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Frasi con edge (in inglese)

  1. She was at the edge.
  2. I pause on the edge.
  3. On the edge of his.
  4. At the edge of land.
  5. At the edge of this.

  6. But I like the edge.
  7. She had lost her edge.
  8. Keeps your ear on edge.
  9. The edge of the cliff.
  10. The sharp edge of the.
  11. When I’m on the edge.
  12. No, Louise had the edge.
  13. As an edge of the knife.
  14. He held me on that edge.
  15. Her nerves were on edge.

  16. On the edge was a diner.
  17. Just at the water's edge.
  18. At the edge of the cane.
  19. He pushed it over the edge.
  20. Pirate crawled to the edge.
  21. He ran to the edge of the.
  22. Bring me to the ships edge.
  23. The whole squad was on edge.
  24. On its edge, close to the.
  25. On the outside edge of the.

  26. She was at the edge of the.
  27. Come to the edge, he said.
  28. His fatigue dulled his edge.
  29. Grover crept toward the edge.
  30. An edge crept into his voice.
  31. Sitting on the edge of the.
  32. At the far edge of my sanity.
  33. And his nerves were on edge.
  34. He clutched at the edge of.
  35. Talons edge split your skin.
  36. Her voice had an edge to it.
  37. The boat tipped over the edge.
  38. Didn’t have an edge for it.
  39. We rushed to the cliff's edge.
  40. I sat on the edge of the bed.
  41. He sat at the edge of my bed.
  42. Tony ran to the edge of the.
  43. That metaphor is a two edge.
  44. He followed her over the edge.
  45. He sat on the edge of the bed.
  46. Three low cots hugged the edge.
  47. I sat at the edge of her seat.
  48. She sat on the edge of his bed.
  49. His voice was on the edge of.
  50. Greenland is the western edge.
  51. I sat at the edge in the red.
  52. He approached the edge of the.
  53. I’m at the edge of my sanity.
  55. Jai was on the edge of his seat.
  56. My knee hit the edge of a step.
  57. We’ve reached the other edge.
  58. Ego on the edge of a sphere—.
  59. Yes! I soon stood on the edge.
  60. He looked over to the edge of.
  61. This was the edge of the Namib.
  62. Over the edge of a firm breast.
  63. A prophecy on the edge of fear;.
  64. He sat me on the edge of the bed.
  65. Outer edge of the ring and form.
  66. Tam came to the edge of his seat.
  67. She sounds irritated and on edge.
  68. She felt on edge with each step.
  69. I started to edge out of the bar.
  70. Without edge I said 'That's good.
  71. I was on the edge of my seat now.
  72. He peered over the edge of the.
  73. This gives us an edge over our.
  74. In a cell at the edge of town.
  75. She went to the edge of the path.
  76. Gary slid to the edge of his seat.
  77. They drive them to the very edge.
  78. He placed his hands on the edge.
  79. The water's edge that again had.
  80. He looked over the edge where Lt.
  81. No, she hasn’t lost her edge.
  82. We were on the edge of potential.
  83. He was definitely on the edge!.
  84. Lov walked to the edge of the fire.
  85. Lives on the edge with no regrets.
  87. Rinkytink soldiers by the edge of.
  88. That in itself gives us some edge.
  89. I lean over the edge of the couch.
  90. Jessica set at the edge of her bed.
  91. They were at the edge of the park.
  92. Vic always put the tailor on edge.
  93. He stood there on the edge of the.
  94. At the edge of the eye, it lurked.
  95. He turned at the edge of the woods.
  96. We were at the edge of the bridge.
  97. At the edge of this big dark hole.
  98. Jillian came up to the edge as I.
  99. The edge of the thickets is 150ft.
  100. Look, we’re here at the edge of.
  1. That’s the problem with edging.
  2. Suddenly he was edging up beside my plane.
  3. So edging would mean nothing without the.
  4. It was somewhere to her left and edging closer.
  5. When the nitrates started edging up so too were.
  6. Glue the thin side edging pieces to the top and.
  7. Nestled within the wooden edging was a small door.
  8. The Knot turned their horses and began edging away.
  9. Edging is a cross between masturbating and jelqing.
  10. My turn was edging closer and I knew the game was up.
  11. Edging to the northwest of Rhodes, and trying to avoid.
  12. He made it to a half sit edging up the wall with his good arm.
  13. The children started in on their chores as Don finished edging.
  14. The med techs hung back, edging their way back to the elevators.
  15. Her instinct was to edge away, but she would not stoop to edging.
  16. He could feel her edging closer but he didn't much as blink an eye.
  17. His tongue thrust deep inside her, edging her to a wonderful death.
  18. Edging forward to investigate, the glow increased, so too the noise.
  19. Rani was slowly edging away, he prayed for her to turn in his direction.
  20. With a sensually cut neckline, the lace edging near her breasts played.
