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Frasi con ache (in inglese)

  1. My head starts to ache.
  2. He made my heart ache.
  3. His teeth began to ache.
  4. His words ache inside me.
  5. Yes, I have back ache.

  6. My bones ache always now.
  7. Reality was the ache of.
  8. His Heart Would Ache *73.
  9. Then, he got a stomach ache.
  10. There was a dull ache in Mr.
  11. An ache settled deep in my leg.
  12. Wilson’s chest began to ache.
  13. You can find ACHE online at www.
  14. I didn't even have a belly ache.
  15. I feel that sickening ache again.

  16. Her delight becomes Cass’ ache.
  17. His head began to ache and his.
  18. Reducing it to only a numb ache.
  19. I saw her shoes ache to pull free.
  20. His warmth was coaxing the ache.
  21. There’s an ache inside my guts.
  22. I want to preach so bad I ache.
  23. That ache with a life of their own.
  24. It made something inside her ache.
  25. What is it, Corporal Ache?

  26. A panting ache ran through the rick.
  27. They ache with a life of their own.
  28. My legs are starting to ache, too.
  29. But her heart began to ache a little.
  30. While they ache for their young brood.
  31. His head seemed to ache immeasurably.
  32. She did it hard enough to ache, but.
  33. She paused, watching him ache for her.
  34. A deep ache spreads through my throat.
  35. I have a very bad ache in my tummy.
  36. There was a dull ache behind his eyes.
  37. Here it was that my head began to ache.
  38. She now felt constant ache all over her.
  39. But a man always talks of his own ache.
  40. The truth of that thought makes me ache.
  41. One day, her back simply began to ache.
  42. Our arms started to ache and we let go.
  43. For once I didn’t ache for a companion.
  44. Eva grimaced as her head started to ache.
  45. Your thighs will ache after a few seconds.
  46. There was an ache or fire between her legs.
  47. Watching them made Maggie’s throat ache.
  48. Another ache to run outside stole over her.
  49. His ears were ringing and starting to ache.
  50. I felt the dull pounding ache in both knees.
  51. The thought of her was a sudden ache in him.
  52. I fight with my bones as they ache to expand.
  53. His love was an ache that engulfed his being.
  54. I am sure that you have had a HEAD ACHE.
  55. The agony had developed into a very dull ache.
  56. The ache in his chest spread to his very soul.
  57. The pain in her head had settled to a dull ache.
  58. I was feeling an ache that I didn’t recognize.
  59. She felt the great ache of it deep in her core.
  60. So well, the ache in my heart became permanent.
  61. Their whimpers and pleadings made my heart ache.
  62. Unfortunately, my muscles began to ache and my.
  63. Joan Maguire was an ache that refused to go away.
  64. They ache and need fulfillment in the worse way.
  65. An ache reaches up through the base of his skull.
  66. It’s insecurity that drives this ache within.
  67. Next morning I woke up with a splitting head ache.
  68. The ache with his stomach seemed almost unbearable.
  69. The wound in Toby's neck was now only a dull ache.
  70. When his fingers lift, I feel an ache in my chest.
  71. It made his heart physically ache to see her again.
  72. The American Council for Headache Education (ACHE).
  73. The pain in her arms went from an ache to a scream.
  74. I close my eyes to see if that will lessen the ache.
  75. Only mentioning him brought back the ache in my heart.
  76. There was a dull ache but no longer the searing pain.
  77. I still had a dull side ache and the angry welts on.
  78. Be cautious here to always use the ache to push you.
  79. He swallowed the ache in his throat and slowly stood.
  80. The sight of the truck only made her heart ache more.
  81. The constant ache of their loss is sharpened on the.
  82. Thinking about it all made his head ache all the more.
  83. It still hurt but not that bone deep ache like before.
  84. Yes, she whispered, feeling the ache in her neck.
  85. Jason shifted in bed to ease the dull ache in his side.
  86. He was glad to be relieved of a tiresome stomach ache.
  87. The cold was already making his fingers ache painfully.
  88. He felt an ache in his chest as guilt tore through him.
  89. Christ save us! but my bones do ache, Stepan said.
  90. She noticed how the ache ran up her arms and into her.
  91. The soft light seemed to ease the ache and bring relief.
  92. Well boy, with that split in your head it should ache.
  93. The memory stuttered and halted, leaving a dull ache in.
  94. But the ache and strain of it could not go on much longer.
  95. The deep ache of torqued tendons dull against your bones.
  96. Wow! my head ache has almost gone, what was that potion?
