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    1. "It may not fit into physics, but she is so much like Tdeshi in so many baffling ways

    2. I wished it didn't have to face north but this is like a tiny scale model of my dream house

    3. "It might be in there, but I might have burned something like that when we went thru it

    4. "I always think of these as like a square quesadilla without the cheese," she told Herndon

    5. In this book, I would like to explore with you some

    6. The boiler looked like it was made of a very good imitation of aluminum

    7. "I had a boat so much like this when I was young, a bit smaller though

    8. towards tumours – see Medical Matters if, like me, you have that short a memory

    9. The young woman had her brains bashed in, chunks of her skull cracked and pulled outward like it was done with a crowbar or the back of a hammer

    10. It never felt like Ava came from YingolNeerie in a way, it just felt like she came from a ghost

    11. This man came here honestly from YingolNeerie, in the flesh, on a big flaming starship like Jorma had seen in sci-fi movies all his life, and pictures in the news twenty one decades ago

    12. The fact that there were a lot more eyes available made the price come down, but eye-time still wasn't without significant cost to the average plots-man like himself

    13. There many encounters like this that

    14. "I sure feel like a nice lazy Afternoonday on the beach," Ava said, "It's good to be here while it's still summer

    15. the world over have in common is that they like attention

    16. “He was at the crime scene and he started talking about how I should be on his show, like nothing ever happened, like everything was fine between us

    17. other castles were like – she had made herself and that is exactly

    18. When we find the spot like it on this planet, Kulai and I will build it, and I will invite you

    19. The opening section of Medical Matters hits hard and fast – like an unintentional [?] simulation of the actual diagnosis and treatment

    20. Vera’s face turns red like she wants to grab my head and punt it

    21. may have created a step like, lose 1 pound, and you continued adding in

    22. So like I said in the

    23. She didn’t like that he was going after a killer, and sometimes they would fight about it while I was in the other room, playing with Legos

    24. I am told that such a web-site already exists to help you with this –it’s cal ed something like

    25. I tried to be a good person like my dad was

    26. The morals they decided to teach me were just so I wouldn’t turn out like this guy

    27. activity? How can I use my time more effectively in order to create and live the life I want? How about those little times that we talked about, like putting something in the microwave

    28. I know I shouldn’t have let this get to me—my parents were just trying to do what was best for me—but it still bothered me that my life growing up was so intertwined with a murderer like Robert Hansen

    29. "Then you are very much more like me than like her, no matter what color the sun was where you grew up

    30. · To dwell more on pleasant things rather than unpleasant things, like comparing with less fortunate than with those who are born with silver spoons in their mouth

    31. She felt like Tdeshi, and he let his hands roam her

    32. Ruthie is drinking tea, but she looks like she needs to be knocking back some shots of Crown Royal instead

    33. She looks like she’s stuck in one paralyzing thought, like when a squirrel freezes up in the middle of the road

    34. He couldn't believe she had ditched him like that

    35. He looks confused and frantic, like my father was in the weeks before his death

    36. She would have had it sealed with the test results like the financiers want

    37. "She got it at half price from Ava, but with her fortune Ava could buy a place like that every year and just leave it

    38. Like I said it won’t be long

    39. Bitch has played me like a violin

    40. As is often the case at times like these, he woke while dark still gripped the land

    41. The suit, tailored for him, now felt like a cage

    42. They jabbed their fingers and teeth into his ribs, pulling him apart, cracking him open like a lobster

    43. "It's not about you Jorma, just like it's not about Tdeshi

    44. More like plankton

    45. He acted like he would have stayed in the studio during the zombie attack if it weren’t for the fact that the building next door was on fire

    46. The creature turns around to face the car and cries a deep guttural noise, like air bleeding from a bagpipe

    47. It was moving too slowly to be a meteor, but he knew it looked like that only because of its tremendous size

    48. It was years too soon, he thought, but he hadn't paid enough attention had he? Or was he just too drunk at the time? No one else seemed to think it was imminent, but there was no denying that it was something huge falling from the sky and it looked like it was aimed straight at the camp

    49. Conversely, something that seems like a short term benefit, may have long term implications

    50. Home treatment is merely a very simple and widely practiced form of interventionist treatment for mild health problems like pain, indigestion, constipation, mild diarrhea, nasal congestion, general weakness, mild skin rashes and so on

