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Frasi con lot (in inglese)

  1. I owe him a lot.
  2. I had a lot of.
  3. That is a lot of.
  4. I liked him a lot.
  5. Also on a lot of.

  6. I missed by a lot.
  7. Not a lot of snow.
  8. A lot of times he.
  9. Not a lot to go on.
  10. He taught me a lot.
  11. We miss that a lot.
  12. She had a lot more.
  13. So Lot was a judge.
  14. Guess I have a lot.
  15. A lot of the times.

  16. I always spent a lot.
  17. To know quite a lot.
  18. There is a huge lot.
  19. I use a lot of his.
  20. This takes a lot of.
  21. And a whole lot more.
  22. Make me scream a lot.
  23. He did a lot of good.
  24. There were a lot of.
  25. You have a lot of it.

  26. I missed you a lot!.
  27. I have a lot to learn.
  28. Maybe he drums a lot.
  29. That is a lot of evil.
  30. A lot of guys say that.
  31. He had a lot of cards.
  32. It means a lot to her.
  33. The misfit of the lot.
  34. It was a lot to accept.
  35. At Varkiza, a lot of.
  36. They missed you a lot.
  37. There’s a lot of snow.
  38. Alan's been thru a lot.
  39. We did a lot of walked.
  40. A lot of stuff happens.
  41. That means a lot to me.
  42. I had a lot on my mind.
  43. I still have a lot of.
  44. There is a lot more.
  45. Years, a lot of years.
  46. He could show you a lot.
  47. I like him a lot, too.
  48. I’ve seen a lot of it.
  49. But not a lot of either.
  50. England is a lot closer.
  51. I really liked him a lot.
  52. A lot more than once.
  53. He had a lot of courage.
  54. This promotes a lot of.
  55. We have a lot in common.
  56. You have a lot of talent.
  57. Although there is a lot.
  58. Daddy misses you a lot.
  59. And a lot of other things.
  60. He introduced me to a lot.
  61. That made a lot of sense.
  62. There were a lot of them.
  63. You have found a lot of.
  64. The whole lot, in one go.
  65. I want more - a lot more.
  66. He really liked me a lot.
  67. I miss her, really a lot.
  68. There's a lot to be done.
  69. Love a lot and laugh a lot.
  70. There have been a lot of.
  71. I have put a lot of time.
  72. This means a lot to us.
  73. A lot actually,' she said.
  74. He loved his mother a lot.
  75. That makes a lot of sense.
  76. Are there really a lot?
  77. There was not a lot of it.
  78. It takes a lot out of him.
  79. You’re a lot of work.
  80. Not a lot of room, anyway.
  81. But I know a lot about it.
  82. They have a lot of plants.
  83. We went to the parking lot.
  84. We replaced a lot of 163.
  85. Students will learn a lot.
  86. Ah, that explains a lot.
  87. We had a lot of computer.
  88. There a lot around here?
  89. It means a lot to me Steve.
  90. God! He had a lot to learn.
  91. A lot of interesting facts.
  92. It takes a lot of work to.
  93. Achieve a Lot More Tomorrow.
  94. There were a lot of other.
  95. In a lot of ways, she WAS.
  96. We had a lot of clean fun.
  97. Because i love myself a lot.
  98. The summer is a lot better.
  99. We have a lot of newspapers.
  100. A lot of bantering went on.

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  1. So there are great people in this country but then there are to many others that lotted that area and robbed homes and stores.
  1. He saw lots of space.
  2. I have lots of wool.
  3. Lots of air and light.
  4. Lots and lots of them.
  5. But with lots to tell.
  6. I wish lots of things.
  7. He knew lots of girls.
  8. Lots and lots of money.
  9. Lots of people knew it.
  10. I have lots of friends.
  11. Lots and lots of zeros.
  12. I'd have lots more fun.
  13. At that time, lots of.
  14. He has lots of help.
  15. We had consumed lots of.
  16. Lots and Lots of Jargons.
  17. Lots of players do that'.
  18. Could be lots of things.
  19. So lots of cover (live.
  20. I bet there’s lots of.
  21. She told me lots, my boy.
  22. Shoes (and lots of them).
  23. He owes me lots of money.
  24. Lots and lots of children.
  25. There are still lots of.
  26. Lots of gamblers do that.
  27. And was taking down lots.
  28. Lots of people hate math.
  29. There are lots of reasons.
  30. She was lots of fun, but.
  31. She has lots of journals.
  32. We’ll need lots of luck.
  33. Lots and lots of projects.
  34. Bloodshed, and lots of it.
  35. Lots of celebrities do it.
  36. Lots of reading and study.
  37. We have water, lots of it.
  38. There were lots of armed.
  39. Lots and lots of Trekkies.
  40. Lots of people saw things.
  41. Lots of Watches later –.
  42. They usually have lots of.
  43. Plus lots of other movies.
  44. There are lots of things.
  45. With lots n lots of love:.
  46. The ship has lots of them.
  47. There are lots of solutions.
  48. Lots of money was involved.
  49. Lots of Goods and Services.
  50. Feed her lots of garlic.
  51. That saves lots of shampoo.
  52. Lots of love and write soon.
  53. It gave her lots of privacy.
  54. I have lots of questions.
  55. Grandpa has lots more'n me.
  56. Lots of His people will be.
  57. Lots of physical labor today.
  58. Lots of diseases do that.
  59. As usual, lots of syrup, a.
  60. For My cloak they cast lots.
  61. Lots of action, not much joy.
  62. Lots of amazing stuff here!.
  63. Put lots of effort into this.
  64. And there are lots of those.
  65. Megan gave me lots of those.
  66. More shouting, lots of noise.
  67. Lots of good memories there.
  68. He attends lots of meetings.
  69. I told him lots of things.
  70. That, and throwing lots of.
  71. Lots of scrapes and bruises.
  72. Lots of things to accomplish.
  73. Lots of bones! he added.
  74. Lots of other things, too.
  75. Lots of crazy things happen.
  76. Lots of green emeralds uncut.
  77. Well, I have lots of names.
  78. Of course, lots of buildings.
  79. You don't need lots of words.
  80. And lots of people saw us.
  81. Lots of hazy swirls of color.
  82. Lots of cooks in the kitchen.
  83. I’ve had lots of luck here.
  84. Instead, they wrote lots of.
  85. Weird but lots have tats all.
  86. What have I missed out? Lots!.
  87. Why? Because without lots of.
  88. Take lots of short breaths.
  89. He’d been to lots of places.
  90. Lots of love and kisses, Jeff.
  91. We al know lots of things we.
  92. I still have lots to learn.
  93. Little studying, and lots of.
  94. I can tell you lots of stories.
  95. Lots must a died, said Al.
  96. We have lots to speak about.
  97. I’ve had lots of practice.
  98. God was good at it, with lots.
  99. Lots of love and kisses,.
  100. Some have lots of loud,.

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