  97. A pulsing ache that seemed to throb with every heart beat.
  98. But your roots ache for sustenance, water, minerals, air.
  99. I see it and feel it in every bone, and it makes them ache.
  100. My heart began to ache ; and, as she had been reckoning on.
  1. I was aching all over.
  2. His right arm is aching.
  3. Hip pain and aching joints.
  4. Joey rubbed his aching head.
  5. No more aching in the heart.
  6. Werner rubs his aching eyes.
  7. That leaves me aching for you.
  8. Elowen rubbed her aching legs.
  9. But my heart was aching so bad.
  10. My body was aching and hurting.
  11. Her limbs were numb and aching.
  12. Aching heart weak at the knees.
  13. The cub squirmed in her aching.
  14. Rory was nursing an aching elbow.
  15. Whene'er he had an aching head;.
  16. Fallen arches and aching bunions.
  17. Is your head still aching, eh?
  18. I've been aching for a good brawl.
  19. Her hand had started aching again.
  20. Other than your heart aching.
  21. An aching heart cries out for help.
  22. Is your head still aching, eh?’.
  23. He massaged his aching wrists and.
  24. I moved my aching body into a waltz.
  25. Ciere’s aching fist clenches again.
  26. That this poor aching bosom crushes?
  27. His left temple was pulsing, aching.
  28. His legs were still aching very badly.
  29. By this time, Caris was aching for him.
  30. He stood up, his back and knees aching.
  31. I remember it because they were aching.
  32. Aching as if trounced upon by a score.
  33. Aching in places I didn’t knew I had.
  34. Aching to be healed; to be touched again.
  35. My heart was aching, I was tormented by.
  36. Sitting down, stiff joints aching, this.
  37. My heart accelerated at the sharp aching.
  38. My bones were aching because of the strain.
  39. Actually, I think my soul has been aching.
  40. An aching, sharp pain passed into her leg.
  41. My left hand was aching and I looked at it.
  42. Idumea is a desolation with an aching void.
  43. His mind, still aching, wandered to Shannon.
  44. Libby blinked, swal owing past the aching.
  45. Oh, you whose souls are bruised and aching.
  46. Soreness and aching and throbbing and pain.
  47. Such aching beauty, at the cost of solitude.
  48. After just a few minutes, my legs were aching.
  49. But she forward with a load of aching memories.
  50. Rebeca Molope to soothe aching hearts with up-.
  51. Bells toll aching for that our past landed prize.
  52. Her arm was aching by the time they got to the.
  53. I sat and wrapped my arms around my aching chest.
  54. He puts the good aching pain in my knees and heart.
  55. His stomach still aching, Locke jogged to the gate.
  56. My back was aching so bad, I couldn’t sit still.
  57. My head was aching, so I couldn’t think clearly.
  58. Every muscle in her body was stretched and aching.
  59. My head was still aching and giddy after yesterday.
  60. The tension and dampness caused aching in his legs.
  61. She says they're ALL aching to do things like that.
  62. Then I sat there, gasping for breath, chest aching.
  63. It was like opodeldoc stuffed into an aching tooth.
  64. Body’s all aching, wracked, and wracked with pain.
  65. He was aching in his bones for the homeward journey.
  66. Alice placed her aching head on the table as Chester.
  67. I lifted my aching body from the ground and stood up.
  68. It was wide-eyed, a child aching for a bedtime story.
  69. He twisted them, aching to rip them off to get access.
  70. Everything transient and aching; everything tentative.
  71. I could feel it in my bones, and my bones were aching.
  72. Still aching? Túshin asked Rostóv in a whisper.
  73. Her eyelids burned, the tears aching to break through.
  74. He was aching already and it was only midday; another.
  75. I ignored my aching head and thigh and swam for my life.
  76. Exhausted and aching from the effort, he stopped pulling.
  77. Godwyn was stiff and aching after an uncomfortable night.
  78. An hour later, when my aching muscles needed a rest, the.
  79. Stunned by the blast, ears aching, and with new shrapnel.
  80. He was given effective herbs to help his aching head and.
  81. Marcus removes his finger, leaving an aching circle behind.
  82. With aching head held high he left the building, a new man.
  83. He said, Where’s your pain? Are your balls aching?
  84. My hand aching to feel the steel gripped around my fingers.
  85. Maggie put one hand to her aching head and looked around her.
  86. Her bullet wound was aching again and she needed some sleep.
  87. A shower helped clear his head and aching body, but not his.
  88. His arm was aching like buggery and he had little energy left.
  89. They quickened their pace as much as their aching legs would.
