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Frasi con like (in inglese)

  1. I hope you like it.
  2. It was so like her.
  3. Take it like a man.
  4. It was like I died.
  5. I don't think I like.
  6. It was like a dream.
  7. I do like that idea.
  8. Think of it like this.
  9. I like to party also.
  10. Ted is like a gambler.
  11. I like him very much.
  12. It was like old times.
  13. That's why I like you.
  14. It had two horns like.
  15. I don't like them much.
  16. Like I said it's silly.
  17. Not with her like this.
  18. So like I said in the.
  19. It is not like the 727.
  20. That is, you act like.
  21. He looks a bit like me.
  22. What I seen is like an.
  23. I like that in a guy.
  24. It sounded like he was.
  25. And he sounds like the.
  26. Like A Reed In The Wind.
  27. I don’t like his tone.
  28. I like him a lot, too.
  29. I'd like to take a room.
  30. You know what it's like.
  31. It was more like relief.
  32. I like that you are poth.
  33. Like I just did with you.
  34. Like when she bled each.
  35. Like a part of me swung.
  36. It is like a train that.
  37. Sounds like a good idea.
  38. They did not like their.
  39. Like the woman with the.
  40. She acted like it anyway.
  41. I like the sound of Tilly.
  42. Like it was a soft throw.
  43. But it’s not like that.
  44. He didn't like it one bit.
  45. Think 415 like a consumer.
  46. Yeah, but I like him here.
  47. Well I'm glad you like it.
  48. I like it when you laugh.
  49. A vampire is like a magnet.
  50. I like your travel reports.
  51. But yet not quite like fog.
  52. You know what she’s like.
  53. Like the rest of the kids.
  54. The voice sounds like Carol.
  55. No, I like her as a person.
  56. The idea hit her like a bat.
  57. It's like we're best mates.
  58. Like those porn flicks we.
  59. No, no, nothing like that.
  60. I think I rather like it.
  61. I’m treating it like that.
  62. It was not like that lately.
  63. Nothing like his father ….
  64. What did it sound like?
  65. It seemed like a mere moment.
  66. You like yoolin also I see.
  67. Still, a good plot like.
  68. I don’t like this one bit.
  69. It went something like this.
  70. Like it is, huh? Interesting.
  71. Funny how she was like that.
  72. I’d like to read more of.
  73. Like young Gods on the town.
  74. I know of a church like that.
  75. A lot less than I'd like to.
  76. It will soon become like ice.
  77. That is a taboo, like incest.
  78. What was it like then?
  79. Use as many pages as you like.
  80. It stood there like a statue.
  81. That sound like high stakes.
  82. I like the horoscope section.
  83. She was like a mother to him.
  84. Looks like you need me more.
  85. It was like a nightmare and.
  86. I like your style my Lady.
  87. It looks like we’re at war.
  88. He looked like he worked out.
  89. You are like an angel to me.
  90. They don't like our uniforms.
  91. Travis like old Thai warrior.
  92. I’d like the key, please.
  93. Smith felt like he was at home.
  94. It was like nothing had ever.
  95. It's not what it looks like.
  96. Hope you like it, she said.
  97. They seem to like it that way.
  98. It looks like a bomb, I think.
  99. Days like this would end soon.
  100. My coven isn’t like yours.
  1. And then I started liking you.
  2. She took a great liking to him.
  3. Rahamed chacha started liking me.
  4. It was hard to resist liking him.
  5. She was liking this more and more.
  6. She had an instant liking for him.
  7. But his liking for the Vicar of St.
  8. It was way too close for my liking.
  9. Okay, I said, liking that idea.
  10. Somehow Joey found himself liking it.
  11. Personally Joan had no liking for Alec.
  12. He seemed to have taken a liking to me.
  13. Liking the game I held up four fingers.
  14. The second list was more to her liking.
  15. And there was liking between these two.
  16. And what about… her liking me?
  17. He sure had one strange liking to necks.
  18. Don't ever worry about me not liking it.
  19. Henry smiled then, visibly liking the idea.
  20. Gralikas remember liking in her childhood.
  21. Blackjack proved to be more to her liking.
  22. That's the secret of his liking, I suspect.
  23. Ingrid eyed him coldly, not liking his tone.
  24. This morose journeyman had no liking for me.
  25. Developed a liking for fish in the tropics.
  26. The coincidence was too close for my liking.
  27. She was laughing now, liking the silly game.
  28. Blake was already liking what he was hearing.
  29. He stared angrily at me not liking my smile.
  30. Eden bowed his head, not liking this one bit.
  31. I was liking the camp director less and less.
  32. I lost all liking for reading and literature.
  33. It seemed all too coincidental for her liking.
  34. My brother took a liking to one person though.
  35. I couldn't help liking and respecting this man.
  36. I repeated the name aloud liking it instantly.