    1. Even when they got along, she was never as willing as he would have liked and they could now tease about that without rancor

    2. I would have liked to expound further, but I have just

    3. Travis liked this stage of construction, when you could see the parts that kept everything from falling apart, before it got all dressed up

    4. She liked the jersey sheaths common here

    5. It was clear that Ackers liked to think

    6. They were not fond of the native's reusable tea bags, what they liked to call a 'sock,' but Ava didn't see how that was such a big adaptation

    7. In the den, there was a pair of rocking chairs that Leila liked

    8. He gave the place some credit, he liked the land where he was

    9. She hadn't come with him even in that had she? When we are one in a billion, what chance do we have? She had just tried to gravitate towards the part of the local civilization that she liked the best

    10. Wilderness camping is not one of the parts of the native experience that she liked the best

    11. Though he would have liked more corroborating data for either situation, he was pleased by the numbers

    12. They had way more money than sense and a bunch of crazy notions, but other than that, they were just big guys who liked to play with motors

    13. Not that he liked my advice always … I smile to myself as I recall some of the more memorable rows we had which started with me telling him that he ought to do something or other

    14. ‘You could come and go as you liked

    15. This is a pity, I would have liked to see the scene myself

    16. The saying 'be careful what you wish for' was never more apt than for ‘tattoo witchcraft' as she liked to call it

    17. It was one of the reasons she liked him

    18. equation, but he liked her balls

    19. And God liked that

    20. rather liked the darkness

    21. Smith liked to

    22. Smith liked some shades of nothing more than others

    23. He had a volatile side that few liked to entertain

    24. In the evening Louise phoned and informed me that the young man I liked had come into her office once again later, but all he did was laugh up his sleeve before her

    25. They told me to my face that they liked me

    26. It was a pretty good imitation of what he would have liked back home, a sprawling ranch built out of earthenware blocks with a tile and beam roof

    27. In spite of the complaint that this wasn't what she liked best, she was powering thru it and spraying no small amount of it in various directions

    28. She was still a simulate, an 'Angel' as she liked to call it, a 'ghost' as the natives called it

    29. Those pumps are heavy in the stern, it wallows easier than I would have liked

    30. "Mmm, I liked that time too

    31. Kara laughed; by the Elements, she liked this young woman

    32. So what are the facts? An operation arranging illegal immigration of undesirables (according to Renald Forhamm) ostensibly organised from Earth with well-placed contacts across on Errd, a suspicious Errdian in a position of some power in London, Earth, who is upset by the arrival of an agent of the Secret Guild on his patch … and come to think of it, he’d not liked the fact you were coming to this part of the country

    33. ‘No, and it is lovely seeing how attached he’s becoming to the estate … every day there’s some new aspect that he’s learning about and the villagers are starting to respond to his enthusiasm … I saw Dering with his sheep yesterday, he was full of how much he liked the new master … how like the family he was and all that

    34. Now this business with Daniel getting hurt, she liked him a lot; he was kind to Sally, plus he had a good head on his shoulders

    35. She had what he liked to call ‘a ripe figure’

    36. Also Desa was more cuddly more of the time, always ready to get close and snuggle and he liked that

    37. He had quite liked that one and was looking

    38. looked liked they would crash into each other, but having

    39. “I would have liked Fred and Joe to have watched this aswell”

    40. You must have liked him

    41. I suggested that he could visit you at your home and he liked the idea

    42. She would have liked someone a little more solid, but other than that he was attractive enough

    43. Daniel felt sorry for Michael also as he had really liked both dogs

    44. I liked Stephanos town; houses and shops all mixed in together

    45. He liked the view so much he went there every day and liked to sit at the same table overlooking the sea

    46. Other times I believed my mother was the red-head girl I had liked

    47. I liked that, “Nothing to be ashamed of”

    48. All of the policemen on crowd duty turned and fled the carnage, but the ordinary people in the crowd started to cheer and whoop with delight, carrying the soldier around on their shoulders and yelling and shouting that they'd never liked bankers at all

    49. After a short but intense period of mourning, the soldier married the old chairman's daughter, which she liked very much because he made her Chief Executive Officer and together they cornered the world's markets in gold and oil, before retiring in their late thirties to live in Antibes and raise a gaggle of spoilt but happy children

