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Frasi con vibrate (in inglese)

  1. Her hip began to vibrate.
  2. The pelvis started to vibrate.
  3. If I vibrate it nothing happens.
  4. The links seemed to vibrate, until.
  5. The flower started to vibrate wildly.
  6. Her pager beeps and my nerves vibrate.
  7. How about having it vibrate? Every week.
  8. Just then, my own cell phone began to vibrate.
  9. I thought I saw it vibrate in Firtha’s hand.
  10. The five sheaths36 should vibrate harmoniously.
  11. Try again tomorrow without the vibrate feature.
  12. Walking back to the bar he felt his phone vibrate.
  13. His cell phone began to vibrate in chorus with the.
  14. His beard began to vibrate as he burst out laughing.
  15. As he finished these words his watch began to vibrate.
  16. I heard my phone vibrate so I took it out of my purse.
  17. Liam, causing it to vibrate with such strength that in.
  18. Life I feel vibrate, thinking of you with great passion.
  19. Claire felt Lydia’s phone vibrate in her back pocket.
  20. Thus, this will drive the flapping muscles to vibrate.
  21. Your head is spinning (I can feel it vibrate from here).
  22. I can feel it vibrate through the floor and into my body.
  23. Let that color move or vibrate within you and around you.
  24. Claire felt her phone vibrate on the armrest of her chair.
  25. My whole body seemed to vibrate with�magic, I realized.
  26. The dais continued to vibrate violently and the group were.
  27. Even at rehearsals, his voice caused the room to vibrate.
  28. The dimensions could not vibrate or move in anyway because.
  29. Then pop the new babe in it and turn on the vibrate feature.
  30. The spell that makes it vibrate is a very simple one, really.
  31. The phone in his jacket began to vibrate and he pulled it out.
  32. Where did they come up with the idea that dicks vibrate?
  33. During our journey there, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.
  34. At that exact moment, the phone in his hand started to vibrate.
  35. His stomach began to vibrate and heard an intake of his breath.
  36. He was watching it when it began to ring and vibrate across the.
  37. The sword began to vibrate again as it came in contact with Sam’s.
  38. All matter affects all other matter, causing all matter to vibrate.
  39. Alan’s heart immediately speeded up and his insides began to vibrate.
  40. The light shall vibrate from your center to hold the truth of oneself.
  41. As I trudged back downstairs to the kitchen, my phone began to vibrate.
  42. At this moment I felt that my lotus flower began to vibrate intensively.
  43. That is, corresponding resonances that pulse and vibrate in the negative.
  44. A few minutes later, Tara's body begins to vibrate, then completely relaxes.
  45. The whole wall started to vibrate and change different colors of the rainbow.
  46. To my great surprise, again I felt my lotus flower begin to strongly vibrate.
  47. The Law of Attraction states: What I vibrate within wil always be.
  48. Every action of our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity.
  49. Emotions vibrate in the fields of organisms and are transmitted to other beings.
  50. Climbing the steps to her Grad Advisor's office, Teri felt her cell phone vibrate.
  51. Do you notice how the medium's trance acts on Grossman? He is beginning to vibrate.
  52. As he moved into second gear, the mobile phone in his chest pocket began to vibrate.
  53. The phone in his pocket began to vibrate and he glanced around him before picking up.
  54. His train of thought was broken as his cell began to vibrate across the coffee table.
  55. As they approached the boardwalk, Mitchell felt his pager vibrate twice in his pocket.
  56. It was a deeply mechanical aesthesis, as if the very air could vibrate almost visibly.
  57. To activate it, he would need to vibrate on the same frequency of his departed Father.
  58. He felt the compass vibrate in his hand, and he opened his eye to see the key glowing.
  59. Her energy field started to vibrate and sparkled, and you could actually see it being.
  60. But then he felt his sword vibrate in his palm, issuing the sound of a faint heart beat.
  61. There was just something about the man that made the air around him vibrate with energy.
  62. IT WAS as if my body had started to vibrate, and thinking about it only made it buzz more.
  63. Klingon neurophysiology must vibrate at a frequency that is a harmonic to that phase echo.
  64. His chest started to vibrate - it was his cell phone - so he reached inside his jacket and.