  37. It was not a phrase that he had any liking for.
  38. There must be respect and liking among the men.
  39. Besides, my children have taken a liking to him.
  40. He’s a little too handy with it for my liking.
  41. It is the state of being — knowing and liking.
  42. Deneb started hating whatever Cleo started liking.
  43. These children sure have taken a liking to you.
  44. She squinted over at him, liking what he’d said.
  45. He wasn’t liking what he was finding out at all.
  46. Locke sucked his lips in not liking Hiss’ answer.
  47. Needless to say, the threat was not to their liking.
  48. Surely Bridget would have a liking for the fruity.
  49. I pressed my face to his shoulder liking his smell.
  50. I gulped, not liking the serious tone in his voice.
  51. It simply, as with kissing, was a matter of liking.
  52. Mitra! The ways of the Aesir were more to my liking.
  53. He can twist arms and bend the law all to his liking.
  54. Gould did not have great liking for either of the men.
  55. The courses were a little more to my liking this term.
  56. She had developed quite a liking for infuriating him.
  57. Don’t stop now, I’m liking this, she teased.
  58. Help with a scene, he repeated, liking the idea.
  59. I’m liking the sound of a cab driver more and more.
  60. Lyra checked herself in the mirror, liking what she saw.
  61. Nadia Suslov grinned at once, obviously liking the idea.
  62. He was a very good man, sir; I could not help liking.
  63. It’s impressive, but a little too dense for my liking.
  64. Jeff found Leigh’s instruction very much to his liking.
  65. Then perhaps the money is more to your concrete liking.
  66. Debra Reuben had taken an instant liking to this attorney.
  67. The girl only hoped that he would soon take a liking to.
  68. One element has a strong liking for the company of another.
  69. That was more probably one of his own reasons for liking Mrs.
  70. You must have interest and liking in your Spiritual Practice.
  71. There were too many unanswered questions for Thane’s liking.
  72. Rushworth's appearance, and Sir Thomas was liking him already.
  73. They would be married soon, but not soon enough for his liking.
  74. An observation that in my case was too accurate for my liking.
  75. Inn to his liking – relatively quiet, cheap, and adequately.
  76. So… she has started liking me a lot and I am sure about it.
  77. The cat accepted Sim’s presence, without actually liking him.
  78. Maybe their interpretation had not been to the king’s liking.
  79. Rushworth’s appearance, and Sir Thomas was liking him already.
  80. I highly doubt that you would have anything to my liking out.
  81. Liking what I heard, but not completely apprehending it, I asked.
  82. Willa furrowed her brow, not liking my plan, but then she nodded.
  83. Another thing I distinctly remember not liking about that diner.
  84. I wasn’t much liking the direction this conversation had taken.
  85. But these freaks of his guest were not much to the liking of the.
  86. She thought how much they must be liking and admiring each other.
  87. An elite they had no use for, no liking for, and a deep hatred of.
  88. Such are my reasons for not liking to marry Mademoiselle Danglars.
  89. D'Oliya rearranged the brandy and cookies table more to her liking.
  90. She was forced into a marriage not to her liking as a young woman.
  91. I repeated the name liking the sound of it as it came off my lips.
  92. I remember liking Hercule Poirot TV specials back when I was a kid.
  93. I recall my dad liking his smooth handling of the lyrics, as well.
  94. You know all about it, said Fred, not liking to be catechised in.
  95. That was the first time something appeared not to be to her liking.
  96. But I can acknowledge the necessity of the thing without liking it.
  97. Hope you are liking it up their on Little house on the Prairie.
  98. He smiled at her, liking the sound of her voice, its soothing nature.
  99. Could they be much together, I feel sure of their liking each other.
  100. He knew Martin well enough but had never developed a liking for him.
  1. I liked it a lot.
  2. I liked him a lot.
  3. I liked a sort of.
  4. He liked her a lot.
  5. I knew I liked her.
  6. I liked him for that.
  7. She liked you a lot.
  8. I liked this one too.
  9. He liked it that way.
  10. He liked it up north.
  11. I know you liked her.
  12. I liked the look, mon.
  13. She liked it that way.
  14. As he liked the house.
  15. He liked to think it.
  16. I liked him very much.
  17. I mean, I liked Bobby.
  18. But he liked the shirt.
  19. I knew I liked that kid.
  20. But he liked her voice.
  21. I liked that about him.
  22. I liked my job, though.
  23. I liked that, but she.
  24. He liked to play games.
  25. I liked the five horse.
  26. And he really liked me.
  27. He liked the sound of.
  28. Well I never liked her.
