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Frasi con hover (in inglese)

  1. I choose not to hover.
  2. You got that? I will hover.
  3. This fish likes to hover in the.
  4. The 10 RoboBoxes hover in the air.
  5. Above the road hover the green orbs.

  6. The cold can do nothing except hover.
  7. They flew over the Wat and came to a hover.
  8. Move to hover just above the crowd!.
  9. The players’ names hover above their heads.
  10. I will hover near and direct the steel aright.
  11. Night benedictions hover; and the winds of night.
  12. You hover in the instant with the power to choose.
  13. Too bad they weren’t hover bees, said Jacob.
  14. She let the mouse hover over the one labeled EDITED.
  15. Grinly held the stick up again, letting it hover over.

  16. Above, the disc-like ship continued to hover silently.
  17. I hover, unsure whether to speak or to hold my tongue.
  18. A fine mist of desert dust seemed to hover over the houses.
  19. The rest of Alpha, Bravo, and Delta hover over Xzavier’s.
  20. Clues gather in the subconscious and hover there like ghosts.
  21. Birdlike crea­tures that hover near humans for scavenging.
  22. They hover over and harass our entering and departing commerce.
  23. By now, one barely sees the monsters that hover on the rooftop.
  24. He would hover over them and blast them, ‘just sign here!’.
  25. Over time the stock price will hover around its intrinsic value.