  21. The sun was edging its way into the sky and there was a thick condensed.
  22. The main difference between jelqing and Edging is the speed of the stroke.
  23. In Edging strokes are more swift, lasting perhaps only half a second each.
  24. He had noticed Terry edging slowly forward towards his brother from behind.
  25. Two zombies were edging closer to Eva, who looked annoyed more than anything.
  26. Philander, tut, tut! said Professor Porter, edging cautiously nearer to Mr.
  27. Pyotr Petrovitch, edging by her, went to the opposite corner where Sonia was.
  28. They should’ve never given you up, I repeated, anger edging my voice.
  29. What? What's wrong with me? I demanded in a voice edging towards panic.
  30. Roy was edging back, suffering from his Siegfried syndrome, dearly remembered.
  31. Your team is here, Sicarius said, a hint of bemusement edging his voice.
  32. The clouds over the west had lost the red edging now, and the cores were black.
  33. A wonderful fan of feathers to match the down edging gave the finishing touch.
  34. They seemed to be slowly edging toward an unseen foe with swords at the ready.
  35. He turned to see the Innkeeper edging toward the door and unsheathed his sword.
  36. The pack were edging towards the dragon, stil protecting each other in a circle.
  37. Raphael sat up, edging close enough to lay a hand on the shoulder of his friend.
  38. Why is that policeman edging up to me? We have only just run away from one of them.
  39. What else would you do? Merthin was edging the conversation towards marriage, a.
  40. The children moved closer with elaborate circuitousness, edging inward in long curves.
  41. When Julie wasn’t calling for something, Martha was edging me off my side of the bed.
  42. A gathering of low flowers grew at my feet, their barely pink petals edging the rocks.
  43. Amaranthe tightened her parka against a breeze that whipped at the fur edging her hood.
  44. Chris shuddered, a really creepy feeling edging down his spine as he turned the tape off.
  45. Rampaging through the opposition, he felt his shade edging further into him than was safe.
  46. After about three minutes of edging along on his hands and knees he came to another cave.
  47. And at last Jim came edging up and stood at the edge of the shadow and said, 'Who is it?'.
  48. Presently there was the slight hush and edging away which follows the entry of a royal party.
  49. By now we were lazily edging our way over the building and I nudged Uncle Hobart in the ribs.
  50. Any news on whoever shot up Cat’s house? Carolee asked, concern edging into her voice.
  51. She could see the driver edging away from Goodwood, increasing the angle she had to respond to.
  52. Alex lets out the clutch and the car rolls forward gently, edging up to the bumper of the Sierra.
  53. If not used when masturbating, the best position for Edging in your routine is after your workout.
  54. The Elite was ready and Billy knew it was time to start edging the regular military into the new.
  55. And now here he was, back on the island, edging his way passed the filters, looking for that hatch.
  56. Carius, all the while, was himself edging after her, following the footsteps he was certain he heard.
  57. One hit into Momma Bear as she was edging along the fight, heading towards the underground entrance.
  58. High above, red flames extend across the sky, edging toward the horizon that lays far in the distance.
  59. I pulled the car up next to the long line of vehicles edging the path and sat with the engine running.
  60. The candle, wasted at last, went out; as it expired, I perceived streaks of grey light edging the window.
  61. There it was, with the broad voluptuous drapery of lace hanging from the shoulders and the edging of down.
  62. Warch’s men were edging in Wicka’s direction while one of the ISI men doubling as a waiter started toward Taj.
  63. Peter was becoming infuriated, but simultaneously, he was slowly edging towards taking the side of the quiz takers.
  64. She kept edging toward the dock’s lip, but he made sure to stay between her and the street, lest she try to bolt.
  65. Maybe fifteen or more, she said slowly, her mind edging toward an idea that was nothing short of blasphemous.
  66. Using Edging whenever you masturbate or after your workout could really help you gaining both flaccid and erect girth.
  67. Edging toward the actual cave mouth she leapt up and down, waving frantically at the patrol until the changed direction.
  68. The spot on the sea was still torn with white water and a spread of shimmering oil was edging out from the disturbance.
  69. Mr Hadley looked at his wife and they turned and looked back at the beasts edging slowly forward, crouching, tails stiff.
  70. As the strings came to the opening of the edging to the roadside, they whispered to each other in their high pitched shrieks.
