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Frasi con heap (in inglese)

  2. There's a heap of rubbish.
  3. They were lying in a heap.
  4. Larry was a crumpled heap.
  5. He rubbed up a large heap.

  6. They ate there by the heap.
  7. Nadir stood clear of the heap.
  8. I fell in a heap on the floor.
  9. We toppled forwards in a heap.
  10. It was a heap of crap anyway!.
  11. On the kitchen rubbish heap.
  12. Sayeed was in a heap on the bed.
  13. They both mean the witness heap.
  14. The wall ended in a crumbled heap.
  15. Holly slid in a heap on the floor.

  16. He looked at the heap of treasure.
  17. They saw a heap of politics in it.
  18. The headless corpse fell in a heap.
  19. A heap lay motionless in the corner.
  20. Yes, smiled the stenching heap.
  21. The rationality of a pyramidal heap.
  22. This avoids a whole heap of pitfalls.
  23. Simply cry in a heap upon the floor.
  24. He collapsed on the ground in a heap.
  25. The wolf veered into a heap of crates.

  26. Jim fell to the ground in a large heap.
  27. His gaze fell on a heap of filthy rags.
  28. She collapsed onto the floor in a heap.
  29. That wee bit heap o' leaves an' stibble.
  30. The archer collapsed into a moaning heap.
  31. It was a heap of filth and it was Sinai.
  32. A blanket lay in a heap next to the lamp.
  33. Verse 23 I will heap disasters upon them.
  34. Pierce walked slowly down toward the heap.
  35. That was a heap of money in those days.
  36. They both collapsed in an indistinct heap.
  37. They fell to the ground in a lifeless heap.
  38. He picked a jumper off the top of the heap.
  39. Gary lay in a crumpled heap on the sidewalk.
  40. Douglas were laying in a heap in the corner.
  41. He dived into the heap of clowns which had.
  42. As he crumpled in an unconscious heap, two.
  43. She collapsed in a heap, heaving and sobbing.
  44. The two men land in a heap, with Parr on top.
  45. The paper is in a heap at his slippered feet.
  46. Chase laid in a motionless heap on the floor.
  47. I don’t belong in a garbage heap like this.
  48. The Maps for Section Two lay in a messy heap.
  49. A pole stuck from the middle of a heap of wood.
  50. Laban said, This heap is witness between me.
  51. We'll cut down through by the dump heap, and.
  52. Lying next to the bed in a small heap on the.
  53. I also now realise that a whole heap of women.
  54. May this heap be a witness, and the pillar be.
  55. They ended up in a twitching heap on the floor.
  56. The French Revolution is a heap of blackguards.
  57. I was somewhere in the middle of that heap of.
  58. The three of them crash to the ground in a heap.
  59. We tried not to heap additional problems on him.
  60. He’s seen a heap of battles, that’s certain.
  61. I was certain it would end up on the scrap heap.
  62. The man lay in a heap on the bulls neck, gasping.
  63. Yes, there's a heap of them on the table there.
  64. As the boy lay in a crumpled heap on the ground.
  65. And I advanced towards the floor in a howling heap.
  66. In front of the tent a little heap of silver grew.
  67. This is what he thought: I'm struck all of a heap.
  68. The heap of finery on Fauna’s bed was impressive.
  69. The snake popped out from under the heap of debris.
  70. Kings do not heap honor on the likes of you and me.
  71. He sagged out of Penn’s grip into a heap on the.
  72. This is also great and as well it is a heap of fun.
  73. What’s it to him, he has cribbed a heap of money.
  74. And no one in the hot, milling heap contradicted him.
  75. Still heap up those leagues—yes! ironically heap!.
  76. This is my old Omni! This shit heap still runs?
  77. A heap of snow crashed noisily from the church roof.
  78. At last, he was dropped to the floor in a ragged heap.
  79. Poor white! And a heap lower than the man she married.
  80. She was a tiny heap at the base of the tree, one hand.
  81. Henry Morgan lifted a golden cup from the heap of loot.
  82. The man collapsed into a shivering heap onto the floor.
  83. He threw the bat to the floor and col apsed in a heap.
  84. And you’d choke to death in a miserable heap out here.
  85. The groom rocked once, then crumpled forward in a heap.
  86. Troyes,' said Elizabeth, eager to heap praise upon her.
  87. There was nothing left there except the heap of rubbles.
