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Frasi con picture (in inglese)

  1. It was a picture of.
  2. It's a picture of you.
  3. It had a picture of a.
  4. I can picture it still.
  5. In a picture of clouds.

  6. I took a picture with.
  7. You got to picture this.
  8. It gives a picture of.
  9. An old picture of Frank.
  10. Is the picture you see.
  11. The boy gets the picture.
  12. The pram in the picture.
  13. It was a picture of the.
  14. John looks at the picture.
  15. The picture tells a story.

  16. A picture of a brunette.
  17. The picture had the tag.
  18. She was a lovely picture.
  19. I have seen this picture.
  20. As I stare at the picture.
  21. Focus on the big picture.
  22. I want to see the picture.
  23. When I picture the cancer.
  24. It formed a sweet picture.
  25. The picture of Baby Face.

  26. Then the picture went dead.
  27. Here, I have this picture.
  28. Which go into the picture.
  29. A picture of her snipping.
  30. Julie's face was a picture.
  31. I saw a motion picture of.
  32. He wrote below the picture.
  33. He made a handsome picture.
  34. If I had a picture of the.
  35. To see the picture clearly.
  36. There was a picture of him.
  37. She sees a picture of a van.
  38. Give them the whole picture.
  39. Taken from the top picture.
  40. The live picture covered a.
  41. She still in the picture?
  42. And the picture is beautiful.
  43. His boss studied the picture.
  44. It was not a pretty picture.
  45. The picture shows an Asian.
  46. To embrace the full picture.
  47. I'll put you in the picture.
  48. I can picture it in my head.
  49. The top picture caught her.
  50. She took this picture at St.
  51. Claire picked up the picture.
  52. The picture was of Caleb Jr.
  53. I took a picture of her and.
  54. But slowly a picture emerged.
  55. Okay, so you get the picture.
  56. Travis stared at the picture.
  57. This picture of the washing.
  58. It’s brown in this picture.
  59. A picture of utter dejection.
  60. A picture formed in his mind.
  61. It’s not a healthy picture.
  62. It is a symbolic picture of.
  63. Oh, here's a picture of you.
  64. Not one reference or picture.
  65. That picture made him cringe.
  66. He looked at the picture of.
  67. There is a picture of me and.
  68. Take my picture with that cam.
  69. Can I see the picture?
  70. This is a picture of my family.
  71. Then it became only a picture.
  72. Take a look at this picture.
  73. I got the picture immediately.
  74. This is a picture of a cadaver.
  75. Here's a picture of the shower.
  76. It was a picture of the main.
  77. The picture has changed now.
  78. God spoke to him by a picture.
  79. Sue laughed when the picture.
  80. The picture above is about a.
  81. Now, for the tactical picture.
  82. It is easier to picture this.
  83. It was a 20 years old picture.
  84. For God is back in the picture.
  85. The picture seemed to have a.
  86. It’s not the picture I mind.
  87. A black and white picture of.
  88. But it is not a pretty picture.
  89. I've heard about that picture.
  90. Getting the real picture yet?
  91. Mike touched the square picture.
  92. You need a picture in a JPEG (.
  93. I didn't send you that picture.
  94. The picture is alive; dead is.
  95. The picture was coming to life.
  96. Steve handed the picture to Sgt.
  97. Picture yourself by the beach.
  98. The picture was taken 3 years.
  99. The picture was the last straw.
  100. The picture gave me goosebumps.
  1. Picturing the behavior of any.
  2. I can’t stop picturing it.
  3. I was picturing the face of a cop.
  4. I was picturing her in my head and.
  5. As we chatted I began picturing this.
  6. Picturing yourself there, think back to.
  7. Picturing the future of the unsaved with al.
  8. Still, she couldn’t help picturing their deaths.
  9. Picturing a positive end result is an act of faith.
  10. I spent the rest of my day picturing how I’d kill Amy.
  11. I was up all night picturing how this day would turn out.
  12. I giggled, picturing Samual on a throne, adorned with a.
  13. She was picturing this huge combine in a one acre garden.
  14. He and she sat at evening picturing what it would be like.
  15. The story about Josie Ward, picturing her grieving parents.
  16. His body and affairs show forth what he has been picturing.
  17. Picturing being lighter, trying to focus, I fall further in.
  18. I will have you know that he was picturing you on the table.
  19. I was picturing you for coated karga strips on seasoned greens.
  20. He leaned his head to one side, picturing the damage he would do.
  21. I was picturing splatters of brain and blood all over the stones.
  22. He kept picturing a Special Forces sergeant held in a bamboo cage.
  23. She's not picturing Andrew on one knee in front of her with a rose.