  29. They liked it that way.
  30. You would have liked it.
  31. I'm sorry, I liked him.
  32. I liked his touch, too.
  33. I liked you holding me.
  34. She had never liked her.
  35. Vera Mae liked the sea.
  36. And I liked it that way.
  37. I'm glad you liked it.
  38. His dad liked the idea.
  39. She knew he liked that.
  40. She may have liked that.
  41. He knew the Boss liked.
  42. I liked what she picked.
  43. I really liked the guy.
  44. I really liked him a lot.
  45. I knew I liked that.
  46. She liked him on Sundays.
  47. She had never liked him.
  48. You'd have liked it, Mum.
  49. I liked that Badger guy.
  50. I liked my account size.
  51. You must have liked him.
  52. I liked his mom, Cheryl.
  53. That was how he liked it.
  54. That’s why I liked it.
  55. Lucy our maid liked her.
  56. He liked what he did.
  57. Because she liked it I.
  58. Willie liked it that way.
  59. You would have liked him.
  60. Just how Tyrus liked them.
  61. He liked to keep an eye.
  62. He really liked me a lot.
  63. Smith had never liked him.
  64. She liked the feel of it.
  65. Neither of them liked it.
  66. I liked that about you,.
  1. She likes me a lot.
  2. I think he likes me.
  3. And he likes it, too.
  4. I think he likes you.
  5. And all likes to have.
  6. Now he quite likes it.
  7. I think she likes you.
  8. He does what He likes.
  9. He likes the name Alisa.
  10. He likes me, I think.
  11. He likes to make jokes.
  12. He likes being with you.
  13. And he really likes you.
  14. She only likes her juice.
  15. He likes the boots though.
  16. Even to the likes of Rob.
  17. Not with the likes of you.
  18. Pip; that's what he likes.
  19. He likes red rubber balls.
  20. He can think what he likes.
  21. He likes hanging out there.
  22. Likes red wine and bourbon.
  23. Top dog, he likes to think.
  24. She likes her fun too much.
  25. He likes to be independent.
  26. She likes to be in control.
  27. Mother likes this very much.
  28. He’s not sure he likes it.
  29. She likes it, said Tom.
  30. Nobody likes it, fair enough.
  31. He likes to ride in the train.
  32. We have destroyed your likes.
  33. He likes to chase strings.
  34. He's not sure if he likes it.
  35. I’m sure he likes you, too.
  36. Whatever it is, it likes Tee.
  37. I guess he likes living here.
  38. I like Jesse and he likes me.
  39. I like Saul and he likes me.
  40. On the fact that he likes her.
  41. She likes it a little to much.
  42. He likes chemistry and physics.
  43. No one likes a bait and switch.
  44. You like her and she likes you.
  45. He likes that in his employees.
  46. Hmm, of course she likes you.
  47. He likes to see things grow.
  48. He just likes to put on a show.
  49. He likes to live with his cell.
  50. He likes that and moves quicker.
  51. Leon can wear whatever he likes.
  52. That's the way a cat likes them.
  53. Feels likes it warming up a bit.
  54. A man likes a sort of challenge.
  55. Oh, he likes the open spaces.
  56. What he likes is that I listen.
  57. The master may say what he likes.
  58. Besides, Beryl likes the country.
  59. It's papa's to leave as he likes.
  60. This fish likes to hover in the.
  61. He just likes to feel important.
  62. She’s not for the likes of you.
  63. She likes to be tied and spanked.
  64. He likes to have ongoing payments.
  65. I still can't believe he likes me.
  66. Because Satan likes white pussy.
  67. Crane likes to read his paper in.
  68. He likes working with his hands.
  69. I'm the kind of cat that likes to.
  70. Oh, and everybody likes to hear it.
  71. Lord Garret likes his lie-a-bed.
  72. He’s a showboat, likes to send a.
  73. Sounds like he really likes you.
  74. Or maybe he likes us, I added.
  75. Because he likes you quite a lot.
  76. Do you know how much she likes.
  77. Bex is a great kid and he likes her.
  78. Joe likes to think he’s in charge.
  79. He meets a woman who likes him for.
  80. Your brother likes pizza, Nathan.
  81. Somebody likes it, somebody don’t.
  82. Hydrogen likes the company of oxygen.
  83. I think he really likes you, darling.
  84. You're too good for the likes of him.
  85. How to ask her what she likes in bed.
  86. She really likes doing faces, though.
  87. Bill likes investigating his family.
  88. Of course she likes men's attentions.
  89. He’s a doctor and he likes to hunt.
  90. One hardly likes to throw suspicion.
  91. Lang likes to stay up really late at.
  92. There is a cabin he likes to sleep in.
  93. Look! It likes you! More than I do.
  94. No-one likes to be told what to think.
  95. But a good reporter likes two sources.
  96. He still likes your green eye color.
  97. He likes to have it his way or no way.
  98. She likes me, when she doesn't have to.
  99. He likes the certainty of the earnings.
  100. Charles likes to look out of the window.

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