  26. A fine mist of desert dust seemed to hover over the houses.
  27. The TEEN TEAM then stopped to a hover just above the carrier AKAGI.
  28. Soon Vidya's thoughts began to hover around Suresh’s chequered life.
  29. His helicopter then slowed down to a near hover as it prepared to land.
  30. The creatures appeared to hover or levitate by some preternatural force.
  31. They sometimes hover near the top of the tank, at other times the bottom.
  32. The military helicopter continued to hover above the roof of the library.
  33. Mei Yinxue coldly said, Those that know too much, will usually hover.
  34. Tip: You can hover over each entry to learn more about the displayed rate.
  35. If you hover over the little circles at the edge of the object, then the.
  36. She remembered the collective and knew how to achieve a hover, so in she came.
  37. Hover over the second line you’ve just created until the cursor becomes the.
  38. I can take anything in my authority to give Doug - and I can hover it over him.
  39. We ended up having to hover at one end of the bar, but I didn’t mind too much.
  40. Sometimes if you hover over an image with your mouse the ‘ALT’ text will be.
  41. Flying around is an Easy Action but a character can hover without using an action.
  42. Mona did so, piloting the scooter to a hover above the rear courtyard of the building.
  43. As the craft slowed to a hover, Elizabeth leaned over Kurt and looked out of the window.
  44. It was getting warmer outside and now the flies were beginning to hover around the dead.
  45. Now the enormous cloud seemed to hover directly over Pharaoh's City, a gigantic whirling.
  46. She would hover her pencil about his name and then call the next person up or down the list.
  47. We were trained never to hover anywhere inside another planet and that ship's pilot panicked.
  48. He could only stare as Ardara flowed through the wall of fire to hover before Orphenn within.
  49. They remind me of bees around a flower when they hover around my … ah … around my …’.
  50. For instance, when the lights are off, the tank temp will probably hover around the mid 70's °F.
  51. She had never known that seagulls had that ability to hover, but hover they did, on all sides of her.
  52. This amount is astonishing, considering most big hedge funds these days hover around $15 billion.
  53. But the horse and rider hesitated before the recoil of it; came on, seemed to hover on the brink of it.
  54. He screamed at her for always being underfoot—she’d hover outside his door day and night, listening.
  55. For a moment his boys’ faces, frozen in that instant in deep space, hover before his eyes and he blinks.
  56. It is one of the ironies of history that the man who denounced Herbert Hover as a spendthrift’ who.
  57. Dave, what are you doing? Xin floated down the hall to hover next to Dave who was seated on the bridge.
  58. There is a group of elves in drab garb with an orb like the ones that line the ceilings and hover in the sky.
  59. If we hover over eBooks for example – you will see various other niches within that particular category.
  60. They had heard the Chinook swoop down into the estuary and watched it hover about a hundred feet above the water.
  61. This button goes up, this button goes down, this allows you to hover, and here are your right and left buttons.
  62. Few realized the true size of the ship until it came to a hover above the ISF base at an altitude of 2,000 meters.
  63. Pearl's inevitable tendency to hover about the enigma of the scarlet letter seemed an innate quality of her being.
  64. For some reason I thought she was coming with me but she simply wished me luck and went back to hover by the door.
  65. Halfway in you hover dry from the hips up, the surface tension thick enough for you to pull yourself over the edge.
  66. Nervously, I hover in the doorway, debating whether to sneak back to my cabin, but he sees me before I can retreat.
  67. He seemed to hover for a moment and then with a second shriek he lifted Nikko off the ground and rose into the air.
  68. It also slowed down to a near hover, like an helicopter, with its two big jet engines pointing upward to the vertical.
  69. It was as though the moon had come down to hover just above the earth—that is, if the moon were shaped like a cigar.
  70. Things became less comfortable during our second week of captivity when the third ship returned to hover over Jack City.
  71. According to him, it would appear in form of a woman and would hover around your family entrance gate until it sees you.
  72. Hover over the “Marketing” Menu and a drop down window appears where you will see different types of “Marketing”.
  73. She lowered the collective and pulled back slightly on the cyclic stick, resulting in a hover, 10 meters above the water.
  74. Once you have an account – you can hover over the domains tab at the top left of the page and a drop down box will appear.
  75. Stopping his horse, Boson then watched, mesmerized, as the spider came to a hover above the foundations already dug in the island.
  76. Lyndseye, Princess of Minsk chanted and a glowing raven the color of the stone appeared out of the ether to hover in front of them.
  77. Nancy lost her concentration and fell a good forty meters before she regained enough control of herself to levitate to a safe hover.
  78. The trout can hover against the edge of the stream right where the friction causes the water to slow down, making the swimming easy.
  79. The flying ship then came to a hover some 300 meters above the waters of the Pearl River, allowing Khordadbeh to have a good look at it.
  80. The hum of the ship got louder and louder and seemed to reach a peak, as the ship floated up off the ground to hover in the air above us.
  81. It was like somebody had built the Maze and then set it afloat in the sky to hover there in the middle of nothing for the rest of eternity.
  82. Unscrupulous greed has hovered about the Indian reservations as waiting buzzards hover near the wounded creature upon whose flesh they would fatten.
  83. For those who may not see the importance of that, I must stress that using jet engines to do a hover burns up a tremendous amount of fuel per minute.
  84. Once over Toulouse, Ann let Count Raymond guide the pilot of their shuttlecraft to a hover above a tract of forested land just south of the city walls.
  85. And those few are not the ones whose hands hold guns & grenades or hover poised over computers’ command keys, waiting for the order to press FIRE.
  86. Its most striking feature was that by some feat of engineering or magic it appeared to hover, unsupported in mid-air, one hundred feet above the mound.
  87. You don’t need to place your hands on the person’s body but can allow them to hover just above the body while you direct the energy using the symbols.
  88. In TrafficWave, make sure you have the my5step campaign selected and hover your mouse over the tab titled „Capture Pages/Forms and then click on Capture.
  89. Before the souls of the just enter Paradise they have to undergo forty trials for forty days, and during that time they hover around their earthly home.
  90. If you notice – there are quite a few menu tabs at the top and when you hover over them – they will show you other various subjects within that category.
  91. We mounted the stone steps and placed some incense and watched the smoke pour, then hover perfectly still, as if anticipating how it might feel to be frozen.
  92. The mother seemed to hover over Hilkea offering her the first portion out of each dish as it was served, to the slightly disapproving glances from her husband.
  93. He wanted a nice flat stretch of grass or soft sand to hover over, but several miles later, after turning the speed knob, the machine reached a hovering speed.
  94. There in the sky, about a hundred metres behind the Elysian was a small shuttle craft, its four thruster pods allowing it to hover in a common-sense defying way.
