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Frasi con lunge (in inglese)

Will lunged his final lunge.
Croak made another ballistic lunge.
But with each lunge, he grew weaker.
I nearly tripped in my lunge for the door.
This lunge has brought her back to reality.
Mahkzwail had already begun a hopeless lunge.
We all lunge at her and give her a giant hug.

It falls to the earth and both men lunge to grasp it.
He wants to move, to lunge, to do anything but answer.
Medusa was about to lunge at him when I yelled, Hey!.
With a lunge she slashed the serrated edge across her wrist.
Manuel raised his arm, barring Rafael’s sudden lunge at Max.
His instincts drove him to try to escape a lunge from behind.
With a quick spin and a lunge of pure, raw fear, he dislodged.
She planted one foot in the snow, bracing for the cat to lunge.
The beast had fallen from its lunge, hitting the ground heavily.
He jerked himself up and made a lunge to grab hold of her again.
Scrambling to his feet, he dug his paws in to lunge again at Tui.
Eleazar withdrew and tried again, but that lunge was equally weak.
He tried a lunge but it was weak and obvious, Karlov deflected it.
Place your hands on the wall and lunge forwards to bend your knee.
The other one hopped around them, and made a lunge towards Redbolt.
He watched her body lunge forward and grab her opponent’s throat.
Say, I didn’t think I would come so damned close on that last lunge.
Then he advanced on Bryony, raising the scythe as though to lunge at her.
When the guards released her and backed up, she made no lunge to her feet.
But just as I’m about to lunge across the room, Marshall stops thrashing.
She expected McAdams to take his sword and lunge at her, but he didn’t move.
Willa went to lunge forward, but I held up my hand, telling her to stay back.
Mr O'Madden Burke, following close, said with an ally's lunge of his umbrella:.
I lunge toward her, pinning her shoulder to the wall, and lean closer to her face.
The impulse from his brain told him to lunge for Peter, but his body did nothing.
Mercer was nimble enough to miss the first lunge, but he was caught by the second.
Every moment she thought the beast was going to lunge at her again, but it did not.
Choking on his hatred, he made a lunge for Parker but was restrained by the guards.
He spun around, stood up and started to lunge at her, but a crippling pain held him back.
Her shot had been a haphazard lunge from the driver’s side window, but his body turned.
With one last lunge, she managed to cover the last few metres and drag Hogg onto the beach.
Flint started to lunge up out of the bed, even as Lisa rolled to sit on her side of the bed.
Instruct the patient to place their hands on the wall and lunge forwards to flex their knee.
In a way lunging.
Danny was lunging at me.
Lunging desperately, he.
Lunging out, Cloud thrust.
There was no more lunging about now.
This is why lunging works to establish.
Hey! yelled Frank, lunging toward Brian.
Even though Doc had the car lunging forward at its top.
If he seems excited try lunging him for a while, then load again.
Suddenly Brutus was at her side again, lunging to meet the red dog.
Showing their teeth, they lowered their heads lunging, trying to bite me.
I grit my teeth and consider lunging across the table and strangling her.
Lunging to my feet, I strained to reach what I could smell was a source of blood.
The lumberjack fought the lunging creature with all his might that he possessed.
This time, Geoff was on his toes, lunging and jumping to return Sabrina’s volleys.
Instinct took over and Andrew pushed off from the wall, lunging toward the tiny hand.
He was instantly on his feet and then with several lunging strides he was out of view.
Then you'll agree with its assessment? ever lunging, #1 nearly kneeled in her lap.
From goodness knows where, he had produced a knife, lunging and slashing at her clothes.
With a huge lunging shove, the craft practically flew from shore toward where the barges.
He spun around to see a large crowd of human vampires lunging forward to grab hold of him.
Then, steadying himself by Kipley’s shoulder, he hurried in that lunging, uneven way to the shaft.
He was standing alone among the high reeds of a marshy fen, and a buffalo was lunging at him, head down.
She growled in annoyance as an unknown vampire came from the garden behind, stake in hand lunging for Sam.
So fast that he realized he was already in the air, lunging for Peter, before he had even finished his thought.
He stood quickly, saying something unintelligible in a loud voice and lunging toward the man with the moving pelvis.
The Snaggle had seized his opportunity, lunging from the darkness; he managed to clamp his jaws firmly around the guard's arm.
Sometimes a different, more severe bit is all that is needed, but more outside time and lunging is a good solution when possible.
I looked at the curb a few feet behind him, had a nasty thought, and followed through on it by lunging at Knotcher with the tire iron.
Titus sidestepped the lunging claws and sliced the beast’s wrist as he passed, he would take this thing apart one piece at a time if he had to.
They had bulging, bloodshot eyes, faces screwed up with pain and fury, lashing out at anyone near enough to strike, lunging and biting, punching and pummeling.
They had a way of scrapping and lunging from the shadows like cornered beasts and even the most seasoned warriors could be caught unaware amid their carelessness.
As I left the room, Smith-Barry was lunging for me, and I noticed another nervous-looking young fellow awaiting his turn at the hot-seat in their secret little committee room.
Noiselessly Conan coiled his long legs under him; his naked sword was in his right hand, and when he struck it was as suddenly and murderously as a tiger lunging out of the dark.
Lunging fencing style under the raised katana of one of the samurai, she jabbed him under the jaw, making her blade penetrate all the way to the brain and killing the man instantly.
He was kneeling there, perched over the edge of the raft, when one of the sharks that he had touched leapt from the water at terrific speed, mouth wide open, lunging straight at his head.
Market creates opportunities for value investors by overreacting to information or otherwise lunging to an extreme, most participants are part of that herd, not the few standing to the side.
