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Icon in una frase (in inglese)

Click on the Image icon.
Click on the Clock Icon.
The icon stopped then it.
A blond and beautiful icon.
Esther clicked on the icon.
Click on the Kompozer icon.
The icon for Earth was green.

Love became an icon, a symbol.
Choose the New icon at the top.
Click on the desktop icon.
The emperor is an icon of wisdom.
Each icon represents the section.
What the fuck? She tapped the icon.
Click the icon to edit the module.
He was the icon of all sports icons.
When you click the new icon, a new.
A little icon dangled from the mirror.
Newton because Newton was and is an icon.
Another local icon is Stanley Marsh’s.
Click the icon to show unpublished items.
Click the icon to hide unpunlished items.
Tap the FaceTime icon on the Home screen.
Click on the image icon at the top.
Tap the Share icon to open the Share menu.
Clicking on the print icon, he slid back.
By clicking the Section icon, you will be.
Click the icon to open Row settings window.
It is an unquestioned Sacred, Cultural Icon.
To add text, click the Textbox icon on the.
He had been an icon of hope to the hopeless.
Tap the folder icon at the top of the screen.
As he was drooling over an icon, a well pre-.
We all know icons on our desktops, the icon is.
Her job was to be a proper icon, a proper symbol.
Rachel Carson was, for them, an untouchable icon.
Taylor Blake, the host for American Icon, was hot.
A patch of grid work, with the small icon of the.
He clicked on the flashing icon to accept the call.
In the empress, we have another icon of the feminine.
The anchor icon is now next to Breeding in the Wild.

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