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Frasi con image (in inglese)

  1. The image of a man.
  2. MAN is in the image.
  3. An image of my brain.
  4. Her image is there in.
  5. The Image of the Beast.

  6. Yet the image was not.
  7. He clung to the image.
  8. Click on the Image icon.
  9. The very image of the.
  10. A man is in God's image.
  11. Look at this image below.
  12. You are the image of God.
  13. Then a video image of Dr.
  14. The image is created in.
  15. His image was flesh and.

  16. Any image is a candidate.
  17. Then an image popped in.
  18. This is bad for our image.
  19. Then came the image of a.
  20. Without image in my world.
  21. This image of pureness I.
  22. Horan laughed at the image.
  23. Human in the image of God:.
  24. Probably to save that image.
  25. The image is only half true.

  26. This image must be precise.
  27. As the image of the small.
  28. In the image of Sweet Jesus.
  29. Add an image into the text.
  30. In God's image he created.
  31. Leaves no image on the soul.
  32. The image had horrified her.
  33. On the contrary, the image.
  34. We will bear the same image.
  35. Then the image turned black.
  36. The cat's image gripped them.
  37. Image adapted from a small.
  38. As we have borne the image.
  39. I found the image on the PC.
  41. You need a better self image.
  42. The image almost made me cry.
  43. He found it suited his image.
  44. Eternity is the image of God.
  45. Adam, not the image of Christ.
  46. He never looses his boy image.
  47. An image hovers in her sight.
  48. Let’s do this with an image.
  50. It’s a negative image, and.
  52. Image was a very subtle thing.
  53. He was pleased with the image.
  54. David was struck by the image.
  55. The image grew before her eyes.
  56. Image: 110px wide by 80px high.
  57. The Oct ‘11 image on.
  58. Only the remote image of the.
  59. He stared at the image of.
  60. You can find her image on a U.
  61. I always kept up my image as.
  62. That great and perfect image.
  64. The Crescent Moon & Star Image.
  65. His image was flesh and blood.
  66. She was just part of the image.
  67. It was an image of the old man.
  68. I could not bear the image of.
  70. This aspect of the image that.
  71. The similarities in the image.
  72. An image appeared in our visors.
  73. The shaddow tried one more image.
  74. You project the image of wealth.
  75. Credit card is an image of money.
  76. Captured there within the image.
  77. Angels are not in the image of.
  78. That is an image we can forgive.
  79. We cats have an image of being.
  80. Mike rewound the digital image.
  81. I remake myself in my own image.
  83. You’re conscious with an image.
  84. The button to edit/insert image.
  85. And we are slaves of this image.
  86. The Advantages of Image Masking.
  87. They want an image for the story.
  89. Or remade the Bronx in its image.
  90. This image was drawn during the.
  91. Trolos nodded and his image faded.
  92. Venkat peered at the blurry image.
  93. Resolution of an image can also.
  94. The Crescent Moon and Star Image.
  95. An image is inserted in the text.
  96. In the image of God he made them.
  97. Man was created in God’s image.
  98. Man was made in the image of God.
  99. He could still see the image of.
  100. Just the reminder of that image.
  1. This we are saturated with: imaging.
  2. He walks around the 3D imaging video.
  3. Resonance Imaging) scans and EEG (Elec-.
  4. As a result, imaging with a psychosti-.
  5. Together, these imaging studies suggest an.
  6. He went to the door, imaging Niki had returned.
  7. The second type of data backup is known as imaging.
  8. I am sending their message and the motion imaging.
  9. He was already imaging his revenge on the Orderrans.
  10. The drones used their thermal imaging to see where the miners.
  11. Can I assume it’s fitted with thermal imaging equipment?’.
  12. Because I'm not imaging it in the slightest, I'm remembering it.
  13. These illnesses are terrible imaging being in a box buried gosh knows.
  14. Fowler JS, Volkow ND, Kassed CA, Chang L (2007) Imaging the addicted brain.
  15. These data are congruent with human imaging studies showing that cocaine-.
  16. Imaging scans which would reveal the projectile's exact path of destruction.
  17. In a review, Baicy and London (2007) found that brain imaging studies have.
  18. The main outcome measure used in PET and SPECT imaging studies of clinical.
  19. The seat of the imaging faculty is situated in the forehead (between the eyes).
  20. Rational consciousness, with its constant imaging, conceives of outer or inner.
  21. Imaging tests revealed he had no cancer in any other part of his body, he said.
  22. In addition to the imaging receptors, PET and some radiotracers can be used to.
