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Frasi con cramp (in inglese)

  1. I have a cramp in my (what).
  2. Takes you as cramp, I fancy.
  3. That awful cramp in Lad lane.
  4. He felt a cramp in his crotch.
  5. The shoulders start to cramp, from.

  6. Besides, they would cramp his style.
  7. Her side ached with yet another cramp.
  8. That cramp in her left hand is arthritis.
  9. You almost gave me a heart cramp!.
  10. Steve, however, was beginning to cramp up.
  11. Now go cool down so you don’t cramp up.
  12. Sterling felt his legs cramp up as he waited.
  13. A sudden cramp accompanied a rather loud growl.
  14. Freddie felt his leg and said, I have a bit of cramp.
  15. I slouched over because I was really starting to cramp.

  16. The herb has been used in treating menstrual cramp and.
  17. My legs were beginning to cramp so I stretched them also.
  18. The fish will first cramp up and then enter rigor mortis.
  19. At least he managed to cramp it all in a few hours' sleep.
  20. He shot down the passageway, a cramp knifing between his ribs.
  21. I shifted around in the cramp space listening through the metal.
  22. I was hit with another cramp, and this time, I thought the worst.
  23. Her legs started to cramp and her heartrate skyrocketed alarmingly.
  24. A cramp shot up his leg as the muscles locked and warred with each other.
  25. It helps to relieve menstrual cramp by putting it on the abdominal region.

  26. He tried to repress the cramp that had begun in his outstretched right leg.
  27. After a while, the stomach pains dulled to a mild cramp that I could ignore.
  28. My hand’s starting to cramp and I think I just heard the shower turn off.
  29. It is said that cramp bark has the best female medicine compared to other herbs.
  30. It is said that cramp bark is a reproductive muscle tonic medicine, thus reducing.
  31. Tom felt his heart cramp and uncramp – at last it knew what it was beating for!.
  32. Eddie had only traveled halfway to the next floor when he felt his muscles cramp up.
  33. Cramp bark is said to help increase the blood flow to the abdominal region, thereby.
  34. It also reduce the symptoms of menstrual cramp by balancing the production of family.
  35. At times his own shivering had woken him up, other times it was muscle cramp in his legs.
  36. The cramp in his left arm, through holding the clipboard, had spread to his chest and back.
  37. His body still shook after the violent cramp, and he coughed and spat before he could speak.
  38. Beatrice thought that I was a victim of some cramp and Mariana of some stomach unpreparedness.
  39. The only break I got from the searing pain of each foot hitting the ground was the occasional leg cramp.
  40. Both Dad and Grandpop liked to visit this Shadow and being on the Watch List would definitely cramp their style.
  41. My fingers were so stiff with writers' cramp that I felt as though I should never be able to open my hand again.
  42. She had to repeatedly shift her weight from one side to the other to prevent numbness or the possibility of cramp.
  43. After questioning and examining her, Lydgate said to the house-surgeon in an undertone, It's not tumor: it's cramp.
  44. No one could laugh at you for having a cramp; though Miss May—— he stopped short, with a half-embarrassed laugh.
  45. She paused and sat still before she uttered what I knew was an incantation as my body seized in a cramp, and I started sweating profusely.
  46. I pity those who would cramp and pare down their meaning, and interpret them as nothing more than Christ's prophetical office and example.
  47. A sandy-haired guy looking to be in his late twenties wiped his hands on a rag and approached as I got out of the car to work a cramp out of my bum leg.
  48. Before she could stop herself, she was kissing him back, sucking at his warm mouth, breathing in his breath until she felt a painful cramp in her chest.
  49. Was there any stone which might trip him in his rush? He kneaded his legs against cramp and found that his muscles were jerking after their long tension.
  50. Karl sat down calmly and held Roland’s head while his body twisted and coiled in the cramp attack that always came when the Dark had spoken through him.
  51. With a bit of practice you can switch off awareness of time passing, retreating somewhere inside your head where cramp and pins and needles cant penetrate.
  52. Taking a moment to allow the last vestiges of her dream to slip away, she tested her leg once more, and finding that the cramp had subsided, headed for the surface.
