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Frasi con nutcase (in inglese)

  1. This man, is a nutcase.
  2. I am not having this nutcase watching.
  3. He may be a nutcase but he's their father.
  4. He’s either a pleasant nutcase or very nasty!’.
  5. Your the one with a nutcase for a dad, Jeanna joked.

  6. They think I’m a stalker, a nutcase, mentally unstable.
  7. Nutcase or no, Gould wasn’t going to miss at this or any other range.
  8. Initially, when I opened the album I thought Shane was a nutcase of sorts.
  9. I have heard of Jones through the grapevine and I hear he is nothing short of a nutcase.
  10. I looked at her not wanting to put her into the category of complete nutcase and just smiled.
  11. What kind of a nutcase was Hilier? And do you really think a cougar could shit him out in one big lump like that?
  12. Spock looked at the laughing monk and smiled and put his arm around Pon’s shoulders and looked deep into the small monks’ eyes, and said, You my small friend are a nutcase.
  13. This naturally attracted every wackjob, nutcase and borderline Greeg-like being there was to the place; along with every heroic, bravado seeking adrenaline junkie who wished to seek out and destroy every wackjob, nutcase and borderline Greeg-like being in existence.
  14. The kind of life you should experience, now that you’re seeking to experience life, is one in which you will enjoy every single moment—one where you can trust that your sisters will be provided for and happy, and that they won’t turn out like my nutcase of a brother.
  15. I began to shiver, knowing that I had to marry a nutcase,.

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