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Frasi con long (in inglese)

  1. It was not a long.
  2. It is a long story.
  3. It was a long shot.
  4. She was a long way.
  5. In the long run it.

  6. It was 19 miles long.
  7. This is a long term.
  8. For this was a long.
  9. It is a low, long cry.
  10. He heaved a long sigh.
  11. It had been a long day.
  12. But that was long ago.
  13. She drew a long breath.
  14. He was taking a long.
  15. It's been a long while.

  16. It is a long drive home.
  17. That is a long story.
  18. It was a very long day.
  19. As long as it's not me.
  20. The iron rail was long.
  21. On the table, two long.
  22. No, it is not very long.
  23. He was in rehab a long.
  24. The bread was long gone.
  25. There was a long silence.

  26. Just as long as nofolk.
  27. Very hard and very long.
  28. Before long they had to.
  29. How long ya been here?
  30. He had taken a long time.
  31. I long to see a band of.
  32. There was a long almost.
  33. And as long as we hope.
  34. We have a long road ahead.
  35. It was during these long.
  36. She was silent a long time.
  37. We won't be up here long.
  38. A long hot burning shower.
  39. Pity it has taken so long.
  40. That�s a very long time.
  41. It sure burns a long time.
  42. There was a long trestle.
  43. That was how long it had.
  44. Whilst it was a long way.
  45. As long as he had enough.
  46. The way wasn’t very long.
  47. How long will this season.
  48. But as long as you are in.
  49. Don't wait too long though.
  50. It was going to be a long.
  51. They take a very long view.
  52. A long and unspoken moment.
  53. As long as the photos are.
  54. It’s been a long time.
  55. It took a long time to fall.
  56. But that was a long way off.
  57. We had been at war too long.
  58. We don’t have to wait long.
  59. There was not long to go now.
  60. How long have you lived in.
  61. How long has he been ill?
  62. Her flowing robes and long.
  63. How long had she been out?
  64. His long, long wait was over.
  65. How long would the Captain.
  66. As long as the food lasts.
  67. It wasn’t long before the.
  68. It won’t take him long to.
  69. He asked us how long Sharon.
  70. It would be a very long sleep.
  71. And that would not hold long.
  72. I was there for a long time.
  73. There was a long silence—.
  74. That's still a long distance.
  75. His long thin face and jet-.
  76. How long have you known Mr.
  77. We have all had a long day.
  78. Over his cups in the long bar.
  79. It’s kind of a long story.
  80. Will that be long enough?’.
  81. But that didn't last too long.
  82. She had lied for so long ….
  83. He was a man a long way from.
  84. How long have I been out?’.
  85. The nightmare was long since.
  86. How long after the phone was.
  87. That thought did not last long.
  88. He didn’t have to wait long.
  89. How long does it take to ah.
  90. We didn’t have to wait long.
  91. Avoid standing for long periods.
  92. Senoritas and long dark nights.
  93. It was a long time in the past.
  94. The argument didn’t last long.
  95. Just how long this would last.
  96. Now as long as these crates do.
  97. He was there so long Anne had.
  98. Like I said it won’t be long.
  99. As long as I knew my uncle he.
  100. I promise I won't be gone long.
  1. There was a longing in.
  2. The child was longing to.
  3. So was his longing for Iason.
  4. This longing to be clothed.
  5. I was paralyzed with longing.
  6. His longing for a normal life.
  7. Our longing is an echo of the.
  8. They felt no longing for the.
  9. But I've been longing for you.
  10. A two-month journey of longing.
  11. The very intensity of longing.
  12. No sorrow, no longing was real.
  13. A longing of sorts, he thought.
  14. He was sad, had longing for one.
  15. My soul is longing for the lord.
  16. I lay faint, longing to be dead.
  17. Your longing would start growing.
  18. For weeks he had been longing to.
  19. The longing to run came over him.
  20. It was so full of pain and longing.
  21. He had a terrible longing for some.
  22. The longing was to see Will Ladislaw.
  23. There is a longing and giving of love.
  24. After thirty-plus years of longing to.
  25. I had a great longing to talk, however.
  26. She was hit by a longing to be at home.
  27. Longing to get the fright of their lives.
  28. I am just longing to hear her sweet voice.
  29. Because it made my longing to be united.
  30. She had sensed the longing in his heart.
  31. Thus hungry, longing thus without a penny.
  32. In many cases, it's more than a longing;.
  33. She had never felt a longing such as this.
  34. Her longing expressed deeply in my throat.
  35. She was lost in her longing to understand.
