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    1. “Did you see that film last night featuring the woman who was married to that chap? You know, the one who used to go out with the woman

    2. Now, trust me, when you’re married or in a relationship or anything you are committed to, you are going to have challenges that change your mood

    3. I’m unhappily married to a freeloading spider who just squats around the web doing nothing but waste his precious energy and cost me precious sleep

    4. ‘After about a year, they got married and set up home in his house … directly across the road from my home

    5. she’d been involved in a long term relationship up in Bristol … it fell apart … she was considerably upset, partly because of that and partly because her sister had just got married … she was at the age when she could feel the clock ticking

    6. ‘Well, they got married and moved into Dan’s house …’

    7. It was only more recently that she’d starting nagging him about getting married and meeting her parents

    8. ‘Why should I be judgemental? What right had I to judge? I had been married and had a family

    9. Your parents have abandoned you since you married

    10. I frequently have coffee with Doreen who is married to Henry – you know the chap who manages their props and scenery

    11. when they first got married and moved into that house of his, for instance

    12. ‘Yes, she’s got a daughter, but she’s married with a small child and lives on the other side of Bridgwater

    13. Pity her job took her away, though I think that she might have been willing to tell them where they could put their job if Stephen had suggested that they get married

    14. devastated … not only because she’d messed him about, but because he threw us out of the window because of her … y’see, I reckon he was hoping that we’d be reconciled … we were friends, him an’ me, best friends … he once said that any woman he married would have to accept that I came with the package, I reckon he thought that as Joanna was a friend of mine anyway, it would make the whole thing easier

    15. They moved there just before they got married some years ago

    16. After all, she and Dan have only been married a short time and it was pretty common knowledge that they were trying for a baby

    17. “We should get married more often”, quipped Dan as he nodded his agreement

    18. live and love and stay married

    19. time when we I was married to her

    20. So, was I happily married by then? The answer is no

    21. He trained, married Mum and got a job in London

    22. Uncle Bob married about the same time as Mum and Dad, but after a half-hearted attempt at farming here in England, he gave up and they emigrated to Australia

    23. His sister never married – her fiancé was killed in the war, I believe – and she spent her life looking after their parents

    24. Stephen could have children if he got a move on and married a younger woman … but unless he does, Molly’s not going to have any grandchildren

    25. ‘You should have stopped me … then I wouldn’t have married her

    26. Her sister runs a hotel down in Minehead … she’s married to a mad potter

    27. By the way, Sophie is married to a structural engineer called Peter

    28. three daughters, grown up and married when the fevers came and took his wife

    29. It was inappropriate, against the rules and worst of all, the idiot was married

    30. Why do they open the shop, then? Later, I spent some time with Alice and our cousin Niki but I couldn't avoid the usual boredom: These two are married with children, respectable persons in society; they don't even bother to conceal their contempt for me

    31. He is married to Kay (Montgomery) and they have

    32. The gossip says his name has been connected with several of the local ladies at various times over the years, though he’s never married

    33. He is married to Clydeen

    34. I occasionally meet Mandy (aunt Hermione's extremely boring niece: the only thing she does is answer ''yes'' or ''no'' to my questions), Lena (an incredibly dull, married hen: I visit her once a week, and as soon as I get there she starts helping her sons with their homework; she won't stop until I leave) or Persephone (rather depressed, yet she is the only one with whom I have something to discuss)

    35. I don’t believe what I am hearing … Andy, married?

    36. which should have told me that Andy was spoken for … if not married

    37. I flirt him openly during the aerobics session, just like all women in class do; especially the married ones surround him ostentatiously during the lesson, preventing any single woman from approach him! Themis smiles and dallies with all women, giving them hope for something more

    38. The result? Naught! All men seem to be enchanted by Mandy, especially Themis! As about me, at a moment someone speaks up and says he remembers me from elementary school - so, my age is revealed before everybody! Later on, Themis suggests our going on an excursion on May Day and all the married hens (who, as usual, have formed a ring around him) hasten to enter themselves for it

    39. "I barely got to know any woman I ever married," he finally admitted

    40. Married women should be informed by their husbands

    41. Pretty soon all the married women in our aerobics class will be his regular clients and one of them -a swarthy forty-year-old widow with two children will go steady with him

    42. Some may not yet have married and others would be widows

    43. How did all this happen? You’re not the sort to go merrily jumping into bed with married men

    44. Actually, he should admit it, he was closer to her than either Brazilian woman he had married, closer by far than his affairs had been

    45. in my parent’s version of my success, I’m married with kids,

    46. He had three daughters, grown up and married when the fevers came and took his wife

    47. ‘The idea that his daughter is getting married

    48. “When I was married I thought I could go to my husband, he would help me for sure