  88. Dan sagged to a heap on the floor, his eyes closed and.
  89. The man fell in a heap as his final breath left his body.
  90. If he couldn’t, he would be in a whole heap of trouble.
  91. She collapsed in a heap on the sofa on the verge of tears.
  92. There was a heap of old feathery wood-ashes on the hearth.
  93. Suddenly Brigitte appears and collapses in a battered heap.
  94. I dragged myself up from the heap I was on the floor and.
  95. Weeks later, they threw Euredon’s skull onto a dung heap.
  96. Dust settled over the heap of collapsed lumber and roofing.
  97. Ma chuckled and took down a heap of tin plates from a shelf.
  98. Pull his son from the trash heap and place him on a cart in.
  99. The Wallachian pointed to a large heap of fresh-raised mould.
  100. When she entered she almost dropped in a heap upon the floor.
  1. Ed was eating a heaping portion of eggs and bacon.
  2. There should be a heaping amount for a great pie!.
  3. Why do you think he keeps heaping on charges and interest.
  4. Steep 1 heaping tsp in a cup of boiling water for 1 minute.
  5. With a heaping helping of trepidation, I approached the porch.
  6. Add a clove of garlic and a heaping teaspoon of chili powder.
  7. Dot placed a heaping bowl of spaghetti and meatballs in front of Jill.
  8. He poured me wine and dished out a heaping helping of Brunswick stew.
  9. Roll a heaping tablespoon of dough into a ball, about 1 1/2 inches in.
  10. The Chaldean method of attacking strong points is given as heaping up.
  11. It looked as though she got a boob job for the occasion, with those heaping.
  12. As good as everything else was, you could’ve given me a heaping bowl of.
  13. He took the spoon and lifted a heaping spoonful of the soup and brought it up to his mouth.
  14. Roll heaping teaspoons of chocolate mixture into balls, then roll in the chocolate sprinkles.
  15. He dipped the spoon into the sock and ladled out two heaping teaspoons of sugar into Louie’s cup.
  16. So I heard you’re new to Valhara, he said, scooping a heaping pile of potatoes onto his plate.
  17. The waitress came back with heaping trays of food-cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, and chocolate shakes.
  18. Mother had packed turkey sandwiches, heaping with onions, lettuce and tomato, plus that fancy gray mustard.
  19. Quickly drop by heaping spoonful’s onto waxed paper or press into a 9x9 inch square pan lined with waxed paper.
  20. Despite her hunger, and despite her deprivation, she left the bakery quickly mentally heaping scorn on that evil beast.
  21. Hence the manager flared up in anger and went to give the worker a severe beating, all the while heaping insults upon him.
  22. Recalling Than and his sisters’ love of sugar, she added generous, heaping teaspoons to each of the cups except her own.
  23. In this manner, the heaping up of the Parthenon, obliterated, a century ago, a portion of the vaults of Saint-Genevieve hill.
  24. Amy, who was fond of delicate fare, took a heaping spoonful, choked, hid her face in her napkin, and left the table precipitately.
  25. I look round the cabin and slowly accumulate a pile of odd bits and pieces, heaping them up on the bunk so that Berndt can pack them.
  26. As time went on after heaping up one or two thousand I should, of course, naturally rise above second-hand dealing and street trading.
  27. Esther was delighted with all, heaping on more mashed potato and gravy when required and followed by second helpings of bread and butter pudding.
  28. The housewife had heated her oven, and the girl, having driven the cattle, had come back and was collecting kisyak and heaping it up along the fence.
  29. Use the powers granted as you please; but take care, in your haste after effectual dominion, not to overload the scales by heaping it with these new acquisitions.
  30. The research on ginger’s ability to reduce platelet stickiness indicates that 10 grams (approximately 1 heaping teaspoon) per day is the minimum necessary amount to be.
  31. The people seemed never to tire of heaping honors upon me, and no day passed that did not bring some new proof of their love for my princess, the incomparable Dejah Thoris.
  32. The race had been suspended because of the war, but Phil revived it in his mind, spreading a blanket on the infield grass, heaping it with food, and watching the cars blur past.
