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Frasi con lessen (in inglese)

  1. Son ate a snake to lessen.
  2. Rincewind felt the grip lessen.
  3. It can lessen your depression.
  4. That would lessen the chance of any notice.
  5. Now we have a chance to lessen their lead!'.
  6. Miss Crawford’s attractions did not lessen.
  7. This will help lessen the difficulty of your.
  8. This does not lessen the danger to my hostage.
  9. Do what you can, but try to lessen her stress.
  10. Staying overnight at a motel can lessen this trip.
  11. Still, Simon set a slower pace to lessen any pain.
  12. I close my eyes to see if that will lessen the ache.
  13. Many have tried to lessen the cruelty in a number of.
  14. Gradually his dependence of your movement will lessen.
  15. He could lessen the pain if she would let him, yet he.
  16. A lessen well learned and while I know that you are not.
  17. To lessen the itching of a bee sting, a combination of.
  18. An excuse is when someone uses words to lessen his/her.
  19. Many have tried to lessen the cruelty in a number of ways.
  20. If he could just lock her gaze, he could lessen the pain.
  21. The thought made her shoulders sag, and her resolve lessen.
  22. Or lessen brave Euredon’s agonies by so much as a second.
  23. That helped to lessen the sadness of the lonely walk there.
  24. This is a total waste of time and wil lessen any chance of.
  25. In our example of history, it would lessen the overweening.
  26. Man can, and will, do much to lessen his temporal sufferings.
  27. With each passing second she could feel her breathing lessen.
  28. And strategy or no, it doesn’t lessen how I feel about you.
  29. It didn’t lessen her admiration for his character and talent.
  30. That in time, the pain of separation would lessen and then disappear.
  31. When they were gone, Nancy tried to lessen her feelings toward Court.
  32. But it didn't in any way lessen his anxiety about this whole ordeal.
  33. At least, something could be done to lessen Elizabeth’s heavy load.
  34. They lessen congestion and ease your breathing, thus reducing snoring.
  35. After about eight months the flow of children was beginning to lessen.
  36. I bring this up because some want to lessen the impact of these verses.
  37. This is an obvious attempt by the Professor to lessen the dominance of.
  38. When she gets too hungry, she smokes a cigarette to lessen her appetite.
  39. As we lessen our souls of our egos, let us integrate our hearts and minds.
  40. Yoga and meditation certainly have proven to be effective tools to lessen.
  41. Great, give the blind kids guns, I said, trying to lessen his horror.
  42. The point is to lessen the chances of having an executor die before you do.
  43. However, there are several ways to even lessen the impact of this situation.
  44. By sleeping on your side, you will lessen the chances of having the muscles.
  45. She upbraided herself for the sentiment, but could not overcome or lessen it.
  46. Most of them will lessen once the pregnancy has been successfully completed.
  47. The splendor of the location doesn’t lessen the hurt I see in the eyes of.
  48. Witnessing her amazement, Abanir cleared his throat to lessen his own tension.
  49. Atop the train, I lay on my stomach to lessen my resistance to the chill wind.
  50. And I will be with you always, to lessen your fear that I may become jealous.
  51. I-I can’t accept this, Fred, I said softly, trying to lessen the blow.
  52. The running felt great and I hoped that it would help lessen my need for blood.
  53. It would also lessen the burden on society, since there would be less poverty.
  54. These hiding places may help them acclimate quicker and lessen the chances of.
  55. To lessen the hunger and the temptations of the younger and weaker among us.
  56. By increasing the blood flow to the abdomen, it effectively helps to lessen or.
  57. Meditation is only one way to lessen the distractive thoughts of your tool-brain.
  58. Find healthy substitutes that will lessen the fat and calorie content in each dish.
  59. Babylonian Exile, the power and influence of the priestly class had begun to lessen.
  60. There were no words to mollify or lessen the situation she and Grandma Lucy were in.