  36. All at once, I had a longing come over me.
  37. They were simply longing to force it open.
  38. This longing to be clothed upon with our.
  39. Fermina Daza had returned from her longing.
  40. You will never regret all the longing and.
  41. With a face most aware of the longing glare.
  42. A sort of undefined longing crept upon them.
  43. This is because you have no longing for his.
  44. I flush and look back at his chest in longing.
  45. Simon yelled out, a cry of courage and longing.
  46. There will be a longing, or aspiration to do.
  47. I felt a longing after Peter that nearly hurt.
  48. She felt the tingle, felt the longing in her.
  49. His longing for the Ring proved stronger than.
  50. There was no longing to tell her in the first.
  51. But now it was only the longing that drove her.
  52. Halfshaft looked up the hill, longing to escape.
  53. He remembered his longing to marry Ceres, there.
  54. This way, he would be longing for more from you.
  55. Nancy was already longing dreamily for that day.
  56. He looked at me and his face was full of longing.
  57. Human Adult – the longing to be part of a group.
  58. He is longing to spend time with us, having our.
  59. She remembered the longing in Mary-Anne’s eyes.
  60. All I knew was my heart was now longing for Aidan.
  61. Nothing still functions, except my longing for him.
  62. Longing hearts could only stand so much of longing.
  63. They have learned they can use our longing for God.
  64. Al that waiting, that longing and al he gets is me.
  66. Her own heart beat faster and longing came over her.
  67. He felt an emptiness and longing in his soul for her.
  68. She stares into his longing eyes like she never has.
  69. Thoughts that have me longing for that eternal bliss.
  70. Longing for oblivion, Simon found it wouldn’t come.
  71. This longing to be clothed upon with our habitation.
  72. Longing for humiliation again!’ she said to herself.
  73. He felt a longing to fix his imagination on something.
  74. I understood her pain and her longing as I felt it too.
  75. I sat on the edge of the bed with longing written all.
  76. His touch is light and charged with longing and regret.
  77. Therese closed her eyes as the longing swept through her.
  78. A whimper of longing was wrenched from Libby’s throat.
  79. Is it hopeless? Longing to be free of constrictions and.
  80. All my life I have felt the longing in my soul for You;.
  81. I could hear her longing, her profound need to be saved.
  82. He was tied by his dutifulness, but longing in his love.
  83. I'm longing to, but all I know he gave me in confidence.
  84. He was longing to unburden himself, but he had held back.
  85. Give me your poor, you weak, all those longing to be free.
  86. You will be longing to have more Spiritual Contemplation.
  87. Yet I have a longing to be looking upon all of you still.
  88. I kissed her mouth and she was ready again for my longing.
  89. This was everything she had been hoping for, longing for.
  90. I kissed him back with the longing that I felt in my body.
  91. The alternative to longing puts and calls is to short them.
  92. For the last few years, I have had a deep longing to go to.
  93. But working against this fear was their longing and Efrafa.
  94. Secretly, she still thought about it and with some longing.
  96. So they should always have passion and longing towards Him.
  97. When she raised her eyes to his they glistened with longing.
  98. He found himself longing suddenly for Bear and the outdoors.
  99. Second, a longing for spirituality and the transcendent, in.
  100. God is Love and Man is the product of His Longing, His Ishq.
  1. I have longed to be.
  2. He longed to go home.
  3. She longed to have a.
  4. As much as she longed.
  5. I have longed for this.
  6. Carrie longed to say yes.
  7. I so longed to get away.
  8. I longed to rub myself.
  9. I longed for that moment.
  10. She longed to see the boy.
  11. He longed to be with her.
  12. I longed to see her again.
  13. She longed to believe her.
  14. She had often longed for.
  15. Tragus longed for a woman.
  16. He longed for night and an.
  17. She longed intolerably to go.
  18. Anon longed to prove him wrong.
  19. Every morning I longed for 7 a.
  20. I so longed that he was with me.
  21. How he longed to just hold her.
  22. He longed to be alone with her.
  23. Still, he longed to be ordained.
  24. She longed viciously so little.
  25. She longed to ask about his poem.
  26. Lucy longed to nuzzle into his.
  27. It was the moment he had longed.
  28. Carolyn longed to again embrace.
  29. My body longed only to lay in a.
  30. He longed for food and for sleep.
  31. I said I had always longed for it.
  32. I would have the love I longed for.
