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    1. Jim fell to the ground in a large heap

    2. A gardener’s compost heap is a process that is going on eternally in nature

    3. There are many different types of bacteria present in a compost heap depending on the time from the start of the pile

    4. ‘Yes, he tripped over and we all ended up in a heap on top of him

    5. his body was reduced to a heap of bones covered with skin with a huge

    6. I nodded my head, just barely, and he let me slide down the wall in a heap

    7. I had to climb over a heap of black bags full of clothing to get to the phone … Molly and I have been busy

    8. sticks his weapon in Russ’ stomach, Russ deftly steps aside, grabs the barrel of the gun, gives the soldier a firm knee in the groin, snatches away the weapon, as the soldier collapses in a heap on the highway

    9. their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” ( 2 Timothy 4:1-4)

    10. She had gone out in her cotton nightrobe, now discarded in a sodden heap at the base of the mast

    1. He ran over and quickly opened his closet, revealing piles of clothes heaped on top of each other in the middle of the floor

    2. By the time I hear Stephen’s car on the gravel outside the house, I have covered the whole of the carpet and heaped up the bits of furniture in a pile in one corner

    3. The two women gravitated towards the other side of the room where half a dozen semi-comfortable, rather scruffy chairs were grouped around a low table on which some tired-looking magazines had been heaped

    4. He’d even got as far as starting to turn out his belongings, sorting a great heap of garments, knickknacks and furnishings into black plastic bags already heaped in his car so he could drop them at the charity shop near his office during his lunch hour

    5. heaped on her, from the moment she walked in

    6. There are still some flagstones remaining round the edges and a pile of them heaped up haphazardly against the fence

    7. Ozzie was waiting in the bedroom; his dirty clothes heaped up in the corner

    8. Except for the birds, the only sound was the thud of the spades slicing the earth and the dull splat of the soil as it was heaped on the side

    9. What was she going to do? She’d kept a brave face for him, but inside she was heaped with fear

    10. friend, and silently heaped curses on the man who had

    1. ’ I commented, heaping roast potatoes into a dish

    2. I look round the cabin and slowly accumulate a pile of odd bits and pieces, heaping them up on the bunk so that Berndt can pack them

    3. It looked as though she got a boob job for the occasion, with those heaping

    4. “As good as everything else was, you could’ve given me a heaping bowl of

    5. Ed was eating a heaping portion of eggs and bacon

    6. Add a clove of garlic and a heaping teaspoon of chili powder

    7. Steep 1 heaping tsp in a cup of boiling water for 1 minute

    8. Esther was delighted with all, heaping on more mashed potato and gravy when required and followed by second helpings of bread and butter pudding

    9. Mother had packed turkey sandwiches, heaping with onions, lettuce and tomato, plus that fancy gray mustard

    10. Roll heaping teaspoons of chocolate mixture into balls, then roll in the chocolate sprinkles

    1. God likes it when we are able to step above the heaps of problems

    2. The beach is empty except for a few gulls ferreting about in the heaps of seaweed dumped on the high tide line by the sea

    3. Somehow I doubt he will be any different in his home setting from how he is in the office, so the house is probably knee deep in heaps of stuff

    4. All his screens were fully rendered in pieces of plastic furniture piled in precarious heaps

    5. ’ The Sergeant ferreted around in the heaps of papers on the desk

    6. On it was a gray blanket that covered two heaps,

    7. tottering congregations that are built upon these trash heaps, but

    8. In the dining room, heaps of blankets, heavy weather coats, boots, gloves and other items of clothing and more candles

    9. ” Said one of the seated heaps

    10. They piled great heaps in their vats, creating enough weight to press the grapes below… But as I was saying, they loved my poetry and feted me throughout the night

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    bus heap jalopy agglomerate cumulation cumulus mound pile batch deal flock good deal great deal hatful lot mass mess mickle mint mountain muckle passel peck plenty pot quite a little raft sight slew spate stack tidy sum wad accumulate amass bank arrange dike accumulation agglomeration collection load cock bestow cast confer