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Frasi con juicy (in inglese)

His thighs are so juicy!.
She cut into the juicy steak and.
Well this is as juicy as it gets.
This produces a white, juicy flesh.
Especially at the soft and juicy eyes.
Scent- (Please more than Juicy Couture).
The horses dreamed of a soft, juicy meadow.

Don’t you just need that juicy hamburger.
Never fear—I'll make it something juicy.
Scent- (Please more than Juicy Couture) Angel.
Tried eating a juicy loaded burger with one hand.
Resigned or retired early with juicy incentives to.
We made and delivered the juicy apple pie she loved.
Now here’s the juicy part: Two days later Marian was.
Traps: Bait with juicy fruit, eggs; or anything to hand.
This latitude has spilled over into juicy girlfriend time.
I rolled my eyes and swallowed the last of the juicy pickle.
The third scarf was ripe juicy summer fruit, watermelon red.
Zarek took a bite of the chocolate brownie with juicy wisnia.
She walked over, her mouth ready to bite into a juicy slice.
Dark tail squirrels were fluttering on the juicy earthy cloak.
At least you are able to eat juicy grass in the horse paddock.
The fries were crisp, and her burger tasted juicy and delicious.
If yer going ter use the Juicy Coozy, watch out fer the 'andle.
He looked down, and saw a red juicy gumball resting at his feet.
She took the packs off Vanil and let her gorge on the juicy grass.
Karan put Tarana down and passionately kissed her on her juicy lips.
That astoundingly juicy Organ spurted Blood as readily as any Heart.
It was a contented Captain Stephens who sank his teeth into the juicy.
She embraced him tightly and pulled him upwards to kiss his juicy lips.
He tried to whip up his enthusiasm with thoughts of the fat juicy mice.
Eric was eyeing those juicy melons - but he wasn't the only one doing so.
Sue then basically told me that she loved the taste of my juicy penis too.
Massie jumped onto the couch and thumbed the Juicy sweats she was wearing.
Haven bit into a juicy grape and said, We rode to the park on our bikes.
You will need this to keep your food juicy or have it soaked or absorb the.
She gave him another juicy kiss and then lowered the stylus onto the vinyl.
Two more thick and heavy juicy squirts later, Xavier resurfaced and stood up.
The grass cut with a juicy sound, and was at once laid in high, fragrant rows.
Mark managed to relate this juicy little nugget without seeming mean-spirited.

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