  23. Clinical investigations, particularly when combined with modern imaging techni-.
  24. Notably, PET imaging studies have also shown that stimulant-induced increases in.
  25. At the time these imaging studies were performed, the resolution of the PET (and.
  26. Overall, these imaging studies have consistently shown that cocaine dependence is.
  27. The application of brain imaging technologies to identify the neural correlates of.
  28. Rumble had enhanced and modified this technology to imaging at the cellular level.
  29. There are five primary brain imaging techniques which reveal different aspects of.
  30. However, it can also be understood as imaging the consequences of oneness, in which.
  31. We roared with laughter, imaging cutting this tiny fish while a big crowd waited for it.
  32. His imaging was fluctuating and his voice was somewhat garbled, but still understandable.
  33. That's all very plausible from her perspective, but the infrared imaging telescope disagreed.
  34. The young Chinese geologist nodded her head after looking at her imaging screen for a moment.
  35. Using his invisibility imaging he walks calmly along the front of the building; and stops as he looks around.
  36. But a near miss should let us get a couple frames of imaging and allow the probe to survive and transmit the data.
  37. Even with thermal imaging equipment and police dogs he doubted they could track the two men down with the resources he had.
  38. Instead of imagining, we are imaging, replicating temes for the virtualnism's self-promulgation and specie's multiplication.
  39. There might even be helicopters circling above with thermal imaging equipment on board, but they would be long gone by then.
  40. He couldn’t believe that he was actually seeing Zeke’s theory of gravitational effect clearly imaging itself in his head.
  41. First camera to photograph an object it cannot see: In ghost imaging, a special flash produces pairs of photons.
  42. Another is that neuro - imaging studies give strong evidence that both brain structure and function are involved in criminal behaviors.
  43. Magnetic resonance imaging, she said and smiled at his initial lack of understanding, then continued, the MRI scans of Sir Alex.
  44. Couldn't see their torches or anything but didn't want to hang about in case they called up a dog unit or a helicopter with thermal imaging.
  45. She barely had time to switch on her radar and have a first look at the imaging screen before she hesitated, unsure of what she was looking at.
  46. The magnetic resonance imaging indicates the size, quantity and distribution of lesions or plaques in the brain and sometimes in the spinal cord.
  47. This is taken and stored in such a way that if your hard drive were to crash, you could replace the drive, run the imaging software, and not miss a beat.
  48. Jack’s helmet was however equipped with both a low light level camera and a thermal imaging camera, which gave him about as good a view as if in full daylight.
  49. Ask yourself not how do I hear the world with love, but how does Love hear it? Imagining this is imaging the other in your heart, which is the mycelium of love.
  50. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has confirmed the identity of Bob Windowmaker through analysis of the video imaging received from the Poseyville, Indiana police.
  51. He knew this imaging did not illuminate the dust motes that were much more than twenty light minutes from the ship, all dots farther than that were in their own light.
  52. Tom had explained to him that the holographic sphere would be showing a blend of low level light imaging and of thermal imaging, coupled with radar and radio signatures.
  53. To create an entire world, he surmised, would be beyond current technology unless beginning a process over many years with many thousands of industrial scale imaging units.
  54. Next time you drive at fifty five miles an hour and it is safe, stick your arm out of the window and imaging the drag on your hand holding the pistol at three times that speed.
  55. Sebetic and his colleagues had stuck pins and needles into our daughter, ran her small body through imaging machines, sent her fluids out to labs, but nothing had yet been concluded.
  56. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has been used to discover that the brain stems of migraine sufferers are more sensitive to certain stimulations than people without migraines.
  57. Vulcan, there were three moons! Specifically, three holograms of Earth’s moon at three different phases were being projected above the skies using the satellite arrays in orbit as the imaging devices.
  58. Normans work in specifying and identifying genomes had taken a rapid upturn, and with the new magnetic resonance imaging technology, they could now categorise the DNA a lot faster than the old x-ray system could.