    49. You've been married twenty-five years without listening to one another

    50. Apparently, almost as soon as they were married she gave up the theatre and went to live with him in Greece

    1. Pertaining to a woman who marries above her so-called station

    2. single mother who marries and remains married for five years

    3. I tell you if your pa turns round and marries Emmeline Drew you'll wish you'd behaved yourselves better and not frightened Rosemary out of it

    4. young man marries a virgin, so shall your sons marry you, and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice

    5. If a guy says that he loves you then if he really does love you then he will wait to have sex with you until after he marries you (“waiting” is a clear example of behavior – good behavior)

    6. I hope she marries well

    7. When a man marries he is said to “set up his house” a spiritual concept that goes back to

    8. Paula—daughter of Ignace, brother of Khan Henry of The Clouds, marries Khan John II of Anahuac (b

    9. Woey—widow Cimnashote marries when he returns to Itsati after the Re Che Campaign

    10. Finally, there are those who do not want to leave Suzhou because, according to another surprising legend, “he who marries a girl from Suzhou will live a long a happy life”

    11. 32 but I tell you that whoever puts away his wife except for the cause of sexual immorality makes her an adulteress; and whoever marries her when she is put away commits adultery

    12. 9 I tell you that whoever divorces his wife except for sexual immorality and marries another commits adultery; and he who marries her when she is divorced commits adultery

    13. 11 He said to them "Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her

    14. 19:8-9 Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives; but from the beginning it was not so; and I say to you Whoever shall put away his wife unless it be for fornication and shall marry another commits adultery and also whoever marries her whom is put away commits adultery

    15. Whoever puts away his wife and marries another commits adultery and whoever marries her who is put away from her husband commits adultery

    16. and marries his mother

    17. Once he arrives in Thebes, Oedipus gets his prize and marries his

    18. The man marries another woman, and he lives peacefully

    19. charm of the voice marries with the charm of the person

    20. In India the conditions are different, for every one marries as a matter of

    21. What would drive her to start caring whether Alice marries Jared

    22. Her life improves considerably when the farmer dies in an accident and she marries Rory Collett

    23. She is one person, but then when she marries, there are two, which could double with two children

    24. Frank marries Janice and they have two sons, Nathan and Scott

    25. When Albert marries Linda, the boys refer to her as Aunt Linda

    26. Greg marries Tina and they have a daughter, May

    27. When Greg abandons Tina, the latter and May move into an apartment and Tina meets and eventually marries Jeff, who soon adopts May

    28. And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery

    29. This approach marries the value and scal-ability of a product solution with the customization, ongoing support and India Office:

    30. So when a woman marries a man, you marry into the destiny of that man

    31. ‘Lucky is the guy who marries you,’ he said tentatively

    32. ” But I say that a man who divorces his wife, except for fornication, causes her to commit adultery if she marries again

    33. And he who marries her commits adultery

    34. The woman marries for money security to be sure she doesn’t need to earn it

    35. surprised and will look at the poor guy who marries me with wonder, amazement and

    36. ” The irrepressible Cassie hastened to interject, “Julie’s not officially a member of the family yet, but she soon will be, when her dad marries my aunt next week!”

    37. When the goddess offers him immortality if he marries her, just as Circe did before, he politely refuses, because he already knows how to create immortality through his own efforts

    38. The judge who marries them is the same judge who took care of Nancy's parents legal matters when they came to Springfield

    39. "Why should I have to be forgiven for wanting to marry a good man? Everybody marries good men

    40. Mary blurted, “What if he marries someone who already has a maid? I would be emptying pots for a lifetime

    41. marries well with cinnamon, nutmeg and orange

    42. The man who marries you is going to have one hell of a life

    43. They whisper that if a young girl eats from a plate that a Negro has once eaten from, even if it has been quite thoroughly washed, then that girl will grow up to have black babies no matter who she marries

    44. gets a swelling in the belly marries the doctor while carrying my

    45. her commit adultery; and whoever marries a divorced woman

    46. Why and how a person marries

    47. but some small part of me hopes that Wilf defies convention and marries Rebecca, and I am almost

    48. marries one man, with a heart and imagination devoted to another? Is she not an

    49. The imitative art is an inferior who marries an inferior, and has inferior offspring

    50. The third brother that always marries the sleeping beauty and wins the best prize

    1. “Honestly Aldous, that horrid man is SO AGGRAVATING! I HAVE to marry him!” Sam allowed himself an uncertain smile at the shrieks of laughter from Kira and Aldous as they cheerfully returned to work

    2. She’ll probably go to college and marry a doctor but never actually pursue a real profession of her own, especially after she has his first child

    3. It was his dream that he would marry and have children … and Dan is a man to make his dreams reality … I think he had some crackbrained idea that he could have the wife and family along with my friendship as well … I daresay he thought I would come to terms with Joanna … after all, she was a friend of mine … it made some sort of sense

    4. Imagine the shock to the family when he announced his intention to marry a catholic hotel maid! This love dynamic in his life was the catalyst for his search for religious truth

    5. ‘But you wanted to marry her

    6. ‘But wouldn’t you want him to marry and have children?’