  53. He used the rifle as a crutch to straighten up and managed to stand though his knees quaked uncontrollably and fell down again as cramp took control in both calves.
  54. Bent double with stomach cramp, I blink as the room swims around me and, as soon as it is safe to do so, I sit on the bathroom floor, my head between my knees, panting.
  55. It was dark now but the dazzling array of stars and the huge full moon were more than enough to see by I stood up stretching and yawning easing the cramp out of my muscles.
  56. Prince Andrew, who had thought it was all the same to him whether or not Moscow was taken as Smolensk had been, was suddenly checked in his speech by an unexpected cramp in his throat.
  57. Prince Andrew, who had thought it was all the same to him whether or not Moscow was taken as Smolénsk had been, was suddenly checked in his speech by an unexpected cramp in his throat.
  58. He, Dilimon, and as promised, half the groomsmen leaped to Mark’s aid, even as Talia cried his name in alarm, and Hilsith yelled; Heart cramp!, having instantly recognized the signs.
  59. Critical turning-points in history are reached when a form of life and its institutions cramp and obstruct the most vigorous productive forces alive in a society - economic, social, artistic, intellectual - and it is worn out in resisting them.
  60. I’ve lost patients who could not be saved, but to lose someone so young and strong to a simple heart cramp that any third year Healer should have been able to cure, to have to helplessly revert to the most primitive techniques, only to see them fail….
  61. Their position was perhaps the happiest of all positions in the social scale, being above the line at which neediness ends, and below the line at which the convenancesbegin to cramp natural feelings, and the stress of threadbare modishness makes too little of enough.
  62. And do you know, Sonia, that low ceilings and tiny rooms cramp the soul and the mind? Ah, how I hated that garret! And yet I wouldn't go out of it! I wouldn't on purpose! I didn't go out for days together, and I wouldn't work, I wouldn't even eat, I just lay there doing.
  63. Then Joe and Huck had another swim, but Tom would not venture, because he found that in kicking off his trousers he had kicked his string of rattlesnake rattles off his ankle, and he wondered how he had escaped cramp so long without the protection of this mysterious charm.
  64. I had heard of such things as a cramp seizing on even the best swimmers, and occasioning their being drowned; and imagining this so sudden eclipse to be owing to it, the inconceivable fondness this unknown lad had given birth to, distracted me with the most killing terrors; insomuch, that my concern giving the wings, I flew to the door, opened it, ran down to the canal, guided thither by the madness of my fears for him, and the intense desire of being an instrument to save him, though I was ignorant how, or by what means to effect it: but was it for fears, and a passion so sudden as mine, to reason! All this took up scarce the space of a few moments.
  1. There will be some cramping over the next few days.
  2. He approached Harry, his tiny stomach cramping with hunger and fear.
  3. Cramping is extremely common after a great deal of physical activity.
  4. Anger pushed aside the cramping in his legs when he set foot on hated ground.
  5. There are many different reasons that women experience cramping during pregnancy.
  6. I force myself to accept that funny feeling in my stomach is only cramping, nothing else.
  7. Her period was late this month, but she was still experiencing some light cramping and spotting.
  8. The cramping had turned out to be nothing more than ligaments stretching to support my growing womb.
  9. There’s also bloating and cramping to contend with, both of which also range from the mild to severe.
  10. Instead of elaborating, Limu let out a rumbling growl, flexing his hands as though they were cramping.
  11. Yes, a means of escape had come! It had been too stifling, too cramping, the burden had been too agonising.
  12. My heart is pounding, I am thankful I only have minor cramping and I know the Motrin will be kicking in soon.
  13. Caraway, like chamomile and fennel, relieves intestinal cramping and, in this way, may ease symptoms of colic.
  14. Many women experience cramping early in their pregnancy because their body is still adjusting to carrying the child.
  15. He vomited until his stomach was empty, and sat there until the lower half of his digestive tract stopped cramping.
  16. His legs had long been cramping, and he would have liked his last moments to have been at least somewhat comfortable.