  71. Some confusion, however, was apparent in the enemy ranks as enemy ships started edging away from their established perimeter.
  72. As they came around the bend and into the final stretch, the Cal freshmen tried to rally, edging their rate up to thirty-four.
  73. Edging closer he can see arms and legs being fitted as the trunk of the robot is moved forward slowly along the conveyor belt.
  74. He propped himself up on one elbow and sniffed up a little more snow, the bad feeling edging back towards the back of his mind.
  75. He was not far from the crest when, edging around the shoulder of a jutting crag, he heard the clink of shod hoofs ahead of him.
  76. I heard a loud groan and someone, something, shuffling through the diner, edging closer to the four of us hiding in the tiny office.
  77. The Pirates started off by edging New York, 6-4, but the Yankees bounced back in the next two games with thrashings of 16-3 and 10-0.
  78. As he wove his way in and out of the bulrushes edging the riverbank, Darkburst's mind returned to the spiders that had saved his life in the tunnel.
  79. The shoulder straps are made of silky satin and both pieces are finished with shimmery scalloped edging and come in colors of steel or French blue.
  80. Maybe next time we’ll have a chance to discuss our mutual interest in vampires, Stefan said as they began edging toward the end of the aisle.
  81. Even as they stood over the body it began to vanish, for the vegetation was edging in upon it, little vines and ivy and creepers, and even flowers for the dead.
  82. Field edging hedgerow spotted with brazen blackberry blossom, petals white against the green, issued a mute warning of the shorter, colder days that were to come.
  83. The big cat was stalking him again, edging him nearer the door, almost as though the animal was somehow communicating with those outside, herding him towards them.
  84. I had argued with our statistician, Dr Rajeeva Karandikar of the Chennai Mathematical Institute, that maybe we should be edging the NDA closer to the 300-seat mark.
  85. By edging my way along the mattress I could position myself opposite where I thought the bucket should be and then I shuffled forward onto the rough concrete floor.
  86. Still the "chucker-out" kept thrusting his chest forward at him, still he kept edging back, until he was in the doorway and on the steps outside; then he turned round.
  87. You are not perhaps aware, he continued, edging his chair a little nearer the table, and speaking low, that there was a lady—a—a lunatic, kept in the house?
  88. Instead he continued edging towards the ship, wondering how the passengers would react to being told they were the only humans left in existence, if they were indeed alive.
  89. They moved in and out of our station's defenses for protection, looking for an opening to jump from the system but the Harbinger kept edging it out and closing that window.
  90. The youthful midshipman stared at him, eyes wild in a filthy, powder-stained face, and Haigyl pointed at the topsails edging closer behind another howling salvo of chain shot.
  91. For it would only mean that she would be at a dilemma: lay there with him edging only inches away from her or spite herself and sleep sitting up in the armchair by the fireplace.
  92. We struck the raft at the same time, and in less than two seconds we was gliding down stream, all dark and still, and edging towards the middle of the river, nobody saying a word.
  93. Jereriah’s interest in me, and the things that I said, began penetrating within him, as more and more questions were asked; and them edging towards the things I knew about the Lord.
  94. But sensing his lack of comprehension it told him in English every precautionary measure it was taking to counter the ship’s mysterious effects, as its thrusters were edging him nearer.
  95. Seventy-five thousand people rose to their feet and for the first time started to get a look at the boats edging toward them, down the gray expanse of the Langer See, like so many long, narrow spiders.
  96. It was late afternoon edging into evening as I sat at one of the tables in the canteen, keeping as far from Vaughn as possible in case whoever was targeting me decided to take her out just by association.
  97. Yes sir, and as quickly as the young officer turned, the conscript disappeared round a bend in the corridor and into the cabin she'd been edging toward when the Quartermaster cornered and accused her.
  98. There was a pair of white flannel slacks; a white straw boater with a blue hatband; a crisp white dress shirt; white socks with red, white, and blue edging; white leather shoes; and a blue-striped necktie.
  99. But what is the edging of blacker smoke that hangs along its lower side, and which you may trace down into the thicket of hazel? 'Tis from a fire; but one that, in my judgment, has been suffered to burn low.
  100. I suppose the private sector, because the special interest problem we talked about would likely cause many low-return projects to be undertaken by government, I ventured, edging toward the peanut butter cookies in the kitchen.
