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    6. I kick back but he's already gone

    7. The women in the hospital always kick him out

    8. He was still waiting for the hotel coffee to kick in

    9. I mentally kick myself

    10. They did kick up billows of dust from the powdery soil but rode high above it on their great long legs

    11. I could kick him!

    12. Deeply disappointed that it is not Stephen, I kick myself and try to sound enthusiastic as I scribble down the details

    13. "Wouldn't that be a kick," he said

    14. It could hardly be called a kick

    15. Do you know what I should do? I should kick the crap out of you for even mentioning the others

    16. Then I should report it and watch the others kick the crap out of both of you

    17. Menachem told me later that as I pounced on Robbie, that as I drew back my fist to smash it into his face, The Man had simply turned and aimed his next kick at my head, sending me spinning into the corner of the room

    18. Suddenly feeling a little too solitary, Kara gave herself a good hard mental kick and set off for Temple Meads station … at least she had a train to look forward to

    19. with a solid kick that scares the cat,

    20. I know the authorities in this place and will kick them into action

    21. And we kick up clouds of dust as we make our way along

    22. He started his engine, then came back to the door and gave it one last mighty kick and told the culprit to get off his bus

    23. and her legs kick at the mocking air,

    24. Have a kick about

    25. And it had a kick

    26. As the drugs were starting to kick in she relaxed me with a Scientology technique to relax the nerves

    27. As soon as Terry started to kick his football around the park he could feel the magic in the shin pads start to course through his veins

    28. 'Hey, you're in the hands of a pro here,' he was getting quite a kick out of himself by then, 'or do you need more lemonade?'

    29. out, he will kick us out of the shop

    30. At those times when the vision of the fish is restricted, its other senses will kick in

    31. Another approach is to kick it up a notch and turn your thoughts in a more empowering direction

    32. Ish clenched his teeth and continued to kick

    33. He gave the man a kick in his groin

    34. As soon as Terry started to kick his football around the park he

    35. Well Wetat will feel a dark star going nova out here, and whatever reflexes it has evolved to deal with that should kick in

    36. The doctor hears the shower gurgle and kick in

    37. Joyce sat in her car and watched him kick rocks and curse as he inspected his car

    38. He slapped his legs and stood to kick at rocks

    39. He thinks about giving the guy a kick in the nuts but decides that it wouldn’t be professional

    40. The police car turned off the main road into the lane leading to the barracks and Andy felt his nerves kick into action again

    41. With a swift kick to Johnson’s hand

    42. “I think you should kick the son of a bitch’s ass, “I said, regretting it as

    43. every time, wishing that I could kick him in the balls underneath the table

    44. Ken is caught momentarily off-guard, but years of practice, years of experience, kick in and he moves forward again with languid efficiency

    45. The crowd roared with approval, “Kill him, kick his ass Johnny, do it for

    46. ” I was sure one more kick would have ended

    47. and kick was stronger than the last and Johnny was forced from one side of the

    48. She continued to kick the ship over and over again, hoping to find some secret entrance that she hadn't spotted yet

    49. Mike’s not quite 28 and newly married; he’s not yet used to the concept of ‘his wife’ and uses the phrase regularly just for the kick it gives him

    50. Goldie went for a big, long kick and the ball flew high, high into the air, higher than any rugby ball the villagers of Trouble Valley had ever seen or heard of, and off it went, flying higher and higher, traveling into the distance

    1. ” He shook his head and kicked the ground

    2. Before she could react any further, Scar spun free of her sword and kicked out, catching Silence in the stomach and sending her flying backward

    3. Recovering quickly from the attack, Silence kicked the gun out of his hand

    4. She tried to roll back up to a standing position, but he kicked her before she could move

    5. Big Petey kicked them off and then reached back over his shoulder to lift the guard off his back and launch him through the air

    6. Eddie's dragon instincts kicked in

    7. They had already kicked the noon sheet off

    8. All thru the time I spent with Ava she kicked him around as arrogant and selfish

    9. They had to shield their faces from the sand kicked up, then they had to lean into the wind

    10. He kicked me up the bum with his huge boot and it felt like my arse was breaking

    11. Thinking that there might be someone in the house, he ran straight to the door and kicked it in

    12. The car kicked once and lifted at the

    13. When the jam kicked off again VD got ahead of Melinda and stayed there, just out of reach, taking her to her furthest extreme of speed and anger but always outpacing her

