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    1. As he made the sudden lunge forward, they dropped their own staffs, grasped the ends of his just as suddenly and with the strength necessary to heft a two hundred pound timber, they pulled him forward adding his own momentum to theirs

    2. Titania instantly dropped to a crouch and wasn't there when the force of his lunge sprang at her

    3. " Grandpa poured a glass of beer for Fizzicist, then he bent down and picked up the bung from the barrel, throwing it high into the air and catching it with one quick lunge of his hand

    4. She planted one foot in the snow, bracing for the cat to lunge

    5. Relying once more upon her size and swift-ness of foot, Penelope dodged the first lunge of the metal warden

    6. Mercer was nimble enough to miss the first lunge, but he was caught by the second

    7. But it slowed its trek, to the point that the Breton seemed quite able to scoop it up into her arms with a well-timed lunge

    8. It was a lunge, just as if he were a free-jumper with a parachute, for the second or so he could be seen

    9. ' Doc roared as he made a lunge to save it

    10. With a lunge she slashed the serrated edge across her wrist

    11. He jerked himself up and made a lunge to grab hold of her again

    12. He watched her body lunge forward and grab her opponent’s throat

    13. When the guards released her and backed up, she made no lunge to her feet

    14. To immerse herself in the meditation, to forward step, the lunge to the right, the pivot -

    15. The beast had fallen from its lunge, hitting the ground heavily

    16. His equally hard glare at the Patriarch with eyes like fiery pinpricks of unyielding light, indicated that he was expending huge amounts of patience and self-restrain in order for him not to lunge at the Patriarch right then and there

    17. His body tensed and tried to lunge at him, but his brother threw his hands at him and constrained him, shouting in his strange mother tongue, like when they had first met on the Path

    18. I expect her to lunge at me, or hit me, but she just turns on her heel and stalks out of the dormitory, and that is worse

    19. I lunge toward her, pinning her shoulder to the wall, and lean closer to her face

    20. Her shot had been a haphazard lunge from the driver’s side window, but his body turned

    21. With a quick spin and a lunge of pure, raw fear, he dislodged

    22. “Say, I didn’t think I would come so damned close on that last lunge

    23. He had watched the collisions of the two mechanical giants from the place where he had fallen, but now he raised himself against the wind and leaped at the cab of the plough as it pushed forward for another lunge at the drift

    24. lunge, and Starret was nearly on top of him, when the

    25. His leash was still wound around his dead handler's wrist so that the dog flipped upside down from the momentum of his lunge

    26. Scrambling to his feet, he dug his paws in to lunge again at Tui

    27. He scrabbled from side to side, like a sled dog in harness, towing his master's inert body by its outstretched arm that pointed at the dog with each sideways lunge

    28. It falls to the earth and both men lunge to grasp it

    29. But he missed and, unable to stop his lunge, ended up sticking his spear into the other guard's shield

    30. “Go, go, go!” Moshe yelled as he caused his horse to lunge at them, scattering them from their

    31. But with each lunge, he grew weaker

    32. By the fourth lunge, he was down on his knees and sobbing more dry, hot tears which only brought further pain

    33. Choking on his hatred, he made a lunge for Parker but was restrained by the guards

    34. With that Titus propelled himself forward beneath the nearest assailant’s guard, sending his first blade through the man’s unprotected armpit while his second blade simultaneously deflected another warrior’s lunge

    35. The tip of the stoker was heavy and kept dipping towards the floor with each lunge and he soon threw the stoker back into the fireplace in a tantrum after several failed attempts

    36. The first ranks fell upon Barrad like a wave that would have drowned any normal person, but his movements were practically superhuman – side step, riposte, parry, lunge – two men fell dead

    37. He sliced the tip from the spear whilst decapitating another swordsman who had overextended his lunge

    38. He gutted the first guard that had rushed off to the alarm with such haste that he had forgotten to don his armour, while at the same time he deflected a well-aimed lunge, sending a vicious riposte across the second guard’s throat

    39. Then he advanced on Bryony, raising the scythe as though to lunge at her

    40. Medusa was about to lunge at him when I yelled, “Hey!”

    41. Tristan saw the figure lunge toward where Resa sat atop the horse, and he acted, leaping to the ground and tackling the figure, sending them both sprawling to the ground with the sound of ripping fabric

    42. With a sudden lunge Conan bore him backward until the small of his back crashed against the table

    43. Willa went to lunge forward, but I held up my hand, telling her to stay back

    44. This lunge has brought her back to reality

    45. The impulse from his brain told him to lunge for Peter, but his body did nothing

    46. The other one hopped around them, and made a lunge towards Redbolt

    47. I nearly tripped in my lunge for the door

    48. Her strength doubled by her fury and despair, she skewered the hyena biting Kem with a mighty downward lunge, making it howl with pain