    7. written down who should marry who and in the end only that which should happen will

    8. "I think we should let him marry the native woman in a Christian ceremony and let them quietly carry on studies in some outlying area," Victoria said

    9. It was during this time that Daniel asked Kate to marry him

    10. Marry in haste, as the saying goes, and repent at leisure,

    11. SAMANTHA: Yes mother, I'm thinking about asking him to marry me

    12. ” Daniel began and turned to Kate and took her hand, “I have asked this woman to marry me, and she said that she would,” he announced to everyone

    13. So I decided the best way to do this is for the couple to marry themselves, in front of their dragons and friends

    14. You didn’t think he was going to marry you?

    15. Anyway, I haven’t said I will marry you yet

    16. It was a very difficult time for everyone and, pretty well as reaction, Sanna and I decided that we would marry

    17. A few weeks before they were due to marry, you were born prematurely and your poor mother was too weak to recover from the trauma of your birth

    18. He also made a solemn vow to his wife later that evening that, willing or not, Cyberia would marry the very first man, be he prince or pauper, that pressed the buzzer on the security gates that separated the family mansion from the mean streets that housed the capital’s hoi-polloi

    19. No one but the chairman sees her because it’s prophesied that one day she'll marry a common soldier

    20. One of the young man’s employees called him over to authorise a sale to a young lady and as soon as the young man saw her he knew that she was the one that he would marry

    21. Later that night in the Orgasmatron Nightclub, where the boys had gone for some shampoo and some dancing after another hard week at the tactical grindstone, Terry told his best friend, left-back and room-mate, 'Boozo' Van Honk, that he was going to marry Bling

    22. Living with Nigel had been so very non-normal in the last years, naturally, I believed all he told me – you trust the man you marry … that he could deliberately try to twist my mind is something I still do not understand, and probably never shall, but I have survived it and that is to be celebrated

    23. He often thought about singing another song and had, as a result, kept himself in tip top condition, but as the years passed he found himself thinking more and more about settling down, and so it was that he decided to marry

    24. Of course, he didn’t want to marry just anybody

    25. He was convinced that the simplest and best way to find his perfect partner in life would be to announce his desire to marry to the world by way of a celebrity photo-shoot

    26. I sigh, it all seems too complicated for words, maybe he would be better off if I just tell him I cannot marry him …

    27. As soon as he met me (so he says) he decided that I was the one for him though I was not at all sure I wanted to marry a vicar

    28. ‘Did she tell you that Peter virtually sat on her doorstep for a year trying to persuade her to marry him? He is a persistent so-and-so, that brother of mine

    29. I want to marry you

    30. Simon … he wants to marry me (darling daft man that he is!) and I want to be his wife … in fact I have said I will marry him … a statement of fact, incontrovertible and inarguable

    31. And yes, I live in terror of you realising just what a stupid thing it would be to marry me

    32. It would be nice to be married in the village church with Peter officiating … I wonder how Simon would feel about that … then there’s the question of whether Peter would be willing to marry me, a divorcee, in church

    33. day when he might marry her, but there was a problem

    34. however, is that he was only able to persuade her to marry him

    35. He felt it would be most appropriate to marry new

    36. marry the very first man, be he prince or pauper, that pressed the

    37. It took me several weeks to persuade her that I was serious when I said I wanted to marry her but in the end I prevailed

    38. she'll marry a common soldier

    39. 'Just because she didn't marry, it shouldn't weigh against her

    40. man saw her he knew that she was the one that he would marry

    41. and room-mate, 'Boozo' Van Honk, that he was going to marry

    42. I try to visualise a meeting between the two of them … Dave would have been polite and appropriately deferential, I think, I can almost see him asking Dad if he has permission to marry me … oh Sarah, you are a complete idiot at times!