  33. I longed for my mirage to be real.
  34. I longed to see their faces again.
  35. It longed, as she did, to be free.
  36. I have longed for you to take.
  37. He longed by her to dance and sing.
  38. I’ve longed to feel this way.
  39. As time went on she longed to see.
  40. She longed to respond but could not.
  41. The boy in him longed yet for glory.
  42. In a way he longed for it to be over.
  43. She longed for this to just be over.
  44. Something she had longed to fulfill.
  45. And that was what Kitty longed to be.
  46. They longed to know what Cinder knew.
  47. How she longed for the ability to fly.
  48. She longed to reach out and touch him.
  49. She longed to flee before he finished.
  50. That I have longed long to re-deliver;.
  51. God, I longed for the warmth of spring.
  52. Constantinople is where I longed to be.
  53. It wasn't the power that he longed for.
  54. Willie longed desperately to be in Mrs.
  55. He longed once to make a dress for Mrs.
  56. A sword, a weapon Ralph has longed for.
  57. However, Trina still longed for Thomas.
  58. There was once a lonely girl who longed.
  59. How she longed to feel his arms around.
  60. She longed to respond but couldn't move.
  61. Even more than his mare, Vronsky longed.
  62. The other thing they longed for was a pet.
  63. And it wasn’t human blood he longed for.
  64. Cindy still longed to be a patrol officer.
  65. She plained of love; she longed for wings.
  66. He longed to know what was going to happen.
  67. He was becoming outrageous, he longed to.
  68. He longed for his ice-water-filled cooler.
  69. She longed to say, 'Please don't scold her.
  70. I longed for that past time when Mom, Dad.
  71. Briefly he longed to be somewhere far away.
  72. He longed for a word from her, but none came.
  73. I could clearly see the things I longed for.
  74. I longed to, because they are too beautiful.
  75. He longed to close his eyes and feel nothing.
  76. The emptiness Marie had hoped and longed for.
  77. All he ever longed for was a slice of heaven.
  78. Scarlett longed for the fat old arms of Mammy.
  79. Do you know how I have longed for you?
  80. To float with her, I longed to float with her.
  81. She longed to have him make love to her again.
  82. I really longed for him after all these years.
  83. I missed my Jesus and longed to see Him again.
  84. There was another voice that he longed to hear.
  85. She had desperate moods when she longed to die.
  86. I longed for home but swiftly put out the fire.
  87. He longed for the social aspects of employment.
  88. Never mind what you have always longed for, Mr.
  89. She longed to be a part of all that was going on.
  90. She had so many questions she longed to ask him.
  91. That was the sort of relationship she longed for.
  92. He longed to hold his baby, but he feared for Ju.
  93. After all these weeks alone I longed for company.
  94. Though Nerissa longed to rejoin her family, she.
  95. Nerissa longed to ask how the epic had progressed.
  96. She looked like she longed to tell him something.
  97. He longed for the chance to see that seed sprout.
  98. He longed to write to her, but there was no point.
  99. I gave a dying old woman what she most longed for.
  100. But he dreaded that moment and longed to spare her.
  1. She is the one who longs for ME.
  2. He longs to be near to your heart.
  3. My spirit longs with thee to rest!.
  4. How longs this place been here?
  5. Longs said, you're outta your mind- $1.
  6. It is the best time to establish longs.
  7. Either way, it is a nice market for longs.
  8. Suddenly a horn sounded three longs blasts.
  9. For my heart, she longs for countless stars.
  10. When prices fall, shorts gain and longs lose.
  11. The officer longs to admire it, but avoids it.
  12. For the mind longs to spring up to positions of.
  13. He longs for a jelly roll, éclair or a cannoli.
  14. Longs smiles and kisses before opening the door.
  15. This would help to cover any losses in the longs.
  16. Longs are taking profits, and shorts are covering.
  17. If longs have hand, quite the opposite is the case.
  18. Oh how He longs so much to hold them in His arms!.
  19. When prices rise, longs make money and shorts lose.
  20. One longs to love with one's inside, with one's stomach.
  21. That is why He longs to bring restoration in relationships.
  22. Jesus longs to have them in His arms again as it used to be.
  23. He longs to touch their glistening pages, but there is no time.
  24. But there is this part of me that longs for idle chitchat about.
  25. Remember, her risks are asymmetric to the risks of the option longs.
  26. And to flatten out, the longs must chase strength and short weakness.