    49. Suffocating and on the verge of panic, she made a final lunge, screaming with the effort, through the suffocating regulator

    50. Manuel raised his arm, barring Rafael’s sudden lunge at Max

    1. It lunged at them as it grew

    2. It lunged at several of us

    3. ' I lunged for the ice bucket

    4. 'Sure mate, I'll come on over,' Fred said and lunged over to sit next to Ish

    5. "You're the Brazilian spy!" he shouted and lunged from behind his desk to grab her

    6. The girl lunged toward the bull and certain death and the bull lowered his head

    7. student lunged for the cap but was held back by the one who had his arm

    8. The Rot and the Bull lunged hard toward the two injured men on the

    9. John lunged at her with closed eyes and managed to grab hold of her

    10. An agent lunged for Roman, only to have his scrotum smashed by

    11. Alan lunged upward with the heels of both hands against the cover of the tank

    12. Axel lunged forward with his spear but it was too late

    13. Quicker than a flickering glint of sunlight on a polished blade, the animal lunged forward

    14. "Demilan, don’t take this the wrong way, but I need to know what's he talking ab—" her words were cut short, thanks to Odis's friend, who used the short window of time, whern Maileena turned her back on him, and lunged at her from the couch, attempting to grab her revolver

    15. Stenarch lunged and bashed her in the

    16. So Homer lunged with

    17. The beast lunged at her, and she was ready

    18. Ria could see a small fire-extinguisher strapped just within the hatch so she lunged forward and pulled the release clip

    19. Khan frowned and lunged again

    20. He rolled over, springing to his feet and lunged at Alex

    21. Carmen lunged at Josh, grabbing his arm and jerking on it

    22. Hollowcrest lunged at her with a knife

    23. Seeing his chance to dispose of one of the men, the creature lunged a claw at Saldon’s head and Manna leapt before it, slicing deep into the creature’s wrist

    24. Books lunged forward and startled Amaranthe by grabbing her arm

    25. Maldynado feinted and lunged only to find Sicarius’s blade pressed against his chest, his own uselessly wide

    26. With luck, he would expect a standing target when he lunged around the corner

    27. Her opponent lunged again, slashing at her face

    28. He lunged and attacked, not with an efficient fencer’s stab but like a logger hacking at a tree

    29. Amaranthe lunged through the snow, came up behind them, and clapped her palms over the man’s ears with all her strength

    30. Akstyr lunged to his feet and kicked the thug in the stomach

    31. He reached out towards the rake again, but the cat lunged at his hand, ripping four deep lines across his knuckles

    32. The car jerked to the side, yanking the wheel out of her hands as it lunged across the center stripe

    33. I lunged flat against the passenger seat and hit the gas

    34. Lyra couldn’t make out what they were saying to each other, but sat up straighter when they both unexpectedly lunged at Conal, pulling him away from the controls

    35. Lee suddenly seemed to realise that Betts had disappeared and lunged to the side of the boat, screaming out her name

    36. Mama Adele lunged at me with the table knife, aiming for a good clear cut of my throat

    37. Amonas reacted instinctively with cat-like speed and lunged forward making a single step and bending his body slightly towards the ground in a kneeling motion that brought his center of mass lower; he stretched out both of his hands, one reaching for Hilderich’s free arm and one for the shirt about his waist

    38. He lunged forward head over heels, his hands gnawing at the air for an instant as if trying to catch some invisible ropes, and then they fell limp together with the rest of his body

    39. He lunged into another ditch, hit bottom, and the rearview mirror wrenched free to join a hundred other objects flying from one side of the car to the other

    40. Without any warning, the fisherman lunged at Thomas

    41. The two men lunged forward

    42. Hunter lunged and yanked the gun out of his hands

    43. Then he lunged at her

    44. Ash began to press the gas pedal like a mad man but it took a while before the car actually lunged forward at a minimum speed

    45. of his bullets, and lunged forward with his lance

    46. Suddenly Sven lunged to the side and fired his shotgun into the chest of his

    47. Then, like a lioness springing at its prey, she lunged up at Angie and grabbed her around the head

    48. the air, he lunged at its neck, dragging his blade across its throat

    49. I lunged out to stop her, but Mana never got the opportunity to open the lock

    50. He drew his own sword with one swift motion and lunged forward, straight at Libuse

    1. Start a battle, the young Oliver hurried lunges but this bold

    2. Progressing through his teenage years he committed all of the usual fumbling faux pas and awkward lunges that boys the world over are obliged to do before they become men