  90. Her back was aching and she gingerly began to cross the room.
  91. Oh! where my aching heart relieve when griefs assail me sore?
  92. Staying in bed all day has done wonders for my aching muscles.
  93. His thigh was between mine, so close to the aching need there.
  94. Conan stood Natala on her feet, and stretched his aching arms.
  95. Derek winced; he was aching from the blast that had propelled.
  96. Cœur de Gris was grasping his aching temples between his hands.
  97. Give rest to an aching problem by cutting out the problem and.
  98. My swayed back was already aching looking forward to the chore.
  99. How it all ached! Her heart was aching, not knowing what to do!.
  100. Ahndray smiled and motioned for her to return to his aching cock.
  1. She ached to say it.
  2. My heart ached for her.
  3. Her lungs ached for air.
  4. His heart ached as she.
  5. Her heart ached as she.
  6. My heart ached for Harry.
  7. His heart ached for her.
  8. My legs ached as I stood.
  9. He ached for that stroke.
  10. His cock ached even more.
  11. His fingers ached to the.
  12. His dog body ached to run.
  13. His heart ached within him.
  14. He told her his head ached.
  15. His face ached with strain.
  16. Her legs ached and she was.
  17. Rose’s heart ached for him.
  18. His heart ached to see John.
  19. His limbs ached like he had.
  20. My head ached; it felt heavy.
  21. His heart ached with anguish.
  22. By that point, his arms ached.
  23. His throat ached with tension.
  24. Her heart ached for her lover.
  25. Mary’s heart ached for Vicky.
  26. Damn, even his eyeballs ached.
  27. Sometimes his heart just ached.
  28. I ached to have a baby with Joe.
  29. His head ached and he was giddy.
  30. Her head ached with the effort.
  31. I shut my eyes and ached to hear.
  32. But his head ached more and more.
  33. Her heart ached for both of them.
  34. His hands ached, his heart raced.
  35. His heart ached as he watched her.
  36. Something that ached like a wound.
  37. His hands ached to touch her soft.
  38. His head swam and ached with fever.
  39. Selfish as it was, his heart ached.
  40. An emptiness ached in their chests.
  41. His arms and stomach stil ached in.
  42. Everywhere ached, despite the drugs.
  43. His stomach ached but he felt better.
  44. His head ached terribly, and he was.
  45. Her jaw ached from grinding her teeth.
  46. Her side ached with yet another cramp.
  47. His shoulder ached, his back and ribs.
  48. My legs ached dully, echoed by my head.
  49. He was panting also, and his arm ached.
  50. My stomach ached when I saw their eyes.
  51. Jess stared at it until his eyes ached.
  52. He ached from his throat to his stomach.
  53. The muscles in his arms ached with the.
  54. My hip ached as I climbed out of the car.
  55. Her throat ached with the onset of tears.
  56. She ached over Tussie and Tussie's mother.
  57. His stomach felt raw and his limbs ached.
  58. She felt light headed and her legs ached.
  59. Her body though, still ached and groaned.
  60. His belly ached, and yet he had to plough.
  61. His chest ached and he remembered, Breathe.
  62. His every muscle ached and his eyes watered.
  63. Her head pounded and her entire body ached.
  64. He was holding his head as though it ached.
  65. His feet ached, and he was in need of water.
  66. Her throat was desert dry and her head ached.
  67. But she was his mother, and her heart ached.
  68. My heart swelled and ached at the same time.
  69. Her body ached all over, and her eyes burned.
  70. Her muscles ached from more than an hour of.
  71. With their touch he iMagined his flesh ached.
  72. Her arm ached under the pressure of his grip.
  73. His rheumatic joints ached as he stood once.
  74. He ached to see her again and worried about.
  75. Tracey's face ached from smiling at everyone.
  76. My heart ached for him, for what he had lost.
  77. Her gray hair was sodden, and her bones ached.
  78. It was like a wound that ached when it rained.
  79. Her legs ached, but she said nothing about it.
  80. Her joints ached from the adrenalin and tension.
  81. His shoulder ached, his skin tingled and crawled.
  82. T he inside of my thighs ached; I wasn’t used.
  83. Hours ached into days, and days fell into weeks.
  84. Jess’ heart pounded and her full breasts ached.
  85. My mind ached at the meaning of those three words.
  86. His mouth was as dry as dust and his throat ached.
  87. His bones ached as the magic ran through his body.
  88. He ached all over and in particular he felt sore.
  89. Her head ached slightly, as she began to discover.
  90. My throat ached, my mouth throbbed in anticipation.
  91. My head ached badly and I felt dizzy and nauseous.