  17. Early on Monday morning, June 28, 1954, Rosie strained to lift herself out of bed, with a lot of back pain and cramping.
  18. Usually there are many short-term explanations that would explain the development of cramping during the early stages of pregnancy.
  19. Chamomile is a carminative with long history of use as a calming herb and may be used to ease intestinal cramping in colicky infants.
  20. Hitting the stupid ceiling fan and light switches off, I exit the bathroom, still cramping but definitely with determination and resolve.
  21. Chamomile may reduce intestinal cramping and ease the irritation and inflammation associated with diarrhoea, according to test tube studies.
  22. A high acidic reading in the body leads to dysfunction of the digestive system causing indigestion, gaseousness, bloating, and abdominal cramping.
  23. He wanted to get a look at it so he could figure out how the three of them could contort their bodies to fit in the confessional without cramping up.
  24. At five weeks, still in my first trimester and within the real danger zone, I’d woken up in the middle of the night to cramping and blood on the sheets.
  25. Many women experiencing cramping become nervous about losing the foetus especially during the first trimester, but this is not always likely to take place.
  26. If they do not, the body begins to "give up" and this is seen in the form of cramping, muscles not responding, and the body "hitting the wall" as many marathoners call it.
  27. A low keening wail started from the pit of his belly, his muscles cramping and twisting and flinching as the howl made its way up his windpipe and out through his clenched teeth.
  28. It's a most uncommonly cramping thing, as I've often told Susan, to sit on horseback and look over the hedges at the wrong thing, and not be able to put your hand to it to make it right.
  29. He did not wish to destroy the individual's concept of divine communion by establishing a precise form; neither did he desire to limit the believer's spiritual imagination by formally cramping it.
  30. I felt a pang of regret when I saw Dylan’s hurt face as Angel and I walked out onto the deck, but the flock was my first priority, regardless of those fluttery feelings I kept having that were severely cramping my style.
  31. Then, with their shells inverted over their heads, the icicles on the riggers standing oddly upright, their leg and arm muscles cramping in the cold air, they slid and slipped along the ice-slick dock and hobbled up the ramp to the shell house.
  32. In their present state of improvement, those prohibitions, perhaps, without cramping their industry, or restraining it from any employment to which it would have gone of its own accord, are only impertinent badges of slavery imposed upon them, without any sufficient reason, by the groundless jealousy of the merchants and manufacturers of the mother country.