  65. You will see then that, if the medium is as strong as he was just now, Grossman will vibrate.
  66. She felt the force of the blow vibrate through her arm, heard the crunch of splintering bone.
  67. Nevertheless, just keep in mind that in order to vibrate at a higher frequency and be al you can.
  68. He moved closer and no sooner had he confirmed it was the device than it started to vibrate wildly.
  69. It was as if my body had started to vibrate, and thinking about it only made it buzz more.
  70. Some days the floors and walls would vibrate from all the heavy machinery being used at the same time.
  71. He shook his fist in the man's face till it seemed to vibrate like the knob of some electric machine:.
  72. The phone continued to vibrate once he arrived at the motel and he fumbled with the keycard to enter the room.
  73. A small antenna extends from inside the shrub with gelatinous guts, which starts to vibrate gently in the air.
  74. Also, if he punches into one edge (let us imagine the cube as a wooden crate), the others vibrate and deform.
  75. The trees aligned on the sidewalk also vibrate and the snow falls from the naked tree branches simultaneously.
  76. Recalling Sensei’s face, my lotus started to vibrate again, distributing pleasant sensations all over my body.
  77. It struck the crystal and chimed with a deep bell-like tone that made the crystal spires vibrate in conjunction.
  78. Many on certain levels will feel a specific phrase vibrate or resonate with them; these sections are true for them.
  79. They all stopped singing when everything started to vibrate and the objects around the room began to dance in place.
  80. She was wondering if the voice would hurt her head or if it vibrate like the old pager her Dad used to carry around.
  81. PROFESSOR [to Leoníd Fyódoritch] Do you notice how the medium's trance acts on Grossman? He is beginning to vibrate.
  82. He loved her touch, the feel of her beneath him, the way she made the atmosphere around them vibrate with her passion.
  83. On the stone floor a pyramidal device strewn with cones on each side began to vibrate at an almost imperceptibly fast rate.
  84. Whenever I feel it vibrate, I race over to see if I caught something to eat, but then it’s always him just putzing around.
  85. The tenor C must first be made to vibrate 240 in a second, the methods of doing which are detailed at length in various authors.
  86. She set the alarm to vibrate and to appear as a recurring reminder every morning on her appointment calendar at 8:00, no end date.
  87. The fatal images of not-forgotten days blackened out the sun and caused Henry to feel the tremor of fear vibrate through his bones.
  88. She gave herself up to the lullaby of the melodies, and felt all her being vibrate as if the violin bows were drawn over her nerves.
  89. But, if I have billions of air molecules together and vibrate them, sound emerges from the compression waves traveling through them.
  90. We have such an interesting past… Kumar almost drifted off while thinking of the 'interesting past', his mobile began to vibrate.
  91. The intensity of your yelling causes a molecule in one of the hundreds of reaction flasks in the lab to vibrate at an unusual frequency.
  92. The experimental Morg cruiser soon started to vibrate at a very high frequency, a sign announcing an imminent discharge by the Xanta weapon.
  93. After that, the paper started to vibrate a bit, its movement was gradually slowed down, and soon it stopped moving at all, becoming straight.
  94. We may be right at the edge of a leap forward in Evolution that will enable all things that exist within existence to vibrate at a higher energy.
  95. The giant snake raised his head and she watched his tongue vibrate in pleasure, giving him one last stroke she turned and walked out of the forest.
  96. In this, reality on the outer begins to reflect these changes as what you no longer vibrate and resonate in, you can no longer reflect and live out.
  97. It started at her toes and felt like fire spreading up to her hips and groin, then as her body began to vibrate, the waves began pounding her strong and sharp.
  98. Finally at five pm, during the Aoki set, he felt the phone vibrate, and headed for the nearest security guard that bore the Oodle logo, a rune in black and white.
  99. Hovering, the horror seemed to vibrate all over, and every couple of seconds, it would slightly shift from one position to another – left, right, forward, back.
  100. Time or the 3rd Dimension of Depth is just getting shorter… As time passes there is less of the 3rd dimension of depth to vibrate in, or more accurately… through.