  27. We're created to do that, and everyone longs to be honoured and valued.
  28. Let's review some recent examples of both longs and shorts in Figure 54.
  29. When longs give up during a decline, they sell, pushing the market lower.
  30. If a trader sets up longs properly, when that decay gets down to under $0.
  31. Falling prices flush out even more longs, and the decline feeds on itself.
  32. Finally, there are markets where both longs and shorts are equally worried.
  33. It would have been difficult to hold longs through the session following B.
  34. Any remaining longs should have been out long before the close of this day.
  35. I only realize I’m holding my breath when my longs are screaming for air.
  36. The second day opens higher, which lets some longs get out of their positions.
  37. Many hedgers come to the marketplace as either natural longs or natural shorts.
  38. He longs to question him, but he is ordered to undress as quickly as possible.
  39. With all his being, he longs for the warmth of the castle hall, somewhere to sit.
  40. During crisis years I have held more shorts than longs (buys) because it made sense.
  41. It ended up going up 8c and then just stopping out all the longs below the consolidation.
  42. What more can be learned? How she longs to see Hartstongue’s lifeless body at her feet.
  43. The thing one most longs for may be surrounded with conditions that would be intolerable.
  44. There is really no fault to be found with this place, but the lamb longs for its mother sheep.
  45. In the same way, lenders and borrowers are natural longs and shorts in terms of interest rates.
  46. So the shorts were outspoken, playful, and haranguing, and the longs were assured and hyperbolic.
  47. He longs for the city, no matter how ravaged; he has no liking for this land of grass and rivers.
  48. Quaker Oats finally took it over for $14 a share after months of grousing by shorts and longs alike.
  49. I’d have played the move for what it was; instead of hedging my longs, I’d have just gotten short.
  50. Every one laments a state of things which is neither war nor peace, and longs to be delivered from it.
  51. She immediately tensed up on her chair and screamed for longs seconds, until the man withdrew the wires.
  52. And in this setup—options longs with hand—higher open interest actually makes a stock less likely to pin.
  53. You don’t want to miss terrific risk/reward longs because you are wedded to stocks trading at a particular PE.
  54. But her losses require a certain urgency to protect capital that option longs will almost necessarily never have.
  55. The consolidation at D is cause for concern for longs, but not necessarily justification for exiting the full position.
  56. When price turns down after this pullback at D, there may be some panic as the last trapped longs scramble for the exits.
  57. In addition, there may even be traders who bought into the last trend leg, and they are now the ultimate weak-hand longs.
  58. Longs meanwhile have a windfall out of the blue, as the synthetic puts that seemed worthless a day ago now have real value.
  59. A few minutes of planning laid out a trip to Blockbuster, Longs Drug, Lowes, Sprouts Market, Vons Store and the Shell Station.
  60. Trapped longs will eventually have to sell as well, whether they were holding established positions or entered on the breakout.
  61. We focus on managing the spread risks between our longs and shorts so that we don't have significant exposure to unintended bets.
  62. The only reasonable trade is buying the bottom of the complex pullback, whether establishing longs or covering countertrend shorts.
  63. While some students set their longs to close, the more common problem is setting longs far too distant from the at-the-money strikes.
  64. The market usually reverses quickly, and once the newbie traders say that they are stopped out of the short trade, we cover our longs.
  65. This is precisely the kind of pullback you do not want to buy, so existing longs should have exited their positions somewhere in this move.
  66. The idea is to already be in the stock when it makes a push higher (for longs) or lower (for shorts), instead of trying to chase it intraday.
  67. For example, I can run separate equity curves for longs and shorts, for different strategies and exits, and even for sources of my trade ideas.
  68. I have a very old—call it primitive—soul that longs for the air of the preliterate world, an air saturated with honor and desire and poetry.
  69. O God, you are my God; early I will seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.
  70. If open interest rises during an uptrend, it shows that longs are buying while bears are shorting because they believe that the market is overvalued.