  92. His feet ached from pressing into the stone cracks.
  93. My legs always ached badly straight after football.
  94. He was still bruised and, every step he took ached.
  95. Her stomach ached and her limbs turned into rubber.
  96. He’d been driving for hours and he ached all over.
  97. He clutched the armrests so tight his fingers ached.
  98. And my heart ached with the weight of that knowledge.
  99. He felt their eyes suddenly, and his shoulder ached.
  100. Her arms and legs ached under the pain of the crash.
  1. My heart aches at his words.
  2. My blood aches for the hunt.
  3. Old dogs get aches and pains.
  5. On top of that, my head aches.
  6. It aches for you to come to Me.
  7. My back still aches, by the way.
  8. Lots of aches and pains this morning.
  9. The pains and aches were washed away.
  10. For bruising, wounds and muscle aches.
  11. I am he that aches with amorous love;.
  12. The aches and abrasions caused by his.
  13. Those aches and pains are really taking.
  14. The aches and pains were in every muscle.
  15. My head aches, but otherwise, I’m fine.
  16. The aches of his battered body disappeared.
  17. How strong, those aches that come with what.
  18. Only since this morning one of my ears aches.
  19. My head aches and I cry at the emotional fall.
  20. Find out how often and how frequent the aches.
  21. The heart still aches and I miss my beloved wife.
  22. Her jaw aches and she tries to unclench her teeth.
  23. I suffered from regular, insistent paternal aches.
  24. As consciousness returns so do the aches and pains.
  25. The aches caused by their digging had hardly been.
  26. It is a bit sour but should help with the aches.
  27. It lessened some of the normal aches and pains of.
  28. Oh, the standard aches and pains, Paul explained.
  29. My heart aches to think I have caused him so much pain.
  30. Her throat aches with all the things she can’t tell him.
  31. Yes: my chest aches, and the air is choky with tobacco.
  32. She starts talking about her aches and pains to her friends.
  33. Shortly the king picked himself up though stiffened by aches.
  34. My look is still a bit blurry and my head aches even more now.
  35. My body aches all over and I couldn’t even breathe properly.
  36. Joey sat up in the bed, slowly and grunting at the aches he felt.
  37. Harris discovered innumerable fresh aches and pains in his body.
  38. My heart aches as I stare at Sean, who’s waiting for an answer.
  39. A fit of coughing was followed by a multitude of aches and pains.
  40. The rigors of time you conquer as a town that aches but never dies.
  41. O beloved race in all! O my breast aches with tender love for all!.
  42. Yeah she really needs this for her aches and pains, Miranda says.
  43. This is something to make you relax and to take the aches and pains away.
  44. You can address many physical aches and pains through the following exercise.
  45. His head aches and he feels as though he is sliding down into the cold earth.
  46. Made with oil extracted from the mustard plant, it helped relieve bodily aches.
  47. When he got home, he would pay in all kinds of little arthritic aches and pains.
  48. If you have aches and pains that never go away, this step is for you to perform.
  49. Her wrist aches and she’s not sure if she’s broken a bone or just sprained it.
  50. You don't know why I am telling you all this, Alyosha? My head aches and I am sad.
  51. Stretching their legs, stiff necks needed warm but firm hands to rub away the aches.
  52. Easing down on the mat, aches in his back and legs jabbed Hanor as if lying on a bed.
  53. Right after their promise, their discoloring of skin and their head aches disappeared.
  54. Expecting to be jumped on from behind, hoping Rainer’s training would kick in, aches.
  55. But when you deny he ever lived, when you negate his very name, it aches like bones that.
  56. For a man in his late seventies, besides the aches and pains, he was still in good shape.
  57. One is yesterday with its mistakes and cares, its faults and blunders, its aches and pains.
  58. But an hour and a half into the day I stopped for a break, feeling the familiar aches and pains.
  59. He needed water before the sharp, stabbing aches in his calf muscles turned to crippling spasms.
  60. Their health is often affected by liver and stomach aches, by circulatory problems, by fractures.
  61. When I got into bed at the end of the day, I groaned with the aches and pains in my stiff muscles.
  62. It was only then that Norman felt the aches and pains of the last few days spring out along his body.
  63. She has headaches, high fever, high temperature, sore throat, sore eyes, ear aches and aching bones.
