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Juicy in a sentence

Tender and juicy.
The Apples Were Juicy.
Another juicy subject.
With its juicy fruits,.
taste and a juicy inside.
thumb into her juicy pussy.
face with a big fat juicy $7.

His thighs are so juicy!.
She cut into the juicy steak and.
Well this is as juicy as it gets.
the next juicy post with bated breath.
Especially at the soft and juicy eyes.
couldn’t come up with a story so juicy.
Scent- (Please more than Juicy Couture).
plane, and the juicy steaks they just ate.
The horses dreamed of a soft, juicy meadow.
Never fear—I'll make it something juicy.
Don’t you just need that juicy hamburger.
Scent- (Please more than Juicy Couture) Angel.
Tried eating a juicy loaded burger with one hand.
Resigned or retired early with juicy incentives to.
‘Oh, juicy welcome,’ he said as she took him in.
We made and delivered the juicy apple pie she loved.
‘I’m not interested in some weirdo’s juicy bits.
Traps: Bait with juicy fruit, eggs; or anything to hand.
simply gestured to the spit and the juicy, waiting meal.
but they are also very tasty with nice juicy sauerkraut.
Now here’s the juicy part: Two days later Marian was.

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Synonyms for juicy

juicy fat blue gamey gamy naughty racy risque spicy luscious lush toothsome voluptuous

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