  95. In TrafficWave, make sure you have the my5step campaign selected and hover your mouse over the tab titled „Capture Pages/Forms and then click on Capture Forms.
  96. He frowned as the SNARC specifically assigned to hover overhead whenever he was in the field inserted a couple of remotes into the stable and confirmed his estimate.
  97. And the spirits of good and evil that hover about a forbidden treasure understood well that the silver of San Tome was provided now with a faithful and lifelong slave.
  98. And the children from Mellin Town came running with their small kites to let up on the wind, and they saw the great green kite leap and hover in the sky and exclaimed:.
  99. The two older children catch the hov (hover train) to the park where all the other children in the dome will be playing under the continuous scrutiny of robot supervisors.
  100. It pivoted around presenting us with the rear of the vessel from which a gangway lowered down, as the vessel continued to hover just above the pavement of the parking lot.
  1. His hand hovering near his.
  2. The rabbis called it hovering.
  3. Hovering, they were the only.
  4. I see blurred shapes hovering.
  5. Hovering was wasting all the.
  6. Hovering off the rail in mid air.
  7. Pim and Mim were hovering over us.
  8. Hovering over her head he yelled:.
  9. The UFO is hovering inside a cloud.
  10. Taylor is hovering in the background.
  11. Suddenly they heard a hovering above.
  12. Two guys were hovering over our booth.
  13. No otherworldly bodies hovering about.
  14. Regan was still hovering near the door.
  15. The angels are hovering about her head.
  16. It is hovering just above the waves, sir.
  17. In a jiffy, the men were hovering over me.
  18. With that, she appeared, hovering over him.
  19. And that shadow was always hovering there.
  20. He reaches out, hand hovering over the scar.
  21. The gray mist hovering in the room vanished.
  22. He stills, his hands hovering over my breasts.
  23. There were dozens of them hovering in the air.
  24. Abner was hovering about with the ground crew.
  25. On a landing, hovering, unsure whether to step.
  26. The smell of the shots was hovering in the air.
  27. Within seconds a fireman was hovering over them.
  28. Several were currently hovering above the table.
  29. The unhappy butler, hovering behind, said nothing.
  30. Someone else joined the group hovering around him.
  31. The sand hovering in midair shoots forward in the.
  32. Spirit of God hovering over the waters (Genesis 1).
  33. I need David Duchovny hovering above me American.
  34. Sterling looked up to see Bergit hovering above him.
  35. Stephen is hovering as though he wants to make tracks.
  36. As soon as Bassam was practically hovering over me he.
  37. Twenty minutes later Uri heard the LIMO hovering just.
  38. The same Army Cobra was hovering over the factory roof.
  39. Two glints of evenly spaced light hovering in the dark.
  40. The Pegasus held his ground in mid-air hovering on the.
  41. She could sense it hovering in the air in front of her.
  42. She was hovering on the fence between despair and wrath.
  43. They were like a bunch of mother hens hovering over her.
  44. Something like a worried shadow was hovering above the.
  45. Flies were hovering and settling on his wounds hungrily.
  46. Countless machines hovering above them, covering the sky.
  47. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the.