  61. She noticed the pain lessen as she focused on him, on his deep, calming, narrow eyes.
  62. I as principal can lessen the penalty, but since the two of you fail to cooperate or.
  63. Nonchalantly, he grasped her hand from under the table to lessen her obvious distress.
  64. Everyone is looking for solutions to lessen the pain and suffering of life, to change.
  65. Anyway, I digress from the core of my story to lessen the facts for your understanding.
  66. Setting the flow too high through the reactors will lessen the contact time, making it.
  67. Chinook with a lead sheet laid on the floor to lessen the radiation exposure, flew toward.
  68. Do this often and after each bowel movement for 10 minutes to lessen the pain and swelling.
  69. She said that the feeling or panic that cancer conjures up may lessen but it never went away.
  70. Could you lessen your entourage? I said, and he looked around the boutique Kellan stays.
  71. But that did not lessen the total shock of hearing that her newly found friend had been killed.
  72. Be less critical; expect less of some men and thereby lessen the extent of your disappointment.
  73. Regardless of whether the man was guilty of the specific charges, it did not lessen the tragedy.
  74. Even the glimpse of the joy beyond this life did not lessen the sense of sorrows to be borne now.
  75. I am willing, notwithstanding this, to leave it to the Executive discretion to lessen the burden.
  76. Ahmed was in a state of abject fright and the stench from the goat did nothing to lessen his fears.
  77. Arriving at the age of seventeen did not lessen his need to talk into mailboxes and send messages.
  78. I had prepared for this day long ago, but it did not help to lessen the sting of pain in my heart.
  79. Why does me being drunk lessen it? I have loved you since I was five years old and you were four.
  80. The conversation that ensued seemed to lessen the tension for the Warriors lowered their truncheons.
  81. Bending helped lessen the fading pain, and she couldn’t handle looking at Alric as she lied to him.
  82. Chance walked into the house, busting the ice tray into the sink, to lessen the swelling on his wrist.
  83. Chevalier sighed, there really was no way to lessen the blow for this, When I used to find a donor.
  84. Looks like you made a new friend, she said, trying to lessen the impact of the scene with humor.
  85. The act of compiling trades worth risk will help you to lessen the stress manifested from failed trades.
  86. An important facet of drug detox is counseling which helps lessen the discomforting effects of withdrawal.
  87. Some of them may have used such tactics as a way to lessen their workload, while others may have done tha.
  88. If you don’t like the risk of going one-sided, consider using far out-of-the-money’s to lessen the risk.
  89. To lessen chance of breaking them dig around the plant to loosen, then prise them out with a sharpened stick.
  90. And those in the Fire will say to the keepers of Hell, Call to your Lord to lessen our suffering for one day.
  91. And the more you experience this Christ Consciousness the more you will lessen your attachment to the physical.
  92. Mediocre, or cheap, products will, if you're lucky, only spoil, or lessen the enjoyment of your anticipated trip.
  93. They could not get through; and as Miss Bertram's inclination for so doing did by no means lessen, it ended in Mr.
  94. A phone rang from behind it which made the weight lessen, it sounded muffled to her and she heard a distinct grunt.
  95. The amount of noise and commotion in the yard was a great advantage as it would lessen the chance of her detection.
  96. They could not get through; and as Miss Bertram’s inclination for so doing did by no means lessen, it ended in Mr.
  97. But, changing the global political landscape to lessen hostilities and fear requires no more than a change in mindset.
  98. Matt showed Max how to wrap the rope across his body, allowing the friction against it to lessen the pull on his hands.
  99. To play blackjack correctly and lessen the house advantage, it’s necessary to learn basic strategy and card counting.
  100. This will also lessen the risk of exposing your money to the fluctuating market and increasing the risk of bankruptcy.
