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    1. There is a form of email called eye messaging on this planet and he checked for messages and found nothing but petty complaints of some in the community toward some others in the community or some aspect of local custom they don't want to adapt to

    2. He would not be so petty as to put on another display of power now that this one didn't work

    3. "You really think God cares what magic level you set? I admit the church does, but do you think God is that petty?"

    4. He was ashamed of their petty

    5. they received some sort of petty retribution when you were indifferent all

    6. She wondered how seriously he took the petty tribulations of the starship times, now that the starship age seemed to be over already

    7. It’s petty and she knows she will give in, but the look on his face makes it worth it

    8. Perhaps because of this, or any other contributions made from an unending range of factors, the incidence of petty crimes and destructive pranks rose to an all time high that season

    9. There are Men who are mean, petty tyrants who love nothing more than to laugh at the misfortune of others and care more about amassing wealth than about protecting the innocent

    10. There are Women who are mean, petty tyrants who love nothing more than to laugh at the misfortune of others and care more about amassing wealth than about protecting the innocent

    11. This man was beyond all that petty captain stuff

    12. would have been much more petty and that only

    13. The petty offence surely

    14. In those disorderly times, every great landlord was a sort of petty prince

    15. A flogging, inflicted on a petty thief, inflicts more actual pain

    16. Murmuring soon shifted to inebriated yammering and before long, it turned to that of local petty grievances

    17. Here they were, two good-looking people and they couldn’t even see past their petty problems

    18. To see or eat cabbage in your dream suggests that you should not waste time with petty things in your life

    19. “For parchment? That’s only petty theft

    20. Petty perhaps, but there you go

    21. “He learned of the black arts through petty thieves and murderers

    22. The boatsteerer was a petty officer and was a key member of the whaling crew

    23. I hereby confess to being a retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer, my last ship having been the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier U

    24. A petty officer who tends to the ship’s signals

    25. Navy Chief Petty Officer

    26. I had twenty years of honorable service, retiring in 1976 as a Chief Petty Officer

    27. Petty politicians have used the war for their own purposes, thimbleriggers have not been idle; but to the close observer it was evident that the war was a war of the people, the will of the multitude, inflamed perhaps by much exaggeration and misrepresentation, but nevertheless exerted for a just purpose when unvarnished facts stand forth

    28. Just one more petty irritation with which to start his day

    29. troublesome ambitions that harden the heart! To be born again without blemish, to rise above the petty quarreling that promotes so much unhappiness and sorrow, to be reunited once again with loved ones and friends who left us too soon, to make proper atonement to those we‘ve disappointed and, most importantly, to obtain spiritual redemption

    30. Or maybe he honestly believed that you could live on the proceeds of petty crime indefinitely

    31. And that made me feel both petty, for thinking that it would matter to him, and disturbed, because it was obvious that Dorian was preoccupied, and whatever it was that made my trip seem trivial couldn’t be good news for me

    32. It is hard to find a president more petty, more vindictive, more vicious, and more determined than Jackson

    33. It is harder to think of an issue as petty or as overly and needlessly emotional than posting the Ten Commandments on a courthouse or whether someone says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

    34. His eyes went directly to the C’s expecting what – to find one labeled cocaine purchases and containing the names and address of the producers of Tweety-bird? He lifted out a file: Alan Bergen – pages and pages of observations of a suspected petty cocaine trafficker and the people in his life

    35. that come, serenity maintained amid the petty

    36. She was everything, filling my mind like a great flood, washing all my questions and doubts, all my petty abstractions away

    37. A petty man who would rape and cut me, I was all of womanhood, not scared or cynical anymore

    38. A second later, a second seaman with petty officer’s insignia on the sleeve of his peacoat came aboard, looked at Colling and asked, “What the bloody ‘ell are you doing here, Yank?”

    39. “Bloody ‘ell!” repeated the petty officer

    40. Petty Officer Sylvester looked at the bedraggled cluster of humanity standing on the deck, seemed to ponder whether he should allow Elizabeth to take charge of the situation, then shouted over his shoulder, “’Arry, have Jenkins and Pitch come over here

    41. Sylvester and his men stood waiting with them until a truck arrived to take them to what the petty officer called “The Transit Station

    42. “Four wouldn’t be that petty,” Christina says, either to chastise Cara or to reassure me, I’m not sure

    43. It was as if the last war and the one that swiftly approached were just petty quarrels between siblings

    44. “I would never call you silly or petty,” I say sternly

    45. Some of these may seem slight, obtuse, even petty, and I beg the

    46. Everything was soft here, the dark world of murder and greif; where friends killed you for petty reasons were behind him

    47. Chapter 37 Oh the petty jealousies within a large family, brothers and sisters

    48. They would surely be serving time for this offence, he had a list of previous petty thefts and he didn’t fancy picking up the bar of soap for anyone

    49. He was born into a xenophobic family, starting off as a snot faced kid that ranted at passer-by’s that didn’t fit his close minded idea of who should live and who shouldn’t, becoming a petty thief in his teens, and killing a few “non-whites” as he termed them, during his later years in life

    50. With large eyes, long black, curly hair and dimples you could lose your petty change in, she was in two words, adorably cute

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    petit larceny petty petty larceny small-minded fiddling footling lilliputian little niggling picayune piddling piffling trivial junior-grade lower-ranking lowly secondary subaltern diminutive inconsiderable insignificant lesser negligible nugatory narrow small mean inconsequent miserly inconsequential stingy shallow