  59. The top of the canvas must have been covered by foliage at night as there were branches lying all around the structure that must have been put over the top to stop the heat showing to any thermal imaging patrol planes.
  60. Who would have predicted that Kodak, the corporate titan that dominated the world of photography in the 20th century, would be caught flatfooted when digital imaging came on the scene? Kodak invented digital photography.
  61. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) works by using powerful rotating magnets that move hydrogen atoms which can then be X rayed to obtain an overall picture through hundreds of ‘picture slices’ of the brain.
  62. For example, the knowledge assets of a photo processing chain that deals in developing and printing conventional photographic film is devalued daily as digital photography and digital image processing consume a larger segment of the consumer and professional imaging market.
  63. They were going to discuss their own neuroscience research and the future of their fields—which were starting to overlap more than ever as new advances in neural imaging showed the similarities between how the processes of mental illness and addiction appeared in the brain.
  64. With these overviews you can quickly assess your deductible and out-of-pocket limits and tell what a visit to the doctor will cost, what a diagnostic or imaging test will run, what generic drugs will cost as compared to brand-name drugs, and what your coinsurance will be for outpatient and hospital stays.
  65. No scientist, neurosurgeon, or medical doctor, has ever viewed or detected a specific unique individual’s personal thought, emotion, attitude, value, belief and/ or experience regarding an experienced particular event by using any of the following hi-tech instruments; a powerful microscope; X-Ray; Positron Emission Tomography (PET); Steady State Topography (SST); or Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).
  66. Ever since I heard and read that story, about what she did to that poor little boy inside that elementary school one night, up in that dark isolated school hallway, viciously attacking that little boy and wind up not remembering the incident! I can imaging what that poor child must have been going through, being all alone up in that dark isolated school hallway with Diane D in her state of mind, beating the crap out of him and he witnessing her being in a state of trance just staring into space not doing or saying anything! The only time she did anything, was when she beat the crap out of the kid, kung fu kicking him, breaking his bones and everything! The rest of the time, she was in a state of trance not saying a word, just staring into space! Especially that little boy claiming to feel the presence of some evil soul or some evil vicious entity that seem to might have been inside Diane D’s body that night! I’ve been freaked out about her ever since! I think that little boy was right.
  67. Taken together, these imaging studies investigating the effects of ethanol, THC,.
  1. That is imaged.
  2. The study that imaged dopa-.
  3. The factor of `Matter` that had been imaged out as èarth` has.
  4. The factor of `Polarity` that had been imaged out as `water` has.
  5. The factor of `Relativity` that had been imaged out as àir` has.
  6. He imaged that they were taller even than the empire state building.
  7. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.
  8. A thought, in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.
  9. Interestingly, these subjects were imaged again after 4 weeks of abstinence and.
  10. Within the black disc he could see skulls and broken bones imaged in its surface.
  11. After he stopped struggling, he closed his eyes and imaged love and how it could be.
  12. You say: Al’lah has imaged the man, that is He made a special picture and form for him.
  13. Marina had never once imaged that she would smile and that man, neither Halit at that young woman.
  14. A tiny disc popped out of the floor, hovered in front of his face and scanned his imaged with a beam of light.
  15. Or (so my fond fancy imaged) some accident might meanwhile occur to destroy him and put an end to my slavery forever.
  16. Various references could be given out to us to assure us that the Personality of God is imaged in the form of a Trinity.
  17. The factor of `Matter` that had been imaged out as `earth` has `blue` pigments and is characterized out by a nature that cycles out forms.
  18. If we don’t have happiness and joy then any imaged success we think we have is some day destined to be a bitter pill that is called an awakening.
  19. The composition of this factor is imaged over a picture of this èarthòut of which all sorts of tools and utilities are effectively being brought out forth.
  20. The factor of `Time and space` that had been imaged out as `fire` has `red` pigments and is characterized out by a twisting flame that we always try to avoid.
  21. The composition of this factor is imaged over a picture of this `earth` out of which all sorts of tools and utilities are effectively being brought out forth.
  22. The factor of `Time and spacè that had been imaged out as `firè has `red` pigments and is characterized out by a twisting flame that we always try to avoid.
  23. The factor of `Relativity` that had been imaged out as `air` has `white` pigments and is characterized out by a nature of habitats that are located over here.