  48. The third thing she saw was John Puller hovering over her.
  49. Big Frank’s belly was hovering just a little too close.
  50. He stood there hovering over the cliff edge watching her.
  51. His smile curled up to the young men hovering around him.
  52. When hovering at that level it is called the Monad, and.
  53. Eric pulled back his hovering hands from around the plant.
  54. A question hovering unspoken, Why didnt you call?
  55. The scanner showed the enemy hovering twenty metres above.
  56. Is there a cloud of caddis flies hovering above streamside.
  57. I opened my eyes to see an Angel hovering just above Joseph.
  58. Beware interested third parties hovering in the background.
  59. It seemed to be all men's faces hovering there in the dark.
  60. I can see them hovering above, watching, and protecting you.
  61. McCoy peered at Crusher hovering over him with the tricorder.
  62. Moose cooled it to a soft cruise, hovering by Steve’s wake.
  63. She noticed Balin hovering above them, watching Rave intently.
  64. Jaden is looking outside of the UFO while hovering in one spot.
  65. Canada goose; all were hovering around and over me, in a full.
  66. She suddenly shot into the air hovering vertically before him.
  67. We wont be hovering over your head anymore, said a vulture.
  68. One of the enemy craft was hovering only a short distance away.
  69. The mamba was hovering at the waters edge, head held high and.
  70. James, who had been hovering uselessly, now dashed to her side.
  71. He had a long and scruffy beard and was hovering over her with.
  72. There in the back, the notes were hovering over the trash bins.
  73. Cherybus shot a look at Aaronson, who was hovering at his right.
  74. Drey suddenly combusted into a hovering flame that dawdled for.
  75. Then a forest appeared, hovering in the distance below the sky.
  76. Shades of night hovering here with all the dead stretched about.
  77. The ship, hovering slowly across the dune sea, would meanwhile.
  78. I saw Aidan hovering above me with a hesitant smile on his lips.
  79. Fifteen seconds go by and a helicopter is heard hovering nearby.
  80. Maya and Fang were already up there, hovering outside the window.
  81. Its mass of hair upright on a hovering, huge, hunched over body.
  82. Can you tell us why you are hovering over this site, said.
  83. Hovering on the sidewalk, she watched Alex working in the garden.
  84. Some girls said a red van had been hovering around suspiciously.
  85. Molloy jutted his chin out to the Clan members hovering behind us.
  86. From the birth of the child the ego is hovering over it, and in.
  87. A cool dawn at Howrah Station with dark clouds hovering over the.
  88. Jaden is hovering in one place being entertained by the commotion.
  89. Then suddenly, hovering from above was the head of the school, Mr.
  90. Is there a cloud of caddis flies hovering above streamside brush?
  91. Then there was the military helicopter hovering above the building.
  92. Hovering midair in the center of the hal , Amos was cloaked in the.
  93. Paying no attention to the insects still hovering above their heads.
  94. Nooooo, Katie looked back to see Chadwick hovering behind her.
  95. A large blurry shape was slowly coming into focus hovering over him.
  96. Check out the zombies hovering around McDonald’s, said Kylie.
  97. Ted’s arm was tense, his hand nervously hovering above the holster.
  98. The lift was now hovering over the roof of the Buckets' little house.
  99. Underneath the saucer-shaped craft hovering above him, all was calm.
  100. Cadbury’s Fingers from the children’s stash and was hovering one.
  1. A lady hovered by me.
  2. A waiter hovered near us.
  3. The drone then hovered a.
  4. He hovered in the doorway.
  5. As Owen hovered over the.
  6. We both hovered on the line.
  7. The Rift hovered before her.
  8. He hovered over the gryphon.
  9. Sophie hovered in the doorway.
  10. It hovered above and over her.
  11. A dark spirit hovered close by.
  12. The ship hovered over the house.
  13. His hand hovered over the knob.
  14. Above Him the seraphim hovered.
  15. Ricky hovered in the background.
  16. Sonny Boy hovered over the table.
  17. Vinny hovered over her with an.
  18. The waiter hovered over the table.
  19. She hovered over the speaker phone.
  20. Silence hovered for several seconds.
  21. Flies hovered, and maggots wiggled.
  22. The chopper slowed and then hovered.
  23. Another tear hovered in Kay’s eye.
  24. A single chirp hovered in the window.
  25. The Dawhawk hovered over the clearing.
  26. A glowing mist hovered just above it.
  27. It hovered in front of her invitingly.
  28. Then he came near, and hovered around.
  29. Jasper turned and hovered over to the.
  30. His lips hovered inches from her mouth.
