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Measly in a sentence

That was no measly sum.
worth a measly hand, isnt it?.
the same pace burns a measly 82 calories.
And all for the price of a measly pinky.
deeply cleansed to avoid measly infections,.
and all you brought with you was a measly $40.
For a measly four bucks I could take it home.

"A measly twenty-five shillings!" she exclaimed.
Obviously, it was for more than a measly drink.
He’ll make that measly $15,000 back in no time.
teaching shall have an ally other than one measly.
much trouble with this intricate process for a measly.
The measly mouse crept along her paths with an insect.
put me in with four measly seconds left on the clock,.
turned out to be a measly four or five? --No, it would.
fighting over some measly child support and custody case.
All this deceit for a measly promotion? asked Rani.
I put the measly two-twenty in my pocket and left the room.
The Arctic Fox is 10 to 12 inches tall and weighs a measly.
All that stood between me and the pack was one measly knife.
not some measly 70-90 years, but much longer, about 1,000 years.
down a huge winning hand, stealing the pot with a measly three-.
What’s more though, this all occurred within a measly distance.
A measly pillows stuffed with peaseed, a chamber pot in the corner.
than necessary: but the one or two measly degrees in steepness will.
man has no need for a measly pond when there is the infinite ocean all.
full house or even ending up with a measly three-, or just a four-of-a-.
Michael looked over his shoulder at the measly amount of work he had done.
cocktails every half hour, it was a great place to play a measly two-to-.
You dare threaten me, a god, with your measly weapons? Mars glowered.
Rad Quincy! Why, of all of the impertinent, measly men that I have ever known.

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Synonyms for measly

measly miserable paltry