  24. Trading platforms, indicators, pictures, and documents, along with every personal setting and application on your machine, are preserved with an imaged backup.
  25. The factor of `Polarity` that had been imaged out as `water` has `green` pigments and is characterized out by a nature of production that generates this current sphere.
  26. Hollywood’s abstract imaged on a screen has created the sick culture of perfection even more than the culture of perfection was worshipped in Greece during Plato’s time.
  27. On the other hand the nature form of `relativity` when detached away from ùs` could only be imaged out into the symbolic form of àir`, which once more proves Empedocles was right again.
  28. On the other hand the nature form of `relativity` when detached away from `us` could only be imaged out into the symbolic form of `air`, which once more proves Empedocles was right again.
  29. Along these parallel aspects of lateral forms could be imaged àpolè position that has a target without an aim and tends to race upon a single leg in order to image this factor inside its virgin state.
  30. Along these parallel aspects of lateral forms could be imaged a `pole` position that has a target without an aim and tends to race upon a single leg in order to image this factor inside its virgin state.
  31. While the backup methods discussed up to this point back up only user data, imaged backups literally back up everything: user data, temporary files, the operating system with updates—literally everything.
  32. Therefore in order to go along with this line of thoughts the first kinds of details are going to be given out have to be imaged out from the initial experiences that we had collected out as soon as we were all born over here.
  33. Gulab looked deliciously cute in her little black dress, which wasn't as tight as she imaged, it hung off certain areas and stuck to other areas, showing off her fine curvy figure, her layered long hair had springs at the end.
  34. Having reached this present habitat that has positioned out our imaged form into this current stage we might try to confirm that we have not been stagnated out again into a circular kind of an existing sphere that has no finite aim.
  35. Across these minute pools the reflected stars flitted in a quick transit as she passed; she would not have known they were shining overhead if she had not seen them there—the vastest things of the universe imaged in objects so mean.
  36. These imaged features are most important in order to index and classify out our nature forms but unfortunately these sorts of credentials could never be assumed to have any kind of a relationship with the lives that we have and possess.
  37. These imaged forms of `matteràre regularly changing round but the qualities are always being contained along the trend of substance and essence that would always leave a shadowed image of a formation that would always be left out behind.
  38. This hemmed it in so narrowly, and stood so black and dense on either side, and disclosed such imperfect glimpses of the sky above, that, to Hester's mind, it imaged not amiss the moral wilderness in which she had so long been wandering.
  39. These imaged forms of `matter` are regularly changing round but the qualities are always being contained along the trend of substance and essence that would always leave a shadowed image of a formation that would always be left out behind.
  40. These mental aspects are all matter form that have all changed and altered along our current lives but their imaged shadows could be seen being reflected out over us since our version is finding it difficult to adapt to another new material mode.
  41. The kind of kicks and twists that we all get out of this imaged form, is that it revolves and recycles all of us, which unequivocally confirms exactly what Empedocles of Sicily had once said, that `earth` is an `element` over which existence is based.
  42. The imaged formation of the sun during those days was a stable factor in order to gauge time, harvest crop and locate positions over and upon the bearings taken as a mean to measure out èverything` that was considered to be useful in those bygone days.
  43. The imaged formation of the sun during those days was a stable factor in order to gauge time, harvest crop and locate positions over and upon the bearings taken as a mean to measure out `everything` that was considered to be useful in those bygone days.
  44. The reason for this conception could be that our pensive and physical means were given out from our own kinds of mothers and thus we tend to look upon her as the storekeeper of this kind of a universe who supplies the initial ingredients imaged out as `matter` forms.
  45. All the substance and essence that could be described and defined out by our physical and pensive frame are contained and included inside the factor of `matter` that is imaged out as the original ingredient of this current existing font out of which everything rotates.
  46. Confirmation that these characters had managed to reach this stage could be noted when they went about to sew some clothing not because they were feeling cold but because they could conceive and perceive out their imaged formation since their eyes were opened up to face this current phase.
  47. But I walked on to my destination without hesitation or mistake, showing there, for the first time, some of that faculty to absorb and make my own the imaged topography of a chart, which in later years was to help me in regions of intricate navigation to keep the ships entrusted to me off the ground.