  64. Aches and Pains: I used to get aches and pains from riding my bike (and also from playing the piano).
  65. And yet all these questions were not new ones suddenly confronting him, they were old familiar aches.
  66. Still a lot of aches and pains and some nightmares, but you know me, I have medicines for everything.
  67. As I entered my body, I began to feel the force of gravity and the aches and pain that I normally feel.
  68. What are the descriptive words used to describe pain? Pain either explodes, cuts, burns, aches, or throbs.
  69. Once you arrive back at your place, after a hard running day, you may begin to feel body aches or pains.
  70. She just shook her head, morose with her aches and pains, but she gave him a casual wave as he stalked past.
  71. By the time I get up to leave, the cuffs of my sleeves, used to wipe my cheeks, are damp, and my jaw aches.
  72. The physical discomfort that marked out my time alone was matched by a succession of mental aches and pains.
  73. If you have sore throat symptoms with fever and aches, it is likely the result of a virus, like a cold or flu.
  74. But what about unexpected expenses? Like sickness? Or tooth aches? Doctors and dentists don’t work for free.
  75. Children stricken with aches and high fevers were streaming in droves to Broussair University Hospital in Paris.
  76. He became aware of all sort of aches and pains, but ignored it in order to reach up and pull that one last lever.
  77. Allergy symptoms generally include congestion, sneezing, and coughing, but are not accompanied by fever and aches.
  78. The aches and pains are a natural part of aging and so are the regular preventative visits to the doctor’s office.
  79. Also said to be an effective pain killer and anti-inflammatory for arthritis, rheumatism and general aches and pains.
  80. They were not, after all, inhibited by ropes, aches, bruises, and partial deafness from all the jarring of the horse.
  81. Soon it was getting small, as he turned this way and that, letting the pulsating water take away the aches and pains.
  82. Did we both have the same aches and pains at the same time, the same pleasures and joys? Visola refilled their cups.
  83. Not that I let the other men see it; and it wasn’t the back pain either, nor the dull aches and pains of my injuries.
  84. So, in summary, stretching may help you reduce the aches and pains that are often associated with long-distance bike riding.
  85. By lunch the aches in my head and body are gone, but my eyelids weigh a ton and I’m not sure how long I can keep them open.
  86. In my case, it could be that my aches and pains just went away by themselves, around the same time I started regular stretching.
  87. The caller was tired and had muscle aches because he had been out late the night before doing some heavy-duty work with a friend.
  88. The results are inflexibility, a build up of constant aches and pains, fatigue, and the potential to develop injury and dis-ease.
  89. I was only 42 and I felt 92 with aches and pains and worries of what he might do with the 5 missiles he could destroy cities with.
  90. We had many uses for it, such as thick-neck, aching of the joints, sick stomach, aches of the head, and the expelling of afterbirth.
  91. The varicose veins can cause intermittent claudication, varicose ulcers and generally leg aches and pain due to poor blood circulation.
  92. All her right side aches at night, she is in agony, and, would you believe it, the angel bears it without groaning for fear of waking us.
  93. With that warning about causation in mind, here’s what has correlated with the dramatic decrease in my aches and pains: daily stretching.
  94. Use an infusion of the whole plant for fevers, headaches, migraines, and colds, or the expressed juice of the flowers for aches and strains.
  95. This may be, and sometimes is, accompanied by a period of pains or aches in the regions of the body where this housecleaning is taking place.
  96. As some of the aches and pains began to ooze away, all except the one in my knee which was on fire; the words rolled over and over in my head.
  97. Show me the holo of the galaxy, requested the hollow-voiced human, only just beginning to feel relief from the aches in his spinal column.
  98. His wounds have healed, thanks to Simon’s skill with herbs and the mind-cane’s power, but his leg still aches when the day’s work is over.
  99. My back lifts from the table and all my muscles clench and my throat aches from this scream that no longer shapes itself into words and will not stop.
  100. During the first few days of detoxification one often complains of headaches, body aches or sore muscles, feeling weak or cranky, and trouble sleeping.

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