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Frasi con icon (in inglese)

1. Click on the Image icon.
2. Click on the Clock Icon.
3. A blond and beautiful icon.
4. The icon stopped then it.
5. Esther clicked on the icon.
6. Click on the Kompozer icon.
7. The icon for Earth was green.

8. Choose the New icon at the top.
9. Love became an icon, a symbol.
10. Click on the desktop icon.
11. The emperor is an icon of wisdom.
12. Each icon represents the section.
13. What the fuck? She tapped the icon.
14. Click the icon to edit the module.
15. He was the icon of all sports icons.
16. When you click the new icon, a new.
17. A little icon dangled from the mirror.
18. Another local icon is Stanley Marsh’s.
19. Newton because Newton was and is an icon.
20. Click the icon to hide unpunlished items.
21. Tap the FaceTime icon on the Home screen.
22. Click on the image icon at the top.
23. Click the icon to show unpublished items.
24. Tap the Share icon to open the Share menu.
25. Clicking on the print icon, he slid back.
26. Click the icon to open Row settings window.
27. By clicking the Section icon, you will be.
28. He had been an icon of hope to the hopeless.
29. To add text, click the Textbox icon on the.
30. It is an unquestioned Sacred, Cultural Icon.
31. Tap the folder icon at the top of the screen.
32. As he was drooling over an icon, a well pre-.
33. We all know icons on our desktops, the icon is.
34. Her job was to be a proper icon, a proper symbol.
35. Rachel Carson was, for them, an untouchable icon.
36. Taylor Blake, the host for American Icon, was hot.
37. A patch of grid work, with the small icon of the.
38. He clicked on the flashing icon to accept the call.
39. In the empress, we have another icon of the feminine.
40. The anchor icon is now next to Breeding in the Wild.
41. Open Calendar by tapping its icon on the Home screen.
42. The small dual-headed icon answered the question for.
43. It looked to him like an icon, goggles and spiky hair.
44. The Face Book message icon was flashing on the screen.
45. He regarded him as an icon of his era like The Beatles.
46. How did the star get into the icon? Pierre asked.
47. Click icon to drag and drop the module to new position.
48. However, once in church, he kissed every icon in sight.
49. The icon was carried further, accompanied by the throng.
50. A perfected Jerusalem is here used as a icon for Heaven.
51. Then click on the AutoSum icon on the standard tool bar.
52. It was as if upon the paper were printed some holy icon.
53. Eckhart grinned, No Gerald this is a copy of the icon.
54. Modi, as an icon of change and hope, was that individual.
55. Hold on, the woman clicked on the route finder icon.
56. It showed a battery icon, at about fifty percent capacity.
57. Desirée was a runaway success icon of the Christian world.
58. Hoffman was an activist and counterculture icon during the.
59. Allow icon customization (allow using custom icons for your.
60. Because you’re Katelyn Gilbert, you’re a fashion icon.
61. Obviously conspired to abuse in great distaste an ugly icon.
62. You’ll see the icon for the page appear on the Home screen.
63. She crossed herself, kissed the icon, and handed it to Andrew.
64. Click on the center icon at the top to center the table.
65. I double-click on the icon and wait for the document to pop up.
66. Concerning Tolstoi and the icon, see his letter to Countess S.
67. Richard opened his laptop and clicked on an icon on his desktop.
68. I’ve had my bit of fun with the icon of the businessman, but.
69. With that icon gone, what other fundamental things would change?
70. In Template Manager, click the icon Options on the toolbar.
71. Targeting was accomplished by looking at the icon on the display.
72. The Golden Gate Bridge was a high-quality target, an American icon.
73. The crowd round the icon suddenly parted and pressed against Pierre.
74. Sheila clicked on the send icon, and stared at the computer screen.
75. Click on the microphone icon in Audacity's Meter toolbar to turn on.
76. Man on the moon was that rare thing – an icon that lost its power.
77. Yeah, isn’t that great? He’s one of the original Icon winners.
78. Zoe stared up at the icon of Jesus and then back at Father Haralambos.
79. Orcher taps an icon on his desk screen to open the communication line.
80. She saw him tender and amused as he was when he put on the little icon.
81. I bring up Hirsch here because he’s such a shining icon of this sort.
82. Ernest being congratulated by a world icon of Mandela’s stature, then.
83. Every icon and hero and myth is based upon one common theme: mass death.
84. She was about to close the website when the DM icon lit up on her screen.
85. And according to the state of cortex, our viewpoint on the icon changes.
86. It became a religious icon representing years of hard work and hardship.
87. He clicked on the Friends icon and a list of names appeared on the screen.
88. He hit the voicemail icon and listened as his wife shouted into the phone.
89. This is an icon of Canadian culture, a beacon around the world and there.
90. She rested her hand over the cane's handle and looked up at Christ's icon.
91. Once you have Irfanview opened – click on the open icon at the top.
92. It was a slow process but he persevered, building the icon piece by piece.
93. At the top of your screen, your browser should have an icon that says view.
94. Tap the day complete icon in the upper-right corner and tap Complete Entry.
95. He took the tablet with its topography map and the red flashing icon on it.
96. Or you can remove the link from the text by using the icon Remove link.
97. Once its on and all loaded, I open the web icon up and go directly to Google.
98. He had been born and raised in De Valera’s Ireland and he was an icon to him.
99. It is created to be the symbolic icon for the elven version of Jeohab’s Law.
100. My father tapped another icon, and five of the eight cockpit canopies slid open.

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