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    1. The people there must be on edge after seeing the fires this morning

    2. Mindless of his feet in the snow, he was drawn down the path to the edge of the bluff, drawn to where he could get the best possible view of the end of the world

    3. Dusting is best for crawling pests such as snails and slugs, spiders, snakes, rats, gophers (place into tunnels), ants, fleas (outdoors only), and will keep, rabbits, deer and coyotes away (sprinkle around property edge)

    4. The waters rose to the edge of the roof and still the man sat on the roof until another rowboat came by and another man told him to get in

    5. I'd say this is probably an outer swap crossing on the edge of that city

    6. ‘How far did you go?’ he asked, the pain giving his voice an edge you could cut steel with

    7. They stopped at the edge and peered out

    8. You told me that you were really close … what if he couldn’t handle the breakdown of relations between you? If then the marriage/family thing went up the creek, that could have pushed him over the edge

    9. slightly, their teeth inexplicably on edge, the old man spoke once more in a soft voice

    10. ‘Oh Stephen!’ I said, the laugh on the edge of my voice obvious

    11. ‘Why? Who are you?’ she asked, an edge to her voice

    12. A frangipani flowers at the edge of the garden, near the entrance

    13. the far edge of what had once been North Euston Manor Farm, until he found a break

    14. In his fifties, but he had been a powerful Rugby player in his time and still had that aura of invulnerable solid strength that the Rugby boys have, even if his hair was a little grey and his belly bursting out over the edge of his trousers

    15. this on the edge of a chintzy Cotswold village should fetch a whacking price whatever

    16. latrines on the edge of Little

    17. At the edge of the community, they pull up to a long, low concrete-block building roofed with corrugated steel

    18. Look, we’re here at the edge of

    19. fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong,


    21. He’s alive, but his ankle is badly broken, a sharp edge of bone protrudes from the joint

    22. There was a chance that here in this little lost town on the edge of Europe he would find a link to Elissa and that was all that mattered

    23. But the room is not very large and, after a couple of steps, I have the edge of the wardrobe digging into my back

    24. Relieved, he sits on the edge of the bed

    25. the authority which we do not use… Only few of us have touched the edge

    26. saw what she could only describe as a whisker twitch at the edge of that black hood

    27. suckling at pups, standing at the edge of the world baying for the return of her great

    28. I catch a glint of water behind round the edge of a beautifully clipped yew hedge

    29. considered the symphonic disagreement at the edge of the universe and, after a

    30. I tried to relax but there was a horrible dull pounding, like heavy road works, that was setting me on edge

    31. fauna of this long forgotten refrain at the edge of all things, found contentment in the

    32. swatter and buzzed back and forth at the edge of His perception

    33. Out at the edge of an insignificantly flat spiral galaxy, by a minute speck of

    34. ‘We women are at the cutting edge of it most of the time – what with birth and all that

    35. I imagined the space around me to be infinite, falling away from the edges of reality like the seas that tumble over the edge of a flat earth

    36. As I originally thought, he has a house on the edge of the village, though I am not entirely sure where

    37. Here among the ghosts, on the edge of the world, I would not let the bastards see the hurt and pain that burned in my empty stomach

    38. He was still playing with the frayed edge of his shirt cuff

    39. The closest thing that I could hear to the cry of a gull surfing on the edge of the land was the habitual shout of the guard after I had showered

    40. The plants had leaves like North American pond lillies with a ruffle of lavender flowers along the edge, but they were a species of lon, a class of plants that is a local staple crop

    41. A stick whacked at a clump of waist high nettles, sending fragments of the sting-laden leaves scattering across the rough grassland at the edge of the meadow

    42. Well this time the dockmaster was mesmerized as Vatreel aimed the rack toward the shoremen's idle ones, then lifted the whole rack as they glided by and stepped with it, matching his walk along the deck to the drift of the river, til the whole row of bales rolled across and lay resting on their rack while the docksman's chins dropped and he walked half the edge of the deck

    43. the edge of the quicksand, he felt another dagger hit his back

    44. Lucy thought for a moment that she saw what she could only describe as a whisker twitch at the edge of that black hood

    45. ‘Yes, a nice little holding, I’ve always thought, on the edge of a little village called Abery

    46. The taste of him; oh the taste to come, the wetness of his muzzle, the razor edge of his teeth, the fetid and yielding lust on his hot breath as the bite went home

