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Frasi con weirdo (in inglese)

  1. She thought about Mahmoud the weirdo mouse.
  2. So, I tried not to be a monster or a weirdo.
  3. Get some better threads, weirdo! he called.
  4. I don't leave without the home phone number of this weirdo.
  5. Geesus, he was being eaten alive by a vampire wannabe weirdo.

  6. You seem to think I’m some demon-lab weirdo who’s possessed her body.
  7. A notorious weirdo, he had stalked Ariel virtually throughout high school.
  8. He had pumps and I think electricity attached to the head but the weirdo did it.
  9. He said to Conklin, Remember that weirdo professor, dreamed about a murder?
  10. You think those weirdo kids protecting the place will let us do that? Matt asked.
  11. What sort of weirdo hands out twenty dollars in a park to a teenage girl? There was no.
  12. After they were out of my line of sight, a weirdo was skating by with his couples skating partner.
  13. Scott started to back away from the weirdo; except that became awkward, with his bike held by its handlebars.
  14. It made her wonder what kind of a weirdo he was if he grew up in a house where Hitler was hug up next to Mandela.
  15. After sampling both, the poolside games seemed more like fun and she actually found herself laughing along with the weirdo.

  16. A group of math students sits at a table to your right, getting tutored in calculus by that weirdo with the mechanical hand.
  17. I overheard a couple of football players on the back of the bus talking about some weirdo that was walking down Main Street on Saturday wearing a Halloween costume.
  18. He could imagine Paola Ramirez telling friends, ‘Some weirdo up in Canada sent me an e-mail,’ and how they all would laugh, and then begin to speculate about the sender.
  19. He did not, he could not even and still cannot relate to other human beings at all: he is a recluse: a silent mumbling weirdo: lost inside his own sick evil undead-filled brain.
  20. Like every heterosexual woman and gay man in the country, I think James Franco is a very mysterious and sexy weirdo and I’d like to be invited to do a love scene with him in one of his art house movies.
  21. I couldn’t tell if he was still, warming up his hands? or whatever in the eff he was doing? But when I saw that weirdo freak show again I nudged Mojo and Slim Jim and said, That strange cat over there is either warming up his hands or warming up his nuts.
  22. She was wearing a regular kind of t-shirt, nothing too low cut or anything, but the weirdo, lecherous afro dude was grasping her shirt at the collar and neckline with his fingertips and pulling it a few inches away from her body to give him a bird’s eye view right down her shirt.

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