    50. The line was a strong one in Europe, and they were all well liked

    1. after all, that is what everyone likes to think

    2. · Know the main events of your grandchildren's lives--not only what sports they are playing and when they have days off from school, but also their likes, dislikes, successes, and failures

    3. the likes of which you can not even

    4. He likes to have ongoing payments

    5. God likes it when we are able to step above the heaps of problems

    6. And he likes to

    7. He’s a showboat, likes to send a

    8. You can't understand it but she likes mint and chocolate chip together

    9. MacKenzie had been a friend in a world where true-bloods and the likes of

    10. What bothers me most, is that she often tries to be clever and she likes slighting the others -especially me

    11. Once you have a fairly clear idea about your likes and dislikes you are in a better

    12. She likes to rub up under a guy's arm, she likes to rub her side against his, and she likes to be held when she sleeps

    13. MacKenzie had been a friend in a world where true-bloods and the likes of Danton rarely got close

    14. If a follower likes the contest, this will automatically inform their friends on Facebook of the contest as well

    15. Another simple way to grow in the number of likes, comments and followers is to offer incentives for these simple tasks

    16. Or, if a follower on Instagram likes or comments on a photo, they are entered to win a ticket or a product that has not been released for sale by the company yet

    17. his ear is too large to hear the likes of you

    18. SAMANTHA: Neither likes a three-and-a-half-inch floppy

    19. That she likes boys

    20. I thought I'd have to give you a list of his likes and dislikes

    21. And as I exchange nods and stroll through the old historic neighbourhoods of Athens, I sense a warm affection for this Greece and a feeling that she likes me too

    22. “Of course only you would know what that is; and only you could prepare it for him the way that he likes

    23. I know Luray likes him and I think he's been with Gonzar also

    24. I was sure the others wouldn't let me escape knowing what I knew, the likes of which would ruin their operation

    25. ‘I’d heard that chestnut mares tend to be sprightly and highly strung – it’s clear she likes a challenge

    26. Robbie likes Morocco

    27. The Scathers deny this; their egos are so great that they will not allow themselves to be bested by the likes of the Ogatu

    28. halls of pain, and he likes to relax in a well-worn armchair that

    29. “Oh Tar I have never seen the likes of this before,” she said in a breathless voice leaning in close

    30. Who likes a person that is perpetually cranky? “Oh here he

    31. He likes to jump on the comforter when I shake it out

    32. She likes the products?”

    33. Said he’s sixteen and can do what he likes

    34. When he is in a good mood she likes his company

    35. I told him to forget it, but I don't think Ted likes Jock very much at the moment

    36. She likes him

    37. Shaun likes to think of himself as a market trader

    38. Bex is a great kid and he likes her

    39. He likes them both

    40. Jock has no wish to experience the reality of the place again, but from a safe distance he likes to keep in touch

    41. What can you expect from the likes of Shaun Lloyd

    42. “Because he likes you quite a lot

    43. He likes that idea and very shortly we are strolling along the seafront clutching bags of chips and battered sausages, eating them with little wooden forks

    44. “Do you have an operative with a shock of hair that he likes to toss? Skinny, pale, tall?”

    45. He likes that outfit, which is probably why I wear it so often

    46. Each animal had its own likes and dislikes to be sure, and each family that boarded their horses with the stable each had their own routines for the use of those animals

    47. Many of them had buttons and small lights all over them, the likes of which Jack had never seen ever before

    48. But telling me about your likes and keeping yourself occupied for outdoors can make my feelings at ease

    49. You can tell me your likes, dislikes, and ask me any questions you might have

    50. Seems he is a big brother for me and I give him respect just likes my brother because he is older than me

    1. was to their liking, and there was always an open fire in the

    2. only met once, she had an instant liking to them

    3. The practice of this exercise will not only improve your balance but fine down calves and ankles that may be a little too heavy for your liking

    4. When, after careful practice, you can perform this asana to your liking and can hold it in comfort for several minutes, while you hold it practice deep breathing with your eyes closed and your spine held straight

    5. When you are able to perform this Plough Posture to your liking try to increase, all the time, the overall stretch, as this position is most beneficial when carried to its extreme form, i

    6. Gilla swiftly embroils me in the plans she is making for a party to celebrate our respective nuptuals which entails far too much writing of notes for my liking

    7. With great care, she wound the piece of string around the nail that was the latch until she was satisfied the door was secured to her liking, and then she turned and looked at them one by one, 'I prayed for my dead husband