  1. Flagging, his blows lessening, they.
  2. Exercise #17 — Lessening the Negative.
  3. There was no gradual lessening as in most storms.
  4. Down–Lowering and lessening of power, status, or influence.
  5. I saw you like a speck on a white track, lessening every moment.
  6. There has been a lessening of the cold and I think it will continue.
  7. This will immediately lead to a lessening in the intensity of the hair fall.
  8. I had had no idea until this moment that my love for her was even lessening.
  9. Warmth spread from that point throughout his body, calming him, lessening the pain.
  10. The vodka was a blessing to Jacob then, fuzzing reality, lessening the shock of life.
  11. The enemies were lessening in numbers and there were more who turned to see who had shot.
  12. It also helps to improve the kidney function in secreting urine, resulting in lessening the.
  13. Tony toyed as he took a step closer to David, lessening the gap of space that was between them.
  14. Trying to imagine the absence or even the lessening of this heat proved frustratingly difficult.
  15. Notice though that higher stages entail higher understanding thus lessening a propensity for war.
  16. West–The direction ( way) of the setting sun, which symbolizes the lessening of truth, knowledge.
  17. Association does not transmute evil into righteousness, but it does aid in greatly lessening the sting.
  18. His ease and familiarity and the warmth of his hand in hers eventually soothed her, lessening her anxiety.
  19. The surge that had given it such power still ran in over the depression but now with lessening intensity.
  20. Amaranthe sensed the wave of force lessening around her as Arbitan shifted more of his focus toward Sicarius.
  21. West–The direction ( way) of the setting sun, which symbolizes the lessening of truth, knowledge and wisdom.
  22. With one exception, the weather was favorable, generally soft winds, increasing during the day, lessening at night.
  23. With this effects, it helps to increase blood flow to in the abdomen, resulting in lessening the risk of menstrual.
  24. The rain was lessening, but it was still cold, and water pooled on the roof of the Excelsior Springs Police Station.
  25. But as with guests who overstay their welcome, time as well as envy, brought a gradual lessening of that feeling.
  26. Lessening the chance of being seen from the terminus they entered by a door facing the stern, into the bridge structure.
  27. Just before fully entering the area, Mitchell could sense Jose's genuine interest, from his throttle lessening significantly.
  28. But, by lessening the competition of capitals in that branch of trade, it necessarily raised the rate of profit in that branch.
  29. The other parts of the shadow will receive a certain amount of reflected light, lessening in amount on either side of these points.
  30. This diminution, however, can scarce amount to any positive loss, but only to a lessening of the gain which it might otherwise make.
  31. He looked, it was obvious that he was searching for his friends and when he did not see them, there was a lessening of his intensity.
  32. These are among the reasons why the amount of specie now in the country is small, and has for some time past been gradually lessening.
  33. Instead of lessening with absence, this longing to see her again grew, so that at last on Saturday morning he escaped from his office.
  34. It is said that viola contain substances that help to reduce the tension of uterine muscles, resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps.
  35. It not only helps the liver in regulating the production of good prostaglandins hormone, resulting in lessening the risks of menstrual.
  36. This had the inadvertent blowback of lessening corporation's responsibility and, therefore, making them headless monsters without liability.
  37. Torbin at first thought he’d imagined it, that the lessening of the force was merely an illusion due to his pressure sensor going off line.
  38. The imprisoned speak of the need to be free to choose, which means a removal of certain limitations or the lessening of certain consequences.
  39. It will be so only when it is directed towards lessening the suffering of others through want and ignorance and from false social organization.
  40. When skimming was done—which, as the milk diminished with the approach of autumn, was a lessening process day by day—Retty and the rest went out.
  41. However it seemed that the barrage was lessening as the gun barrels must have been getting red hot and the shrapnel blizzard became more of a flurry.
  42. Since it helps to release the blood stagnation in the liver, it also improves the blood flow to the abdominal region, resulting in lessening the risk of.
  43. It is said that white peony also helps the liver in regulating the production of certain hormones in the prostaglandins family resulting in lessening the risk.
  44. The dragon had been lessening its distance each time it circled and he knew that it was only a matter of time before it focused its efforts exclusively on them.
  45. By lessening, too, the competition of British capitals in all other branches of trade, it necessarily raised the rate of British profit in all those other branches.
  46. If the stock is materially above the short call strike price, the spread will move closer to intrinsic value on both options, lessening the time value differential.
  47. The Lost One had never felt so helpless, in spite of the fact he could feel the cane in his grip and sense the emerald power, though even that was lessening rapidly.
  48. She was now in her midsixties, a time that for some with addictions or mental illnesses can be associated with a lessening of symptoms as the body starts slowing down.
  49. The article sets in place definite limits on executive authority, and the founders made it clear that their intent was to err on the side of lessening executive power.