  33. Where did I put that Parkay? Aahhh, I find it next to my stack of Hustler and Swank magazines and apply a heaping glob, proceeding to stroke vigorously while flipping through the pages.
  34. He made a beeline for the dining room, likely worried that he’d missed out on the food, then returned to the living room with a grin on his face and a plate heaping with some of everything.
  35. In the meantime Jesus was left in the audience chamber in the custody of the temple guards, who, with the servants of the high priest, amused themselves by heaping every sort of indignity upon the Son of Man.
  36. The only impression, other than kids and lovers, was predictably enough the food, huge, heaping mounds of it, big gobbly piles of it, eighty and hundred-metre tables of it, with ice sculptures and creamy pale linen.
  37. Wopsle had in his hand the affecting tragedy of George Barnwell, in which he had that moment invested sixpence, with the view of heaping every word of it on the head of Pumblechook, with whom he was going to drink tea.
  38. I asked him to join me, and when he accepted I went into my house and set coffee to cooking and, remembering how Roark Bradford liked it, I doubled the dosage, two heaping tablespoons of coffee to each cup and two heaping for the pot.
  39. At any moment the boys, looking up, expected the slain tower face, hands, numerals, guts, to groan, slide, and tumble in a grinding avalanche of brass intestines and iron meteor showers, down, down upon the lawn, heaping, rumbling, burying them in minutes, hours, years, and eternities.
  40. After sharing half the packet of biscuits, finishing the water, scrabbling piles of bracken and grass together for a mattress and heaping a rough tepee with leaves, grass and anything else we vainly hoped would keep off cold and dew, we huddled down, hungry and thirsty, for a long night.
  41. She began with a good portion, but she liked it so much that she took another of the same size, and she was lamenting the fact that urbane etiquette did not permit her to help herself to a third, when she learned that she had just eaten, with unsuspected pleasure, two heaping plates of pureed eggplant.
  42. Secondly, such intentions, in whatever manner their sentiments may be genuinely sincere, oftentimes fail to keep pace with popular expectations thereby heaping anger and resentment upon otherwise well-meaning individuals who may have fallen short of their intended purpose; that is to say, deliver their promises.
  43. From twelve to two o'clock Danglars had remained in his study, unsealing his dispatches, and becoming more and more sad every minute, heaping figure upon figure, and receiving, among other visits, one from Major Cavalcanti, who, as stiff and exact as ever, presented himself precisely at the hour named the night before, to terminate his business with the banker.
  44. But, sir, I would not condescend to make the observation here, had he not, after heaping upon us, during the whole of his administration, every injury and insult in his power, at the close of it placed us in a ludicrous situation by imposing on us an obligation, in a grave and serious concern to the nation, of expounding his equivoques, and unriddling his riddles.
  45. But Konstantin Levin found it dull sitting and listening to him, especially when he knew that while he was away they would be carting dung onto the fields not ploughed ready for it, and heaping it all up anyhow; and would not screw the shares in the ploughs, but would let them come off and then say that the new ploughs were a silly invention, and there was nothing like the old Andreevna plough, and so on.
  46. Descending into the grotto, he lifted the stone, filled his pockets with gems, put the box together as well and securely as he could, sprinkled fresh sand over the spot from which it had been taken, and then carefully trod down the earth to give it everywhere a uniform appearance; then, quitting the grotto, he replaced the stone, heaping on it broken masses of rocks and rough fragments of crumbling granite, filling the interstices with earth, into which he deftly inserted rapidly growing plants, such as the wild myrtle and flowering thorn, then carefully watering these new plantations, he scrupulously effaced every trace of footsteps, leaving the approach to the cavern as savage-looking and untrodden as he had found it.
  47. A magnificent specimen of manhood he was truly augmented obviously by gifts of a high order, as compared with the other military supernumerary that is (who was just the usual everyday farewell, my gallant captain kind of an individual in the light dragoons, the 18th hussars to be accurate) and inflammable doubtless (the fallen leader, that is, not the other) in his own peculiar way which she of course, woman, quickly perceived as highly likely to carve his way to fame which he almost bid fair to do till the priests and ministers of the gospel as a whole, his erstwhile staunch adherents, and his beloved evicted tenants for whom he had done yeoman service in the rural parts of the country by taking up the cudgels on their behalf in a way that exceeded their most sanguine expectations, very effectually cooked his matrimonial goose, thereby heaping coals of fire on his head much in the same way as the fabled ass's kick.