    14. She kicked at some water, throwing spray ahead of them

    15. He kicked a gnawed chicken bone out from under his boot

    16. We watched with unblinking eyes as an officer with the local security force kicked one of the captured men in the head

    17. It resisted, and he held on to the bulkhead straps and kicked at it with one heel until Chief Horcheese thumped it once with her artificial fist and a few hundred kilograms of force

    18. Burn made for the hatch and almost kicked Rampone and Wambach as they came up

    19. When Menachem returned from his shower, and with my breakfast barely touched, Steven walked up to me and kicked my thigh

    20. The car kicked once and lifted at the front end as the tyres fought for grip, and then, amid a sea of spray, she bit hard into the tarmac and hauled her graceful weight forward at an ever increasing rate of knots

    21. She'd also kicked the steersmen out of her nest

    22. Reality kicked in as she cut a plateful of sandwiches for lunch and, by the time she was ready to set out for the bus stop, normality – as she knew it – had reasserted itself again

    23. She kicked off her shoes and headed up the stairs

    24. Kicked a thousand beer cans

    25. Alan kicked mightily and got his left leg close enough for Desa to begin sawing at the tentacle

    26. they are only children! It was Alex, maternal instincts kicked in and she was afraid for her children

    27. As he made his way through the darkness he kicked various buckets, pots and pans that had been left strategically placed to deal with the many leaks that the roof had sprung during so many years of neglect

    28. By the time that she had whacked him with the frying pan six or seven times, kicked his shins repeatedly and doused him in an entire litre of Vimto, Danny’s other worldly cool had been completely shattered

    29. Lord Tarak jokingly teased her throughout the meal until Rayne kicked him under the table (much to his surprise), and hissed at him to stop

    30. That was before he was kicked out of his

    31. Now, see what times have come to, kicked out of our own homes,'

    32. 'Go away,' Ali said, crying as he kicked me with his tiny legs, I don't want you

    33. team's captain kicked Ali in the knee before running away

    34. urgently, which is precisely where his old military training kicked

    35. battered doors and kicked at cars, inflicting cuts and bruises on

    36. Seeing what was about to happen, the Scather quickly lifted one of its legs and kicked out, sending the machine flying across the room

    37. businessman,' Ish said and kicked me in the shins

    38. Omi kicked his stomach but the fifth man punched hard on

    39. Ish kicked hard in the man's shins

    40. The man fell down as Ish kicked him again thrice in the same place

    41. Having kicked open three doors with white crosses on them they

    42. and head for home when the command centre in his brain kicked in

    43. Mistress Sera spotted this and fearing the worst for Naria kicked out and sent the weapon spinning away

    44. whacked him with the frying pan six or seven times, kicked his

    45. “Damn you!” She turned, and her foot kicked a cabinet door

    46. She kicked off her sandals, pulled her feet up and leaned against me as I set the swing in a slow motion

    47. He recovered himself quickly and kicked Joseph in the stomach before he could move

    48. “Of course it was not helped by the noise and excitement kicked

    49. up the steps and kicked the door open

    50. This made the donkey so angry that it struck out his hind legs and kicked wildly

    1. “Probably the lonely one who can’t stop kicking himself over things in the past

    2. Scar charged and Silence jumped to the side, kicking out at his ankle as she went

    3. ’ I said, kicking myself for the fatuous comment as soon as I hear it

    4. We tried kicking him and poking him with driftwood, but he didn't move

    5. ’ He said, kicking at a tussock of grass

    6. Rode around on his bike with the boys where we lived … was quite keen on kicking a ball around whenever he could

    7. he shuffles off, kicking at traces of dew

    8. ’ She said, kicking herself for sounding like the chairman at a public meeting, ‘I’ve invited you here in connection with … with Joris Lilwin … I think you knew him?’