  1. The air is ever vibrating.
  2. My whole body was vibrating.
  3. I felt my cell phone vibrating.
  4. The mind is constantly vibrating.
  5. Body vibrating at an incredible.
  6. That was the vibrating sensation.
  7. He was simply vibrating with fear.
  8. I can feel the anger vibrating off him.
  9. Her whole being is vibrating with this.
  10. Now you will hear a loud vibrating or.
  11. The air came alive, vibrating with energy.
  12. The perfect softness, vibrating with life.
  13. And just in that same deep, vibrating voice.
  14. He felt his cell phone vibrating against him.
  15. Her phone started vibrating and she grabbed it.
  16. In a few seconds, the phone stopped vibrating.
  17. He could still feel the rocks vibrating under foot.
  18. Enjolras replied in a haughty and vibrating tone:—.
  19. He struck his sword into the ground the hilt vibrating.
  20. There is a mistiness and a chord vibrating in the mist.
  21. Their buzzer sounded, vibrating across the timber table.
  22. Alex’s hands shook, the drink and cigarette vibrating.
  23. He can feel the air between himself and Jock vibrating.
  24. I leaned close against her and the warm, vibrating bike.
  25. A second went by and the cell phone went vibrating again.
  26. The flames started vibrating and turned into a head of a.
  27. A thin guy, Reacher thought, always quivering and vibrating.
  28. He screamed as he landed heavily on the vibrating flagstones.
  29. The pounding resumed and she turned to see the gate vibrating.
  30. As it is, we are all on our own in a vibrating egoic delusion.
  31. In short, my heart was vibrating on false notes as I went in.
  32. A chanting rose to the night, vibrating with savage exultation.
  33. A sharp knife may create a vibrating sound during the test while.
  34. Vibrating at that level would require major physical alterations.
  35. Everything is oscillating or vibrating at a particular frequency.
  36. Samantha was sleeping soundly when her cell phone began vibrating.
  37. In the water she scrambled through vibrating waves to the surface.
  38. What living and buried speech is always vibrating here, what howls.
  39. A high pitched vibrating sound suddenly flowed through the building.
  40. Why would matter vibrating in empty space affect it? The reason is.
  41. The cave started vibrating and pieces of rock fell from the ceiling.
  42. The staff in my hand was still vibrating and I could feel the power.
  43. Smith’s phone was vibrating and moving itself around on the table.
  44. She glared at her phone vibrating madly on top of her crumpled sheets.
  45. He felt his mobile vibrating in his pocket as he neared the entrance.
  46. Something pressed on her arm, vibrating and squealing in a high pitch.
  47. He allowed himself to be winched further towards the vibrating device.
  48. I was jolted out of my thoughts by the beeper vibrating against my leg.
  49. The sound of prayer and tongues vibrating from the study hinted me on.
  50. I could see from Holmes's rigid face that he was vibrating with inward.
  51. Once the body is vibrating with the sex energy, then it is only through.
  52. While listening to them, Sophia noticed something vibrating inside her bag.
  53. According to string theory, they would be waves vibrating in this surface.
  54. The loud crash echoes in all directions, shaking and vibrating the ground.
  55. The strap started vibrating rapidly back and forth, shaking his midsection.
  56. There it was again, a dull thumping, vibrating through the floor of the ute.
  57. They feel the vibrational forces speeding up and vibrating at a faster rate.
  58. I heard animals in their corrals and felt the vibrating footsteps of people.
  59. Al steered with one hand and put the other on the vibrating gear-shift lever.
  60. The only sound was a thick, vibrating hum from the room’s air conditioner.
  61. Only a strident screech answered him, a screech vibrating with harsh mockery.
  62. Here, with the empty air vibrating in his ears, time or place had no meaning.
  63. Old Tolkemec went down, truly slain at last, the hilt vibrating on his breast.
  64. The squeaky, vibrating contraption leaked precious drops of THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  65. Hanging onto the vibrating helicopter frame I indicated the cockpit with my chin.
