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Lessen in a sentence

Son ate a snake to lessen.
Rincewind felt the grip lessen.
It can lessen your depression.
That would lessen the chance of any notice.
Miss Crawford’s attractions did not lessen.
Now we have a chance to lessen their lead!'.
This will help lessen the difficulty of your.

This does not lessen the danger to my hostage.
Do what you can, but try to lessen her stress.
Staying overnight at a motel can lessen this trip.
Still, Simon set a slower pace to lessen any pain.
I close my eyes to see if that will lessen the ache.
Many have tried to lessen the cruelty in a number of.
Gradually his dependence of your movement will lessen.
He could lessen the pain if she would let him, yet he.
An excuse is when someone uses words to lessen his/her.
To lessen the itching of a bee sting, a combination of.
A lessen well learned and while I know that you are not.
If he could just lock her gaze, he could lessen the pain.
Many have tried to lessen the cruelty in a number of ways.
That helped to lessen the sadness of the lonely walk there.
The thought made her shoulders sag, and her resolve lessen.
Or lessen brave Euredon’s agonies by so much as a second.
In our example of history, it would lessen the overweening.
This is a total waste of time and wil lessen any chance of.
Man can, and will, do much to lessen his temporal sufferings.
With each passing second she could feel her breathing lessen.
And strategy or no, it doesn’t lessen how I feel about you.
It didn’t lessen her admiration for his character and talent.
That in time, the pain of separation would lessen and then disappear.
When they were gone, Nancy tried to lessen her feelings toward Court.
But it didn't in any way lessen his anxiety about this whole ordeal.
At least, something could be done to lessen Elizabeth’s heavy load.
After about eight months the flow of children was beginning to lessen.
They lessen congestion and ease your breathing, thus reducing snoring.
This is an obvious attempt by the Professor to lessen the dominance of.
When she gets too hungry, she smokes a cigarette to lessen her appetite.
I bring this up because some want to lessen the impact of these verses.
As we lessen our souls of our egos, let us integrate our hearts and minds.
Yoga and meditation certainly have proven to be effective tools to lessen.
Flagging, his blows lessening, they.
Exercise #17 — Lessening the Negative.
There was no gradual lessening as in most storms.
Down–Lowering and lessening of power, status, or influence.
I saw you like a speck on a white track, lessening every moment.
There has been a lessening of the cold and I think it will continue.
I had had no idea until this moment that my love for her was even lessening.
This will immediately lead to a lessening in the intensity of the hair fall.
Warmth spread from that point throughout his body, calming him, lessening the pain.
The vodka was a blessing to Jacob then, fuzzing reality, lessening the shock of life.
The enemies were lessening in numbers and there were more who turned to see who had shot.
It also helps to improve the kidney function in secreting urine, resulting in lessening the.
Tony toyed as he took a step closer to David, lessening the gap of space that was between them.
Trying to imagine the absence or even the lessening of this heat proved frustratingly difficult.
Notice though that higher stages entail higher understanding thus lessening a propensity for war.
West–The direction ( way) of the setting sun, which symbolizes the lessening of truth, knowledge.
Association does not transmute evil into righteousness, but it does aid in greatly lessening the sting.
The surge that had given it such power still ran in over the depression but now with lessening intensity.
His ease and familiarity and the warmth of his hand in hers eventually soothed her, lessening her anxiety.
Amaranthe sensed the wave of force lessening around her as Arbitan shifted more of his focus toward Sicarius.
West–The direction ( way) of the setting sun, which symbolizes the lessening of truth, knowledge and wisdom.
With one exception, the weather was favorable, generally soft winds, increasing during the day, lessening at night.
The rain was lessening, but it was still cold, and water pooled on the roof of the Excelsior Springs Police Station.
With this effects, it helps to increase blood flow to in the abdomen, resulting in lessening the risk of menstrual.
But as with guests who overstay their welcome, time as well as envy, brought a gradual lessening of that feeling.
Lessening the chance of being seen from the terminus they entered by a door facing the stern, into the bridge structure.
Just before fully entering the area, Mitchell could sense Jose's genuine interest, from his throttle lessening significantly.