At the exact moment the lion’s spirit body lunges at the shaman, the shaman commands his own spirit body to enter the body of the hunter and the lion’s lunging spirit body blindly follows it.
There was even a table where the sides changed and men undressed and performed for women to rope them, again fending off the ropes of those they did not desire, lunging into the ropes of those they did.
We had a terrible time and ended up using the lunging method, this took 2 hours but he loaded onto the trailer! The man had to call ahead and reschedule some pick-ups that were next, but we got the job done.
He just lunged at me.
Then he lunged at her.
They both lunged for it.
Then he lunged in return.
Will lunged his final lunge.
I lunged for the front door.
She lunged into a full run.
It lunged at several of us.
The two men lunged forward.
Hunter lunged to tackle him.
As the man lunged into the.
She lunged forward and bit.
It lunged at them as it grew.
Claire lunged toward her desk.
That was it! I lunged for her.
Khan frowned and lunged again.
If this guy would have lunged.
They obeyed and lunged at Elowen.
She lunged at me with her talons.
I lunged for him and he parried.
The creep lunged at me from behind.
Zahra almost lunged to embrace me.
Ulfur growled and lunged at the boy.
He lunged that way and swung his ax.
She lunged and got a foot in the door.
The last of the bats lunged at Rodnik.
It moved back some then lunged again.
As his vision cleared Iratus lunged.
At this the Dog lunged at me once more.
Whatever the reason, he lunged at Zoe.
He lunged, swinging a two-handed blow.
Virgil whipped out his knife and lunged.
Stenarch lunged and bashed her in the.
Hollowcrest lunged at her with a knife.
Gelahn cursed and lunged after the cane.
The Redeemers lunged at Hickathrift but.
His festering eyes narrowed as he lunged.
Then the first shark lunged for him again.
Her mouth opened and it lunged for his arm.
The beast lunged at her, and she was ready.
He lunges towards the cane.
Caleb lunges forward and grabs my gun.
He lunges towards it, but it is too late.
Start a battle, the young Oliver hurried lunges but this bold.
You took everything! Everything! She lunges at him as he.
The man lunges to one side, turning his fall into a practiced roll.
I could get nothing from him but curses and furious lunges at my head.
Frenchy lets go of a wooden crate before he lunges towards Cass’ open hand.
Before I can react, she lunges across the table and touches her own forehead.
He pulls his right hand from behind his thigh and lunges at me with the knife.
Noah lunges up at the midsection like a bucking bronco to topple the man off him.
Ralph lunges after, shouting and waving his knife, determined to distract the wolf.
He lunges at the wall just as the nearest mountain dog rips into his already injured leg.
He lunges forward and catches the chair to break his fall, but fall, and fall hard, he does.
Instead he lunges toward Steng, swinging his fists and trying to pull the hose from his grip.
He lunges for me and I roll away, then jump onto his back and wrap my arms around his thick neck.
If you get to do it perfectly then try ahead lunges while standing, elevating, waling and rearing.
He lunges at me with the shiv just as the bathroom door opens, and as I duck down, Louis steps out.
In desperation the young badger sat back on his haunches and began tugging at it with strong lunges.
While it appears that she is thinking about his proposal, he lunges and tries to take the gun by force.
Don’t do it! he shouts, and he lunges forward, toward whatever phantom the serum is showing him.
Lunges - this is an exercise with which all the muscles of the legs and the buttock would be put to motion.
He draws a knife, lunges for me, and then Colin is raising his arm, shoving himself between me and the man.
Fearless Cass lunges forward ready to take him apart, but Unks knows there’s more to this guy than meets the eye.
Some call the carving the Spirit Mouth’s Tongue, because of where it was placed and the way it lunges forward.
The Bretons’ smaller statures were life-saving as they fled down the long hallway, avoiding lunges and swipes of blades.
He is unable to run away as the woman lunges forward, pulls a hook from her coat pocket, and cuts his mouth open from ear to ear.
The woman's partner lunges towards the struggle, but he is overwhelmed by dozens of dark apparitions, which materialise from nowhere.
The water boils and churns as the predator lunges, and a few seconds later, all that remains of Nemo is a few scales and a bit of fin.
He twists again, brings the knife up but the animal’s fierce and frantic lunges slam his arm away and the weapon falls with a thud to the earth.
Looking up into his blank eyes, He couldn't hear them, but for her the tones grow louder again "Stop them," she screeched at the top of her lunges.
I fall to the floor—as if in slow motion—with a thud, and though Anthony lunges toward me, trying to break my fall, he doesn't reach me in time.
Ignoring the pain in his leg and bottling his swift anger into swifter action, Ralph shoves Jemelda to one side and lunges for the blacksmith’s knife.
But just as I am about to offer him some food and consumer goods for safe passage, the bum pulls out a dagger from the folds of his rags and lunges at me.
The top is shaved off and a television relay station lunges at the sky and feeds a nervous picture to thousands of tiny houses clustered like aphids beside the roads.
Progressing through his teenage years he committed all of the usual fumbling faux pas and awkward lunges that boys the world over are obliged to do before they become men.
At the exact moment the lion’s spirit body lunges at the shaman, the shaman commands his own spirit body to enter the body of the hunter and the lion’s lunging spirit body blindly follows it.
There's a split second before it happens when he catches the impish sparkle in her eyes, and he has enough time to think oh shit, before she lunges, throwing her weight at him and tackling him to the ground.
Simon's head moves back from the force of the slap as his eyes open wide, seeing Dippa in front of him he lunges forward not realising he is tied to the chair and falls forward and hits the floor with his face; hard!.
Thus I lay gasping, panting under him, till his broken breathings, faultering accents, eyes twinkling with humid fires, lunges more furious, and an increased stiffness, gave me to hail the approaches of the second period: it came.

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