  1. These they heaped against the.
  2. The clown-dead were heaped all.
  3. Though the praise heaped on the.
  4. Both held shovels heaped with coal.
  5. Once you have heaped the relevant.
  6. He heaped a hundred reproaches on himself.
  7. She gathered up loose blankets and heaped.
  8. Buck Mulligan laid it across his heaped clothes.
  9. Life heaped on life, expectation on expectation.
  10. Lorna almost laughed when she saw the heaped plate.
  11. You've heaped happiness on me with both your hands.
  12. Opposite, the wood heaped on the hill, green and still.
  13. He stopped, dug a large hole, and heaped up pieces of turf.
  14. At the back of the lot a pile of new, wet dirt was heaped.
  15. Pears, apples, cheese, eggs and fish were heaped together.
  16. Cancun, where the beaches are wide and heaped with white sand.
  17. On Christmas Eve Santa Claus came in his sledge heaped high with.
  18. Zach was not enjoying the praise being heaped on his stupid sister.
  19. Montserrat hit Melodía and almost toppled her into the heaped shit.
  20. There were three trays heaped high with steaming food in front of me.
  21. Can nature stand much more than what we’ve heaped upon it already?
  22. Every man, woman, child, and animal would be killed and heaped in piles.
  23. Lars hid in a storeroom, deep back behind a bunch of heaped up clothing.
  24. Up the valley a chariot came flying, making nothing of the heaped corpses.
  25. Ozzie was waiting in the bedroom; his dirty clothes heaped up in the corner.
  26. The kindness heaped on me by this excellent man was far greater than I could.
  27. Great, velvety, purple clouds heaped up in the west and spread over the valley.
  28. As he picked up a blini biscuit heaped with yellow Almas caviar, the rarest and.
  29. Andrina opened a pan on the stove and heaped some mashed potatoes onto two plates.
  30. He looked at the heaped piles of metal for a minute, his eyes never leaving them.
  31. Bulldozers rolled up the green forests and heaped the resulting trash for burning.
  32. Slag heaps of poisonous rock heaped ever-higher in huge pyramids around coal mines.
  33. In his palace in the great port city of Aghrapur was heaped the plunder of empires.
  34. His father, carried away with passion, heaped upon him the most violent imprecations.
  35. On that Christmas holiday Anne and Rad were, not surprisingly, heaped with gifts from.
  36. I slurped down the soup while enjoying a whole pile of delicious cornbread heaped with.
  37. The gentleman from New York joined in the burst of applause heaped on that Executive act.
  38. And last but not least, it would have restrained me from the injustice I heaped on others.
  39. It was an outburst of all the accumulated frustrations I had heaped on her with my behaviour.
  40. Think of all the Aborigines who can never escape the abuse heaped on them everywhere they go.
  41. They unloaded the cart, in which Sammy, two bicycles and several panniers lay heaped together.
  42. As for his part, Hammurabi believed all of the praise and exaltation that was heaped upon him.
  43. What was she going to do? She’d kept a brave face for him, but inside she was heaped with fear.
  44. Mary rose into space, to keep close company with the Castle, above the heaped rubble of the town.
  45. He tidied up the bits of broken crockery and ornaments on the floor and heaped them on the table.
  46. Unfortunately, the ears of the children were not protected from the culinary abuse heaped upon me.
  47. Along the dusty road from the vineyards the creaking carts moved slowly, heaped up with black grapes.
  48. The base of the cliff was heaped with loose stones at the spot, and it was not difficult to clamber up.
  49. While passengers got off and on, I helped the telegrapher pull the wagons heaped high with baggage and U.
  50. Nor need I remind you here of the hatred and contempt that was heaped upon the so called nigger teacher.
  51. I felt impatient of him and out of temper with him; in which condition he heaped coals of fire on my head.
  52. There were numerous sacks heaped against the walls, and a pile of round things in the middle of the floor.
  53. M A Sheikho, ordered the gendarmes to throw him down, and then he heaped fifty lashes of his whip upon him.
  54. Both began their careers as young prodigies, shooting up the ranks with medals and awards heaped upon them.
  55. He quickly moved away and took the platter to the Captain who heaped huge portions of the fish onto his plate.
  56. Many a thief sought to gain the treasure which fables said lay heaped about the moldering bones inside the dome.