  48. Faith sat within her own darkness, eyes open seeing nothing, eyes closed imagining only what had been imaged to her, sifting flesh-only hands – a sensation not mediated by machine – through the ephemeral substancelessness of ego competitions and games of desire searching, feeling, calling for a Hope without hate and a Love without Xemption.
  49. At the door were standing two young women, girls of the district as they call them, on their way to Seville with some carriers who had chanced to halt that night at the inn; and as, happen what might to our adventurer, everything he saw or imaged seemed to him to be and to happen after the fashion of what he read of, the moment he saw the inn he pictured it to himself as a castle with its four turrets and pinnacles of shining silver, not forgetting the.
  1. I stared at the images.
  2. He took images of them.
  3. Images of all there is.
  4. No more of myth images.
  5. The motor images of the.
  6. It is clear that images.
  7. Only the images of your.
  8. The images of blades and.
  9. He puts images in my head.
  10. These images may then be.
  11. Images: Mali in the 60’s.
  12. This time the images were.
  13. The images on the screen stop.
  14. The images kept coming, and.
  15. The images have been deleted.
  16. Images flooded into his mind.
  17. Your control over the images.
  18. Images I had seen on TV of a.
  19. There were no words or images.
  20. They are the images that are.
  21. I remember fragments of images.
  22. These images culminated in a.
  23. The images seemed to be moving.
  24. It filled his mind with images.
  25. Yes, but only long range images.
  26. The images all rolled into one.
  27. What the images mean is based.
  28. The images began to assault him.
  29. And so the images began to form.
  30. The three images are purposely.
  31. Mental images relate to the mind.
  32. Slowly the images became clearer.
  33. First you must have the images.
  34. Images began to fill up his mind.
  35. Mirror images have a remarkable.
  36. With all these images lingering.
  37. Words are mind images of the Real.
  39. Images of what she feared the most.
  40. Any images we take will show that.
  41. Then the images turned to memories.
  42. Images flickered on Crumley’s wall.
  43. The images spoke their own language.
  44. Images Simon himself is unaware of.
  45. Ellie tried to block out the images.
  46. These images are ranged round the.
  47. One by one the images that played.
  48. The images were not only beautiful.
  49. The use of Images in the Web Design.
  50. The brain thinks in terms of images.
  51. Should have some images on that one.
  52. An endless stream of the same images.
  53. It was projecting the images of the.
  54. A ghostly rectangle of moving images.
  55. Around her the images of his summer.
  56. The images on TV had been frightening.
  57. Colorful images that a child imagines.
  58. Whether they comprise images or text.
  59. I have two images of pigeons eating;.
  60. These holographic images of pain and.
  61. Jaden can see images inside of images.
  62. The soul expresses itself in images.
  63. Collectively, these images create the.
  64. I’ve seen pictures and images of you.
  65. The mind clogs you up with images and.
  66. She also inserts images into the video.
  67. The second step in processing the images.
  68. The images remained on the view as the.
  69. Mental images carry out in the mind do.
  70. The riddle here contains several images.
  71. The images are engraved deep in my head.
  72. In the process of creating the Images, i.
  73. Emory, images of him floated through her.
  74. One-by-one, the images stuck in his mind.
  75. Simultaneously the images on the screen.
  76. Then the images popped in Dennis’s eyes.
  77. These images reveal our parts that need.
  78. The 2003 Images and Voices of Hope Award.
  79. Strangely, images of the girl’s first.
  80. Like those two images of the South Bronx.
  81. The images shown were not of the Vapors.
  82. Images of our shower popped into my head.
  83. Thus you must create your desired images.
  84. Carved or engraved images on whale ivory.
  85. Memories came, unbidden images of my past.
  86. Images instantly flickered onto the screen.
  87. And he searched, but found not the images.
  88. Those grotesque images would remain with.
  89. The dynamic of reflection reverses images.
  90. Images flashed through her mind as she ran.
  91. Boredom is a space unfilled by mind images.
  92. The tone of the fast-flying images changed.
  93. Even when using the images, try to carry.
  94. Hundreds of images flashed before his eyes.
  95. How to apply the Images to other products.
  96. He thought about that horrible images now.
  97. Terrible images passed through Marius' mind.
  98. My Head swam with Images of Life and Death.
  99. Flashes of events came in rapid-fire images.
  100. SEO Friendly Images makes the code of your.

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