  24. I started picturing millions of jerks coming to my funeral and all.
  25. Why not, if only you serve me? he said picturing their future.
  26. So far we’re picturing a passionate person with time on his hands.
  27. What’re you doing? I yelled at him, already picturing the worst.
  28. Instead of picturing them in your mind, try to picture them in your heart.
  29. Still picturing her beloved child, Nurse’s smile hadn’t faded one whit.
  30. I’m picturing my brain like that…but with trillions of nanoprobes.
  31. Oh yeah, said Shoop gazing off into the middle distance picturing the.
  32. Margaret Thatcher shaving her legs but was disturbed to find that picturing.
  33. You know what, Alice? I was just picturing the First Mother retelling her.
  34. Her eyes scrolled through them again, picturing his mood as he typed them out.
  35. Easy! Instead of picturing yourself with your problems solved, hold pictures of.
  36. She kept picturing herself and the car sliding off among them, into the nothing.
  37. Picturing them rushing towards their location, Hanor could see the Souls surging.
  38. Before I had begun to love you, I was picturing you and your solitary wild dreams.
  39. Picturing the future of the unsaved with all the horror that words can employ, an.
  40. Picturing when he had first arrived in Yarmoria, the sereneness of that moment was.
  41. Leesa smiled, picturing the silent way Rave moved and how quickly he covered ground.
  42. His mind was on Melvin, picturing him taking a peek at his daughter through that hole.
  43. Now, what if I told you that she is a black woman? Were you picturing her as a generic.
  44. It was in picturing his daughter’s face that Bino ultimately found the courage to act.
  45. Saeed frowned, nodding his head as if he was picturing what Aaron was saying in his mind.
  46. Boxer, I said, picturing the man with the polka-dot bow tie in his buttoned-up office.
  47. I stared at the door lock, picturing it unlocking, and was rewarded with a satisfying click.
  48. Picturing his daughter in the morning sickness mode was already starting to cause him chills.
  49. I kept picturing her not knowing what to do with all my suits and athletic equipment and all.
  50. Picturing everyday life in Jerusalem70CE was different now from what it had been with only the.
  51. He was picturing his flannel sheets, picturing himself in bed, talking to Diondra on the phone.
  52. That way, picturing the inevitable end, she felt much less nervous, and able to be affectionate.
  53. He inhaled deeply, salivating at the aroma of her blood and picturing the throbbing vein of her.
  54. He gazed out the window, picturing himself gently leaping from cloud to cloud as they descended Juneau.
  55. I kept picturing his brow-less brows raised as he laughed with joy through his nose about our victory.
  56. She was quite clearly picturing me, in that same chair, where I sit day after day, playing with my dick.
  57. And she was continually picturing them to herself, at one moment each separately, and then both together.
  58. It’s just, I just have a hard time picturing you out there alone with some of the stories I have heard.
  59. It showed him the mistake men make in picturing to themselves happiness as the realization of their desires.
  60. I'd spent much of the previous night picturing him on one, made of white marble and carved in the Roman style.
  61. She forced her breath out slowly and softly, picturing the look of her table when the trial seemed at its best.
  62. Last night while Lydia was watching TV with Rick, she had zoned out, picturing herself standing by Paul’s grave.
  63. In the morning, Maria had no regrets and was surprised to catch herself picturing something long-term between them.
  64. Picturing the vampire queen, she relaxed her finger, releasing the arrow and hitting her target in the bull’s-eye.
  65. Master Andreya, please show them this, said Kellyn as she started mentally picturing all kinds of horrid creatures.
  66. This gets back to picturing a universe without other humans and you get a pretty simplified idea of what truth is about.
  67. He thought of his uncle as Reggie, picturing him as the mismatched suit of armor that had watched him all his young life.
  68. More than that, he knew he would never be able to convey it, either by writing or by picturing it in his mind for another.
  69. Picturing your customers makes it easier to understand what your customers want, rather than writing to the faceless them.
  70. He said his other job was working with computers, but I still have trouble picturing him sitting in front of a screen all day.
  71. Charly thanked her warmly, picturing herself in front of Clay Feister, his beady eyes popping with surprise as she bought a CD.