  57. We had a nice visit while he reminisced about old times and heaped praise on my grandfather and the great Kaidu.
  58. The roofs of the cabins were heaped with snow, and dirty mounds of it were piled up on the sides of the streets.
  59. He grabbed a slice of toast and heaped on the butter and marmalade, then devoured it, washing it down with coffee.
  60. The door opened and Cecelia came in, closely followed by a serving girl bearing a tray heaped with breakfast fare.
  61. Over the square frame, on untrimmed willow limbs, grass had been piled, not thatched, but heaped up in a low mound.
  62. The floor was covered with thick rugs, and there were benches of polished ebony, and an ivory dais heaped with furs.
  63. Sunday flashed on a pretty redheaded girl who’d heaped scorn and laughter on him again and again during high school.
  64. I will speak the truth myself, I can well understand what resentment he had heaped up in his son's heart against him.
  65. There are still some flagstones remaining round the edges and a pile of them heaped up haphazardly against the fence.
  66. Mac heaped a little pile of dirt on the floor with his hand, and moulded it round, and patted a little flat top on it.
  67. We talked and talked for hours and I broke through a lot of the bitter layers and abuses she had heaped up on herself.
  68. A plate was brought to her heaped high with meat and vegetables, hot and greasy and already an attraction for the flies.
  69. Kindness and attention and even affection could not, it will be admitted, go further; all three had been heaped on Mrs.
  70. From where she crouched behind a pile of old wooden crates, Bryony could see a mound of black stuff heaped in the trailer.
  71. The officers were taken to the riverbank and crowded onto a barge, which was heaped with coal destined for the steel mill.
  72. The sun is already setting behind the forest; but the cocks are not yet all heaped together, and much still remains to do.
  73. The ramshackle cart was loaded with empty bottles and putrid rags, heaped loosely in the cart and packed into a large sack.
  74. Every delicious fruit that the four quarters of the globe could provide was heaped in vases from China and jars from Japan.
  75. Her parents had heaped hellfire and damnation on her for having a child out of wedlock, so they deserved their timely demise.
  76. He ran over and quickly opened his closet, revealing piles of clothes heaped on top of each other in the middle of the floor.
  77. As Johnnie Babcock points out, extravagant praise and accolades were heaped on Pops over the years with seldom a negative word.
  78. Beyond Wimbledon, within sight of the line, in certain nursery grounds, were the heaped masses of earth about the sixth cylinder.
  79. The garden was pocked with holes and heaped with mounds of dirt; it looked as if a hundred woodchucks on crack had run amok there.
  80. As might have been expected, the place was too small; so all the prisoners stood up, heaped together—above all in the last rows.
  81. The Wandle, the Mole, every little stream, was a heaped mass of red weed, in appearance between butcher's meat and pickled cabbage.
  82. The man then opened one of the powder packets from Wilson’s case and spooned two heaped measures into the cup of steaming liquid.
  83. Within the wall, a last voice said, over and over again and again, even as the sun rose to shine upon the heaped rubble and steam:.
  84. And instead of the blessings that had formerly been heaped on the Sultan’s head, the air was now full of curses of unhappy parents.
  85. Before we knew it, she’d brought us plastic trays heaped with double cheeseburgers, vanilla shakes, and XXL servings of French fries.
  86. He heaped praise upon the man before him and asked after his current state of health, wanting to know if he was making a rapid recovery.
  87. These he heaped to make a couch for her, and she lay upon it, with a curious sensation as of one lying down to sleep in a serpent's lair.
  88. Somewhere I was caught and swept in the heaped pummel of flesh headed straight for a collision with the maiden-aunt reality of Monday noon.
  89. Invidious praise has been heaped on certain regiments; but equal credit is deserved by every officer and man participating in the assault.
  90. This heaped up measure of legislative contumely is prepared; for whom? For a private, unassisted, insulated, unallied individual? No, sir.
  91. Eight were in use, the women bending over, scrubbing the clothes, and the piles of wrung-out clothes were heaped on the clean concrete floor.
  92. Except for the birds, the only sound was the thud of the spades slicing the earth and the dull splat of the soil as it was heaped on the side.