    9. with wind in your hair and sand kicking up, the waves on a roll,

    10. Rather than going back to the safety of the beach, he said I might as well take lesson number two, 'Just keep hold of my hands and fall forward, kicking as you go

    11. ’ Berndt said, kicking the cabin door closed as he comes in with a tray of breakfast

    12. I kept drinking little Dixie cups of water then crushing them in my hand and kung-fu kicking them across the room

    13. I would spend countless hours wailing away at the door, punching and kicking until I tired myself out a little with the help of meds

    14. Ish started kicking and shoving the man

    15. Her body was responding and she was kicking up her skirt in time with the music even better than she had ever done it in class when she had no idea the reason for it

    16. ’ Chris said, kicking off a thrill somewhere deep inside me

    17. ‘You were very close to you father, weren’t you? He replied, kicking at a stone by his foot

    18. ’ He said, kicking at the ferny leaves of the plant

    19. The caffeine and alcohol mix in the girl's drinks is kicking in

    20. Counseled by a memory he could not dismiss, “I don't have much use for kicking and boxing, I'm afraid

    21. “I said I didn't have much use for kicking and boxing; I didn't say I wasn't properly trained,” he answered calmly

    22. imagined himself swinging and kicking but the poison in his blood had different

    23. Grossin, kicking the ground with his feet

    24. shook his head and began kicking at the ground with his

    25. She was kicking herself for opening her mouth, when he stepped out the door saying, "I thought you were in the front room

    26. "No" she whispered kicking her feet, but it was more then she could do to hold on to the china

    27. time kicking him in the stomach

    28. There was a second of hesitation from Johnson and Roman seized it, kicking the

    29. Rafe followed after her, kicking the blaster from the nearest of them, while the mana-ray was in his right hand and pressed against the other Delphiniian’s head

    30. Axel reloaded and walked to the top of the first ladder, kicking it sideways so that it slid off the wall, taking another one with it

    31. My territorial instincts were kicking into high gear, and Savannah was definitely mine

    32. To dream that you are throwing away garbage suggests that you are kicking your old negative habits and throwing away your bad characteristics and unwanted traits

    33. you should go by what your child has interests in, such as punching and kicking,

    34. best, and have a little fun in kicking the

    35. Just as she was only a breath away from touching his lips with hers, Sebastian shocked her by kicking her feet out from under her

    36. Her hands massaged his thighs, and Sebastian pulled her up to him, kicking off his remaining clothing before hurling himself into removing her pants

    37. We were kicking and punching stabbing there were shouts and screams that echoed round the galleries and we were stepping on the bodies of the dead and wounded

    38. Later Jack awoke to the sound of Doc kicking the broken stereo player around the living room

    39. Sat in the open doorway of the wagon we were kicking out feet bored with the incessant delays that we had been subjected to

    40. “Remember he is a sly bastard he might not try to give you a kicking in fact he wont because he’s a fucking coward but he will try to get you back another way”, and with these parting words he went on his way

    41. She was on Carter like a wildcat, biting, kicking, tearing chunks from her in a frenzy

    42. “Hannah’s kicking me out

    43. A few minutes later she was kicking snow around in the chicken yard until the toe of her boot struck something solid

    44. He couldn’t stop the images that haunted him: Alexia’s final, brutal moments, the knife slicing quickly and cleanly through her delicate throat, the red spray coating the ring, the light fading from her eyes… Raven lashed out at the table in his room, kicking it with as much force as he could muster

    45. Kicking off her shoes, she rolled up her pants legs and settled in for a good time

    46. “Raven?” she said, trying to stop his incessant kicking and encouraging him to look at her

    47. She slipped his gag and collar on after she had shredded the shorts and led him round the house occasionally kicking him and flicking him with her whip, clearly with practised dexterity

    48. I gave him no room to recover and pounced on him again, kicking him towards the coop

    49. Longhaired liberals please note that I did not mention that the leather boots were better kicking boots that the canvas ones, but how would I know anything about that? Go ask the Army

    50. “And then there’s that landlady who’s on the verge of kicking you out

    1. A dog wanders out one of the open front doors and one of students kicks at it, misses, nearly falls on his ass while other students laugh and point