  1. I edged away from him.
  2. The Two - Edged Sward.
  3. He edged toward the door.
  4. Ramona edged closer to me.
  5. Jack edged along the wall.
  6. I edged her up the stairs.
  7. He edged toward the voices.
  9. The other children edged away.
  10. She edged forward on her chair.
  11. Prissy edged back up the stairs.
  12. The creature edged into the room.
  13. The sword of God is a two edged.
  14. Claire edged her way out the door.
  15. Dodgers edged the Atlanta Braves.
  16. The soldier edged closer to Halon.
  17. He edged along the path a few feet.
  18. Lydia edged her foot toward the gas.
  19. Ash edged himself closer to Carter.
  20. The minion slowly edged towards the.
  21. It was the silence of edged patience.
  22. I took his arm and edged him forwards.
  23. Sheah edged back, pulling me with her.
  24. Seated at his left, I edged a bit away.
  25. She edged forward and turned Mitsy over.
  26. Oh, such a double edged sword I weave.
  27. With one hand, he edged the blankets up.
  28. They cautiously edged forward to the rim.
  29. They edged across the bridge very slowly.
  30. Bit of a double edged sword on this post.
  31. John cautiously edged his way to the door.
  32. Foley edged towards it, and cocked an ear.
  33. Doug edged back towards the door, frowning.
  34. Yukino edged a little further over the side.
  35. Moving through this hard edged desperation.
  36. They edged closer to the stairs cutting a.
  37. Pale blue trim edged the windows and doors.
  38. At last, with a sigh, Flannery edged forward.
  39. The curving blade was edged only on one side.
  40. It was only by reflex that he edged forward.
  41. The sword of God is a two edged sword as we.
  42. Meanwhile, Calcium edged up to the tunnel’s.
  43. The Chief and the Mayor edged forward to look.
  44. He held the sharp double edged knife up to her.
  45. The boats, in a long line, edged up the stream.
  46. I edged around the building and started it up.
  47. Willie edged forward to see what was happening.
  48. His voice was thin and edged with nervousness.
  49. This lag is a double edged sword: as earnings.
  50. Fear edged Mike’s voice, and his eyes widened.
  51. Shiva edged up on his elbows, kissing her again.
  52. He edged into the building, his shoulders drawn.
  53. On leaving the room I carefully edged the door.
  54. With trepidation the multitude edged closer one.
  55. She slowly edged her way around the small ledge.
  56. The children edged off from the rocket, stumbling.
  57. Carrie edged closer to the finish line where she.
  58. She edged carefully across the yard to the back.
  59. When she’d finally edged out, he picked her up.
  60. Carrie frowned slightly as reality edged into her.
  61. She edged toward the door, listening for several.
  62. Stop doing that! Jags edged towards the door.
  63. He edged over two more streets and checked the dot.
  64. The fairground proper was edged by a low dry-stone.
  65. Go across the hill in an edged traverse, but side-.
  66. Elowen clung to the rope handrails and edged along.
  67. Then he edged closer and studied the animal some more.
  68. Stoke edged closer to a torn curtain and stared out.
  69. She edged towards him and took his other hand in hers.
  70. Sensing his mood, they edged away and melted into the.
  71. Eyes alight with determination; she edged through the.
  72. I edged a few steps away, then turned and began to run.
  73. The snake-truck and I edged through walls of new sound.
  74. He edged up to Trillian and asked her what wasgoing on.
  75. She edged next to Homer, until their arms were touching.
  76. He edged a little closer along the trolley, brushing a.
  77. The fishermen and merchants on the quay edged away from.
  78. Very cautiously she edged her way through the arch in a.
  79. Rhone edged forward on his cushion to probe her cryptic.
  80. Eilidh edged closer to Fionn and drew a snap from Kearney.
  81. As the night wore on, fear was slowly edged out by anger.
  82. Three, white edged, wounds had been opened up in his skin.
  83. I edged toward the chair in front of his desk, trying not.
  84. The truck edged slowly over the big hump and into the road.
  85. Cautiously, he edged down the passage towards the golden.
  86. Rather than slink away, he edged to the front of the crowd.
  87. When he released me a little I edged sideways towards the.
  88. She edged closer to him and he put his arm around her waist.
  89. The captain carried a two edged short sword with a rounded.
  90. I gingerly edged closer to the window and tried to open it.
  91. Nadelek’s eyes widened and he slowly edged away from the.
  92. Bjorgolf edged up the steps, his axe at the ready; like a.
  93. Turning the corner whilst staying low, he edged towards the.
  94. I edged toward Philippos, who’d raced in just ahead of me.
  95. Slowly ascending the stairs, he cautiously edged around the.
  96. In a low, edged voice, he said, I’m not letting you go.