  71. Remember first of all that if a stock sits nowhere near that strike, longs and shorts there have likely long ago adjusted their positions accordingly.
  72. Shorts get killed trusting their intuition and common sense; longs get killed with their belief that the company can always expand to one more market.
  73. The tight consolidation on the daily chart might potentially be a place for aggressive longs to consider adding to positions or entering new positions.
  74. When the ticks spend 90 percent of their time above zero with repeated extreme high tick readings, I ignore trading short setups all day and focus on longs.
  75. If in his arid life he sometimes longs for a higher companionship, and is drawn into the net of some cleverer siren, his wife remains ignorant of the fact.
  76. Against that fundamental value, we typically want our shorts to be at least 30 percent overvalued and our longs to trade at a 30 percent discount or higher.
  77. Does that seem crazy to you? Coming from an old woman who no longer responds to your letters? Even after all these years, a piece of me still longs for your voice.
  78. Eventually, it becomes clear that the declines are a little steeper than expected, and some longs begin to unwind their positions, adding to the selling pressure.
  79. Joey studied them as best as he could; bright brown, featherless skin, wide head on longs necks and a mouth with the yellow beak made into primitive teeth around it.
  80. My mistake in 2009 was that in March—when I should have been buying—I felt things were completely unraveling and started selling my longs and increasing my shorts.
  81. Heart beating fast and his throat filled with all the words he longs to tell her, he leaps over the wolf and flings aside the heavy red velvet she made for his privacy.
  82. There is no human being on earth with the power to grant us what our heart of hearts longs for: the end of that empty feeling that as we are, we are simply not enough.
  83. It may be the same something that belongs in the emptiness of the eyes of the woman I remember, that cold, diligent ray of light which longs to warm things but cannot.
  84. But they cannot admit, then, that they did not do the work, that they shorted without cause (an extreme violation of short principles, making them no better than longs).
  85. Once or twice Alastair has told me how much he longs just to be with me, to wake up with me but, in all the years we had been ‘together’, we have only managed it once.
  86. With all the heart of her she longs to be his only, his affianced bride for riches for poor, in sickness in health, till death us two part, from this to this day forward.
  87. They cover very different angles, are less predictable in depth, and one, into early October, features a dramatic drop that would have shaken most longs out of the market.
  88. Stop placement is problematic because the support can drop, washing weak-hand longs out of the market; the recovery from this fakeout is actually the previously discussed entry.
  89. It would have been difficult to initiate a trade on the small pullback at C, but traders holding existing longs could see that the pattern was unfolding according to expectations.
  90. Such thoughts are not fitting, although for a moment he longs for nothing more than to take Simon to his bed, such as it is, and show him how little the concept of rest is on his mind.
  91. Common sense dictates that partial exits in these cases should be taken in the direction of the price movement: sell existing longs into strength and buy back existing shorts on weakness.
  92. Those tend to be fairly low-beta stocks, so even though we have a relatively concentrated portfolio—with between 15 and 20 longs at any given time—we haven't had very high volatility.
  93. He then flipped his mattress over, revealing a full line of arsenals that ranged in size and caliper: 45s, 22 longs, automatics, revolvers, and those were just the ones she knew by sight.
  94. In other words, the goal is for our longs and shorts to move relatively in sync with each other while we wait for fundamental catalysts to revalue our longs upward and our shorts downward.
  95. If a trader sets up a butterfly where the longs do not significantly reduce the margin of the trade, it is a warning sign that the trade has wings too distant from the at-the-money strikes.
  96. The selling that precedes the exhaustion gap indicates that most of the longs have already gotten out of positions and the shorts are less likely to pile in right after such a large decline.
  97. Their captain is dead, their crew drunk, their controls off-kilter and their courses set and determined—they are full of people and in each of those people is a soul that longs for safety.
  98. They neared some lankers and sent them flying in an orchestra of squawking, and some hairless, blue-skinned monkeys with longs snouts and clawed tails howled chaotically and swung out of the way.
  99. Murphy feels that if the price moves that far, something is wrong, either the timing or the analysis, and that short sellers err the same way longs do-they cut the profits and let the losses run.
  100. Well, I am blessed (excuse the vulgarism) if a witness has not turned up who seems to have been inspired by the same thought, and evidently longs in his heart for the advent of the new seamanship.

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