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Frasi con kick (in inglese)

  1. And it had a kick.
  2. He has quite the kick.
  3. He'll kick it to touch.
  4. That was my first kick.
  5. His legs began to kick.

  6. I actually got a kick.
  7. Kick in the front door.
  8. Or kick him in the balls.
  9. He gave the shovel a kick.
  10. Therefore he raised a kick.
  11. Kick felt the snub deeply.
  12. Ralph started to kick him.
  13. So I came to kick him off.
  14. He got a kick out of that.
  15. Being alone can kick it in.

  16. I told my friends to kick.
  17. Lynch scares it with a kick.
  18. Tried to kick his brains out.
  19. I kick the board up and over.
  20. He aimed a kick at the Luggage.
  21. Her training began to kick in.
  22. It’d give us a good kick.
  23. Needs a kick in the cods!.
  24. I saw an arm swing, a leg kick.
  25. She felt a kick in her stomach.

  26. He seems to kick in time with.
  27. The first kick connected with.
  28. Creation gives you a huge kick.
  29. Did somebody kick you, Mary?
  30. It’s time that we kick these.
  31. It could hardly be called a kick.
  32. No one is there to kick it away.
  33. Really getting a kick out of it.
  34. You should still be able to kick.
  35. Not that he needed the extra kick.
  36. Joey gave the fallen apple a kick.
  37. All that is necessary to kick in.
  38. I kick back but he's already gone.
  39. But he had too much sense to kick.
  40. I reacted with a kick to his shin.
  41. You know I could kick your ass.
  42. I broke open the door with a kick.
  43. On the prowl, looking to kick ass.
  44. At my voice, the baby gave one kick.
  45. That's when they really kick their.
  46. I don’t need to kick out anymore.
  47. Another kick hits her in the chest.
  48. I think she could kick your ass.
  49. A flat footed kick to the chest of.
  50. I rear back and give the door a kick.
  51. Now you could kick the crap out of.
  52. Kick it over here, he told her.
  53. Maybe give you a kick in the ass.
  54. He waited for the regret to kick in.
  55. He gave the man a kick in his groin.
  56. Supposedly it doesn't have a big kick.
  57. It felt like a hard kick to the head.
  58. The Germans were awarded a free kick.
  59. This kick shattered more of the rock.
  60. Then he lifted another head to kick.
  61. I started to kick my legs frantically.
  62. And kick their heads in when you get.
  63. Drawers: little kick, taking them off.
  64. He did not move but kick towards his.
  65. With a swift kick to Johnson’s hand.
  66. It’s not like I can kick in the door.
  67. It’s better than a kick in the ass.
  68. It took about three minutes to kick in.
  69. Nah its ok that was a nice kick though.
  70. As he passed it, he aimed a kick at it.
  71. You’re tough and kick butt in karate.
  72. One good, strong kick and they go down.
  73. Team members at the time of kick start.
  74. Quick to kick me out in times of rough.
  75. Sir, the tire, do not kick it to death.
  76. Kick the line and the can would rattle.
  77. Just waiting for the suckers to kick in.
  78. Garcia finished him off with a spin kick.
  79. They didn't kick me out and it was very.
  80. When Frances sees me shell kick me out.
  81. It reduces my urge to kick your face in.
  82. Indeed, Joey knew he couldn't kick the.
  83. Molly’s kick was so strong, the nose.
  84. Where’s the bruise from her kick?
  85. It was a relief to final y kick them away.
  86. I think it would be bad to kick them off.
  87. She would kick and buck if you tried to.
  88. I gave the ashes a final, scattering kick.
  89. And whatever came of this druidism kick?
  90. But he did not kick her off as his friend.
  91. The kick smashed against my shoulder as.
  92. A bone-shattering kick sent his hips over.
  93. Senior analysts at the time of kick start.
  94. Sarah began to kick at anything in her way.
  95. They tried to kick the tyrant out of the.
  96. Raid the bar, kick back - don’t damage.
  97. To kick up a fuss would be career suicide.
  98. The offer to kick his ass still stands.
  99. Well, that was one way to kick things off.
  100. You didn't have to kick him out over that.
  2. It was from kicking butt.
  3. Kicking in the car chrome.
  4. They started kicking in doors.
  5. That’s us kicking the ball.
  6. It was from kicking butt.
  7. Are you kicking me out?
  8. The drugs were really kicking in.
  9. Still kicking the earth he said:.
  10. Be glad I’m just kicking you out.
  11. Hazel stopped kicking and lay still.
  12. Shortly afterwards, I heard kicking.
  13. Alice even started kicking her feet.
  14. It was the same as kicking the wall.
  15. Kicking his leg, the hand lost its.
  16. He gasped for breath, kicking with.
  17. And what better than kicking a try:.
  18. The pig squealed again, kicking out.