    3. of the usual fumbling faux pas and awkward lunges that boys the

    4. Looking up into his blank eyes, He couldn't hear them, but for her the tones grow louder again "Stop them," she screeched at the top of her lunges

    5. The Bretons’ smaller statures were life-saving as they fled down the long hallway, avoiding lunges and swipes of blades

    6. In desperation the young badger sat back on his haunches and began tugging at it with strong lunges

    7. Caleb lunges forward and grabs my gun

    8. “Don’t do it!” he shouts, and he lunges forward, toward whatever phantom the serum is showing him

    9. But just as I am about to offer him some food and consumer goods for safe passage, the bum pulls out a dagger from the folds of his rags and lunges at me

    10. The woman's partner lunges towards the struggle, but he is overwhelmed by dozens of dark apparitions, which materialise from nowhere

    11. He lunges at the wall just as the nearest mountain dog rips into his already injured leg

    12. He lunges towards the cane

    13. He lunges towards it, but it is too late

    14. Ralph lunges after, shouting and waving his knife, determined to distract the wolf

    15. He twists again, brings the knife up but the animal’s fierce and frantic lunges slam his arm away and the weapon falls with a thud to the earth

    16. Ignoring the pain in his leg and bottling his swift anger into swifter action, Ralph shoves Jemelda to one side and lunges for the blacksmith’s knife

    17. Instead he lunges toward Steng, swinging his fists and trying to pull the hose from his grip

    18. He draws a knife, lunges for me, and then Colin is raising his arm, shoving himself between me and the man

    19. He lunges for me and I roll away, then jump onto his back and wrap my arms around his thick neck

    20. ” With that eloquent statement, he lunges at me, and I sigh

    21. Simon's head moves back from the force of the slap as his eyes open wide, seeing Dippa in front of him he lunges forward not realising he is tied to the chair and falls forward and hits the floor with his face; hard!

    22. While it appears that she is thinking about his proposal, he lunges and tries to take the gun by force

    23. “You took everything! Everything!” She lunges at him as he

    24. The first officer turns around and looks towards the bushes as Diane D suddenly leaps from behind the bushes and angrily lunges at him! The other officers quickly grab Diane D and hold onto her! One of the officers holding Diane D, a male black around his late 30's, looks at Diane D and says, “Diane D?!” Diane D looks at the officer as he says to her, “You're in trouble again?!”

    25. Some call the carving the “Spirit Mouth’s Tongue,” because of where it was placed and the way it lunges forward

    26. At the exact moment the lion’s spirit body lunges at the shaman, the shaman commands his own spirit body to enter the body of the hunter and the lion’s lunging spirit body blindly follows it

    27. Fearless Cass lunges forward ready to take him apart, but Unks knows there’s more to this guy than meets the eye

    28. Frenchy lets go of a wooden crate before he lunges towards Cass’ open hand

    29. I fall to the floor—as if in slow motion—with a thud, and though Anthony lunges toward me, trying to break my fall, he doesn't reach me in time

    30. There's a split second before it happens when he catches the impish sparkle in her eyes, and he has enough time to think oh shit, before she lunges, throwing her weight at him and tackling him to the ground

    31. lunges, he only upset his own balance which was overcome

    32. He is unable to run away as the woman lunges forward, pulls a hook from her coat pocket, and cuts his mouth open from ear to ear

    33. Before I can react, she lunges across the table and touches her own forehead

    34. quick fluid lunges that covered several feet with each successive movement

    35. Lunges - this is an exercise with which all the muscles of the legs and the buttock would be put to motion

    36. If you get to do it perfectly then try ahead lunges while standing, elevating, waling and rearing

    37. lunges more furious, and an increased stiffness, gave me to hail the

    38. Noah lunges up at the midsection like a bucking bronco to topple the man off him

    39. He lunges forward and catches the chair to break his fall, but fall, and fall hard, he does

    40. Thus I lay gasping, panting under him, till his broken breathings, faultering accents, eyes twinkling with humid fires, lunges more furious, and an increased stiffness, gave me to hail the approaches of the second period: it came

    41. The man lunges to one side, turning his fall into a practiced roll

    42. He lunges at me with the shiv just as the bathroom door opens, and as I duck down, Louis steps out

    43. He pulls his right hand from behind his thigh and lunges at me with the knife

    44. The water boils and churns as the predator lunges, and a few seconds later, all that remains of Nemo is a few scales and a bit of fin

    45. The top is shaved off and a television relay station lunges at the sky and feeds a nervous picture to thousands of tiny houses clustered like aphids beside the roads

    46. I could get nothing from him but curses and furious lunges at my head

    1. From goodness knows where, he had produced a knife, lunging and slashing at her clothes

    2. There was even a table where the sides changed and men undressed and performed for women to rope them, again fending off the ropes of those they did not desire, lunging into the ropes of those they did