  93. He went not to pray, but to demand of God that He right this terrible iniquity that had been heaped upon the shoulders of his obedient servant.
  94. By ten-thirty, with the sun riding higher, after watching Benjy devour heaped platters of food, Tom thundered from the cabin, jamming his cap on.
  95. I had a boss—more than one, who believed that the more abuse and criticism he heaped on an individual, the more work he could get out of them.
  96. Invulnerable in his armor, his back against the mast, he heaped mangled corpses at his feet until his enemies gave back panting in rage and fear.
  97. Almost all the trees, for as far as I could see, had been hacked down, and their bodies, or body parts, were scattered about or heaped carelessly.
  98. Time for the turmeric powder, Rani added, one heaped teaspoon of turmeric powder and gave the contents a good stir, forming a dry substance.
  99. Skeletons and skulls by the hundred were heaped against the wall of the church, held in position by a wire that left the whole gruesome stack visible.
  100. She thought of the dishes being taken away: the heaped legs and claws of crab and—They had eaten their horoscopes! Cancer and Pisces—fish and crab.
  1. The boys gave me heaps.
  2. And he did heaps of praying.
  3. They have heaps that side.
  4. Thank you all, heaps and heaps!.
  5. The hills are heaps of waste from.
  6. The smoke rolled away in sullen heaps.
  7. Of course there are heaps of other people.
  8. We have heaps and heaps of spools of tape.
  9. You’ve got heaps of additional ways to.
  10. This will give you heaps more energy and.
  11. Bye Patricia and thanks heaps for the call.
  12. Thanks heaps for being a really good friend.
  13. Among heaps of flowers and mountains of cards.
  14. If that is well respected you'll get heaps of.
  15. Me and these guys is lookin’ over the heaps.
  16. The stuffing from the mattress lay about in heaps.
  17. They, and each of them, had heaps of common sense.
  18. Potatoes abound in earth-covered heaps out of doors.
  19. Running time of Prim’s algorithm (without heaps):.
  20. The remaining ash heaps turned to mud-slurry rivers.
  21. Now they are rich again—they've got heaps of money.
  22. Mountainous heaps of rocks rose up out of the ground.
  23. There are heaps of things you never learn at school,'.
  24. The fraternity brother placed several heaps of margarine.
  25. You must remember I have had heaps of top level training.
  26. The three of them collapsed into helpless heaps of laughter.
  27. She wanted them dead as in unmoving, shapeless heaps.
  28. There was not much wood around, but they did bring heaps and.
  29. There were no furnishings, just some heaps of grass for beds.
  30. From a Western point of view, we've got heaps of information.
  31. Basically baby Christians should eat up heaps of their Bible.
  32. I had heaps of material and splendid material—a grand case.
  33. I expect there's heaps of skeletons there, if we looked for 'em.
  34. They were all gone, all disappeared, turned into heaps of stones.
  35. God likes it when we are able to step above the heaps of problems.
  36. This done him heaps of good, and so he got cheerful and comfortable.
  37. And because he's fronted up heaps to have the development done, he.
  38. The Orcs were piled in great heaps, away from the mounds of Men, not.
  39. Soon, it would become a shrine, heaps of flowers and stuffed animals.
  40. After few moments these splendid buildings turned into heaps of rubble.
  41. Everywhere lay compact heaps of human beings covered with prison cloaks.
  42. In the windless dusk, sullen heaps of smoke pump upward through the trees.
  43. There were little heaps of cartridges lying about on the open card-tables.
  44. There’s heaps of monogamous birds but hardly any monogamous mammals!.
  45. EDWARD THE SEVENTH: (Levitates over heaps of slain, in the garb and with the.
  46. The boy says that there were many pajamas in heaps at the foot of the chimney.
  47. I saw heaps of CDs and a player and I imagined the parties that.
  48. Well I've got heaps more I could tell you, but I'll just give you a little more.
  49. The waves broke on the shore, silent mirrors, heaps of melting, whispering glass.
  50. Are there pressures? Heaps of them, but what you do is what counts, on the inside.
  51. Clara, much embarrassed, gave him a chair against the wall opposite the white heaps.
  52. Society heaps even more shame upon rape victims when any do confess to being raped.
  53. Slag heaps of poisonous rock heaped ever-higher in huge pyramids around coal mines.
  54. We also got heaps of work out of listing in a nationwide directory (printed) that.
  55. She owed heaps of money around the place and didn’t look like scoring another job.