  72. I have found it difficult, when looking at any two species, to avoid picturing to myself forms DIRECTLY intermediate between them.
  73. As he walked toward the East Door, he couldn’t stop picturing Winston in a dark corner of the barn, gnawing on raw pigs’ feet.
  74. This they could achieve by picturing in the local media that the Indian writing in English was making waves everywhere in the West.
  75. As they hung up, she was picturing the way he looked in the gym… but then she caught sight of the roses again, as well as the card.
  76. As there is an aversion to picturing and emotionally connecting to ones own death, then this maintains a natural level of resistance.
  77. Picturing the structure in which he wanted to rebuild that part of the ground into, Clastaan send this into the transmutation energy.
  78. He sat awhile in the hut joyfully recalling the details of his expedition and vividly picturing to himself what would happen next day.
  79. I kept picturing myself catching him at it, and how I'd smash his head on the stone steps till he was good and goddam dead and bloody.
  80. Can you hear me? he asked, picturing the words in his mind, mentally throwing them out to her in some way he could never have explained.
  81. Now I wished for that ice ax with an almost pathological fervor, picturing it sitting uselessly in the PCT hiker free box in Sierra City.
  82. While my confidence grew as I got older, I still had trouble picturing me being used like the great men in the Bible stories I would share.
  83. As she stroked and caressed she pushed the guilt of her straying imagination aside, picturing herself the confused heroine in an epic romance.
  84. Mitchell watched the three boys gasping for another precious breath, picturing his father�s face on the oversized catcher, with the loose lips.
  85. This horror had in his youth set him pondering on dueling, and picturing himself in a position in which he would have to expose his life to danger.
  86. Picturing the future of the unsaved with all the horror that words can employ, an eternity of woe and misery, and everlasting existence of torture.
  87. Jake stood beside his father, a freckle-faced, sandy-haired man, who, unfortunately, I couldn’t look at without picturing him weeping after coitus.
  88. He stood on the spot picturing his dad’s good looks, (they used to say he was a dead ringer for Dirk Bogarde), and Stan’s endlessly fuming pipe.
  89. He was a very good skater and all, but I couldn't enjoy it much because I kept picturing him practicing to be a guy that roller-skates on the stage.
  90. Students of this sham science are very fond of picturing to themselves such a state of affairs; but there has never been such a condition in the world.
  91. Nevertheless, in mentally picturing the plane scenario, automatically sends his energy to the next stage, which is to collect how he feels emotionally.
  92. If he backs off the picturing and changes his images, the fear will dissipate, but it will not dissolve and next time it will resurface for experiencing.
  93. The strand hung there for a second, before she realized, then she pulled it out, Ben picturing the noodle still half down her throat, tickling its way up.
  94. A very sick person, muttered Casey, but her mind was already miles away, picturing squeezing her parents tight and telling them everything would be okay.
  95. Glancing up at the dead dinosaurs, and picturing that Trevain considered them more passionate than she was, she suddenly found herself doubling over in laughter.
  96. Juko stared up at the Emperor's seats and, picturing the Decanus standing where Posides was, took Kai's spear from out of his hand and launched it into the stands.
  97. He was picturing the waters of the Little Neva swollen in the night, Petrovsky Island, the wet paths, the wet grass, the wet trees and bushes and at last the bush.
  98. He was picturing the waters of the Little Neva swollen in the night, Petrovsky Island, the wet paths, the wet grass, the wet trees and bushes and at last the bush….
  99. It did not enter his head that he was in love with Natasha; he was not thinking about her, but only picturing her to himself, and in consequence all life appeared in a new light.
  100. I was seething on the inside, picturing little Nathan last night so worried about his mother, making me promise to make sure she was safe while meeting this vile man, his father.