    8. Perhaps the crates were sliding about on deck or maybe she was top heavy, or maybe she wasn't handling to his liking, any one of a thousand reasons

    9. The meal had been pleasant … we discovered a mutual liking for Italian food, amongst other things

    10. It’s nearly like she was a wild animal and not liking any human contact

    11. ‘Well … claiming a liking for classical music was stuck up … it was pointless to argue that my ballet exercises were usually done to classical music

    12. The rest of the body attached to the head appears, followed immediately by another body, of medium height and build, heading for that middle aged paunch induced by a liking for pubs and real ales

    13. Blankly she stared at him, time standing still “For what?" She asked, not liking his choice of words

    14. Envitta took a liking to Kostiya and managed to beguile him into running away with her

    15. Inn to his liking – relatively quiet, cheap, and adequately

    16. Nevertheless, thought Nate, whilst the situation was not to his liking it wasn’t actually broken

    17. clients and took a liking to me

    18. author?” I asked, happy that we had found a common liking

    19. “So… she has started liking me a lot and I am sure about it

    20. “And what about… her liking me?”

    21. Sorex eventually sat down to join her in their impromptu meal, looking hopeful but antsy about her liking of the fare

    22. Darniil even started liking Zarko a little bit; something he wouldn’t say out loud just yet

    23. Maybe their interpretation had not been to the king’s liking

    24. It seemed all too coincidental for her liking

    25. But in a country where the government is in a great measure arbitrary, where it is usual for the magistrate to intermeddle even in the management of the private property of individuals, and to send them, perhaps, a lettre de cachet, if they do not manage it according to his liking, it is much easier for him to give some protection to the slave; and common humanity naturally disposes him to do so

    26. “You’re liking this even if you are asleep,” she murmured thickly, her mouth filled with cock

    27. the results you have in life are not to your liking, then it

    28. that this arrangement would not be at all to the little girl’s liking

    29. She had an instant liking for him

    30. “I don’t quite understand,” said Rufus, not quite liking the tone he was hearing

    31. ” Commanded the witch, liking nothing better than a good smoke when she was pleased

    32. He could stick around for a while, see how the operation went, and leave if it was not to his liking

    33. In any well-adjusted environment, however, liking and loving will generally take care of themselves

    34. ‘Yes,’ I replied hesitantly, not liking the direction this was taking

    35. Fearing the Word which he hears would not be to your liking, And that which he would write would oppose your own wills

    36. An attachment to any individual divested of his or her essential qualities, however problematical, is equivalent to embracing an empty suit, thereby frustrating our intended purpose inasmuch as the inseparable idea(s) forming the character of that individual of our liking and the manner such (ideas) are properly received represent the fundamental components internalized by that individual who we (ironically) find so appealing to begin with

    37. He was making it sound far too easy for my liking, and as I studied the piles of rubbish again, an uneasiness stirred in my stomach

    38. George had done extremely well as a computer programmer, however, the fast paced, highly competitive Silicon Valley life was not suitable to his gentle nature, so several years earlier, he had come to Costa Rica with his wife and the apple of his eye, his beloved daughter, to start over where the peaceful lifestyle was much more to his liking

    39. Blackjack proved to be more to her liking

    40. They had only just reconciled and Caroline was still organizing the stables to her liking including re-hanging on the wall above the desk in the feed room trophies and ribbons she had won riding dressage while still a girl in Canada

    41. Lyra checked herself in the mirror, liking what she saw

    42. The boat’s master was a jolly sort with whom she took an immediate liking

    43. The cat accepted Sim’s presence, without actually liking him

    44. “Is the uwe to your liking? I can always call up the cook to present himself and receive proper chastisement if he has failed you

    45. It was all so effortless that Colling began thinking that perhaps there was some grand plot in place to trap them at the time and place that would be most to the NKVD’s liking

    46. When she admitted she had not had that pleasure, they advised her that the man had no liking for Poles, and it would be best to avoid him if they could

    47. He’s a little too handy with it for my liking

    48. There were no rug-rats around was part of the reason—I had never been all that big on kids, liking them better the older they got

    49. relate to changing the circumstances of one’s life to one’s liking,

    50. Cut out your ego, there’s a very fine line between liking your voice and feeling like a prophet, and being an effective teacher

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