  19. Kicking at it again, it opened further.
  20. Kicking Sand in the Face of Indolence.
  21. It better than kicking this rock!.
  22. Drawing me in, and you kicking me out.
  23. He walked over, kicking Lov in the ass.
  24. Patra was kicking at the stall angrily.
  25. They started kicking in doors.
  26. I refrained from kicking him in the ass.
  27. Ish started kicking and shoving the man.
  28. The boys, kicking, yelling, fell with him.
  29. Grossin, kicking the ground with his feet.
  30. She sprang the trap, kicking him as she.
  31. Bears was a bit lacklustre, kicking only.
  32. Mierda! he shouted, kicking the door.
  33. When it did not budge, he tried kicking it.
  34. After kicking out one of the spokes that.
  35. Then he walked ahead, kicking a pine cone.
  36. Kicking off her shoes, she rubbed her feet.
  37. The three men went into a frenzy of kicking.
  38. Lydia started kicking through the wet weeds.
  39. I kept twisting and she started kicking me.
  40. Karim was turning red and kicking his legs.
  41. Your little hero is still alive and kicking.
  42. Narcotics is already kicking my ass here.
  43. She was still kicking him when Arkon entered.
  44. I kept kicking and fighting the best I could.
  45. I started kicking the front seats, swearing.
  46. Kicking off a tree, Azura jumped into the air.
  47. She curled up into a ball, expecting a kicking.
  48. The monk’s pastoral skills started kicking in.
  49. He curled into a ball, but Akstyr kept kicking.
  50. Then my fist got sore so I started kicking him.
  51. Well, we are kicking it around internally here.
  52. And to keep the family secret alive and kicking.
  53. By kicking right rudder he could see the basket.
  54. The old man kept kicking Hannah, spitting on her.
  55. Other men swarmed over them, shouting and kicking.
  56. We are kicking the BUT out of every negative habit.
  57. He felt his pulse rise, kicking through his veins.
  58. Vincy, kicking in spite of resolutions, I never.
  59. He was shoving and kicking me through the open door.
  60. Kicking yourself for not advertising with us in the.
  61. Aw, fuck! he growled, kicking a nearby trashcan.
  62. She struggled with pushing and kicking and soon had.
  63. Others, astride the wall, swung their legs, kicking.
  64. I caught a glimpse of her in the bedroom kicking off.
  65. You maneuver yourself under him avoiding kicking legs.
  66. I absorbed her saliva with joy—she'd stopped kicking.
  67. They kept kicking them, even as they lie on the floor.
  68. They rolled around on the floor legs kicking and paws.
  69. No one believed that he was dragged there kicking and.
  70. But I did have to drag Nigel here kicking and screaming.
  71. The agent’s training must be kicking in, Devon thinks.
  72. Run! Allen said, kicking Patra with his little feet.
  73. Erica resisted, kicking and thrashing around on the floor.
  74. Lope examined the cross, touching it, finally, kicking it.
  75. Too bad about the TV though… he said, kicking it.
  76. Won’t be kicking, neither, when I lop your toes off.
  77. I had told him about kicking the intruder down the stairs.
  78. Lorcan was dragged kicking and screaming towards the hole.
  79. It toppled over and Tim started kicking the leaves around.
  80. Joey leaped around; shouting, kicking and punching the air.
  81. More guys stepped out of the crowd, kicking in the wagers.
  82. She frowned and turned Patra to investigate, kicking the.
  83. Well, really, this kicking under the table has got to stop.
  84. But Knut didn’t stop there, he continued kicking him as.
  85. But she was a very wicked woman and she began kicking them.
  86. I rolled over, kicking and punching wildly, doing whatever.
  87. Justin is kicking one of the bastards in the face repeatedly.
  88. Hank jumped on his chest and they thrashed, biting, kicking.
  89. Emmy is giddy kicking the mirrors off of cars she walks past.
  90. The dog finishes, pointlessly kicking his hind legs afterward.
  91. But they are not eased by kicking the dog or screaming at a.
  92. Okay, shrugged the wizard, self-preservation kicking in.
  93. She was almost at the last gasp, but began kicking once more.
  94. Lick my boots you scum, says Neil kicking the head of a.
  95. Tough shit, Gary said kicking the sand with his one foot.
  96. There was only the captain with the huge soldier, kicking the.
  97. It fell onto its wheels, kicking up a large cloud of soft dust.
  98. Kicking strongly she emerged to the surface and gasped for air.
  99. He lifted her as she struggled, kicking and pummeling the air.
  100. We don’t have a minute, Beck said, kicking off the wall.
  1. So, I kicked her out.
  2. A door was kicked in.
  3. He kicked at the door.
  4. He kicked in the door.
  5. They kicked me out 8.
  6. Jo kicked off her hand.
