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Frasi con recoil (in inglese)

  1. To touch them was to recoil.
  2. She felt him recoil slightly.
  3. The Skorpions had little recoil.
  4. I recoil in shame as I say this.
  5. They drove for a while in recoil.

  6. But at this there was recoil again.
  7. The recoil was lighter than Joe's MAS-50.
  8. The recoil impressed her as much as him.
  9. Lezura recoil her head and raised an eyebrow.
  10. Her stale body odor made Annie want to recoil.
  11. The recoil from firing the missile was incredible.
  12. Parts of me recoil at my goal, yet parts delight.
  13. The stench at the mouth of the lane made me recoil.
  14. Whoever disbelieves, his disbelief will recoil upon him.
  15. He glowered with real anger, making her recoil half a step.

  16. The slightest grossness made her recoil almost in anguish.
  17. Shannon didn't recoil in disgust at seeing her parents kiss.
  18. The recoil knocked her to her side like a punch to the head.
  19. Making her recoil from his touch, she turned her back to him.
  20. You can thank the recoil buffer in the butt of your weapon.
  21. Another way to decrease a gun's recoil is to increase its mass.
  22. His eyes bored into hers with a cold anger that made her recoil.
  23. There was sound and recoil and a shattered window collapsing on.
  24. But then it was the astral dragon’s turn to recoil in surprise.
  25. They recoil from the constant phrase, They do it in New York.