  1. Once I have pictured in my.
  2. It was then that I pictured.
  3. Sitting in class, I pictured.
  4. She pictured it, running hard.
  5. Not what I pictured he’d.
  6. I had pictured him so wonderful.
  7. Elowen easily pictured the scene.
  8. She pictured herself kissing them.
  9. The Shoulderstand is pictured in.
  10. That was how I pictured our group.
  11. She pictured umpteen police cars.
  12. He shut his eyes and pictured home.
  13. Not pictured: the bride’s brother.
  14. As he pummeled her, I pictured her.
  15. He pictured the mountains and Viella.
  16. He pictured himself as a paragon of.
  17. I never pictured myself in the dog-.
  18. I pictured my mother chained to a rock.
  19. The 1-inch crystal pictured above is a.
  20. He pictured Truman and himself reunited.
  21. Money Methods is pictured here with her.
  22. He pictured her young face and young body.
  23. He pictured Catherine Quaid smiling at him.
  24. Nothing was the way that I’d pictured it.
  25. The woman pictured on the card seems very.
  26. The author pictured standing naked by a pond.
  27. You have pictured conditions as you see them.
  28. He pictured a ninety year-old guy hot-tubbing.
  29. He pictured the only Anuunaki he had ever met.
  30. Fred pictured himself at the wheel of a truck.
  31. I pictured Sohrab filling it with warm water.
  32. I never had you pictured as a heavy metal fan.
  33. Carla pictured how she would position the gismo.
  34. Photos and words pictured the scene of the crime.
  35. Castilla) and two lions (for León) are pictured.
  36. Learn to read this pattern, pictured in Figure 5.
  37. He’d pictured the sun shining brightly, and a.
  38. Thomas is pictured under the name of Saint Jerome.
  39. Armageddon and conspiracy theories never pictured.
  40. It’s all exactly as you pictured it, Yazadril.
  41. I pictured his face in my mind and focused on that.
  42. The metaphorical view of is Hell is pictured as a.
  43. He squeezed his eyes shut and pictured his children.
  44. Abraham’s bosom is a place pictured as far off.
  45. His grandfather's great grandfather had pictured it.
  46. A different male pictured, not the one with the wig.
  47. Jesse mentally pictured the three bedrooms available.
  48. I closed my eyes and pictured a healthy brain in my.
  49. She pictured the two together in the Island View Hotel.
  50. Mike smiled as he pictured that scene, then kissed her.
  51. As I pictured their shocked faces, we stopped abruptly.
  52. He’d pictured her in a dozen outfits on his journeys.
  53. When I first started that’s exactly how I pictured it.
  54. Though the Lord is pictured riding a white horse near.
  55. She grinned and pictured a horse reined in by its rider.
  56. Pictured is Canada’s Wayne Middaugh at the 2012 event.
  57. He had pictured their mission as being basically simple.
  58. The redeemed are pictured in an eternity of glory – a.
  59. God which Ezekiel pictured as a resurrection of the dead.
  60. He then pictured himself as a modern day Job of the Bible.
  61. Unbidden, his mind pictured the tower at Wizards’ Keep.
  62. He pictured her as he had seen her at Fountain Plaza the.
  63. Then he pictured the military base, coils of barbed wire.
  64. My stomach twisted as I pictured him dying under my hands.
  65. I pictured my wrists going through the shackles with ease.
  66. Not all of the main players were pictured, but there was.
  67. Closing her eyes, she pictured them together, becoming one.
  68. Theo pictured a round, pale friendly face at the other end.
  69. She pictured herself running, getting help from a motorist.
  70. Forcing a smile, I pictured Cassius in front of me instead.
  71. Anton Clegg, pictured left, died in traumatic circumstances.
  72. She was thirteen then, and she pictured a lonely future for.
  73. They were pictured as tiny particles, indivisible and solid.
  74. Consider for a moment the pinball maze pictured in Figure 6-1.
  75. We can exclusively reveal that the gentlemen pictured here.
  76. I had a sinking feeling as I pictured what would have happened.
  77. I pictured all the trucks that went in and out of the facility.
  78. Now that you have your friend pictured, imagine them as the man.
  79. He always pictured a blue ‘U’ on his forehead shaped like a.
  80. She pictured her terror as a festering wound below a fresh scab.
  81. I pictured grabbing the tin pot and smashing it across his face.
  82. She pictured her own name on a matching headstone next to Anne’s.
  83. Father of Lies, is pictured as a fork-tongued (dual tongued) snake.
  84. I pictured having dinner as we gazed at the sea of twinkling lights.
  85. Alex wanted to laugh at the scene he pictured in his mind: Charity.
  86. He grinned to himself as he pictured her in some very explicit poses.
  87. Dante pictured the devil as a three headed beast that was frozen in.