  50. Geranium is said to contain substances that help the blood vessels to contract, resulting in lessening the heavy blood flow for women with endometriosis and heavy blood flow.
  51. It is said that fennel also helps to release tension of nervous system, resulting in lessening the muscle pain, including uterine muscle that causes symptom of menstrual pain.
  52. Essential oil- fennel is also laxative, it helps to improve the movement of stool, resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps caused by endometrial implants and adhesion attached.
  53. In Chapter 3, I discussed the need to overcome self-centered needs and desires, and the wisdom of lessening your focus on conditional happiness to weaken its hold on your attention.
  54. Alternating hot and cold water sitz bath also help to release the blood stagnation in the abdominal region, thereby increasing blood flow to the region, resulting in lessening the.
  55. Essential Oil--lavender is said to helps to move the stool in the large intestine, acting as a laxative, resulting in lessening the pain caused by endometriosis implants and adhesion.
  56. Whenever his hands got tired and came down, whenever there was a weakening, a lessening of prayer pressure, that's when the battle went backwards, and so I like it on the ground there.
  57. Avender is also a mitotic that helps to regulate the cell division and cell growth, resulting in lessening the risk of endometrial cell growing in other part of the body, excluding the.
  58. By cleansing the liver from toxic accumulation, it helps to strengthen the liver function in fat and protein synthesis, thereby lessening the nervous tension, resulting in reducing the.
  59. Is there not a Provider that supplies them with light, power and existence? Otherwise, how would they continue to shine throughout the ages, without becoming extinct or lessening in light or power?
  60. Practice the Shoulderstand over a period of time and you will soon begin to notice a lessening of the intensity of your discomfort each month, until after a time it will cease altogether to be a problem.
  61. This blazing globe and shining lamp has been supplying the whole world with heat and light for thousands of years throughout the generations, and it is still providing it without losing or lessening in power.
  62. Usually this shield was wielded with a pistol for more maneuverability, effective increasing their defenses from gunfire from the police in front and the clansmen above and lessening the men that fell on their side.
  63. The work was soon finished; in a few minutes a tumultuous sea rolled between me and my enemy, and I was left drifting on a scattered piece of ice that was continually lessening and thus preparing for me a hideous death.
  64. Norris, when she came on the morrow, in consequence of an early call and invitation from Sir Thomas, was in a very ill humour, and seemed intent only on lessening her niece's pleasure, both present and future, as much as possible.
  65. Besides, the effort exerted for rescuing the peace is still inconsiderable, and the results brought forth by the peace conferences for disarmament or the limitation of arm's spread or the lessening of its quantity are insignificant.
  66. The refusal of all the means in use for taking another's labour will unavoidably bring such a man to the necessity of lessening his wants on the one hand, and, on the other, of doing himself what formerly was done for him by other men.
  67. Their own descriptions show a concern with a lessening of the verbal and conceptual approach to the world (associated with the dominant left brain) and do seem to encourage factors that involve the right hemisphere, according to Ornstein.
  68. He again walked the slippery path of circumstance as well as conscience while the raft glided along at the extremity of the rope, pulled only lightly by the ever lessening current, as those exhilarating thoughts tempted the very depths of his being.
  69. Rostov threw his cloak over his shoulders, shouted to Lavrushka to follow with the things, and- now slipping in the mud, now splashing right through it- set off with Ilyin in the lessening rain and the darkness that was occasionally rent by distant lightning.
  70. The instant the other European nation’s sensed her lessening power: they were like jackals: trying to tear bits of the crumbling English colonial assets from her dominion while adding little bits and pieces of colonial lands to their portfolios of ‘empire’.
  71. Rostóv threw his cloak over his shoulders, shouted to Lavrúshka to follow with the things, and—now slipping in the mud, now splashing right through it—set off with Ilyín in the lessening rain and the darkness that was occasionally rent by distant lightning.
  72. Grandet answered that the notary and the broker whose shameful failures had caused the death of his brother were still living, that they might now have recovered their credit, and that they ought to be sued, so as to get something out of them towards lessening the total of the deficit.
  73. What should this attitude be? Should I be impatient with the troubles that I see in the world, or should I patiently let everything unfold in its own time? Can I improve myself or the world with prayer, or is every apparent good compensated for by a lessening of good somewhere else? How can I know what is best?
