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Frasi con spicy (in inglese)

Jack In The Jack's Spicy.
For the Spicy Tomato Sauce:.
The soup was rich, creamy and spicy.
The Mexican salsa was fresh and spicy.
The young ferns were spicy in the hollow.
They have a spicy flavor I find refreshing.
It was spicy and had a fine mix of flavours.

Maybe the spicy pizza had given me a bad dream.
She took a mouthful of the sweet, spicy soup.
Spicy aftershave and warm, male smell assailed her.
But a certain spicy and addictive smell made her stop.
He evidently shared Humphrey’s passion for spicy food.
My best friend in the whole world and I can’t handle spicy.
Tell her to make it short and spicy, and never mind the moral.
As a rule, the purer the chilli powder is, the more spicy it is.
For people with pitt prakruti, spicy food will enhance their problem.
It was lined with fur and smelled of sharp spicy cinnamon and cinnabar.
Chanterelles have a spicy and interesting aroma reminiscent of apricots.
He comes in here every night and orders plate after plate of spicy gumbo.
He sniffed and wrinkled his nose at the scent that was both spicy and sweet.
Jane picked up a fork and speared a chunk of cod, wrapped in the spicy sauce.
As oppose to yang deficiency, It is caused by men who love to hot and spicy.
Twenty minutes later, Hugo was cramming spicy Sichuan alligator into his mouth.
For a spicier option, go with spicy salsa, OR use water to sauté the veggie.
Damn Sally, what did you put in that sandwich it’s so spicy Kaoru asked.
Then he would take me and feed me some delicious but super spicy meats with 47.
We enjoyed the spicy odors of the forest, could also smell the imminent downpour.
Please don’t give in to the stereotype that everything will be hot and spicy.
Should spicy food be avoided in the days when preparing for board examinations?
Many people from the northeast (Isaan) eat this spicy concoction nearly every day.
I told him about my former college, filtering out all the spicy bits that occurred.
After enjoying a nice spicy Mexican breakfast, the two of them exited the restaurant.
He stood, dropping his head so that he could smell the spicy, smoky scent of her hair.
I like the spicy taste it has, Cierra said, taking a small bite of her jerked meat.
Shaking her head, she focused on his eyes instead of how wonderful and spicy he smelled.
The fact that she was in reality only sixteen only added a spicy touch to her situation.
Wickland savored the spicy General Tso’s chicken as the heat warmed his face and sinuses.
Basically plant your peppers in full sun and you will have a nice spicy bunch for your harvest.
She could still taste the tart and spicy bite of the tequila, lime and Cointreau on her tongue.
They had a scent that was mild and pleasantly spicy; it seemed to calm the burning in my stomach.

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