But, by lessening the competition of capitals in that branch of trade, it necessarily raised the rate of profit in that branch.
The other parts of the shadow will receive a certain amount of reflected light, lessening in amount on either side of these points.
He looked, it was obvious that he was searching for his friends and when he did not see them, there was a lessening of his intensity.
This diminution, however, can scarce amount to any positive loss, but only to a lessening of the gain which it might otherwise make.
Instead of lessening with absence, this longing to see her again grew, so that at last on Saturday morning he escaped from his office.
These are among the reasons why the amount of specie now in the country is small, and has for some time past been gradually lessening.
It is said that viola contain substances that help to reduce the tension of uterine muscles, resulting in lessening the menstrual cramps.
It not only helps the liver in regulating the production of good prostaglandins hormone, resulting in lessening the risks of menstrual.
This had the inadvertent blowback of lessening corporation's responsibility and, therefore, making them headless monsters without liability.
Torbin at first thought he’d imagined it, that the lessening of the force was merely an illusion due to his pressure sensor going off line.
The imprisoned speak of the need to be free to choose, which means a removal of certain limitations or the lessening of certain consequences.
It will be so only when it is directed towards lessening the suffering of others through want and ignorance and from false social organization.
When skimming was done—which, as the milk diminished with the approach of autumn, was a lessening process day by day—Retty and the rest went out.
Yes, they will be greatly lessened.
It lessened the smoldering pain inside.
The need for lawyers would be lessened.
Thus personal independence is lessened.
His values lessened should he be…used.
Her fears lessened, Stephanie reciprocated.
He had lessened my hesitation and confusions.
The load seemed to have lessened considerably.
The pain lessened by smoking, what the shark.
After a few extended moments, Sue lessened her.
The incessant pounding of the rain had lessened.
Over the years her friendship with Freda lessened.
With morning the rain lessened, but the tepid Sun.
The pain had lessened, but it was still agonizing.
A moment of lessened focus, and the nausea hit him.
To them the oppression of their guard is lessened.
It lessened her guilt, somehow, for neglecting her.
It lessened some of the normal aches and pains of.
Spending time with Colin somehow lessened her unease.
It grew louder as she lessened the sound of her humming.
Thaen nodded, his smile only lessened slightly as he replied.
Thomas’s anger lessened slightly at that, turned into pity.
The pain in her side lessened as she rested against the soft.
Outer activity is lessened but dynamic inner activity is happening.
His missionaries did not break up the corruption, only lessened it.
The look of shock on Kyle's face lessened as he realized who she was.
Aggression can be lessened or spread out if you have 3 to 7 in your.
Then the sun gleamed out of ragged clouds again and the rain lessened.
Every time she has a seizure the oxygen supply to the baby is lessened.
The traffic had lessened since leaving the city limits and now it was only.
It was a little before dawn, but the oppression in the air had not lessened.
I'll do anything to avoid the torments of this place, to have them lessened.
Outer activity is lessened, but there is much dynamic inner activity happening.
Nothing lessened her resentment for him and what he'd done to her and her ship.
Her suspicious look slighty subsided lessened replaced by a softer, crinkled look.
Lorna became aware that the snow had lessened when she peered out of her shelter.
Temperature dropping, the noise of his shuffling lessened, clearly approaching a.
His pace lessened and soon the distance between him and the Pilgrim began to grow.
I noticed that the indigo glow of the surrounding scenery seemed to have lessened.
His power and control over the girl had already lessened because of the doll lady.
The hurt lessens.
This lessens our power 408.
It lessens the office of Secretary to.
As they talk more, his stuttering lessens.
This lessens the possibility of an injury while amplifying the results.
This lessens his guilt, but he has done wrong, nevertheless, in being a murderer.
This reflects well on blood circulation in the body and lessens the chance of forming clots.
I have been told that time lessens sorrow and eventually one gets over even the worst tragedy.
There are more and more of us, and several members are quite famous!) Slowly the bleeding lessens.
Higher incline lessens resistance while lower inclination removes the focus from the upper chest muscles.
Babylon violated lessens Alexander, Rome enchained lessens Caesar, Jerusalem murdered lessens Titus, tyranny follows the tyrant.