  31. The bus hovered to the building as the.
  32. Thanksgiving hovered but four weeks away.
  33. His hand hovered over the B button.
  34. The Spirit hovered over the waters when.
  35. An Indian spirit hovered in the moonlight.
  36. The idea of giving up hovered temptingly.
  37. A light sparked and hovered over the beds.
  38. The Pegasus halted and hovered in the air.
  39. Above the bright blue hovered a line of.
  40. The damn thing rose, and hovered in midair.
  41. They hovered above it all for a long time.
  42. She hovered towards them at a quick speed.
  43. His fingers hovered greedily over the coins.
  44. The pilot hovered as a harness was lowered.
  45. The icosahedron hovered in front of my ship.
  46. There was that bomb site we hovered over.
  47. For one moment more Pippin's thought hovered.
  48. No smell of grease hovered about the chamber.
  49. The others hovered in uncertainty beside her.
  50. His hands quivered as they hovered over the.
  51. Fifty American Presidents hovered in the air.
  52. A hostile aura hovered at home, and I sensed.
  53. The referee then hovered down to Jasper, who.
  54. Moshe, she continued as he hovered over her.
  55. Troy hovered by the couch, a mug under my nose.
  56. A sphere of red plasma now hovered in mid-air.
  57. A man hovered before him with his arms crossed.
  58. The silver disks still hovered above the forest.
  59. He hovered his finger directly over the button.
  60. She hovered a brief, appeasing smile and then.
  61. Recriminations hovered just on the edge of his.
  62. I hovered right besides her, opening the doors.
  63. She walked forward, whilst he hovered round her.
  64. A cloud of smoke hovered just above their heads.
  65. It hovered there in front of him like a hologram.
  66. Denied the Dark that hovered over and around her.
  67. A strange little smile hovered about Sara's mouth.
  68. The two hovered in silence, looking at each other.
  69. One great blossom hovered exactly over his mouth.
  70. Fouquet still hovered there, half in and half out.
  71. The car slowly and silently hovered over one spot.
  72. For a moment, he hovered on the brink of defiance.
  73. Orb hovered beautifully, lightly above the ground.
  74. A familiar black-winged figure hovered in the sky.
  75. He finally descended and hovered one foot over the.
  76. It now hovered just above the remains of the house.
  77. Others, sleek and birdlike that hovered in the sky.
  78. He took it aloft and it hovered there for a moment.
  79. The small blue butterflies gracefully hovered over.
  80. When she was noticed, the faeries hovered over her.
  81. Her aged naked body hovered just over the barn floor.
  82. The beige panel beckoned as his hand hovered over it.
  83. A noticeable grimace of pain hovered about his mouth.
  84. For the past two evenings, it had hovered over the.
  85. A shining bullet hovered just inches from his chest.
  86. Blessing hovered with pointless strokes of her broom.
  87. He waited until the helicopter hovered over the form.
  88. He, too, stared at the clouds as they hovered closer.
  89. A young prisoner hovered nearby and was staring at me.
  90. Then it says that the Spirit hovered over the waters.
  91. Talas hovered nearby leaving her alone with her grief.
  92. ROCHELLE HOVERED IN THE FAR corner of the car as Dave.
  93. It hovered nearly a kilometer above the ocean surface.
  94. He hovered above me and looked at me with hooded eyes.
  95. Tom was in the kitchen hovered over a bowl of Cheerios.
  96. Brixby was now sitting but Tobie still hovered over him.
  97. Two faces hovered over him and he recognized them both.
  98. While talking with Dick, one question hovered over my.
  99. When I woke up, a woman in a white coat hovered over me.
  100. He hovered across the green course, (Seemed to glide!).
  1. An image hovers in her sight.
  2. Cloud that hovers and covers.
  3. They believe the soul hovers.
  4. Her hand hovers over one of the low drawers.
  5. Jes hovers, undecided, glaring down at Emma.
  6. Above the timer, the earth hovers over her.
  7. A base MP helicopter hovers around the blimp.
  8. Where hovers the angel? Where lurks the devil?
  9. Delta hovers, still buckled and seated in the SUV’s.
  10. In a sense God still hovers over believers in the Spirit.
  11. Jaden hovers horizontally at 615,000 feet looking around.
  12. Chris kneels on the couch while his upper body hovers over.
  13. Have a weird or mystical character in the book who hovers on.
  14. My finger hovers once more over the send button, and I press it.
  15. Bellona checks on Jaden and Marco’s UFO3 ship hovers towards him from behind.
  16. As Reese’s body hovers in the air on a bed of feathers, I look into his face.
