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Lowly in una frase (in inglese)

He spoke lowly.
He is meek and lowly.
I’m just a lowly CWO.
Cinder replied lowly.
She sighed and moaned lowly.
the fate of the poor and lowly.
lowly and ordered their estate.

Lowly in the manger laid;.
I was a lowly room attendant.
See what this lowly Man of clay.
Fabio! she called out lowly.
- Do not be foolish! he said lowly.
He eschews the lowly feelings of.
While many of the weak and lowly.
to revive the spirit of the lowly.
Lipmann was a lowly Year 3 teacher.
Above this lowly orb of ours abide.
- What is going on? he mumbled lowly.
He set on high those who are lowly,.
For the first harvest shall be lowly.
Wait you at His footstool lowly,.
You can only rule in this lowly life.
That's the benefit of being a lowly.
‘Say that again…’ she said lowly.
It shows how a lowly man through constant.
Meagan blushed and cleared her throat lowly.
Nor will I ever think lowly thoughts of you.
This lowly kalp that nature brings about,.
They are also referred to as (seven) lowly.
great humility as any lowly financier should.

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base baseborn humble lowly petty secondary subaltern menial low modest small

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