    43. She’s truly happy that I’m pregnant, and that I’m going to marry her Dougy, but it’s nothing like the true love I feel here in this home

    44. fornication, causes her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is

    45. ‘He was to marry my

    46. At least he had managed to cover up how well he knew Ozzie … trust Ozzie to marry badly

    47. After her first marriage broke up, she’d confided in Emma that she’d been warned not to marry him

    48. Allcock found it more than difficult to leave behind her own favorite holiday traditions when she moved from Aberdeen to marry Samuel

    49. think I was going to marry her

    50. She told me she could not marry a man who did not possess himself; for if he were unable to do that, how could he possess anything? She had me there by simple reason, sheer reason

    1. Johnny’s mother ended up marrying a cousin of the then youthful

    2. ‘My overwhelming feeling is that I want to protect you … and marrying you would achieve that, but I don’t want to push you into something merely because you are vulnerable

    3. “Not the marrying kind”, they said

    4. The marrying kind, hearts entwined smile warmly

    5. ‘I am marrying you, not her

    6. ‘You’ve taken a lot on trust, marrying me, haven’t you?’

    7. The thought of marrying Simon rears its head again

    8. Looking back, it was quite amusing really, as we had a very public courtship with the entire congregation egging him on and trying to talk me into marrying the man

    9. There’s no reason why we cannot do the actually marrying bit fairly soon … my stomach fizzes with excitement at the thought

    10. … hi, Peter … question for you, where do you stand on marrying divorcees?’

    11. He looks thoughtful, ‘It’s a very strange feeling marrying your brother … all weddings are special but this was … oh, I can’t find the words to describe it

    12. Ozzie had listened sympathetically as she had related all this to him and, while she consoled herself with the food he’d ordered for her, suggested that perhaps she would consider marrying him and leaving all that behind

    13. that whoever ended up marrying her was nevertheless

    14. result of Vikki leaving the house and marrying a no-good thug

    15. The only thing that might have prevented her from marrying him was that he didn’t worship her God yet, though he had intimated that he would adopt the Hebrew law and religion and serve her God with her

    16. Deep within her heart of hearts, Helez was also convinced that her family would be very much against her marrying Zarko

    17. Whether they liked it or not, Helez was set on marrying this man – with or without their approval

    18. “Although we all feel strongly about marrying a fellow believer, it is evident that you, Zarko, have a strong desire to serve our God

    19. For example, have I ever complained that you are marrying a

    20. regretted the stupidity of marrying his first real girlfriend and

    21. If Adem turns out to be the Blue Water Dragon, marrying him would make you an even greater target than you are already

    22. Divorce, his mother then marrying an Indonesian Muslim

    23. Has there ever been anyone else you considered marrying?”

    24. Still, marrying Josh while another man was so capable of lighting her fire didn’t seem fair - especially when Josh couldn’t

    25. I was concerned about marrying a woman who was obviously still interested in another man

    26. Reese had cared for her from the start? It was his love for her that had caused him the indecision about marrying the woman behind the curtain? She had not had time to process any of this, to put thoughts to actions and to sort out what had happened

    27. There were claims that Koresh was abusing children, marrying himself illegally to underage brides as young as twelve

    28. This market phenomenon will assume special importance in the future for late marrying couples who will be raising families well into their forties or early to middle fifties

    29. It’s a better option than marrying and have a

    30. He was marrying Maria Angela Muñoz, a girl Truman could only picture as a tiny thing, far too young to be someone’s wife

    31. Her parents would eventually pressure her into marrying and she'd be trapped in an arranged union, with a spouse she wouldn’t love

    32. From what Quan had told me, there was an actual sit-down in reference to have him whacked for marrying an “azupep” (eggplant)

    33. The truth be known, she got the idea of marrying, but by the time she did, I was so much in love with her (“love of her,” she would have said) that I would have done anything for her

    34. In my fourth year, I said yes to marrying Ernest

    35. Before marrying Nic, I’d already bought some collectibles

    36. Shortly after marrying Nic, I tried to renew my passport but the Canadian embassy refused

    37. In the eyes of the official in the office, I’d committed some sort of crime by marrying, yet again, a South African

    38. “You said that about marrying me too

    39. The idea of her father marrying again had never presented itself to her before

    40. "Please, sir, I think you're burying us instead of marrying us," he said

    41. They were good, substantial, uninteresting women, one or two fairly comely, the others not exactly so and John Meredith would as soon have thought of marrying any one of them as of hanging himself

    42. He treated Darius’s family with chivalry, even marrying his daughter, yet he ruthlessly destroyed his opponents

    43. For ten years she and Rosemary lived in the old house happily, undisturbed by any thought of marrying or giving in marriage

    44. It was of no use for him to think of marrying any other

    45. I never dreamed of marrying and leaving you here alone

    46. He’d never considered marrying anyone except for Amelia but that would’ve been to piss Carl off

    47. “Captain, would you do us the honor of marrying us?” I asked

    48. “Did you hear the old bugger’s marrying that woman?” Myrna asked

    49. 7 So Esdras arose up, and said to them, you have transgressed the law in marrying strange

    50. I added that he had made quite a life’s work out of marrying his children strategically and so was quite serious about it

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