  1. How cramped you are here.
  2. He felt so cramped on planes.
  3. This is the most cramped part.
  4. It was cramped to say the least.
  5. It was cramped metallic quarters.
  6. Small and cramped by DC standards.
  7. It looks a bit cramped in there.
  8. In the cramped confines of the car it.
  9. The space was dank and cramped and he.
  10. They were quite cramped in the small box.
  11. It was smaller than I remembered, cramped.
  12. As close as I could in our cramped space.
  13. It was a little cramped were I ended up.
  14. They were alone in the cramped little room.
  15. Hands and feet tangled in the cramped space.
  16. The woman appeared to be cramped inside a.
  17. Both men were seated in the cramped cockpit.
  18. The living quarters were quite cramped but.
  19. Harry stirred and stretched his cramped legs.
  20. A bit cramped isnt it? I told her the truth.
  21. She fell in and curled up in the cramped space.
  22. The area seemed cramped, crates and containers.
  23. He began to stretch his cramped legs but he was.
  24. Once inside her cramped kitchen, she turned on.
  25. We were introduced to cooking in cramped quarters.
  26. The store was cramped with unnecessary furniture.
  27. She entered the cramped tent and took off her mask.
  28. With a shout, he bounded from his cramped little.
  29. The back rooms of the house were cramped and dark.
  30. With a deathly-pallor, shivering and cramped, he.
  31. Not to mention, it was a lot less cramped and noisy.
  32. The water is hot but the bath is cramped and narrow.
  33. The cave was dark and cramped, measured around 6 m2.
  34. Keller struggled in his cramped cage to view the show.
  35. It was like riding a lawnmower down a cramped hallway.
  36. Smythe's first floor office was small and rather cramped.
  37. Neither thing was on offer in our cramped economy seats.
  38. In the early 1940s this was still a cramped crossroads.
  39. In the kitchen, everything looks coal-stained and cramped.
  40. IN THE COLD, CRAMPED CELL, Nicholas Jenks paced anxiously.
  41. Horses are sent to slaughterhouses in cramped trailers or.
  42. Her arms were cramped from propping her head up all night.
  43. She was in a cramped, windowless room with no ventilation.
  44. Charlie trying to find ways to ignore the cramped seating.
  45. Black Francis led her down to a cramped cabin with a very.
  46. The space was more cramped than the laboratory, its square.
  47. In the cramped cell, Calvin had no way to retreat or dodge.
  48. They were cramped like malefactors with the chain and ball.
  49. Ashi’s right hand was cramped and as she opened her hand.
  50. The cramped conditions were luxurious by Jiuquan standards.
  51. He was unceremoniously dumped in to the small cramped trunk.
  52. He noticed a hand-washbasin in the corner of the cramped area.
  53. Instead, he shook his head no and got inside his cramped car.
  54. Still, it was good to be out of the car, the cramped quarters.
  55. One bedroom is all I need, but most of the time I feel cramped.
  56. If you feel cramped by me, if you feel uncomfortable, you leave.
  57. Nautilus felt cramped so close to the coasts of both Africa and.
  58. Exhausted, his cramped hands finally let go of the saddle-knobs.
  59. But she didn’t need a tiny, cramped office space to know that.
  60. He sat that way—itchy and cramped but focused and alert—for.
  61. Also, the accommodations began to be cramped with our family of.
  62. The place was rather cramped and above all there was no bathroom.
  63. The rooms were cramped and dirty, and there were frequent fights.
  64. They all lived in a cramped apartment that belonged to the state.
  65. Neither of us made it through the night in this tiny, cramped bed.
  66. OK, but where the houses were a bit cramped or the lots a little.
  67. But she couldn't bear the thought of being cramped up so near Mr.
  68. Her stomach cramped up when she saw the subject: Good news!.
  69. Cramped under his desk as he had been, his legs had fallen asleep.
  70. The bar was cramped, but at the side was a big room where half a.
  71. The cell no longer felt cramped, the darkness no longer intimidating.
  72. I’d give anything to be in that cramped capsule with those guys again.
  73. The market was cramped, noisy and smelly with all kinds of food on sale.
  74. His room was a cramped addition to the attic of the ranch hand quarters.
  75. Nicole was tired, her brain hurt, he back ached and her legs were cramped.
  76. With duffle bags in hand, they joined a crowd of students in the cramped.
  77. Boggs and his companion got off the elevator and entered his cramped one-.
  78. It’s pretty cramped in there; I had to leave my EVA suit in the airlock.
  79. The cramped forests and rolling hills of Larin crowded Mama, Dana realized.
  80. In the rear there was a cramped private cubicle, barely larger than a desk.
  81. Being tied to the chair for hours in a cramped position did not help either.
  82. It was so cramped that the woman at the desk had to squeeze past banks of.
  83. A couple of minutes later, the paramedics were with us in the cramped space.
  84. Then you will understand that life underground is not all cramped darkness.
  85. Now, with the immediate danger gone, I needed to change my cramped position.