  56. Compost heaps are also a great source of worms, which will add protein to your diet.
  57. There the Freebooters lay in careless heaps, mustaches bristling, earrings glinting.
  58. They were dead and barren, dried out heaps of sticks, but it was better than nothing.
  59. The hands sat on the benches or carpenter's stools, or reclined upon heaps of shavings.
  60. A third type of animal analogous to an earthly raccoon feasted on the human trash heaps.
  61. The rest were crashed out in heaps on the floor or draped across the tables and chairs.
  62. Petra thought of the Royal city dump, heaps of trash swarming with sea gulls and rodents.
  63. He imagined rows of little flat heaps along the canals and pushed his hand over his face.
  64. And indeed the multitude of carcasses that lay in heaps one upon another was a horrible.
  65. The ciphers would mainly be held down by me and Tilly but heaps of lads had there moments.
  66. Heaps of tiny pebbles slid down from upper tunnels, overflowing the room with a thick dust.
  67. The houses were mere heaps of ruins, among which might be seen the limbs of charred corpses.
  68. Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest.
  69. And you’ll be paying back heaps more than you borrow because of the interest rate charged.
  70. On the Day when the earth and the mountains tremble, and the mountains become heaps of sand.
  71. All his screens were fully rendered in pieces of plastic furniture piled in precarious heaps.
  72. We have satellite television with heaps of channels and in house movies just like in a motel.
  73. My first thought was how good everything felt, no different from the dunes, just heaps higher.
  74. Rosemary replied That would be no problem I have taken heaps of photos to send to relatives.
  75. When I was much younger I wanted to change the world and I took part in heaps of protest marches.
  76. Slowly but surely, heaps of the avian feces were accumulating on every exposed surface of the car.
  77. He tasks me; he heaps me; I see in him outrageous strength, with an inscrutable malice sinewing it.
  78. You've been to college four years and I never was, but I know heaps more than you do, young ladies.
  79. After some haggling we get into an old American car painted yellow, a roomy Buick with heaps of grunt.
  80. It was the month of May and our first campground in Haines was still closed because of heaps of snow.
  81. There warn't no bed in the parlor, nor a sign of a bed; but heaps of parlors in towns has beds in them.
  82. There were, besides, piles of the whitest bread, like the heaps of corn one sees on the threshing-floors.
  83. The villagers desperately threw themselves out of the way, ending up in tangled heaps on the muddy ground.
  84. When L’Ollonais went away, the cities were heaps of stones and ashes, and there were no crowns any more.
  85. He gathers up stray onions from the plate and heaps them on the meat and presses them in with the spatula.
  86. Staggering heaps of solid debris lined both sides of the river, but these were quickly carpeted with lilies.
  87. And indeed the multitude of carcasses that lay in heaps one upon another was a horrible sight, and produced a.
  88. Of all the huge city there remained nothing but heaps of ruins surmounted at intervals with stacks of chimneys.
  89. Meg signaled the others to follow her to the back of the building, back to the heaps of rubbish and garbage cans.
  90. The old gentleman send heaps of things, and is rather wearin, but means wal, and it aint my place to say nothin.
  91. A number of carts and lorries were standing there, and the path wound through pools of water and heaps of refuse.
  92. The trolls were in the common room of the cave, some sitting, some lying about in uncoordinated heaps on the floor.
  93. These foliaceous heaps lie along the bank like the slag of a furnace, showing that Nature is "in full blast" within.
  94. Several papers awaited him back inside the Keep, parchment lying in neat heaps upon one corner of the war room table.
  95. She made three heaps of the good things, and when Clara and she were through, there was still a lot left for the boy.
  96. It was fitted with heaps of extras, because it was used by the government to lay telephone lines in the remote areas.
  97. I know you must have looked at the ticket heaps of times but it still took your name being called for it to register.
  98. No one came after me, and Floy flitted nervously around my head while I wove through crates and stinking heaps of fish.
  99. In the dining room, heaps of blankets, heavy weather coats, boots, gloves and other items of clothing and more candles.
  100. O God, the heathen are come into thine inheritance; thy holy temple have they defiled; they have laid Jerusalem on heaps.

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