  7. You will be kicked out.
  8. I kicked a stray pebble.
  9. So, they kicked me out.
  10. He kicked it into bits.
  11. Bill kicked in the door.
  12. I kicked him in the face.
  13. He kicked its grey face.
  14. She kicked off her shoes.
  15. That stuff kicked my ass.
  16. He never kicked me again.
  17. She kicked off her pumps.
  18. Inacio kicked in the door.
  19. I kicked you in the mind.
  20. It grunted and kicked out.
  21. Benjy kicked off his shoes.
  22. Thomas kicked at his horse.
  23. Jeff kicked me in the face.
  24. He kicked a nearby gufder.
  25. Just then the Baby kicked.
  26. He kicked the Major's boot.
  27. They kicked him in return.
  28. I kicked him in the temple.
  29. The kid giggled and kicked.
  30. Manda kicked off her shoes.
  31. She kicked up a great dust.
  32. I kicked the CPU in disgust.
  33. It means we kicked the ass.
  34. The can kicked into the air.
  35. Kicked a thousand beer cans.
  36. The conductor kicked me out.
  37. I was, but he kicked me out.
  38. Ju winced as the baby kicked.
  39. Tomz kicked Joey in the butt.
  40. The Down Clown kicked in the.
  41. He kicked once and drove off.
  42. He then kicked a lever on a.
  43. And the buck suddenly kicked.
  44. Hazel kicked sand on the fire.
  45. Finally he kicked at a stone.
  46. Well, he sort of kicked me.
  47. She kicked off her high heels.
  48. Alex kicked out at the animal.
  49. Starret kicked him in the groin.
  50. He kicked off his loafers and.
  51. Sicarius kicked it in the face.
  52. Then Conklin kicked in the door.
  53. Seko kicked off the quilt and.
  54. In a single motion, he kicked.
  55. He kicked in his thrusters at.
  56. I kicked the outside of his foot.
  57. Hume kicked it up to thirty-six.
  58. Laura ran at the door and kicked.
  59. A wheeze kicked up in her chest.
  60. Tony kicked Blacker out of his.
  61. That’s why we were kicked out.
  62. I would have kicked me out, too.
  63. So I kicked him out of the house.
  64. He kicked it loose with his heel.
  65. Sandra kicked the fence in temper.
  66. But then reality kicked in again.
  67. He kicked the chair to the floor.
  68. Then Sue kicked my cold feet away.
  69. You lost your cool and kicked out.
  70. The monitors suddenly kicked in.
  71. Emily kicked her stallion into a.
  72. He kicked Vetter hard in the hams.
  73. But then the first time he kicked.
  74. The spell had obviously kicked in.
  75. Idris kicked in the pilot‘s door.
  76. Almost secretively, Will kicked it.
  77. He kicked boldly whenever Nerissa.
  78. Eddie's dragon instincts kicked in.
  79. She kicked him again, and he moved.
  80. Ish kicked hard in the man's shins.
  81. They kicked ’im in the head, too.
  82. Sand kicked up on either side of us.
  83. And everything kicked off, big time.
  84. Ben kicked harder and drew his sword.
  85. She fell back and Britney kicked her.
  86. He kicked and screamed on the floor.
  87. He kicked at the Legos on the floor.
  88. The hooves kicked her away as they.
  89. He kicked the man with all his might.
  90. He was kicked, stomped on and thrown.
  91. The door has been kicked out!.
  92. Karla kicked his leg under the table.
  93. Sam leaped into the air and kicked.
  94. Diane kicked her in the head!.
  95. I was kicked out of school again.
  96. The Vicodin had kicked in, and she.
  97. How fate had kicked him in the balls.
  98. My ADD drugs haven’t kicked in yet.
  99. One of them kicked her in the stomach.
  100. The horse had kicked her in the head.
  1. Q: But the child kicks.
  2. As he kicks, from a low.
  3. Living for kicks is one.
  4. She kicks her panties aside.
  5. They knew a lot about kicks.
  6. Plastic was down, the kicks.
  7. He kicks me in my side, again.
  8. He kicks the man in the head.
  9. David with fist blows and kicks.
  10. After the punches came the kicks.
  11. Punches and kicks were exchanged.
  12. Cass kicks over his pale of water.
  13. For adults, kicks to the head are.
  14. He kicks the door shut behind them.
  15. This wolf only punches and kicks!.
  16. But watch out; it kicks like a mule.
  17. A horse that kicks as it is fleeing.
  19. A bonus every time he kicks the ball.
  20. He kicks at the gravel with every step.
  21. Damn, it kicks ass to fly with gangsters.
  22. Hynes, gets all kicks and no halfpence.
  23. She kicks the stump again, says, I think.
  24. She kicks him with her high heels in the.
  25. The wind kicks up, plays with Sally’s hair.
  26. A horse that bites or kicks should never be.
  27. He gets his kicks beating up girls and boys.
  28. Limpy met him and smothered his face in kicks.
  29. Their honks, kicks and the prance give us joy.
  30. He sits down and kicks a chair out towards me.
  31. He kicks the soles of my sandals again, harder.