  86. She led them into a small shop called the House of Voodoo, a cramped six by.
  87. I shall go to the top of this mountain and stretch my cramped legs and wings.
  88. In my cramped position, it would be awkward to crawl out, rise up and attack.
  89. He would do anything he could to avoid long hours spent cramped in a vehicle.
  90. THE CRAMPED SQUAD ROOM was filled with officers from every agency in the state.
  91. A section of the path was now cramped with mynamathers, gufders and Nycarmans.
  92. Cramped quarters caused the wives to sling hammocks between the cannons.
  93. It wasn’t easy to stay hidden with the two of them in the same cramped space.
  94. They clamber down into a cramped, moist space that positively reeks of the sea.
  95. It lasted longer than usual this time, and her stomach convulsed until it cramped.
  96. He seemed coarse as a dray beast now, drunk and sweating in the cramped stairwell.
  97. It was cramped but if he cinched up the laces, it was a little bit warmer at night.
  98. You are a dwarf; you are used to living in the dark, in a cramped underground mine.
  99. Hang on to what, exactly? She was in the rear seat, which was cramped even for her.
  100. At first my neck was cramped with looking at it, but at the end of a year I became.
  1. Now it is as if I have cramps.
  2. At first, Thomas got severe leg cramps.
  3. Harry, eleven, had suffered severe cramps.
  4. It is said to reduce menstrual cramps, prevent.
  5. My limbs stiffened in the grip of intense cramps.
  6. Babies bit his elbows and suffered stomach cramps.
  7. The result was a violent attack of stomach cramps.
  8. I was doubled over from cramps in my legs and stomach.
  9. The cramps racked her limbs and the pain was excruciating.
  10. His diarrhea became explosive, and cramps doubled him over.
  11. It may be associated with abdominal cramps, fever and vomiting.
  12. It is said to reduce inflammation, infection and menstrual cramps.
  13. The cramps have subsided, and I haven’t had any bleeding at all.
  14. The stomach cramps in my blue balls constipate my insomnia hard-on.
  15. It grows inside the uterine cavity, leading to abnormal severe cramps.
  16. It wants to drink and cannot, because the water makes the cramps worse.
  17. Abdominal colic is a gripping pain from abdominal cramps that come and go.
  18. Even so, the unusual strain on the legs soon caused discomfort and cramps.
  19. Repton once collapsed with stomach cramps whilst guzzling shrimp in Orlando.
  20. He was plagued with attacks of cramps brought on by his enforced inactivity.
  21. He suffered from stomach cramps and flatulence all of his sick poisoned life.
  22. You never know one of these days you may enjoy the thought of writer’s cramps.
  23. It has been used in Chinese traditional medicine in treating muscle cramps in the.
  24. Acupressure most of the time is used to treat symptoms of endometrial cramps due to.
  25. It has been used in herbal medicine in treating menstrual cramps and increasing liver.
  26. Floodgates opening, cramps of fear in his stomach shot up to his heart like a chilling.
  27. Since Chinese practitioners believe that endometrial menstrual cramps are caused by qi.
  28. It also contains vitamin B complex which not only helps to reduce the menstrual cramps.
  29. Abdominal cramps and transient diarrhea have been reported at doses of 15-40 gms per day.
  30. This makes it ideal for treating PMS-related symptoms of cramps, moodiness, and bloating.
  31. They say that this madness consists in this, that the mad animal gets cramps in its throat.
  32. The undead thing that constantly made him suffer from stomach cramps, flatulence and dysentery.
  33. Sometimes women make the mistake of trying to use the heat to deal with stomach related cramps.
  34. Taking doses that are too high can result in morning grogginess, headaches and/or abdominal cramps.
  35. Wincing at the growing cramps in his gut, Thomas walked over and lifted Alby’s feet as he was told.
  36. Dawn was shining through the windows when I woke again, and I doubled over with severe stomach cramps.
  37. I rocked, that helped to take my mind off the pain yet when that was gone, the aching cramps started.
  38. She offered to suck me off before bed, but I'd seen her hide stomach cramps all day and so I declined.
  39. His tummy feels bloated and constant peristaltic wave causes constant abdominal cramps and cold sweats.
  40. Oh, dear! my poor, dear lady! you see in consequence of his wounds he has terrible cramps in the chest.
  41. The ginger root tea will reduce the severity of the stomach cramps that you have along with the diarrhea.
  42. What in God’s name could I expect? I bit my lip and held on to the armrest as the cramps hit me again.
  43. People also suffer from stomach cramps after stomach stapling if they eat food that is too hot or is high in carbs.
  44. She lay on the backseat on the ride home, faking menstrual cramps and watching colored lights slide across the window.
  45. He also remembered times when he himself was so hungry that he couldn't stand straight for the cramps in his stomach.
  46. I could sleep naked in the snow and feel no discomfort, but the dew would give you cramps, were we to sleep in the open.