  26. The gun goes off once, wildly, bucking into the air with the recoil.
  27. I squeeze the trigger, hard, and this time I’m ready for the recoil.
  28. This black gun of mine is a light weapon, and has very little recoil.
  29. The hammer clicked twice but there was no recoil, no bang, no smoke….
  30. Neither of these guns have the recoil that you get from your shotguns.
  31. Wait, Sarah Proud shouted, I forgot to warn you about the recoil.
  32. Jaume steeled himself not to recoil from the stink of his body and breath.
  33. She could feel the recoil travel through Claire’s hand and up her own arm.
  34. The continuous recoil of the force was slowing Joey’s fall, just he wanted.
  35. The shell erupted out of the muzzle and the recoil knocked Nick off his feet.
  36. When I see what’s inside, I recoil immediately, my shoulders hitting his chest.
  37. Colling found that the weapon handled well, with much less recoil than an Army.
  38. Tim and Arnold could see him recoil in shock from the sight that confronted him.
  39. That recoil had at last urged him to make preparations for quitting Middlemarch.
  40. This is why a marksman's shoulder, arm, or hand recoil when the trigger is pulled.
  41. Instead, he vaguely saw Makienko thrown back into the snow, no doubt by the recoil.
  42. Perhaps the recoil and the shrinking from her was love in its first fierce modesty.
  43. The pure elation on her face was enough to make even the staunchest headsman recoil.
  44. They seemed to recoil from each other's contact, then leap together again instantly.
  45. She turned to Joey and saw him recoil and blink in rapid succession at her before stopping.
  46. Recoil hoses can be chlorine-sanitized in the cage wash area using the Edstrom Industries.
  47. The decks vibrated in recoil as if the ship had grunted following a blow to the solar plexus.
  48. The massive recoil that hit his hand was comforting in its familiarity - the bullet was off!.
  49. The US was not about to recoil from their stance of protecting the American people at any cost.
  50. Each time one of them fired, the recoil was enough to jar a man’s teeth right out of his head.
  51. Reginald carelessly slashed at his prisoners‘ clothes causing them to grunt and recoil in fear.
  52. Shell shocked, beaten down, sometimes shaking like a scared rabbit, we recoil, we retreat or we hide.
  53. The wood pile lit up and the crowd erupted as the vampires began to recoil from the heat of the flames.
  54. Her whole body then started glowing faintly, making the woman besides her recoil in surprise and alarm.
  55. But the horse and rider hesitated before the recoil of it; came on, seemed to hover on the brink of it.
  56. The smoke seemed to recoil, and when she started to chant under her breath, the fire whirled away from her.
  57. Kormos returned his fascinated gaze, "Evil!" he shouted, forcing the young Wood Sprite to recoil in horror.
  58. I have to bear this in mind as, if there's one thing I don't like about shooting, it's an excessive recoil.
  59. The sudden vision of the endless slaughter and horrors of battle made him recoil at Titus’s other memories.
  60. But two Special Forces soldiers were hit, one in the chest and one in the head—Calvin saw them both recoil.
  61. The heavy recoil when firing a grenade is absorbed by a pneumatic recoil buffer situated behind the launcher.
  62. In striking at a boat, he swiftly curves away his flukes from it, and the blow is only inflicted by the recoil.
  63. Violence does, in truth, recoil upon the violent, and the schemer falls into the pit which he digs for another.
  64. I pulled the trigger on my rifle and the recoil released the blade which came out with a sucking slurping sound.
  65. With a larger magazine (15 shots instead of the usual 12) and low recoil it had always proven far more effective.
  66. She was ugly; they were having a special moment, and she didn’t want to ruin it by seeing him recoil in disgust.
  67. Must have been frightening and painful because her shoulder was black and blue from the recoil of that first shot.
  68. He wasn't properly balanced and the recoil almost knocked him over, but, luckily, the sight has not hit his forehead.
  69. Aristeus doesn’t recoil; he edges forward so that he stands between Devon and Magnus, his stance almost protective.
  70. He decided to take the Ruger, as he had grown quite attached to its bear-like recoil and bellowing guttural discharge.
  71. A long grenade-launching tube was positioned under the barrels block and used a pneumatic compensator to minimize recoil.
  72. The ray hit the butt of Saddlebrook's GigaBlaster and scorched it badly, and the recoil caused Toyne to drop the Ray Gun.
  73. The merchant then charged the rioters blocking the way to the fortress, killing a number of them and making others recoil.
  74. Even in his ruined state, the thought of following a woman’s lead makes his stomach recoil but, nonetheless, he does it.
  75. It is well known that after a few discharges a cannon becomes heated, and the range is much greater, as well as the recoil.
  76. Wow! That ammunition appears quite a lot more powerful than the ones I used, yet the recoil was not as hard as I expected.
  77. This, as we looked, trailed under the door, which with the recoil from its bursting open, had swung back to its old position.
  78. Buying or selling by amateurs early in the day creates an emotional extreme from which prices tend to recoil later in the day.
  79. My shout must have hurt Monroe’s ears or mind or whatever, because I saw the abductor’s face recoil, as if he were in pain.
  80. I haven't made any complex calculations, but the sensed recoil of a gun weighted in this way is almost smaller that that of a.
  81. The gun fired with a tremendous blast and the recoil drove the wagon several feet backward even though the brakes were set hard.
  82. Truman helplessly watched the brutal murder of the policeman, his hands and feet bound, unable to do anything but recoil in horror.
  83. Over it, up to the cliff face, the water fawned and leaped, and in its sucking recoil left bare for an instant a narrow neck of sand.
  84. The felt recoil was nearly nil, allowing firing in zero gravity conditions without the shooter ending spinning wildly after each shot.
  85. Not only had her armor been breached by at least three round shot, but the recoil of her guns appeared to have started her seams badly.
  86. The rule of the Perpetual Adoration is so rigid in its nature that it alarms, vocations recoil before it, the order receives no recruits.
  87. I took the gun, hefted it, and resolved to get out in the country soon, practice shooting it, and see if the recoil would break my wrist.
  88. I was a bit wary of the recoil - which is why I aimed low - but it wasn't that bad at all, even though it is a light, plastic-butted gun.
  89. The couple raised arms in unison and fired simultaneously ahead, both falling backwards against the massive recoil of their massive rifles.
  90. Using the momentum of her initial tug on the weapon and its recoil, she followed through and rammed the butt into the face of her attacker.
  91. It was a terrible void that shrank the impure soul and made an unwilling mind recoil in primal fear, a land that turned the unbeliever away.
  92. What's more, as this is not a "dead mass" , but a mechanical tool by which the mass point is moved, the sensed recoil can be reduced by up to 20%.
  93. You also have to press the gun harder into your shoulder, especially if it has a barrel chosen for large capacity ammunition, with its increased recoil.
  94. Ze-e va-aarr! he said, bulging his eyes and then aiming and shooting with an imaginary sort of rifle, even taking proper care to imitate the recoil.