    3. They had a way of scrapping and lunging from the shadows like cornered beasts and even the most seasoned warriors could be caught unaware amid their carelessness

    4. lunging at the screen with his umbrella

    5. Suddenly Brutus was at her side again, lunging to meet the red dog

    6. This time, Geoff was on his toes, lunging and jumping to return Sabrina’s volleys

    7. As I left the room, Smith-Barry was lunging for me, and I noticed another nervous-looking young fellow awaiting his turn at the hot-seat in their secret little committee room

    8. The Snaggle had seized his opportunity, lunging from the darkness; he managed to clamp his jaws firmly around the guard's arm

    9. I grit my teeth and consider lunging across the table and strangling her

    10. behind him, lunging and slashing with claws and fangs

    11. Lunging out, Cloud thrust

    12. Even though Doc had the car lunging forward at its top

    13. waterfall with water the color of neon blue Apatite lunging over a

    14. With a huge lunging shove, the craft practically flew from shore toward where the barges

    15. Titus sidestepped the lunging claws and sliced the beast’s wrist as he passed, he would take this thing apart one piece at a time if he had to

    16. It is pointless to intone, “Thou shalt not kill”, and then to be prepared to endorse the death penalty, fight in wars, shoot an intruder who was lunging at you with an axe, vote for euthanasia, or condone abortion!!

    17. The reptilian skull of the magician chanted the same guttural tone over and over, driving its weak-kneed body step by step across the floor, lunging blindly after the children, spewing its fiery lifeblood in all directions

    18. He stood quickly, saying something unintelligible in a loud voice and lunging toward the man with the moving pelvis

    19. The lumberjack fought the lunging creature with all his might that he possessed

    20. Noiselessly Conan coiled his long legs under him; his naked sword was in his right hand, and when he struck it was as suddenly and murderously as a tiger lunging out of the dark

    21. He was standing alone among the high reeds of a marshy fen, and a buffalo was lunging at him, head down

    22. Lunging to my feet, I strained to reach what I could smell was a source of blood

    23. He spun around to see a large crowd of human vampires lunging forward to grab hold of him

    24. So fast that he realized he was already in the air, lunging for Peter, before he had even finished his thought

    25. instincts told me that he contemplated lunging at me

    26. eton came lunging out, grabbing me by the throat, screaming for the

    27. � A big British guardsman tthen jumped in front of Nancy with a savage scream, interposing himself between her and the German and firing his ultimate bullets before lunging with his bayonet

    28. They had bulging, bloodshot eyes, faces screwed up with pain and fury, lashing out at anyone near enough to strike, lunging and biting, punching and pummeling

    29. Lunging fencing style under the raised katana of one of the samurai, she jabbed him under the jaw, making her blade penetrate all the way to the brain and killing the man instantly

    30. At the exact moment the lion’s spirit body lunges at the shaman, the shaman commands his own spirit body to enter the body of the hunter and the lion’s lunging spirit body blindly follows it

    31. “Then you'll agree with its assessment?” ever lunging, #1 nearly kneeled in her lap

    32. Showing their teeth, they lowered their heads lunging, trying to bite me

    33. She growled in annoyance as an unknown vampire came from the garden behind, stake in hand lunging for Sam

    34. the traditional lunging triangle

    35. Danny was lunging at me

    36. surely lunging into hers

    37. Lunging desperately, he

    38. While I nodded, nearly lunging,

    39. “Hey!” yelled Frank, lunging toward Brian

    40. Sometimes a different, more severe bit is all that is needed, but more outside time and lunging is a good solution when possible

    41. To hopefully fix the problem, give them a good lunging, get their teeth checked, check your bridle for fit on your horse, try a Hackamore (which is a bit less bridle)if you suspect sore mouth, try a running martingale while riding

    42. If he seems excited try lunging him for a while, then load again

    43. We had a terrible time and ended up using the lunging method, this took 2 hours but he loaded onto the trailer! The man had to call ahead and reschedule some pick-ups that were next, but we got the job done

    44. He was instantly on his feet and then with several lunging strides he was out of view

    45. In a way lunging

    46. This is why lunging works to establish

    47. Instinct took over and Andrew pushed off from the wall, lunging toward the tiny hand

    48. He was kneeling there, perched over the edge of the raft, when one of the sharks that he had touched leapt from the water at terrific speed, mouth wide open, lunging straight at his head

    49. I looked at the curb a few feet behind him, had a nasty thought, and followed through on it by lunging at Knotcher with the tire iron

    50. Market creates opportunities for value investors by overreacting to information or otherwise lunging to an extreme, most participants are part of that herd, not the few standing to the side

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