    2. Another soldier kicks him in the ass, pushes him down on his stomach

    3. The two goons by the door circled slowly and aimed punches and kicks at my frail body while the man stood over me and shouted out his frustrations

    4. Son would not kill them, but he did knock them down with kicks to

    5. and she kicks off a threadbare mule

    6. I started to think now that I was Bruce Lee reincarnated as I flexed my body and started assaulting the air with punches and kicks

    7. ’ I said, appreciating his comment and the warmth it kicks off in me

    8. The show kicks off in half an hour and regular attendees know this period as The Mumble

    9. We are still standing there, murmuring to each other when Bill kicks the door open and comes into the room carrying a tray of mugs

    10. After a few minutes trying to get the attention of the staff he manages to pay for four more vodka kicks and holding two in each hand by the neck he trips the slow waltz back to his brother and the girls

    11. As soon as she has cleared up the mess, as soon as the unthinking physical activity is done with, her brain kicks back into life

    12. ’ Andy said, feeling his face going hot, ‘He got his kicks from watching other men having sex

    13. Autopilot kicks in

    14. He kicks at the gravel with every step

    15. The image of Jock's flattened skin under his fist kicks the pain receptors in his hand back into life and Billy’s hand starts to ache

    16. Eventually Davie kicks the beast into life and holds the accelerator in the mid-range for a few seconds

    17. Roman continued with a tornadic flurry of punches and kicks

    18. subsided as the show progressed, her kicks and acts of defiance turning to an active

    19. operate at such a high velocity that the arms and fists and legs and kicks that came

    20. Roman charged the Agent with a flurry of kicks and punches, moving his

    21. His punches and kicks moved Roman back to the middle of

    22. in the air and launched a succession of quick kicks

    23. seconds, throwing punches and kicks not to restrain him as they had with Roman,

    24. When the ewe collapsed, Tragus added three vicious kicks in parting

    25. Going to the dresser she kicks off her shoes then starts to remove her earrings

    26. She kicks him with her high heels in the

    27. Once your mind kicks into gear and captures your attention, your ability to hold onto the experience of happiness vanishes

    28. For adults, kicks to the head are

    29. Men fell down where they stood and lay as if dead on the ground the fatigue finally getting too much for them and only kicks from boots or prods from rifle butts would get them warily to their feet more dead than alive

    30. Punches and kicks were being thrown sadistically by both contestants

    31. He began to kick the leg of the coffee table before him, gently tapping at first, before his frustration became greater and the kicks began to shake the table

    32. He then walked over and further demolished the cooler with two kicks

    33. I started swinging karate chops and ninja kicks violently into thin air

    34. He had pulled out a few blocks and was practicing kicks and punches from atop them

    35. ” Yeah this version is totally illegal, and was usually followed up with a few punches and kicks to enforce the point

    36. I certainly tried several times to fall onto one by “accident” but he was too nimble, and he gave me a few kicks in the ribs for my "f longhaired liberal tendencies, trying to imitate the Special Task Force

    37. He controlled his loaders with much passion and a few kicks no doubt if his evil eye did not bring immediate results

    38. Then it was just plain slackness to be sorted out with a fatherly talk re-enforced with a few kicks if needs be

    39. Fortunately in any viewpoint, a male SAP reservist, one of our divers in fact, drove past and got involved with a few well aimed kicks

    40. They say the mother instinct kicks in naturally the second the baby is born, but I was not her mother and I had not yet held her

    41. At the critical moment, the leader of an army acts like one who has climbed up a height and then kicks away the ladder behind him

    42. Some groggy voices and malformed protests were put down after a few slaps and kicks laid the patients back on their beds for good

    43. What I heard, when a con kicks on the outside,

    44. Out of all of the kicks, that one had hurt the

    45. Then, the cash payments are over and the new deal kicks in

    46. ” He kicks at the floor

    47. he kicks that traitor’s ass

    48. He kicks the chair and knocks over another hot coffee

    49. His wife would freak if she knew where he was getting his kicks, and it is not just from her

    50. Q: But the child kicks

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