  74. Dashwood could penetrate, and at last, without saying a word, quitted the room, and walked out towards the village--leaving the others in the greatest astonishment and perplexity on a change in his situation, so wonderful and so sudden;--a perplexity which they had no means of lessening but by their own conjectures.
  75. Dashwood could penetrate, and at last, without saying a word, quitted the room, and walked out towards the village—leaving the others in the greatest astonishment and perplexity on a change in his situation, so wonderful and so sudden;—a perplexity which they had no means of lessening but by their own conjectures.
  76. Yes, he has a wife, who through everything has behaved like an angel; he has a daughter, who was about to marry the man she loved, but whose family now will not allow him to wed the daughter of a ruined man; he has, besides, a son, a lieutenant in the army; and, as you may suppose, all this, instead of lessening, only augments his sorrows.
  77. These are excellent markets in which to initiate the “Neutral Option Position” (selling an out of the money put and call), as this strategy will take advantage of both the time value decay of the “overvalued” out-of-the money options, as well as the loss of premium by the lessening option volatility which often occurs in this instance.
  78. Is that a fact? If it is, and great distress has ensued therefrom, what will be the distress of the merchants if the bill now before you shall pass; and if, agreeably to its provisions, Congress should (at any time hereafter) call on the bank for the loan of four millions promised by the bill? If, sir, a lessening of their discounts one-tenth per cent.
  79. The Government of the United States would naturally, from the situation of affairs in that quarter of the world, experience a temporary diminution in its revenue, which it need not feel or regard, because it had been enabled to make that noble provision for a sinking fund, for lessening the national debt, for paying off the mortgages on the estate of every man in the country and of those who are unborn.
  80. All what we see today of disasters, floods, earthquakes, famines, wars, destroying hurricanes, fires in forests and cities, ice-liquefaction in the North and South poles, lessening in the territorial waters, great lowering in the rivers levels, an increase of earth temperature and environment pollution are but a result of that which the Almighty mentioned in the noble verse: "Had the truth followed their appetites, the heavens, the earth and all who dwell in them, would have surely been corrupted…".
  81. Its specific characters are as follow: Wings incumbent and horizontal, when at rest; body long and thin; thorax thick, but not crested; head small; eyes prominent and black; antennæ setacious, gradually lessening towards extremities, and slightly ciliated; palpi two, flat, broad in the middle, and very hairy; tongue rolled up between them, not very prominent; clypeus small, legs long, small and hairy; wings long as body; under wings shortest; colour a dark silvery gray, with transverse dotted bands of black on upper wings.
  82. Now, admitting that the establishment of a bank in the first instance was not necessary for the due exercise of the legislative rights bestowed in any one of these enumerated powers, if our predecessors in office, by the creation of a bank, which at best was an improper institution, because not necessary, have placed our fiscal concerns in such a situation that it cannot be put down without great injury to the revenue, which Congress is bound to levy; and collect, without injuring our commerce, without impairing our public credit, without lessening the public welfare, all of which Congress is bound to provide for and protect; if this can be demonstrated to be the probable result of pulling down the bank at this period, I would ask whether that institution, which was improper at first, because not necessary, does not become proper, because almost indispensable at present?