  88. He pictured black horses standing all saddled in the shadows of the.
  89. The smoggy pink sky pictured there was unmistakably not Scotland’s.
  90. He pictured them stuck on the reef and wondered about their next move.
  91. Janet couldn’t help smile in amusement as she mentally pictured that.
  92. Blakey pictured the look on Corrine’s face of watching her gape at a.
  93. Consistent with his self-absorbed nature, he pictured but one sufferer.
  94. Her poetic and excited mind pictured it as the soul of her grandmother.
  95. I pictured Walt standing next to me, preferably without an arrow in him.
  96. I pictured the world in my head as a globe, like Alistair had suggested.
  97. I pictured her being like her mother, raised on the farm, goes to church.
  98. It was less imposing than I’d pictured, the few times I’d pictured it.
  99. Never in a million years would I have pictured the last day like this.
  100. The first stage of the Plough Posture is pictured in figure 44, page 137.
  1. I got a few pictures.
  2. I went to the pictures.
  3. As Good as the Pictures.
  4. He pictures the lust of.
  5. He saw pictures his mind.
  6. Old pictures make me sad.
  7. I mean, she had pictures.
  8. They can only see pictures.
  9. Except for a few pictures.
  10. She'd seen pictures of it.
  11. Bounce the pictures off it.
  12. Paint pictures in the sand.
  13. For pictures of the floods.
  14. I'll send you some pictures.
  15. Morse looked at the pictures.
  16. Drawing pictures in the sand.
  17. The pictures were very clear.
  18. Sure, they drew pictures of.
  19. And I must have seen pictures.
  20. Ma took pictures of everything.
  21. I will text you pictures and.
  22. Taking pictures on the corner.
  23. Pictures were speaking to her.
  24. She took several pictures of.
  25. Shooting pictures in the city.
  26. I pictures spending the rest.
  27. Here is one of his pictures:.
  28. I can’t wait until pictures.
  29. Sorry, could not take pictures.
  30. I was taking pictures of Larry.
  31. I don’t need these pictures.
  32. I started by snapping pictures.
  33. She knew all that from pictures.
  34. Include pictures of the rewards.
  35. Vague mental pictures came to.
  36. None of the pictures were good.
  37. Pin pictures that are humorous.
  38. King rifled through the pictures.
  39. They took some pictures and left.
  40. Her other pictures were of her.
  41. This woman is in both pictures.
  42. He looked through the pictures.
  43. Macaroni pictures on the fridge.
  44. There are pictures of Mensae of.
  45. The pictures danced and dithered.
  46. And send me pictures of the baby.
  47. The pictures we see tell us that.
  48. But the pictures make it clearer.
  49. I can't wait to see the pictures.
  50. I examined the dangling pictures.
  51. Well, you’ve seen the pictures.
  52. Tim’s dad selected two pictures.
  53. I’ve only seen pictures of him.
  54. Pictures of other folks who have.
  55. I had to destroy those pictures!.
  56. We’d take pictures along the way.
  57. It will take pictures of my brain.
  58. Here are the pictures in question.
  59. Jessie and had some pictures taken.
  60. There were pictures all over the.
  61. So did penguins dance in pictures.
  62. Marty had seen pictures and read.
  63. Use words and pictures that show.
  64. And they hadn't taken any pictures.
  65. There were pictures, she said.
  66. He was rebuked for taking pictures.
  67. Pictures that will help give your.
  68. Her locker was covered in pictures.
  69. I recognized her from the pictures.
  70. What happened to the pictures?
  71. It was referred to as the pictures.
  72. One of the pictures caught his eye.
  73. It’s the pictures that got small.
  74. Flint was handing me more pictures.
  75. A few pictures remained on the walls.
  76. Share pictures with photo galleries.
  78. He was lost in the colored pictures.
  79. These pictures were in water-colours.
  80. There were no pictures on the walls.
  81. Tony took lots of pictures of Anna.
  82. People took pictures and threw rice.
  83. I looked at the pictures on the wall.
  84. He would pass their pictures around.
  85. Then and there remain only pictures.
  86. No pictures of Chris and his family.
  87. This will have all my pictures of….
  88. Family pictures were up on the walls.
  89. You cut out pictures of the car you.
  90. Remember to attach pictures of your.
  91. On the walls were pictures of alien.
  92. He had seen their pictures and read.
  93. You have the pictures of his notes.
  94. Here are my before and after pictures.
  95. You can’t take pictures in here.
  96. The process of making mental pictures.
  97. I stare at the pictures for a moment.
  98. The pictures appeared on the displays.
  99. She saw the pictures as if she were.
  100. Faillace had taken pictures and movie.

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