  95. She stood perfectly still, in an expensively tailored black jacket and skin tight trousers; her slim legs slightly apart braced for stability against recoil.
  96. What’s your family name? she whispered coyly, eyes glistening with social climbing lust, only to recoil in horror when the dread name was pronounced.
  97. But it was his mom who’d made him a decent shot, taught him how to handle the recoil, when to pull the trigger, how to wait and be patient for hours in the blind.
  98. The other mounts’ recoil cylinders are going to have to be torn down and rebuilt, at the very least, and we’ll need to go over every inch of the gun tubes themselves.
  99. At the muffled crack, he felt Thunder recoil under him, trembling with the force of the impact, and half a heartbeat later something smashed into his side with awful force.
  100. That which emerges from the cemetery intimidates and disconcerts that which emerges from the cave; the ferocious fear the sinister; wolves recoil when they encounter a ghoul.
  1. Recoiling in shock the clerk released the button she.
  2. Connie nearly fell backward out of her chair, recoiling.
  3. I shattered the windshield with my head before recoiling back into my.
  4. She couldn't stop herself from recoiling back in shock, she wanted to struggle but dare not.
  5. Louie was recoiling when he saw an oar swing past, sending the animal backward into the ocean.
  6. She lumbered painfully, as though her body was finally recoiling at the years of rough living.
  7. Visola could see glimpses of Aazuria recoiling and quickly switching her knife from her right hand to her left.
  8. All at once something touched him on the back of the neck, sending Stacey recoiling sideways into the pantry’s wall.
  9. Yes, she said, raising her voice to be heard, recoiling from him as a sheet of rain swept in, carried by the howling wind.
  10. Each time we respond to something – whether recoiling or clutching, nudging away or leaning towards – our response creates an effect.
  11. Aye there are even parts of me that delight at my recoiling! 'Tis not right to have so many facets; I am not a stone, no amount of polishing will make me sparkle.
  12. The only positive aspect of this recoiling is that, in this scenario, no matter how fiercely we flee the ground, we force some part of ourself into contact with it.
  13. Some time, perhaps—when he was dying—he would tell her all: in the deep shadow of that time, when she held his hand in the gathering darkness, she might listen without recoiling from his touch.
  14. She couldn't help recoiling a little from the finger-tips, though after a moment's reflection she was able not to mind them either because, unless rescue arrived in time, they too merely represented so much Death.
  15. The imaginary student pursued by the misshapen creature he had impiously made, was not more wretched than I, pursued by the creature who had made me, and recoiling from him with a stronger repulsion, the more he admired me and the fonder he was of me.
  16. The next shift, as Monty guided the hose, recoiling, retching from the noxious fumes, he pushed his mind away and focussed on the moment when the prisoners, surrounded by Warriors and led by Joshua, were being herded to a waiting aircraft for transportation to the birthing cavern.
  17. Some sought knots, to raise the blazing pile; one was riving the splinters of pine, in order to pierce the flesh of their captives with the burning fragments; and others bent the tops of two saplings to the earth, in order to suspend Heyward by the arms between the recoiling branches.
  18. Recoiling from his touch, she suddenly knew that all of this – the Monday cold shoulder, the dressing-down on Thursday, and now this you and me against the world show – was simply part of his latest plan to get her in bed, and she wondered why she hadn’t been able to see it coming.