  17. Desecrated as the body is, a vengeful ghost survives and hovers over it to scare.
  18. There is a cost that hovers above every major business deal like a pesky fly at a.
  19. The aura of suspicion that hovers over the situation makes honest communication -.
  20. Kimberly-Clark, whose profits have been exceptional and who hovers near an optimal.
  21. My painting of Chris wearing a raincoat and derby and holding a large knife hovers over me.
  22. Coyote, has continued past the end of the staircase and now hovers in midair (prior to a crash).
  23. The helicopter slows and hovers, and Christian sets it down on the helipad on top of the building.
  24. The belt is terrifying, but what is more frightening is the blanket of magic that hovers over him.
  25. If a landing place is out of the question you can be lifted from the ground while the helicopter hovers.
  26. In the meantime, the mind-cane hovers over Simon’s dead body, like a dog returning to a defeated master.
  27. Stephen hovers anxiously in the background, happy to hand responsibility over to me but keen to be around.
  28. It hovers above her, laughing like a clown, its jets shaking her little car, almost toppling it more than once.
  29. The watery chaos that the Spirit hovers over has all practical implications of being synonymous with the depths.
  30. When a visitors visits the website, hovers their mouse over the cabbage soup graphic, a little popup will appear.
  31. It hovers on the edge of her consciousness to ask him who he usually plays against but a yawn breaks across the thought.
  32. My finger hovers over the send button, and I am reassured that I’ll be on the other side of the continent this time tomorrow.
  33. Imagine that a stock hovers between 80 and 90, and its 10-day simple MA stands at 85 but includes one day when the stock reached 105.
  34. A winged Victory, in flowing purple robes and holding a laurel wreath, hovers above a Hero, who drives his chariot directly towards us.
  35. Terry’s sitting in the kitchen crying while one of the other girls hovers ineffectually in the background not quite knowing what to do.
  36. I sit on the couch and cuddle the baby doll while Bella hovers over me, tucking a blanket around the doll and offering me her bottle so I can feed her.
  37. A huge crystal chandelier hovers over a glass table in the center of the room, and on the table is a copper vase filled with orange calla lilies and white roses.
  38. The orb dissolves, when broken by Mary’s thought, and the little girl that looks like a fish hovers in thin air and waves her arms and legs as if she is swimming.
  39. I do not doubt that he hovers near the spot which I inhabit, and if he has indeed taken refuge in the Alps, he may be hunted like the chamois and destroyed as a beast of prey.
  40. In these instances, the whale of course is shifted like a mug of ale, as it were, from the one boat to the other; though the first boat always hovers at hand to assist its consort.
  41. As the national unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent, and federal, state, and municipal finances continue to be in dire straits, our country should not jeopardize thousands of manufacturing jobs.
  42. And again she is very close, too close for decorum, and again it is a fact that hovers at the edge of his consciousness, something that should strike him as uncomfortable and off, but the feeling of her proximity is completely different.
  43. In our vulnerability of wanting unconditional positive regard, we can often agree to conform because we develop a meaning perspective that tells us we simply "have to" when we hear a "have to" in the air because rejection hovers there as well.
  44. However, their version of the one God hovers remotely over them, requiring only slavish adherence to ritualistic practices, at the center of which is a huge polished black stone (of possible meteoritic origin) that was also at the center of their pre-Islamic pagan ancestry.
  45. The light hovers there another moment, as if allowing Werner to absorb their situation, then veers to the right and wobbles toward something nearby, and in the reflected light, through skeins of dust, Werner can see the huge silhouette of Volkheimer ducking and stumbling as he moves between hanging rebar and pipes.
  46. Men who, with little experience of their own to boast, will fly to the tombs of their fathers, and questioning, concerning their duties, the spirit which hovers there, will no more shrink from maintaining their native rights, through fear of the sharpness of malevolent tongues, than they will, if put to the trial, shrink from defending them through fear of the sharpness of their enemies' swords.
  47. The egg, as it hovers through the aisle leading to the stage,.

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