    47. She saw there not the girl, but the she-wolf, the alpha female, in her prime, maned and dripping blood from the kill, suckling at pups, standing at the edge of the world baying for the return of her great lunar matriarch

    48. The road ends at a big plaza on the edge of downtown called Kivara Shig, the low side of this plaza has only six stories of stone or ceramic, the top branches of the other side are thirty stories above it

    49. This would be food that would keep them awhile, a cup would be required and hopefully a table at the edge of the hall

    50. And yes, a table right at the edge so they could sit and look over the back row and see down to the stage

    1. Dodgers edged the Atlanta Braves,

    2. Dodgers edged the Atlanta Braves

    3. He edged a little closer along the trolley, brushing a

    4. The spindle limbed bushes that edged the footpath seemed to

    5. The snake-truck and I edged through walls of new sound

    6. The spindle limbed bushes that edged the footpath seemed to tangle and spin around her, casting her into the middle of a trawling net

    7. swooning with the sway of dry edged palms,

    8. and pointed arches, carve edged and keyed

    9. among hard edged words, when the shape

    10. in search of hard edged witty shit

    11. drives him on along the rough edged black top,

    12. my saw edged feathers

    13. the rough edged wood of her life is unattractive

    14. Archibald edged closer to the cage bars, shrinking back from the papery skin and pallid, baleful glare

    15. ’ He replied, his voice edged with steel

    16. 'Oh Goddess, I offer you this robe edged in gold that you may once again bless us with your favour

    17. wide, wide world bearing fire and sharp edged blades

    18. his face and let out a rough edged, grating cackle

    19. Archibald edged closer to the cage bars, shrinking back from the

    20. habitation, edged by rocks and mudflats

    21. The fairground proper was edged by a low dry-stone

    22. over the side of the low walls that edged the construction

    23. He edged closer

    24. With trepidation the multitude edged closer one

    25. edged stone burrowed to the bone on his last

    26. He edged closer, holding

    27. blowing the spray from the sea over the low walls that edged the

    28. back into the stunted trees which edged the open area next to the

    29. Suddenly the path became an uncertain, narrow causeway edged by threatening tussocks of grass, the sludgy pools between them sucking mouths edged with rotting ferny teeth, just waiting for her to fall into them, to be lost for eternity in their peaty brown depths

    30. stuff on one of the low stone walls that edged the causeway, then

    31. edged the causeway, and desultorily watching the passing traffic

    32. Ready to take to her heels again should the need arise, she slowly edged back along the path

    33. They edged closer to the stairs cutting a

    34. They edged across the bridge very slowly

    35. a nearby cypress tree, edged the horse over to the

    36. Suddenly, a young woman dressed in a beautiful skirt edged with lace came between them

    37. the sidewalk was edged out against the yard

    38. Helen does as she is told, as she has done for the last week, palming a few sachets of Bliss with the doctor's consent and stuffing them into the jacket along with a dull edged paring knife

    39. edged towards the door and beckoned the others to come with her as the monitor and

    40. now had burnt down to short stubs – then edged his way

    41. The soldiers took positions behind the startled council members and froze in place gauntlets gripping the hilts of the jagged edged swords hanging at their sides

    42. Dingle's words were a double edged sword, and he couldn’t tell which edge Mr

    43. Helpless to save them, she watched as a jagged edged sword tore through one of the soldier's breastplate, ripping open a huge horizontal gash along his waist from which the man's innards quickly spilled

    44. I edged toward Philippos, who’d raced in just ahead of me

    45. As soon as she entered the inn the Imperial sprinted over and edged his father out of the way, insisting that he be the one to assist her with her accommodations

    46. She very cautiously edged nearer to it, dodging its snapping jaws and leaping to barely avoid its lashing tail

    47. And as they edged out along the cliff, they saw the falls rushing down into great pools below, the water pouring through grates identical to the one Penelope had stopped to examine earlier

    48. She edged next to Homer, until their arms were touching

    49. Penelope and Mercer watched as more and more Falmer warriors edged DRAFTChapter 15 339

    50. Chancing it she began using the tips of her fingers, elbows and toes as she edged herself backward toward the rear of the returns desk

    1. · Remove throw rugs and tack down the edges of carpets to prevent falls

    2. He had to fiddle with the edges and shift the settings around slightly to detect body heat

    3. ‘What are you grinning at, Mum?’ Emma asked, a smile touching the edges of her mouth