  66. However the being is vibrating on a much higher frequency than the physical body.
  67. The whole thing lasted maybe twenty seconds—two, three, four vibrating tremors.
  68. Every curve and fold of her sex was vibrating with each slap of Isabella’s hand.
  69. I could see from Holmes's rigid face that he was vibrating with inward excitement.
  70. They pulled apart and smiled into each other eyes, love vibrating like a strand of.
  71. Space, thousands of miles of space, and these voices vibrating in the center of it.
  72. I think it’s ready, Maldynado called, voice vibrating along with the machine.
  73. The sensation grew until his skin, muscles, and bones felt like they were vibrating.
  74. If we place a low vibrating soul into a high vibrating body, the result will be ego.
  75. Jane, Kaite, and Ren arrive speakers vibrating the windows on Kaite’s convertible.
  76. Early in the morning, I woke up when the vibrating sounds of my cell phone shocked me.
  77. No more! exhausted, Faith leaned back in her heated and vibrating captain's chair.
  78. Standing above the vibrating sound both men began to pull away at turf on the ground.
  79. There’s a kid peeping in on me, Marilyn said, her voice vibrating with urgency.
  80. Narmond’s amplified voice boomed through headphones, vibrating the bones of my skull.
  81. They hold together galaxies along with vibrating microscopic superstrings in hyperspace.
  82. I felt as if I had hit a wall, bouncing off and vibrating like in the Roadrunner cartoons.
  83. They are ashamed, and live in a vibrating universe that results in a delusion called ego.
  84. Shiro began vibrating and was suddenly attached to the wall, as though he was stuck on it.
  85. His cell phone began vibrating in his pocket, and he fumbled to retrieve it and answer it.
  86. Torbin, with the extraction pipe still clasped to his side, stared into the vibrating core.
  87. Captain Nemo’s submarine vibrating with his woeful dirge as it floated through the black.
  88. When you are vibrating at a higher frequency, negative emotions, words and actions directed.
  89. He was vibrating with the excitement of doing something grandiose for the cause of beingness.
  90. And it was at that moment that a terrible, I may say unnatural, scream set the room vibrating.
  91. Then I would seem to be among the missing though merely tossed over a chair, vibrating, holey.
  92. Find her! The speakers mounted in the plaza start vibrating with The One’s irate voice.
  93. Suddenly he heard Denisov shouting in a vibrating voice behind the hut, evidently much excited.
  94. The vibrating sound rattles the already broken glass in homes, causing more fragments to fall.
  95. Their voices had died like echoes of the words of God spoken and vibrating in the starred deep.
  96. Ego is a reality, based in the science of a vibrating universe, complete with a sun and planets.
  97. The ego is the result of a vibrating soul caused by entry into a vibrating universal dimension.
  98. Suddenly he heard Denísov shouting in a vibrating voice behind the hut, evidently much excited.
  99. Oh, I'm sure Nathan was all for this! I bet Nathan was practically vibrating with excitement!.
  100. A great outburst of acclamations covered the vibrating treble of the life and soul of the party.
  1. It vibrated when it rang.
  2. Kring vibrated in his hand.
  3. But then my phone vibrated.
  4. His head still vibrated with.
  5. It vibrated when the brain spoke.
  6. To her surprise, it vibrated again.
  7. It vibrated again but still nothing.
  8. The sound vibrated within Eric's head.
  9. His phone vibrated in his pants pocket.
  10. As her mother’s body vibrated at the.
  11. The entire house vibrated from the shock.
  12. The horn vibrated at a certain frequency.
  13. It rang quietly and vibrated in my pocket.
  14. There was a loud roar, and the ship vibrated.
  15. The rails still vibrated, but no carts sped by.
  16. The overwhelming sound now vibrated the air as.
  17. My phone vibrated by the computer in front of me.
  18. Within seconds her phone vibrated with an answer.
  19. Milverton laughed, but fear vibrated in his voice.
  20. It rolled in, and vibrated, and rolled out again.
  21. Sarah’s soothing voice vibrated firmly through-.
  22. She hung up, and immediately, my disposable vibrated.
  23. Not if it vibrated, Tynice replied with a grin.
  24. It stuck in the arena wall and vibrated like a javelin.
  25. Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she reached for it.