  1. Yes, they will be greatly lessened.
  2. It lessened the smoldering pain inside.
  3. His values lessened should he be…used.
  4. Thus personal independence is lessened.
  5. The need for lawyers would be lessened.
  6. Her fears lessened, Stephanie reciprocated.
  7. He had lessened my hesitation and confusions.
  8. The load seemed to have lessened considerably.
  9. The pain lessened by smoking, what the shark.
  10. The incessant pounding of the rain had lessened.
  11. After a few extended moments, Sue lessened her.
  12. Over the years her friendship with Freda lessened.
  13. With morning the rain lessened, but the tepid Sun.
  14. A moment of lessened focus, and the nausea hit him.
  15. The pain had lessened, but it was still agonizing.
  16. It lessened some of the normal aches and pains of.
  17. It lessened her guilt, somehow, for neglecting her.
  18. To them the oppression of their guard is lessened.
  19. Spending time with Colin somehow lessened her unease.
  20. It grew louder as she lessened the sound of her humming.
  21. Thomas’s anger lessened slightly at that, turned into pity.
  22. Thaen nodded, his smile only lessened slightly as he replied.
  23. The pain in her side lessened as she rested against the soft.
  24. Outer activity is lessened but dynamic inner activity is happening.
  25. His missionaries did not break up the corruption, only lessened it.
  26. The look of shock on Kyle's face lessened as he realized who she was.
  27. Aggression can be lessened or spread out if you have 3 to 7 in your.
  28. Then the sun gleamed out of ragged clouds again and the rain lessened.
  29. Every time she has a seizure the oxygen supply to the baby is lessened.
  30. The traffic had lessened since leaving the city limits and now it was only.
  31. It was a little before dawn, but the oppression in the air had not lessened.
  32. I'll do anything to avoid the torments of this place, to have them lessened.
  33. Outer activity is lessened, but there is much dynamic inner activity happening.
  34. Nothing lessened her resentment for him and what he'd done to her and her ship.
  35. Temperature dropping, the noise of his shuffling lessened, clearly approaching a.
  36. Her suspicious look slighty subsided lessened replaced by a softer, crinkled look.
  37. Lorna became aware that the snow had lessened when she peered out of her shelter.
  38. His power and control over the girl had already lessened because of the doll lady.
  39. I noticed that the indigo glow of the surrounding scenery seemed to have lessened.
  40. His pace lessened and soon the distance between him and the Pilgrim began to grow.
  41. But she held herself abeyant, and in moments the red haze over her vision lessened.
  42. Joey took offense and flew off the bed, the sting of his pains lessened by the juice.
  43. He lessened his grip on the Dead God, desiring at least some answers before his death.
  44. Now, the chills lessened, starting at his feet and going right through his shoulders.
  45. And even if they can’t be totally prevented, they can be lessened to a great extent.
  46. The rate of air loss gradually lessened, and they were able to rest for longer periods.
  47. With tax credits, the burden that taxpayers carry them throughout the year is lessened.
  48. We are told that the bank has lately lessened the discounts of individuals ten per cent.
  49. Jhamed smiled despite Simon’s response, although the worry in his eyes was not lessened.
  50. They left after he had lessened all their hardship and suffering on that difficult night.
  51. The crowd of gathered women lessened as more and more of them were taken up behind riders.
  52. And even if they can’t be totally prevented, problems can be lessened to a great extent.
  53. My enthusiasm lessened a bit at the thought that I’d have to make the long trip in the.
  54. As she came closer the glow of her skin lessened until she was the same as when she had left.
  55. The guilt he had tried to forget for the last two years was somehow lessened by her presence.
  56. As when it is replaced with the secondary word of ‘desire’, then the effects are lessened.
  57. I was very happy that I had married both my elder sisters and lessened the burden of my mother.
  58. The col ection of your Accounts Receivable should never be ignored or lessened on your priority.
  59. The thundering of the rockets lessened with altitude, and Nyreea let her gaze fall to the ground.
  60. The herbs also work to extend the resting phase of hair cycle so that the hair fall is lessened.
  61. With no action from Chuck, the hail of sausages lessened and came to a slow stop, and the men stood.
  62. With tax deductions, the adjusted gross income (AGI) is lessened, making the taxable income smaller.
  63. We are quite confident that the vaccine has lessened the symptoms and has saved many lives thus far.
  64. With Election Day behind me, and the fear of being caught drinking lessened, I started letting loose.
  65. Now Resa looked at him, and Tristan was relieved to see that the anger in her small face had lessened.
  66. Slowly the trembling in the Lost One’s body lessened and he felt his breathing grow steadier again.
  67. The smoke had lessened, but it still wafted out the door, a dark, hazy cloud covering the entire area.
  68. It was only when the heat lessened, far from the square, that this little soothsayer dared a look back.
  69. The sin, lessened on the one hand, would therefore be increased on the other, in quantity, not in quality.
  70. But, as the rapidity of society increases, our capabilities to physically interact and relate has lessened.
  71. The maximum limit has generally been increased over time as concerns about memory constraints have lessened.
  72. It is the same reason which prompted me five years ago, and which has never altered nor lessened in the years.
  73. The midnight temperature held steady at seventy seven degrees with a lessened breeze, as they made farther inland.
  74. Zorn lessened his pace, and when Mace came closer Zorn quickly turned and hit him in the stomach as hard as he could.