  32. So, let’s assume it all kicks off after then.
  33. He felt blows and kicks, but they did not hurt.
  34. This kicks up a classic grilled cheese sandwich.
  35. Out of all of the kicks, that one had hurt the.
  36. Clubbed with bats, boomerangs, punches and kicks.
  37. One of his kicks landed on the balls of his dad.
  38. The spirit funds life and soul kicks the bucket.
  39. We didn’t mind bashing up a few kids for kicks.
  40. This is where the power of testimonials kicks in.
  41. A few kicks in the teeth fixed that and I don't.
  42. He kicks his shoe off and they hit the wall with.
  43. There were no strikes or kicks that would inflict.
  44. I stand straight as the wind off the ocean kicks up.
  45. She pulls him into the kicks, to increase the force.
  46. He kicks me again and cocks the hammer on the pistol.
  47. He kicks the chair and knocks over another hot coffee.
  48. Badde kicks a cactus over and goes over to the motor.
  49. She responded with kicks interspersed with squeals of.
  50. Yet, this is what he does; this is how he gets his kicks.
  51. He kicks it behind him in a dazzling display of footwork.
  52. His punches and kicks moved Roman back to the middle of.
  53. Once the gun is on the floor, the FBI agent kicks it away.
  54. She yawns, stretches, and kicks the covers around for a bit.
  55. Then, the cash payments are over and the new deal kicks in.
  56. Aquana screamed out again despite the kicks to the stomach.
  57. When a fellow kicks off, he enters into another body, see?
  58. As he draws in a big breath, she kicks the same spot again.
  59. Thomas lands several martial arts kicks and punches to the.
  60. It was all over, additional blows and kicks added for good.
  61. There are many different types of kicks in the art of Savate.
  62. I gave Louis several kicks to the side and then slipped the.
  63. He charges her with kicks and punches, all which she dodges.
  64. You snap those kicks quickly and your balance is right on.
  65. She waves her arms aimlessly and kicks her legs sporadically.
  66. Roman continued with a tornadic flurry of punches and kicks.
  67. Rio kicks the ball right into the goalie, but Daver intersects.
  68. You don’t want to mess with that one, her kicks are lethal.
  69. Joey pretended he was fighting someone, throwing punches and kicks.
  70. Son would not kill them, but he did knock them down with kicks to.
  71. The door opened ajar and hit on the walls with the forces of kicks.
  72. He probably gets his kicks by listening in when we're making love.
  73. Desperately, he kicks out at Evans, not caring about where he hits.
  74. When the ewe collapsed, Tragus added three vicious kicks in parting.
  75. Another soldier kicks him in the ass, pushes him down on his stomach.
  76. He then walked over and further demolished the cooler with two kicks.
  77. Steng kicks Lovejoy in the thigh as he steps over him, Sorry, again.
  78. Saul kicks Henry in the side, beckoning Cal and Max over to join him.
  79. Punches and kicks were being thrown sadistically by both contestants.
  80. On your back you float on the head layer, soft kicks propel you along.
  81. After a few whip lashes, punches and kicks, there was an interruption.
  82. Roman charged the Agent with a flurry of kicks and punches, moving his.
  83. A wind kicks up, billowing Kaite’s shirt up into the air, she laughs.
  84. You can’t have me, okay? You have to get your kicks somewhere else.
  85. An old memory kicks in and she turns into the skid, but not fast enough.
  86. I started swinging karate chops and ninja kicks violently into thin air.
  87. Then the miller kicks open the door and approaches his wife, whip in hand.
  88. Your flight response finally kicks in, she will finish you in this state.
  89. After all they where just here to get there sexual kicks and I knew that.
  90. Excuse me, is that correct, swept away with kicks? If it is not, whatever.
  91. There’s always a few inside places around the hood where everyone kicks.
  92. After that though, the old man syndrome kicks in and I am easily cornered.
  93. David was target of kicks and fist blows and was being beaten continuously.
  94. We spent the rest of the time practicing front, roundhouse, and tornado kicks.
  95. Another in the spine, then the side of the head, and I stopped counting kicks.
  96. It’ll take a few hours to work, but once it kicks in, she’ll feel better.
  97. Violence is the door the Book kicks through, sticks in a foot, and wedges open.
  98. Yesterday, when the game was over, the 1950 Spectrum was swept away with kicks.
  99. Going to the dresser she kicks off her shoes then starts to remove her earrings.
  100. I never gaze at accidents unless I can help, or attend street fights for kicks.

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