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Long in a sentence

It was a long shot.
It is a long story.
It was not a long.
In the long run it.
She was a long way.
This is a long term.
For this was a long.

It was 19 miles long.
He was taking a long.
But that was long ago.
He heaved a long sigh.
She drew a long breath.
It had been a long day.
It is a low, long cry.
That is a long story.
As long as it's not me.
It is a long drive home.
It's been a long while.
It was a very long day.
Very hard and very long.
Just as long as nofolk.
There was a long silence.
On the table, two long.
He was in rehab a long.
The iron rail was long.
No, it is not very long.
The bread was long gone.
There was a long almost.
How long ya been here?
Before long they had to.
I long to see a band of.
He had taken a long time.
And as long as we hope.
That was how long it had.
The way wasn’t very long.
There was a long trestle.
She was silent a long time.
We won't be up here long.
As long as he had enough.
It sure burns a long time.
There was a longing in.
The child was longing to.
So was his longing for Iason.
I was paralyzed with longing.
This longing to be clothed.
A two-month journey of longing.
They felt no longing for the.
His longing for a normal life.
But I've been longing for you.
Our longing is an echo of the.
No sorrow, no longing was real.
The very intensity of longing.
A longing of sorts, he thought.
My soul is longing for the lord.
He was sad, had longing for one.
I lay faint, longing to be dead.
Your longing would start growing.
For weeks he had been longing to.
The longing to run came over him.
It was so full of pain and longing.
He had a terrible longing for some.
The longing was to see Will Ladislaw.
There is a longing and giving of love.
I had a great longing to talk, however.
After thirty-plus years of longing to.
She was hit by a longing to be at home.
She had sensed the longing in his heart.
Because it made my longing to be united.
Longing to get the fright of their lives.
I am just longing to hear her sweet voice.
She had never felt a longing such as this.
Her longing expressed deeply in my throat.
They were simply longing to force it open.
All at once, I had a longing come over me.
In many cases, it's more than a longing;.
Thus hungry, longing thus without a penny.
She was lost in her longing to understand.
Fermina Daza had returned from her longing.
This longing to be clothed upon with our.
You will never regret all the longing and.
I have longed to be.
He longed to go home.
She longed to have a.
I have longed for this.
As much as she longed.
I longed to rub myself.
I so longed to get away.
Carrie longed to say yes.
She longed to see the boy.
I longed for that moment.
He longed to be with her.
I longed to see her again.
She had often longed for.
She longed to believe her.
Tragus longed for a woman.
He longed for night and an.
She longed intolerably to go.
Anon longed to prove him wrong.
I so longed that he was with me.
She longed viciously so little.
How he longed to just hold her.
He longed to be alone with her.
Every morning I longed for 7 a.
Still, he longed to be ordained.
Lucy longed to nuzzle into his.
She longed to ask about his poem.
He longed for food and for sleep.
Carolyn longed to again embrace.
I said I had always longed for it.
My body longed only to lay in a.
It was the moment he had longed.
I longed to see their faces again.
I have longed for you to take.
I longed for my mirage to be real.
I would have the love I longed for.
It longed, as she did, to be free.
As time went on she longed to see.
He longed by her to dance and sing.
I’ve longed to feel this way.
Something she had longed to fulfill.
She is the one who longs for ME.
He longs to be near to your heart.
My spirit longs with thee to rest!.
Longs said, you're outta your mind- $1.
How longs this place been here?
It is the best time to establish longs.
Either way, it is a nice market for longs.
Suddenly a horn sounded three longs blasts.
For my heart, she longs for countless stars.
When prices fall, shorts gain and longs lose.
The officer longs to admire it, but avoids it.
For the mind longs to spring up to positions of.
Longs smiles and kisses before opening the door.
He longs for a jelly roll, éclair or a cannoli.
This would help to cover any losses in the longs.
If longs have hand, quite the opposite is the case.
Longs are taking profits, and shorts are covering.
Oh how He longs so much to hold them in His arms!.
When prices rise, longs make money and shorts lose.
One longs to love with one's inside, with one's stomach.
That is why He longs to bring restoration in relationships.
Jesus longs to have them in His arms again as it used to be.
He longs to touch their glistening pages, but there is no time.
But there is this part of me that longs for idle chitchat about.
Remember, her risks are asymmetric to the risks of the option longs.
And to flatten out, the longs must chase strength and short weakness.
We're created to do that, and everyone longs to be honoured and valued.
Let's review some recent examples of both longs and shorts in Figure 54.
When longs give up during a decline, they sell, pushing the market lower.
Finally, there are markets where both longs and shorts are equally worried.
Falling prices flush out even more longs, and the decline feeds on itself.
If a trader sets up longs properly, when that decay gets down to under $0.
It would have been difficult to hold longs through the session following B.
I only realize I’m holding my breath when my longs are screaming for air.
Any remaining longs should have been out long before the close of this day.
Many hedgers come to the marketplace as either natural longs or natural shorts.
He longs to question him, but he is ordered to undress as quickly as possible.
The second day opens higher, which lets some longs get out of their positions.
With all his being, he longs for the warmth of the castle hall, somewhere to sit.
During crisis years I have held more shorts than longs (buys) because it made sense.

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