  1. I recoiled from them both.
  2. She recoiled with a shudder.
  3. I recoiled at the sight of.
  4. She laughed when he recoiled.
  5. Mitch recoiled at the thought.
  6. The banker recoiled in horror.
  7. Petr recoiled in horror as a.
  8. His victims recoiled in shock.
  9. I recoiled, but it was no use.
  10. Jai and Ceder recoiled in shock.
  11. They all recoiled, gasping slightly.
  12. Alan recoiled from the whole thing.
  13. She recoiled when the head of one.
  14. Bob had recoiled and was stumbling.
  15. His war hammer hit air and recoiled.
  16. He touched my shoulder and I recoiled.
  17. I recoiled and buried my head in the.
  18. I recoiled, that I might not touch her.
  19. His mind recoiled from imagined agonies.
  20. Releasing the branch he recoiled and ran.
  21. I backed into the cave wall, then recoiled.
  22. Another scream burst forth and he recoiled.
  23. He recoiled and slapped a hand on his face.
  24. He approached the door but recoiled as his.
  25. He recoiled, blinded by the brilliant lights.
  26. She recoiled with a terrible look, crying—.
  27. Javert recoiled, and said in a wild voice:—.
  28. The boys recoiled away from him in apprehension.
  29. The young woman recoiled as if I’d struck her.
  30. It was before the Thenardier that she recoiled.
  31. I jumped and recoiled but didn’t make it far.
  32. He recoiled, but she laid her hand upon his arm.
  33. But when she heard Joey’s answer the recoiled.
  34. At the sound of the name he recoiled in disgust.
  35. Alicia glanced at the body and inwardly recoiled.
  36. I still recoiled at the dread of seeing a corpse.
  37. The great judges recoiled in terror and acquiesced.
  38. Tyrus recoiled, rubbing the spot with his fingers.
  39. Fauchelevent recoiled and cracked his finger-joints.
  40. Greg recoiled at the sound of the reverend’s voice.
  41. The Witch exploded a sneeze, recoiled, staggered away.
  42. Oilfield knelt and rolled the body over then recoiled.
  43. If Brother Sime had done this she would have recoiled.
  44. In the presence of this double secret, Marius recoiled.
  45. Taylor recoiled with shock and began trying to relax me.
  46. As she did so, the man recoiled at the sight of the coin.
  47. In their necks! She recoiled in horror at the thought.
  48. Charlotte recoiled back from another gust of wind and rain.
  49. I recoiled so hard that I jerked back into Dorian’s chest.
  50. Langdon hadnt expected her move and recoiled away from her.
  51. He quickly recoiled to the safety of the corner of the room.
  52. He recoiled, dropping the jeweled dagger in his perturbation.
  53. Dave recoiled and in a panic stumbled back from the car and.
  54. She whirled to the mirror and recoiled at the image of Tommy!.
  55. He recoiled a bit and then grabbed her foot as she crawled away.
  56. She recoiled in alarm at the blazing anger on his face, knowing.
  57. First a stabbed tap at a shoe, hand recoiled at lightening speed.
  58. Though Aesa didn’t know what the spell was, he recoiled from it.
  59. Instantly he recoiled with a strangled ugh! My god, he said.
  60. Joey gave Lezura such a horrid scowl that Lezura recoiled slightly.
  61. Conan cried out sharply and recoiled, thrusting his companion back.
  62. As he stood trembling on its mournful brink, he recoiled with horror.
  63. His fingers recoiled and curled into a fist as if I'd slapped them away.
  64. Having recently revisited them after a year’s absence, I recoiled at.
  65. A stream of flame shot out and the force recoiled against his shoulder.
  66. I recoiled in shock I don’t care about… she held her hand up.
  67. Junebug, he said with surprise and recoiled as if he had been burnt.
  68. The supposed friend recoiled; Darren’s parents, who were the religious.
  69. I patted him gently on the shoulder and he recoiled as if I had the plague.
  70. I caught a glimpse of the mayor and his wife who recoiled in bewilderment.
  71. It was foul! The lad recoiled in disgust, but there was nothing he could do.
  72. Mr Smith recoiled; his eyes got a look of tender and unexpected hurt in them.
  73. In the darkness his foot hit and recoiled from something heavy and yielding.
  74. Tomás bent to pick it up but could not touch it, and he recoiled, shivering.
  75. Van Helsing forced back the leaden flange, and we all looked in and recoiled.
  76. Halfshaft recoiled when he saw the large wooden rack in the centre of the room.
  77. She recoiled as the stranger stepped forward, seeming to glide over the floor.
  78. Whack! Hunter recoiled in shock as timid Steve punched him squarely in the face.
  79. He recoiled at this, and the same hostile, almost haughty smile came to his lips.
  80. Jean Scott nearly recoiled at those words and looked at him with incomprehension.
  81. His mother recoiled slightly at his touch; she was never one for physical contact.
  82. Then he let out a low hiss and recoiled, shaking the hand that touched her tattoo.
  83. My already heightened sense of smell recoiled from the metallic odour of fresh blood.
