair to warn you that the story will sound somewhat hackneyed in your ears; but stale details often regain a degree of freshness when they pass through new lips

    16. ' 'Abonder de sa bouche' is anything but a hackneyed phrase

    17. The thought, as a lover's wish, is hackneyed

    18. Then, again, how account for my desire to win, since I certainly was not fond of money ? Not that I am going to repeat the hackneyed phrases usual in such explanations, that I played for the sake of the game, for the pleasure of it

    19. It was not wounded vanity that drove me to it, and for God's sake do not thrust upon me your hackneyed remarks, repeated to nausea, that "I was only a dreamer," while they even then had an understanding of life

    20. There is nothing older and more hackneyed than enjoyment, and there is nothing fresher than the feelings springing from the religious consciousness of each age

    21. That is very fine, but so hackneyed

    22. They are hackneyed, but all the same …

    23. The feelings flowing from the religious perception of our times, Christian feelings, are infinitely new and varied, only not in the sense some people imagine,—not that they can be evoked by the depiction of Christ and of gospel episodes, or by repeating in new forms the Christian truths of unity, brotherhood, equality, and love,—but in that all the oldest, commonest, and most hackneyed phenomena of life evoke the newest, most unexpected, and touching emotions as soon as a man regards them from the Christian point of view

    24. We are so accustomed to confound art with nature that, often enough, phenomena of nature which are never to be met with in pictures seem to us unreal, and give us the impression that nature is unnatural, or vice versa; whereas phenomena of nature which occur with too much frequency in pictures seem to us hackneyed, and views which are to be met with in real life, but which appear to us too penetrated with a single idea or a single sentiment, seem to us arabesques

    25. He will have to dress as a modern man, and to blazon forth the persistent and hackneyed criminality of that section of humanity known as “society

    26. It is, of course, crammed full of action, one episode following the other in quick succession without tiresome descriptions or unnecessarily prolonged introductions; episodes that are fresh, vivid and full of color as different as possible from the hackneyed type that has been familiar for years

    27. Have you never noticed that it is often the most whimsically inconsequent, the most utterly ordinary, the most intrinsically prosaic of inanimate things that, with a sudden and overwhelming rush, will call into being memories the tenderest, the deepest, the saddest? It may be a worthless little book, a withered flower ghastly in its brown grave clothes, a cheap, tawdry trinket; it may be something as intangible as a few bars of a hackneyed song ground out on a wheezy, asthmatic hand organ

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    banal commonplace hackneyed old-hat shopworn stock threadbare timeworn tired trite well-worn pedestrian overused stale prosaic platitudinous