  75. Still, the air conditioning lessened the burden, and it gave him all the excuse he needed not to dally on specifics.
  76. This lessened the chance that I might hesitate and wind up making the additional buy when the stock was up 5% to 10%.
  77. The boundaries soften and dissolve, and any sense of inadequacy, limitation, or deficiency is lessened or eliminated.
  78. The initial shock that they had experienced that morning was considerably lessened now, as night settled over the town.
  79. Shantanu too became a bit sincere and attentive in his studies, but he never lessened his tricky jokes and buffooneries.
  80. Water is wonderful because the effects of gravity are lessened and therefore there�s much less pressure put on your joints.
  81. Could she hope that his feelings for Lisa had lessened, become more manageable, like the crippling pain she felt for Jamie?
  82. Perhaps in my heart, thank you has now become one of those compliments that are lessened with overuse and the automation of it.
  83. The heat of the midday sun had gradually lessened during the afternoon; it was now early evening and a welcome breeze had sprung up.
  84. He figured he only thought of it as the ‘meeting spot’ and decided that actually staying there somehow lessened its importance.
  85. On this principle nurserymen always prefer saving seed from a large body of plants, as the chance of intercrossing is thus lessened.
  86. Then the profit margin is lessened just enough so people start buying again… to give the seller the maximum return for their dollar.
  87. In reality, there are measurement errors (depending of the representativeness and timeliness of the survey) but these can be lessened.
  88. Today: people throw their hands up in horror at even the suggestion that this supposed boon to mankind might be taken away or lessened.
  89. He lessened his grip on her wrist and let it slip down to her hand, but it was limp, no feeling, compared to what had been there before.
  90. The effects of lessened exercise, together with abundant food, on the whole organisation is probably still more important, and this, as H.
  91. The loan, if made, would not be from the bank but from the merchants, whose discounts would thereby be lessened, and whose ruin would follow.
  92. With the setting of the moon the pale light lessened, and Tess became invisible as she fell into reverie upon the leaves where he had left her.
  93. His criticism continued but its effect was somewhat lessened, though the very fact that he had to be isolated did little to help the situation.
  94. The rich did not like their power being lessened by some unexpected politician who was even slightly trying to help poor people out of poverty.
  95. It was almost as if he had willed the calm fell on her spirit, her head began to stop spinning and even the giddiness of the brandy was lessened.
  96. Her foot still hurt to step on, but the pain had lessened considerably and it looked a lot less swollen and not nearly as red as it did yesterday.
  97. He remembered how the warmth of his hand had lessened the pangs when nothing else could be done and he wondered if she, in her sleep, now felt them.
  98. He did not know that the brick buildings, built to plan, were being built by serfs whose manorial labor was thus increased, though lessened on paper.
  99. The Europans had this huge advantage over us, but then they slowly, gradually lessened it on purpose, instead of just slaughtering us over a weekend.
  100. But as the mileage lessened between her and the spot of her pilgrimage, so did Tess's confidence decrease, and her enterprise loom out more formidably.
  1. The hurt lessens.
  2. This lessens our power 408.
  3. It lessens the office of Secretary to.
  4. As they talk more, his stuttering lessens.
  5. This lessens the possibility of an injury while amplifying the results.
  6. This lessens his guilt, but he has done wrong, nevertheless, in being a murderer.
  7. This reflects well on blood circulation in the body and lessens the chance of forming clots.
  8. I have been told that time lessens sorrow and eventually one gets over even the worst tragedy.
  9. There are more and more of us, and several members are quite famous!) Slowly the bleeding lessens.
  10. Higher incline lessens resistance while lower inclination removes the focus from the upper chest muscles.
  11. Babylon violated lessens Alexander, Rome enchained lessens Caesar, Jerusalem murdered lessens Titus, tyranny follows the tyrant.