  26. The entire globe vibrated from the force of this spec-.
  27. Her voice quavered in shock and vibrated with disbelief:.
  28. It was 10:10pm and Bridget's tender lips vibrated like a.
  29. The hatred that vibrated through me overshadowed any fear.
  30. He stood waiting until his watch vibrated again to let him.
  31. The Cherokee vibrated with a rumble of sheer mechanical joy.
  32. Mabel, no more, his voice vibrated with fury and pain.
  33. She grabbed the console as the whole cockpit vibrated hard.
  34. Massie sighed as her phone vibrated deep inside her pockets.
  35. Massie's phone vibrated as soon as she stepped into her room.
  36. The mattress vibrated, so it looked like oil-flavored Jell-O.
  37. The door vibrated with hard knocks that sent Jeff flying away.
  38. His throat’s cut! Cold terror vibrated from the trooper.
  39. The shuttle vibrated too hard and too loud to hear a response.
  40. My phone vibrated indicating me that I had a text from someone.
  41. The dagger vibrated next to my skin, and the pressure released.
  42. The floor boards vibrated and tickled her legs as she tried to.
  43. From the intensity of the siren, the door vibrated in its frame.
  44. The shaking from the undead pounding the wall vibrated his bones.
  45. His hand slipped to his ignition key right as his phone vibrated.
  46. Loud noises and voices created echo's that vibrated off the walls.
  47. I’ve got her, his deep bass voice vibrated through the car.
  48. Laughter vibrated through him, it reminded him of Anuunaki laughter.
  49. And such passion, and such conviction! His body positively vibrated.
  50. They vibrated with a timbre that held assurance of ultimate victory.
  51. Her phone vibrated again, and she turned away to mentally answer it.
  52. Marcus had her trapped against the wall, and she vibrated with rage.
  53. The mass of flesh and steel vibrated for a moment then was motionless.
  54. The lil motor inside vibrated before the top lid was completely removed.
  55. The bunk vibrated and he was tossed about until his head rang with them.
  56. She tensed her bow until the bowstring sang and vibrated at the outmost.
  57. If particles of dark matter vibrated at a certain frequency, this could be.
  58. He jumped at its loudness; the mirror in front of him vibrated in its frame.
  59. The air around him vibrated, a sign of a life filled with burdens of others.
  60. Separated by less than an inch, a pair of steel tubes vibrated on the floor.
  61. My head pounded from the shock and his voice vibrated right through to my bones.
  62. Tremors rippled through his body, so violent, my teeth vibrated with the contact.
  63. The walls then vibrated from the crash of furniture being thrown about the house.
  64. I shook my head, not able to speak as the new information vibrated around my mind.
  65. The elf's head was lowered and his cape gently vibrated around his tall bony frame.
  66. Tears drenched her face, and she shook so violently, her hair vibrated in response.
  67. Sharing a few slurs before snores vibrated the room, only Hanor lay awake, anxious of.
  68. It vibrated the ground and shattered animal nerves already stretched taut by the fiery.
  69. Then, an even louder jolt vibrated through the floor as the thick door began to shudder.
  70. She glared at him as the walls vibrated harder, the motion pushing her around in her seat.
  71. The tractor cut a straight line on, and the air and the ground vibrated with its thunder.
  72. Much later, I would realize that my phone had vibrated while I was running the Cuisinart.
  73. It made a loud mooing sound that vibrated the ground Joey lay on and shook its head harshly.
  74. You took an oath to protect the Coalition, he said, and his words vibrated through her.
  75. Dylan's laugh vibrated through his chest and he hugged her tightly, liking how safe this felt.
  76. The decks vibrated in recoil as if the ship had grunted following a blow to the solar plexus.
  77. At once, something vibrated her fingers and she felt a great warmth pulsating through her flesh.
  78. The rope vibrated leisurely to the blow, like the long string of a pendulum starting from a rest.
  79. The dark discreet room, their isolation, the music that still vibrated in their ears united them.
  80. The flowers vibrated and the bees fell in separate and small showers of golden rain on the clover.
  81. The ground below them vibrated and they all held hands as they each sank lower into the warm sand.
  82. It looked like a child’s jumping jacks gone mad and the air vibrated with the resonance of magic.
  83. The pain in her muscles was overwhelming, and her head vibrated with an unrelenting, agitated buzz.
  84. Allison's low scream vibrated through him as his mouth closed over the taut nipple and sucked hard.
  85. Drake’s jaw vibrated ever so slightly as he sauntered out of the lounge, into the marble floored.
  86. A low rumble vibrated the saucer and Ralph yelled Yes! as his voice shook from the turbulence.
  87. After a few minutes of silence, my phone vibrated beside me letting me know I had a new text message.
  88. The voice of Diana Uniko, the weapons officer of the interceptor, then vibrated in his helmet headset.
