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    1. This was a forum where even the lowly could present ideas, but they often got only a few phrases in before they were overruled

    2. He is meek and lowly

    3. When we think of meek, we think of mild, deferring, quiet, lowly, placid, soft, and docile

    4. “I don’t believe you did that, are you crazy?” Steve whistled lowly

    5. “Oh, before I forget, we ran into a lowly straggler on the way here

    6. When they heard about her lowly start in life and about

    7. Surely he scorns the scorners: but he gives grace unto the lowly

    8. That's the benefit of being a lowly

    9. He set on high those who are lowly,

    10. to revive the spirit of the lowly

    11. He spoke lowly

    12. “But in the presence of this wise descendent of heroic Telemachus, we lowly creatures are privileged to call him ‘sir

    13. the lowly tasks of a seaman, yet he observed the work of those

    14. I, who was a lowly honors major in political science, keeping up with a lawyer

    15. The federal (a misnomer used in place of „national") government always knows, better than state and local governments, and certainly better than the lowly individual, what is best for him or her, no matter the issue at hand

    16. The officer in charge was a self-important oike who had obviously bought his lowly rank

    17. I’ve dealt with all sorts of rogues in my career and even ones as lowly as child-absconders

    18. actions one would expect of a lowly exploration ship

    19. For the first harvest shall be lowly

    20. A lowly man who is completely in love with Me,

    21. Oh, so that was it: absolute proof of her lowly character! He just stood there rocking on his heels with his hands clasped behind his back and cast his gaze knowingly around the room

    22. The rest of its defenders were lowly farmers, herders, artisans and traders that had not yielded shield, spear or sword for once in their lives

    23. An ill omen, but who would challenge the will of the Law and the Patriarch, Reverent and Beloved of the Gods, the Holy Avatar? Not a lowly guard, that much was certain

    24. Uruvian was infected by her eagerness and pulled forward too and ran next to her, beating his head and whinnying lowly

    25. - Maybe from the same place he found that necklace you are wearing? Laino said lowly while he ran his hand down Vanil's chest

    26. It will probably always be that way, since at any point in time our arrogance and self-esteem do not let us see our lowly position on the continuum of knowledge from zero to All-knowing

    27. - Uhuhu, Ebira squealed lowly and almost jumped on the spot

    28. Carefully, she turned to Elior who groaned lowly

    29. - What is going on? he mumbled lowly

    30. His eyes were closed and he whispered lowly to himself

    31. Ilmal put an arm around the king’s shoulders, and they walked to the large house while they conversed lowly

    32. He placed his hands on their heads again and whispered to them lowly

    33. The stallion whinnied lowly when he saw his Elior and walked the rest of the way on his own and put his nose against Elior's cheek

    34. He buried his face at her neck and shoulder and whispered to her so lowly she could not hear the words but she perceived the meaning

    35. Mevarn spoke so lowly she could barely hear it

    36. But so many humans could not fear their little group in spite that they carried weapons? She looked up at Laino and whispered lowly:

    37. - Do not be foolish! he said lowly

    38. Ryato leaned over the counter and lowly told whom they sought and that they wanted rooms and stable place for their horses

    39. - You are a fool, Peter, she said lowly, but the man had already closed the door and did not hear her

    40. See what this lowly Man of clay

    41. He rocked back and forth quietly and his lips moved as if he still whispered lowly to himself

    42. He whispered lowly, almost without sound, so she could not hear what he said

    43. “This is a lie…” He said lowly at first, but then his confidence launched and he

    44. ” Cinder replied lowly

    45. He moved with his head bowed lowly and tilted nefariously to eye them all

    46. 6 Though the Lord be high, yet has he respect to the lowly, but the proud he knows afar off

    47. He scorns the scorners but He gives grace to the lowly the wise shall inherit glory but shame shall be the promotion of fools

    48. False scales is abomination to the Lord; but the right weight is his delight; when pride comes, then comes shame, but with the lowly is

    49. better it is to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud; he who handles a matter wisely shall find

    50. “There is nothing lowly about being a merchant

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