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    1. ’ He said almost distractedly as he tweaks something on Adamant’s halter

    2. She had purposely worn only a brief halter and hot pants, nothing more below, about, or underneath

    3. ” I took the halter of the donkey and Joseph lifted Jesus to his shoulders

    4. In her skimpy shorts and halter T-shirt, she was back to her old self, before the months of confinement that had left her wasted away to a pale skeletal shadow of this beautiful woman

    5. “I suppose a guy should be careful whose filly he’s trying to shoo into his stable - especially when she’s still wearing another man’s halter

    6. With her youthfulness, there was a kind of innocent voyeurism, a sexuality in the very short cut-off jeans, the lacy cotton halter top, a small black leather purse over her bare shoulder perfectly accessorizing with the dog

    7. Some of the moms were wearing miniskirts with halter tops or tube tops, or whatever you call those types of tops that were designed to cover just the “TA TA’s

    8. purple, satin halter teddy

    9. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her tight-fitting stretch denims, white halter and three-inch stilettos that she slipped on in place of her uniform

    10. Two girls wearing only halter brassieres and mini skirts with no underwear, approached five young men crossing the Robbie Burns park, said they were seventeen and wanted a bit of fun

    11. ” She hesitated and then placed a cloth halter and lead around my neck

    12. Had them untie me, flipped me over so that I was on my good side and pulled on my halter

    13. The woman took the horse's halter and set out up the road

    14. Xinia Halter and her six aides finally showed up at ten past eight, coming aboard in two air cars that parked themselves in the small garage of the ship

    15. Halter came on the bridge fifteen minutes later, obviously a bit embarrassed, and went directly to Rose, who was standing in front of her command chair

    16. “You are excused, Miss Halter

    17. Rose Laren, Dini Moran, Xinia Halter and her six assistants greeted them inside the passenger airlock

    18. This is Miss Xinia Halter, of the Imperium Ministry of Trade, and her six assistants

    19. I have 700 tons of various goods in the holds of my ship, the nature of which you will be able to review with Miss Halter

    20. By then, Mister Dutour will have undoubtedly determined with Miss Halter how the cargo is to be displayed to potential buyers and importers

    21. As for the cargo your ship will be bringing back to the Imperium, it will be gathered as soon as Miss Halter decides what type of goods from this century are of interest to your Imperium

    22. “Granted! That will give me time to speak with Halter

    23. She then called up Xinia Halter, hoping fervently that the trade representative could give her some positive information to help this case

    24. jeans and a halter top, donated to me by Hayley and made my way downstairs to the kitchen

    25. He stopped, and I didn’t look behind, but I knew he stood there without moving because Sandal’s halter rang when the horse jostled his shoulder

    26. and placed a halter round the animals neck

    27. Tizzie stood in her tight black leather pants and silver halter top and tall black boots

    28. Daphne was relieved to learn Cam had been telling the truth about Bridget not coming, even though she had worn her yellow backless halter top and most flattering navy shorts just in case

    29. Then he found a scratch on her back, unprotected by her halter top, and cleaned it as well

    30. There was no breeze, only a stiff heat that made her sweat even in her halter top and shorts

    31. Sounds of pleasure escaped from her lips as he coated the cream across her back where her halter top had failed to protect her

    32. Carlos has combined a luxurious mix of satin and velvet, perfect partners on this long halter dress

    33. The dress was pale green, with a halter neck, an empire waistline and a skirt that flowed to a knee-length hemline

    34. It is better to attach the lead rope to the side ring of the halter

    35. That had been a harrowing trip home—Ravan struggling upon his saddle horse, the black stallion fighting at the other end of the makeshift rope halter for nearly the entire distance

    36. It is the safest most humane halter to keep on a horse if needed

    37. I have seen some foals hurt a leg while trying to scratch and get caught in a halter, and I also saw another horse grab a foal by the halter and swing them into the air! I don’t use halters in the pasture at all at my place, I just feel that it’s safest

    38. But then she realized she had pretty much done the same thing, wearing a black Natori halter bikini and a white see through Marc Jacobs cover up with black Tory Burch flip flops

    39. She wore shorts and a halter top, clothing not quite appropriate for the early spring weather

    40. “I got him Uncle Jesse!” Lauren called out as she neared the barn holding on to the horse’s halter as she urged Tonka onwards

    41. Before she had finished asking for money several bills were rammed down the front of her halter top

    42. Her chest was encased in a halter top of leather, which left her shoulders, belly and lower back completely bare

    43. I swallowed hard as my eyes involuntarily followed the path of several rivulets of water as they ran off her face and down her neck to disappear into the cleft of her breasts visible above the leather halter top

    44. The halter top that her chest was encased in looked less worn and instead of the tight leather pants she wore and equally tight short leather dress

    45. Her back was suddenly bare as she shrugged the straps of the halter top off of her shoulders and let the garment fall to the floor

    46. The top was a halter top with an under shirt of dark gray and the skirt was full, but would only come to her knees

    47. She dressed casually in a blue halter top and jeans

    48. It was a halter top, cropped short, exposing her midriff, and the top

    49. will need to teach him everything from halter

    50. the halter, imagine you are carrying a halter in

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