Every fresh act of sin lessens fear and remorse, hardens our hearts, blunts the edge of our conscience, and increases our evil inclination.
Some may be disappointed, but accuracy is not quite as important as it may have once seemed, which lessens the urgency to find the Good Ones.
The strike came in March 1984 (probably tactically not a good time as Winter was over and the need for power generation lessens with the Spring).
Those with durations just a little greater than the span of the average are greatly reduced in magnitude, but the effect lessens as periodicity duration increases.
This lessens a lot of confusion and minimizes the possibility of further problems that may severely affect the relationship between you, your ex-spouse and the child or children between you.
And from these parts the amount of light lessens through what are called the half tones as the surface turns more away, until a point is reached where no more direct light is received, and the shadows begin.
These findings show clearly that pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over the bird when slaughtering it lessens the remove of germs from its intestines to the muscles (meat) very much and consequently makes it more pure.
The more intense our fire the more speedily it destroys its victim who, therefore, ceases to suffer, whereas the fire of purgatory inflicts the keenest, most violent pain but never kills the soul nor lessens its sensibility.
You know that your brethren love you in spite of this weakness, and you should also understand that this shortcoming in no way impairs my affection for you, but it lessens your usefulness and never ceases to make trouble for you.
Caloric, in reducing solids to the state of gas, lessens, but cannot in any case, as far as we know, totally destroy their gravitating force; the diminution of this force, however, being in a direct proportion to the quantity of heat employed.
By rendering the colony produce dearer in all other countries, it lessens its consumption, and thereby cramps the industry of the colonies, and both the enjoyments and the industry of all other countries, which both enjoy less when they pay more for what they enjoy, and produce less when they get less for what they produce.
But I must also avoid the error of those democrats and others who, in defending the oppressed and the enslaved, do not see their failings and mistakes, and who do not make sufficient allowance for the difficulties created, the mistakes inherited from the past, which in a degree lessens the responsibility of the upper classes.
In a Government like ours, where the laudable boast of every citizen is that he lives under a government of laws, and not of men, no subject should be touched with more caution and delicacy than one which questions the validity of the laws, lessens the confidence of the citizens in them, or impairs the obligation of obedience to them.
I have made so many experiments and collected so many facts, showing on the one hand that an occasional cross with a distinct individual or variety increases the vigour and fertility of the offspring, and on the other hand that very close interbreeding lessens their vigour and fertility, that I cannot doubt the correctness of this conclusion.
Whatever, therefore, raises the rate of mercantile profit, either lessens the superiority, or increases the inferiority of the profit of improvement : and, in the one case, hinders capital from going to improvement, and in the other draws capital from it; but by discouraging improvement, the monopoly necessarily retards the natural increase of another great original source of revenue, the rent of land.
Seeing (1) that the object pursued by all peace societies is the establishment of judicial order between nations, and (2) that neutralization by international treaties constitutes a step toward this judicial state and lessens the number of districts in which war can be carried on, the congress recommends a larger extension of the rule of neutralization, and expresses the wish, (1) that all treaties which at present assure to certain states the benefit of neutrality remain in force, or if necessary be amended in a manner to render the neutrality more effective, either by extending neutralization to the whole of the state or by ordering the demolition of fortresses, which constitute rather a peril than a guarantee for neutrality; (2) that new treaties in harmony with the wishes of the populations concerned be concluded for establishing the neutralization of other states.
Seeing (a) that the object pursued by all Peace Societies is the establishment of juridical order between nations; (b) that neutralization by international treaties constitutes a step toward this juridical state, and lessens the number of districts in which war can be carried on; the Congress recommends a larger extension of the rule of neutralization, and expresses the wish: (a) that all treaties which at present assure to a certain state the benefit of neutrality remain in force, or, if necessary, be amended in a manner to render the neutrality more effective, either by extending neutralization to the whole of the state, of which a part only may be neutralized, or by ordering the demolition of fortresses which constitute rather a peril than a guarantee of neutrality; (b) that new treaties, provided they are in harmony with the wishes of the population, be concluded for the establishment of the neutralization of other states.

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