  12. Every fresh act of sin lessens fear and remorse, hardens our hearts, blunts the edge of our conscience, and increases our evil inclination.
  13. Some may be disappointed, but accuracy is not quite as important as it may have once seemed, which lessens the urgency to find the Good Ones.
  14. The strike came in March 1984 (probably tactically not a good time as Winter was over and the need for power generation lessens with the Spring).
  15. Those with durations just a little greater than the span of the average are greatly reduced in magnitude, but the effect lessens as periodicity duration increases.
  16. This lessens a lot of confusion and minimizes the possibility of further problems that may severely affect the relationship between you, your ex-spouse and the child or children between you.
  17. And from these parts the amount of light lessens through what are called the half tones as the surface turns more away, until a point is reached where no more direct light is received, and the shadows begin.
  18. These findings show clearly that pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over the bird when slaughtering it lessens the remove of germs from its intestines to the muscles (meat) very much and consequently makes it more pure.
  19. The more intense our fire the more speedily it destroys its victim who, therefore, ceases to suffer, whereas the fire of purgatory inflicts the keenest, most violent pain but never kills the soul nor lessens its sensibility.
  20. You know that your brethren love you in spite of this weakness, and you should also understand that this shortcoming in no way impairs my affection for you, but it lessens your usefulness and never ceases to make trouble for you.
  21. Caloric, in reducing solids to the state of gas, lessens, but cannot in any case, as far as we know, totally destroy their gravitating force; the diminution of this force, however, being in a direct proportion to the quantity of heat employed.
  22. By rendering the colony produce dearer in all other countries, it lessens its consumption, and thereby cramps the industry of the colonies, and both the enjoyments and the industry of all other countries, which both enjoy less when they pay more for what they enjoy, and produce less when they get less for what they produce.
  23. But I must also avoid the error of those democrats and others who, in defending the oppressed and the enslaved, do not see their failings and mistakes, and who do not make sufficient allowance for the difficulties created, the mistakes inherited from the past, which in a degree lessens the responsibility of the upper classes.
  24. In a Government like ours, where the laudable boast of every citizen is that he lives under a government of laws, and not of men, no subject should be touched with more caution and delicacy than one which questions the validity of the laws, lessens the confidence of the citizens in them, or impairs the obligation of obedience to them.
  25. I have made so many experiments and collected so many facts, showing on the one hand that an occasional cross with a distinct individual or variety increases the vigour and fertility of the offspring, and on the other hand that very close interbreeding lessens their vigour and fertility, that I cannot doubt the correctness of this conclusion.
  26. Whatever, therefore, raises the rate of mercantile profit, either lessens the superiority, or increases the inferiority of the profit of improvement : and, in the one case, hinders capital from going to improvement, and in the other draws capital from it; but by discouraging improvement, the monopoly necessarily retards the natural increase of another great original source of revenue, the rent of land.
  27. Seeing (1) that the object pursued by all peace societies is the establishment of judicial order between nations, and (2) that neutralization by international treaties constitutes a step toward this judicial state and lessens the number of districts in which war can be carried on, the congress recommends a larger extension of the rule of neutralization, and expresses the wish, (1) that all treaties which at present assure to certain states the benefit of neutrality remain in force, or if necessary be amended in a manner to render the neutrality more effective, either by extending neutralization to the whole of the state or by ordering the demolition of fortresses, which constitute rather a peril than a guarantee for neutrality; (2) that new treaties in harmony with the wishes of the populations concerned be concluded for establishing the neutralization of other states.
  28. Seeing (a) that the object pursued by all Peace Societies is the establishment of juridical order between nations; (b) that neutralization by international treaties constitutes a step toward this juridical state, and lessens the number of districts in which war can be carried on; the Congress recommends a larger extension of the rule of neutralization, and expresses the wish: (a) that all treaties which at present assure to a certain state the benefit of neutrality remain in force, or, if necessary, be amended in a manner to render the neutrality more effective, either by extending neutralization to the whole of the state, of which a part only may be neutralized, or by ordering the demolition of fortresses which constitute rather a peril than a guarantee of neutrality; (b) that new treaties, provided they are in harmony with the wishes of the population, be concluded for the establishment of the neutralization of other states.

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