  84. Sage stood firmly, unaffected by the crucifix while the others recoiled except for John.
  85. The moment only lasted a fraction of a second, but he recoiled slightly at how far it.
  86. He cast his staff and it fell at the feet of Conan, who recoiled with an involuntary cry.
  87. I looked at him attentively then, and recoiled a little from him; but I did not know him.
  88. Moshe, in a momentary state of confusion, slowly looked around as his mind recoiled from.
  89. He now recoiled in equal terror before both the resolutions at which he had arrived in turn.
  90. As the wicks burst into flame, apparently of their own accord, her parents recoiled, gasping.
  91. He recoiled with a curse, his sword leaping into his hand with a broad shimmer of blue steel.
  92. In one of those pauses she recoiled and cried out, for she saw a figure standing in the room.
  93. As he moved his hands slowly down her back, she laughed lightly and recoiled one or two steps.
  94. Instinctively his hand reached for a gong, then recoiled as from a hot coal, and he shuddered.
  95. The man let out a bloodcurdling scream and recoiled as Aazuria spat out the tip of his tongue.
  96. The snake recoiled slightly and then restarted its mesmerising swaying, watching the intruders.
  97. Shocked, the Death Guard recoiled from Alec's hand as though it held the touch of death itself.
  98. At the sight of him, she recoiled through the entrance, into the protective arms of a policeman.
  99. Kate recoiled as much as she could, but found that she had very little control over her muscles.
  100. She was trying to pull herself up, but he recoiled as if he’d been groped by a hooker in church.
  1. He recoils slightly.
  2. Recoils upon the jester's head.
  3. She recoils as the bullets shower the car in sparks.
  4. This imbalance recoils on those who try to cut goodness in half.
  5. The thing with many colors recoils and slides back into the poppies.
  6. Marjorie peaks at it a bit and then recoils, her stomach flipping and growling.
  7. Science is the mover after the brain recoils the firing signals to score the good results.
  8. When it’s fired, though, the barrel recoils to the same position without moving the carriage.
  9. My purse suffered, my character suffered, my constitution suffered, stimulants became a necessity to me, I was a creature from whom my memory recoils.
  10. Whenever the 2-day EMA of Force Index spikes down to five times or more its usual depth and then recoils from that low, expect prices to rally in the coming days.
  11. Neither army was broken up, but the Russian army retreated immediately after the collision as inevitably as a ball recoils after colliding with another having a greater.
  12. Each time one of them is swallowed up into the strange green night, Ralph thinks he sees a glimpse of something—someone—that should not be there, but his mind recoils away from the image, cannot admit the chance of it.
  13. D’ye think ’tis easy to hear him whimper so and bear the Burden of the Crew’s Hatred? D’ye think ’tis easy to be Captain o’er a scurvy Lot of Rogues, a Parcel of Lazy Poltroons who’d as soon rot in the Grog Shops of the Sugar Isles as go to Sea and work for an honest Shilling? No! The Heart recoils, but the Head bids it be strong.
  14. Neither army was broken up, but the Russian army retreated immediately after the collision as inevitably as a ball recoils after colliding with another having a greater momentum, and with equal inevitability the ball of invasion that had advanced with such momentum rolled on for some distance, though the collision had deprived it of all its force.
  15. Perhaps he would regard me as the German variety of a hyena in petticoats--the imagination recoils before the probable fearfulness of such an animal--or, if not quite so bad as that, at any rate a creature hysterically inclined; and he would begin to feel lonely, and think of his comrades, and his pleasant mess, and perhaps even of his mother, for he was very young and newly fledged.
  16. The word, directed toward its object, enters a dialogically agitated and tension-filled environment of alien words, value judgements and accents, weaves in and out of complex interrelationships, merges with some, recoils from others, intersects with yet a third group: and all this may crucially shape discourse, may leave a trace in all its semantic layers, may complicate its expression and influence its entire stylistic profile.
  17. That second one, sir, the undoubted object and inevitable tendency of which my whole soul recoils from, which I abhor and deprecate, as fatal to the prosperity and happiness of my country—as the grave of its honor—and I fear I do not go too far when I add, of its independence! that resolution is not alone submission to France; but, under the pretence of resisting her infractions of the laws of nations, her violations of the sacred rights of hospitality, her laughing to scorn the obligation of treaties—it makes us submit to all—to encourage a perseverance in all.

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