    4. befuddled state he still remembered the tattered edges of reason that came with

    5. that yet carried diamond sharp edges

    6. The road follows a creek with scrubby brush growing along the edges and here and there a small cottonwood tree

    7. Her hands gripped opposite edges of the round table top

    8. Her son's back was still stinging red with the edges of his new art screaming out pain

    9. ‘No, I don’t think so – the cut is too smooth round the edges

    10. between the edges of this black speedway, and yet, as he reached terminal velocity,

    11. combined, water formed as notes tumbled over cosmic cliff edges, and proverbial

    12. edges of the thick cell walls and dissolved the shifting shapes of the man that he had

    13. augment man’s thinly veiled hold on the outer edges of the galaxy

    14. I imagined the space around me to be infinite, falling away from the edges of reality like the seas that tumble over the edge of a flat earth

    15. The soft, almost childish timbre of Smiler’s voice grew hard, diamond-sharp edges

    16. ” He whispered softly, but with steel edges in his voice

    17. I fumbled with the edges of the black sack covering my head

    18. Her eyes are huge and a deep reddish violet, shaded dark towards royal blue near the edges

    19. He had no need to pay attention to any landscape other than that small slice of the world contained between the edges of this black speedway, and yet, as he reached terminal velocity, something made him notice the further extremes of possibility painted upon the horizon, beyond the vortex that he created

    20. Cells coalesced as notes in the song combined, water formed as notes tumbled over cosmic cliff edges, and proverbial butterfly wings fluttered in their thousands over the future-distant space of Beijing

    21. That was what they were called, genetically mass-produced men and women born of test tubes to augment man’s thinly veiled hold on the outer edges of the galaxy

    22. frayed at the edges,

    23. and watched the ragged edges

    24. fading the edges of the letters mud green

    25. skin slips and slimes on the rime ring of white water edges

    26. to dull the edges of these flowers,

    27. with the rising of the sun beyond the purple edges

    28. Wagons were hurrying in both directions down the middle, loading and unloading at the edges

    29. the edges of the world, and this proximity,

    30. and dogs sniffing at the edges of the park

    31. and tanned tiles with wavy edges

    32. at the edges where evaporated steam

    33. It’s not as bad as I thought, though it does look as though it has been weeping again and is inflamed round the edges of the wound

    34. Information leaks at the edges,

    35. The leaves are curled at the edges, frequently dotted with yellow or brown patches, the trunks scabbed with fungus suggesting rotten cores

    36. He was still a mountain of a man, but he was refined, the rough edges were gone, his bearing was softer

    37. But what if they don't get one? What then? Where would the young people go? And earlier I'd dreamed of something that still lit the very edges of my imagination, something about a school but as usual, the more I tried to bring it back the more it melted away

    38. I can still see him now … his face was all wrinkled, and he was bald on top with white hair round the edges which was rather overlong and stuck out at all angles

    39. I fall in love with a dress in pale green … full length and layered with an underskirt of a deep green silk with a sort of shimmery, floaty heavyweight pale green chiffon over the top with embroidered flowers round the edges

    40. Sometimes they have sharp edges or projections on

    41. There are still some flagstones remaining round the edges and a pile of them heaped up haphazardly against the fence

    42. Alan’s ragged edges, and with the needle that she usually used to

    43. As the work progresses, as tiles are grouted and kitchen units are fitted, Ken edges ever closer to his bar in Ibiza

    44. Surrounding the edges of

    45. He has just transferred from uniform to plain clothes and finds the hard edges of the job difficult to come to terms with

    46. As Billy edges around the bed he can see tears at the corners of her eyes

    47. there was a wicked smile starting to curl the edges

    48. As he starts to surface, as he starts to come round after another night on the cheap stuff, he can feel rough edges on his tongue

    49. It was trimmed in the same black leather at its edges and around the opening

    50. " Alex can tell by the hardness around the edges of her eyes that she doesn't believe him

    1. By edging my way along the mattress I could position myself opposite where I thought the bucket should be and then I shuffled forward onto the rough concrete floor

    2. Field edging hedgerow spotted with brazen blackberry blossom, petals white against the green, issued a mute warning of the shorter, colder days that were to come

    3. scraping empty tin on stone, edging the still air,

    4. ‘And what was this monumental thought?’ he asked, watching as Joris checks the coast is clear before edging out along the line of the stone wall

