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Frasi con measly (in inglese)

That was no measly sum.
And all for the price of a measly pinky.
For a measly four bucks I could take it home.
Obviously, it was for more than a measly drink.
He’ll make that measly $15,000 back in no time.
The measly mouse crept along her paths with an insect.
All this deceit for a measly promotion? asked Rani.
I put the measly two-twenty in my pocket and left the room.
The Arctic Fox is 10 to 12 inches tall and weighs a measly.
All that stood between me and the pack was one measly knife.
What’s more though, this all occurred within a measly distance.
A measly pillows stuffed with peaseed, a chamber pot in the corner.
Michael looked over his shoulder at the measly amount of work he had done.
You dare threaten me, a god, with your measly weapons? Mars glowered.
Rad Quincy! Why, of all of the impertinent, measly men that I have ever known.
I was starving for one measly, crummy fact to prove what I was starting to believe.
The last measly chicken just died, he said, holding the dead fowl up by its legs.
If Ted had worked for Tom, they would have made much more than a measly hundred dollars.
A measly 3% survived this mass genocide of hundreds of tribal nations and ethnic cultures.
The dominant species, said Wilx, are a measly gathering of beasts known as Grollers.
I swear, kid, I’ll spread your measly brains all over the ground if you so much as move.
When you have a million dollars to play with, a measly ten percent gain becomes a $100,000 profit.
Besides when a player earns a million a month he’s not going to risk his career for a measly hundred grand.
If investors decided that they demanded even a measly 1% risk premium, the Dow would decline by about two-thirds.
So Zappos decided to pay a measly $2,000 up front and let the bad hires weed themselves out before they took root.
He was actually burning more calories than he was consuming with the ten measly food pellets they gave him everyday.
Being old and weak she had no choice but to give some of her last few coins to hire a mule to carry her measly few belongings.
I bet Rip that the plants and animals would be victorious over the heartless ambitions of his measly hoard of Investment Bankers.
Kitchenware consisted in a few wood, clay or stone cups and plates, with a measly collection of metallic pots and utensils to do the cooking.
Only after their 17-year stint was over was the Roman State required to pay them their few measly hectares of land and few measly draft animals.
It cost a measly amount to get in, which surprised me, considering most aquarium ads I’d ever seen showcased entry ticket prices of at least twenty dollars.
I still may not have believed this man would stoop to breaking into Carmine’s workshop for three measly grams of powder, even to send a message; it was beneath him.
How would the Grollers know you were there? Isn't it likely they never knew about a single event that ever occurred off their measly 3 acres of rocky conglomerations?
But Norah had rousted him at 6:30, with little more than a shower and one measly travel mug of coffee to prepare him to face the entire family—all of whom had wanted to string him up the day before.
This couldn’t be allowed to come to light, either, because the well had nothing to do with a mere civil dispute between two people divorcing and fighting over some measly child support and custody case.
A $10,000 investment on December 31, 1926, in the decile of stocks from the All Stocks universe with the worst six-month price performance was worth just $292,547 at the end of 2009, a measly compound return of 4.
Rip and Wilx were genuinely stumped as to who could still be pursuing the cause of incarcerating those responsible for destroying a measly ship load of Obotron Crew Members, barely above Investment Bankers on the list of creatures that are cared about.
The $10,000 invested in decile 10 from Value Factor One from the All Stocks universe—the 10 percent of stocks from All Stocks with the highest PEs, PSRs, and so on—grew to just $38,481 by the end of 2009, a measly average annual compound return of 2.
Do you think the rest of the two billion subjects would stand for that? Will these two billion subjects really just let their OWG Healthcare, their OWG Food, their electricity, their entertainment, their sex credits, their heat, their air conditioning, their education, would they really allow a measly fifty thousand subjects take it away from them? Of course not.
Finally; after Rome had been almost completely destroyed one time too many by the endless wars and hate of all the other Italian cities; for their selfish refusal to grant them citizenship: they finally caved-in; and granted a few of the Italian cities a measly qualified version of their own super-special citizenship; which was actually only a spurious token of fake exclusivity.

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