  47. The spastic flailing slowly became cramps that traveled from the back of his thighs, all the way to the base of his neck.
  48. Peter was glad to be outside once more; for the last several hours he had become more nauseous and suffered stomach cramps.
  49. O I remember that the Cramps grew terrible at length and that it seem’d both my Back and my Belly should burst from the Ache.
  50. Evidently Búlka was beginning to have these cramps when he started to lick and then to bite my hand and the foot of the table.
  51. He laid there into the night; cold and shaking, with cramps in his stomach that felt like his intestines were being ripped out.
  52. Many people do not realize the discomfort and abdominal cramps a patient with constipated hard stool stuck in his rectum and anus.
  53. So, how much of it did you see and hear? he added in a somewhat milder tone as he stretched the sleep cramps out of his body.
  54. It is said that viola contain substances that help to reduce the tension of uterine muscles, resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps.
  55. As the loser’s blood touched my lips, I was seized with such cramps that I thought I had been stabbed in the back by one of the Klese.
  56. Once he had told her something that she could not imagine: that amputees suffer pains, cramps, itches, in the leg that is no longer there.
  57. She stretched out on her makeshift desk bed and slept deeply for several hours, until fierce abdominal cramps and a need to retch woke her.
  58. No cramps now but that bottomless feeling that maybe I was pregnant less than an hour ago and am no longer carrying a child, Denny’s child.
  59. You will find women telling about the gynecological center for women in Auschwitz: for girls with menstrual cramps and other female related health issues.
  60. It is said that delicious monster also helps to relax the body muscles, resulting in reducing the menstrual cramps caused by over active abdominal muscles.
  61. Jim would later say that he was aware that many, if not all, of her phantom headaches, cramps, and assorted ailments were an attempt at sidestepping her marital obligations.
  62. Because the POW diet was severely deficient in sodium, leaving many men crippled by muscle cramps and other ailments, the men developed a system for stealing and processing salt.
  63. He was also suffering severe cramps, much like those he’d experienced five decades earlier when his appendix exploded during the miserable third round of a division title fight.
  64. Essential oil- fennel is also laxative, it helps to improve the movement of stool, resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps caused by endometrial implants and adhesion attached.
  65. Rose is also a laxative herb, it helps to increase the function of large intestine in moving stool, resulting in reducing the risk of menstrual cramps caused endometrial implants and.
  66. Besides all that, two of the men had leg cramps from climbing up the steep terrain, and one other had blisters on both feet; that was the reasoning we used in stopping early to begin with.
  67. Most people thought they were eating dirt because they were impoverished and couldn’t get enough food, but the truth was they had so many parasites in their stomach that they got cramps.
  68. By rendering the produce of all other countries dearer in the colonies, it cramps in the same manner the industry of all other colonies, and both the enjoyments and the industry of the colonies.
  69. She looked uncomfortable under their scrutiny as she and the Legate had not actually spoken since her rescue, The Emperor, from what you've just said, the headaches, stomach cramps - he's being poisoned.
  70. But he talked of flannel waistcoats, said Marianne; and with me a flannel waistcoat is invariably connected with aches, cramps, rheumatisms, and every species of ailment that can afflict the old and the feeble.
  71. He read all about the numerous effects: extreme elation, alertness, self-confidence, aggression, talkativeness, loss of appetite and the withdrawal symptoms: severe cramps, deep depression, fatigue, inertia, paranoiac psychosis.
  72. Indeed only after a little more than a hundred steps Hilderich felt cramps and stiffness overtaking his aching body, especially the legs where he put much of his strength to propel himself upwards on the steps that seemed fit only for giants.
  73. However, I do remember feeling grotty with stomach cramps the day I took the car down to the garage for its MOT … I check back in my diary that would be the second week of October … I should come on sometime around the second week in November.
  74. By rendering the colony produce dearer in all other countries, it lessens its consumption, and thereby cramps the industry of the colonies, and both the enjoyments and the industry of all other countries, which both enjoy less when they pay more for what they enjoy, and produce less when they get less for what they produce.

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