    5. one of the running pack circles, edging closer,

    6. My turn was edging closer and I knew the game was up

    7. ’ Chrissie said calmly, edging away from the hole as nonchalantly as she could

    8. Alex lets out the clutch and the car rolls forward gently, edging up to the bumper of the Sierra

    9. “Yes sir,” and as quickly as the young officer turned, the conscript disappeared round a bend in the corridor and into the cabin she'd been edging toward when the Quartermaster cornered and accused her

    10. Carius, all the while, was himself edging after her, following the footsteps he was certain he heard

    11. Instead he continued edging towards the ship, wondering how the passengers would react to being told they were the only humans left in existence, if they were indeed alive

    12. But sensing his lack of comprehension it told him in English every precautionary measure it was taking to counter the ship’s mysterious effects, as its thrusters were edging him nearer

    13. Edging toward the actual cave mouth she leapt up and down, waving frantically at the patrol until the changed direction

    14. “Your team is here,” Sicarius said, a hint of bemusement edging his voice

    15. Amaranthe tightened her parka against a breeze that whipped at the fur edging her hood

    16. “Maybe fifteen or more,” she said slowly, her mind edging toward an idea that was nothing short of blasphemous

    17. The big cat was stalking him again, edging him nearer the door, almost as though the animal was somehow communicating with those outside, herding him towards them

    18. As he wove his way in and out of the bulrushes edging the riverbank, Darkburst's mind returned to the spiders that had saved his life in the tunnel

    19. By now we were lazily edging our way over the building and I nudged Uncle Hobart in the ribs

    20. And now here he was, back on the island, edging his way passed the filters, looking for that hatch

    21. Suddenly he was edging up beside my plane

    22. "So, what exactly just happened now?" I asked as I continued edging towards the exit

    23. “I suppose the private sector, because the special interest problem we talked about would likely cause many low-return projects to be undertaken by government,” I ventured, edging toward the peanut butter cookies in the kitchen

    24. alleyway after him, edging their way around the trash cans

    25. They seemed to be slowly edging toward an unseen foe with swords at the ready

    26. be slowly edging toward an unseen foe with swords at the ready

    27. angles of the roofs edging down, troughs to collect the water lest

    28. They moved in and out of our station's defenses for protection, looking for an opening to jump from the system but the Harbinger kept edging it out and closing that window

    29. brows, his strong, capable hands with fine black hairs edging his

    30. “What? What's wrong with me?” I demanded in a voice edging towards panic

    31. Chris shuddered, a really creepy feeling edging down his spine as he turned the tape off

    32. He was not far from the crest when, edging around the shoulder of a jutting crag, he heard the clink of shod hoofs ahead of him

    33. woke up when the sun was just edging its way up the horizon

    34. Maybe he should pack up and leave, but go where? How could he explain that to Jan and his friends? The confusion edging its nakedness into his mind seemed to take control when this introspection suddenly turned to thoughts of the kidnapped nurse

    35. Edging closer he can see arms and legs being fitted as the trunk of the robot is moved forward slowly along the conveyor belt

    36. It was late afternoon edging into evening as I sat at one of the tables in the canteen, keeping as far from Vaughn as possible in case whoever was targeting me decided to take her out just by association

    37. He had noticed Terry edging slowly forward towards his brother from behind

    38. As the strings came to the opening of the edging to the roadside, they whispered to each other in their high pitched shrieks

    39. Rani was slowly edging away, he prayed for her to turn in his direction

    40. The Pirates started off by edging New York, 6-4, but the Yankees bounced back in the next two games with thrashings of 16-3 and 10-0

    41. The Elite was ready and Billy knew it was time to start edging the regular military into the new

    42. Peter was becoming infuriated, but simultaneously, he was slowly edging towards taking the side of the quiz takers

    43. Nestled within the wooden edging was a small door

    44. She could see the driver edging away from Goodwood, increasing the angle she had to respond to

    45. Jereriah’s interest in me, and the things that I said, began penetrating within him, as more and more questions were asked; and them edging towards the things I knew about the Lord

    46. That’s the problem with edging

    47. Edging is a cross between masturbating and jelqing

    48. The main difference between jelqing and Edging is the speed of the stroke

    49. In Edging strokes are more swift, lasting perhaps only half a second each

    50. Using Edging whenever you masturbate or after your workout could really help you gaining both flaccid and erect girth

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