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Frasi con loony (in inglese)

  1. She truly had lost it, gone completely loony.
  2. We thought he was on his holidays but he's a loony.
  3. He was a raving loony! Not only was he good for a.
  4. It’s time for the loony bin I think we need a rest.
  5. Captain! This is no loony! That’s Aaron Limon!.

  6. I placed a loony in my paw and then tried to ‘reward’ the.
  7. What the hell did we do to deserve that? He’s an absolute loony.
  8. Now that I’m out of the loony bin? My daughter had only seen me.
  9. No, David has no leverage using the law; it would just make him look loony, or worse.
  10. Ig, have I told you lately how happy I am to have you back from loony land? I said.
  11. Maybe they’re right, but there was no indication the man was going to turn into a loony.
  12. The attending doctor looked at me as though I would make a good candidate for the loony bin.
  13. Dad, you talk about this at a dinner party, and they’ll haul you off to the nearest loony bin.
  14. Have it analyzed, give the loony who hit me a couple of days to settle back into his nest, and then go back in there after him.
  15. I moved off leaving him, admitting to myself that I was undoubtedly loony for going off alone, but it was an urge that I couldn’t deny.

  16. I haven’t had more than two days proper leave in the past three years, Smith said, if you don’t include loony leave and suspensions.
  17. Trey was a strutting, tan bundle of knots, and he could probably kill a cow with a machete, and he was probably fucking loony enough to do it for kicks.
  18. I got the pizzas out and settled down next to her as the Loony Toons came on, they were followed by Inspector Gadget and finally a turtle called Franklin that I’d never seen before.
  19. To sit alone again, like she had done for the last four months, wondering where the fat bastard was and what he was doing would definitely send her straight into the nearest loony bin.
  20. How many loony English speaking people chose to holiday in a place like this and just happened across his threshold in the hope that they could spend the night in a rotting potting shed.
  21. And if our love had become an addiction in this closeted loony bin, we would have to wean ourselves from it gradually and try to live normally and put this mad desire in a more mundane context.
  22. Why come to me I’m nothing I can’t decide anything if you want to lock the old woman up in a loony bin like her son is so be it but don’t expect me to have anything to do with it you and Beth sort it out.
  23. You may have said to yourself, Whoever wrote this had to have escaped from a loony bin, which is entirely true, but at a closer glance the apparent madness of Emanuel Bronner, 88, of Escondido, California, is in fact complete sanity.
  24. The protection of plants and animals should be left up to the states who can evaluate the effect on citizens of the state and protect people first and critters, bugs, plants and animals in proper order rather than have some pointy – headed loony bureaucrat in Washington DC who worships Mother Earth make these decisions.
  25. It wasn't difficult to take her side - the man was loony tunes,.

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