  97. Polly edged up to the griffin and gently patted its feathers.
  98. Mick edged slowly along the roof, his feet in two inches of.
  99. But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two edged sword.
  100. He edged slowly towards Barret and Tifa at the centre of the.
  1. Flute edges with a fork.
  2. What are the two edges.
  3. The edges of the train.
  4. Press the edges of the.
  5. Wet the edges and press.
  6. They joined at the edges.
  7. Moisten the edges of the.
  8. I can’t see the edges.
  9. Yet still the outer edges.
  10. The edges of the bay were.
  11. It was decayed at the edges.
  12. Fold over the edges to seal.
  13. Seal edges; cut slits in top.
  14. Christina edges closer to me.
  15. I cut linoleum edges around.
  16. Yes, at the outermost edges.
  17. I looked at the edges of the.
  18. Having two edges means it has.
  19. These rocks have sharp edges.
  20. Somewhere ages and edges hence:.
  21. With its rounded edges and hard.
  22. The edges of his lips turn upward.
  23. The edges will tear and strain.
  24. Press the edges together and fry.
  25. It had navy trim around the edges.
  26. To cut, loosen edges with a knife.
  27. Spread chocolate to edges of cups.
  28. Grime caked the edges of the walls.
  29. Thorne kept intruding on the edges.
  30. The edges of its grooves were worn.
  31. I suggest you start at the edges.
  32. Edges will be ragged, this is okay.
  33. The hand-woven outer edges of the.
  34. Piles of dirt grew around the edges.
  35. Sculpted at the edges of castle deep.
  36. Stephen touched the edges of the book.
  37. With only bits of the edges outlined.
  38. The stars fall with razor sharp edges.
  39. Smooth the edges to prevent splinters.
  40. Locke ran his fingers along its edges.
  41. Flat tones and hard edges are avoided.
  42. Enzo wraps the edges of his bo staff.
  43. Skirt around the edges of the garden.
  44. Stir and fry until brown at the edges.
  45. Press and flute edges of the pie dough.
  46. Now he was simply filling in the edges.
  47. The edges of wildness intruded on her.
  48. He’s a little rough around the edges.
  49. Prissy was crouched and about the edges.
  50. At the inner reaches and the outer edges.
  51. Bushes lined the outer edges, with odd.
  52. The edges of it were too sharp to touch.
  53. The path of Ts from s to v has i edges.
  54. She smoothed down the edges of her skirt.
  55. Not oriented graph: 2*E edges to examine.
  56. Take me to where the neglected edges twine.
  57. A golden glow fanned out at the cloud edges.
  58. Moisture froze to the edges of his windows.
  59. It was still smoking and black on the edges.
  60. Darkness threatened the edges of her vision.
  61. Morris, richard, The edges of Science, 1990.
  62. I walked along the torn edges of her spirit.
  63. Carefully, he lifted the canvas by its edges.
  64. It was old and faded, wrinkled at the edges.
  65. Edges, the importance of the subject of, 198.
  66. Its edges are all fraying, wearing with time.
  67. Desperation darkened the edges of her vision.
  68. Red mist creeps along the edges of his vision.
  69. You’re talking of sharp edges, honed to cut.
  70. I looked down, touching the burned edges of it.
  71. It always exists on the edges of civilization.
  72. Look, it’s all blackened around the edges.
  73. His mind is full of sharp edges and dark roads.
  74. Venetian painters, and the music of edges, 193.
  75. The edges are undermined and it needs exposure.
  76. It is thick, with a worn cover and frayed edges.
  77. Place on top of the pie, crimping the edges of.
  78. Rough around the edges but we'll smooth 'em out.
  79. The many faces of the stone had sharp edges as.
  80. The one on your altar had the edges burned away.
  81. In response, the edges of my mouth rose into a.
  82. Most had sprung leaks as the edges disintegrated.
  83. The moist dog food had darkened around the edges.
  84. Brush the edges of the pastry with the egg yoke.
  85. He edges forward slowly and peers into the gloom.
  86. Every path from s to v in Gs has at least i edges.
  87. The poorly defined edges were constantly changing.
  88. What he could see were the sharp edges of a pile.
  89. The kind that has a hint of fear around the edges.
  90. Sometimes they have sharp edges or projections on.
  91. The edges of the flood were lined with yellow foam.
  92. Alongside the road edges on both sides, spaced in.
  93. Its edges are near the outer flanges of the ridges.
  94. Small waves lap over the edges and run into drains.
  95. The edges crumbled off under his clutching fingers.
  96. It was moving at the edges of obsession and sanity.
  97. Happiness and sadness are edges of the same sword!.
  98. There’s a few rough edges but Axel could fix them.
  99. The edges of the poster were no longer shiny white.
  100. This time, as she pulled, the edges buckled outward.

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