  89. Like everything else about her it was strong and supple and just about vibrated with health and vigor.
  90. That’s new, said Jai, struggling to keep his balance as solid stone vibrated beneath his feet.
  91. She’d already finished taking vitals and was updating charts when the phone vibrated against her hip.
  92. A strange buzz vibrated from her, and my jaw dropped as the wine rose from the glass as a mini tornado.
  93. As the car slid into the next stall, the bass from the subwoofers vibrated so much, it shook the pavement.
  94. My entire body vibrated, trembling for about two minutes and then began to expand more than my normal size.
  95. The air around suddenly vibrated and tingled, as it were, like the air over intensely heated plates of iron.
  96. He was telling me about his two kids that were still in university when the Blackberry vibrated in my pocket.
  97. The thrum of the ship’s engines vibrated soothingly through the ship and Simla, Princess of Old Earth sank.
  98. His legs trembling as the walkway vibrated below his feet, Drua’d steadied himself and lumbered towards him.
  99. The Empress remained silent, but she needed no words to communicate the gratification that vibrated from her eyes.
  100. Oh she’s so pretty! Eleanor said, as she practically vibrated with the intensity of the desire to fly it.
  1. The whole body vibrates with energy.
  2. The sound vibrates against my hands.
  3. His whole system vibrates harmoniously.
  4. It is the power that vibrates the atom.
  5. The universe moves, vibrates and travels.
  6. One of my tuning forks vibrates at 512 Hz.
  7. The noise vibrates in my chest, and I grin.
  8. It vibrates sometimes with mysterious force.
  9. When our heart vibrates to the people's groans.
  10. His torso vibrates for a moment, then goes still.
  11. I hate how it vibrates like a squirmin’ lizard.
  12. Whichever direction it vibrates in is also mono-linear.
  13. Do you notice how he vibrates? It is the dual influence.
  14. Then when the electron vibrates in another direction, the.
  15. I open my mouth to answer, but stop as his cell phone vibrates.
  16. The Temple of the People vibrates with the fury of the people.
  17. It vibrates still with the echoes of dangerous and alien magic.
  18. I tuck the bag into my jacket when the cell vibrates in my pants.
  19. Torin’s phone vibrates as they return to the nurses’ station.
  20. Its stigma vibrates and its pollen is spilled across the horizon.
  21. Hmm, she says, and the noise vibrates through my chest cavity.
  22. Everything in this world, both visible and invisible, constantly vibrates.
  23. It then vibrates back again, overshooting the mark and the process repeats over and over.
  24. Well, when Christ has almost reached the top of a dune of sand, the air vibrates with heat.
  25. A sudden wrapping on the shop’s front glass door vibrates through the store startling Cass.
  26. What do you think I could do to you? Zachary’s chuckle vibrates through his chest to my head.
  27. Within that form there glows a point of power which vibrates not as yet but shines as light electric.
  28. Your body vibrates all the time, your nerves are on fire, and you’re terrified every waking moment for no reason.
  29. The entire personality vibrates with a longing that cannot be satisfied by the beauty and the grandeur of the world.
  30. Knowledge exists as energy expressed in frequencies and pulses that are specific to that knowledge; the higher the knowledge the faster it vibrates.
  31. The noise vibrates in my rib cage, it is so loud, and then the scarred man and his two companions begin to walk with slow, careful movements toward me.
  32. But he said, when Jimmy expressed an interest, ‘the physical nature of all matter is determined by its underlying structure, a component of which vibrates at a particular frequency.
  33. Others repeat these words and all of Becca vibrates with the reverent chant of the Muslims while the non-believers are huddled together in their houses, in fear and awe of the mighty army.
  34. If the experience was perceived as good, then it falls into the positive vibration of love/desire, though if perceived as bad, then it gets assigned and vibrates to the negative vibration of fear.
  35. A melee weapon, usually a knife, attached to an electronic handle with a machine called a Fizzer that vibrates the blade to incredible speeds that it acts like a high-powered chainsaw, Lezura said.
  36. And since the Universe is not perfect, because the Universe is imperfectly balanced, the exact center of the Universe is not perfectly balanced either: it rotates and vibrates on many levels in many ways, in relation to the Infinite Universe as an interconnected interrelated whole; not in any other way.
  37. The relative difference between an infinitely small remaining fraction of 3-dimensional Space that is unsplit… splitting into even infinitely smaller fractions of 3 dimensions so minute, so tiny, that it can only be noticed by comparing how much energy vibrated billions of years ago; to how much energy vibrates now.

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