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Frasi con paltry (in inglese)

  1. How paltry all this is!.
  2. The Sharpe ratio was a paltry.
  4. Average yields sat at a paltry 0.
  5. Jay's wife made a paltry $100,000.

  6. A paltry sum for a knight’s life.
  7. Goenka for a paltry investment of 4.
  8. I’ll pit him against that paltry.
  9. I have a horror of a paltry wedding.
  10. And now he looked paltry and insignificant.
  11. To enjoy,—what a sad aim, and what a paltry ambition! The.
  12. A few paltry muffins or cakes are displayed… or a few sandwiches.
  13. We know that no operating income can exist without a sale, so the paltry 2.
  14. I'll pit him against that paltry creature, unless it bestir itself briskly.
  15. Then a few paltry details are unearthed, pooh-poohed, ignored and re-buried.

  16. Investing in the biggest six-month losers from All Stocks generated a paltry 3.
  17. The already paltry forensic team his police department had was also under threat.
  18. The books he received for review were almost more welcome than the paltry cheque.
  19. One day, in 1988, he had no job and was receiving a paltry monthly disability check.
  20. She left the boulder dwarf and his paltry group of soldiers to join Emily and Tetloan.
  21. Objects splashed into the water about Hanor like paltry pebbles, but he was ignorant.
  22. The kingdoms of earth were paltry things to interest the Creator and Ruler of a universe.
  23. His father, getting an old man, and lame from his accidents, was given a paltry, poor job.
  24. That he should even talk about the boots! Throw in her face that paltry preliminary lying.
  25. And when payday came, her check with its paltry addition proved a greater joy than expected.

  26. Here, a weak cricket chirps, wakened from the unexpected and brutal winter to a paltry meal.
  27. It’s a paltry amount of power, compared to what the rover consumes, but it’s not nothing.
  28. But Yulia Mihailovna would not agree to it: her proud spirit revolted from paltry compromise.
  29. But human flesh was too frail, too paltry to hold the terrific essence that was Khosatral Khel.
  30. Although paltry compared to today’s acquisition prices, back then it was a good piece of change.
  31. What makes this distance paltry in comparison is considering the brightest star in the sky, Sirius.
  32. Danglars has sacrificed them to the selfish consideration of gaining some thousands of paltry francs.
  33. That’s not much money, Buddy said in disgust, as if the paltry sum could be blamed on Samantha.
  34. Ginny had been a young widow when she raised Claire’s father on a paltry income from a secretarial job.
  35. It’s such a wretched affair, yes, it really is wretched, paltry, yes, that is, almost a paltry affair.
  36. When she glared back at him with her paltry defiance, he twisted harder, digging his fingers into her arm.
  37. After-tax income from operations was up dramatically from the paltry September quarter-$20 million versus $15.
  38. A paltry crew, and that chewed and clawed to pieces, but they can work the ship, and crews can always be found.
  39. With some satisfaction Byron noted the doors opened before them, a paltry parlour trick but one he had done himself.
  40. I purposely do not omit this paltry incident of the wretched lieutenant, for my picture of Versilov is not complete.
  41. Before long I must go to him in Newgate Prison and offer whatsoe’er Aid and Succour my paltry Resources could provide.
  42. Yet it was but a paltry force he had gathered to dash against the invading hosts, though of the quality of tempered steel.
  43. With Smitty’s gaze on him, he quickly narrowed his stride and tried his best to shield himself behind another paltry palm.
  44. All the rest of the produce properly belonged to him too, either as rent for his land, or as profit upon this paltry capital.
  45. Of those willing to wait half a day to get into the city, some then did such paltry business that they left after a day or two.
  46. I should think a man of your means could brush away such a paltry sum as if he was merely placing a few chips on the roulette table.
  47. Yet Llewelyn was too Blood-thirsty to be content with such paltry Torture and Cocklyn was in too much Pain to continue thus for long.
  48. He had granted him his way and Elm vowed to himself that it would be he who’d be plunging his sword into Pine's paltry, penal heart.
  49. Now let us turn to our richest museums, and what a paltry display we behold! That our collections are imperfect is admitted by every one.
  50. Jesus and Mary had hoped for the receipt of a considerable sum of money when the treasurer at Sepphoris had offered them a paltry amount.
  51. The man who has never heard, the man who has never uttered these absurdities, these paltry remarks, is an imbecile and a malicious fellow.
  52. And to think, only to think that a man's life should be ruined for the sake of that paltry three thousand! he cried, contemptuously.
  53. How could they expect a man like that to exist on a paltry fifteen pounds a week? Why, it was nothing more or less than sweating! (Hear, hear.
  54. It suddenly seemed to me that this commonplace, prosaic tea was horribly undignified and paltry after all that had happened, and I blushed crimson.
  55. Aye," lighting from the boat to the deck, "thus I trample on thee, thou paltry thing that feebly pointest on high; thus I split and destroy thee!".
  56. She breathed deeply, looked around, saw that there were no spectators, reminded herself that it was a simple case over a paltry sum, and plowed ahead.
  57. For a paltry reward of a hundred rubles to go on such a mission! And where? Into a banker's office with forged notes! I should certainly lose my head.
  58. Silas joined in, but he had to reach deep to pull off the sounds of laughter, like his paltry remains of good humor were at the bottom of an empty barrel.
  59. That land would erode in time, but if the goal is survival, the land would last through epochs, while Nadine would last a paltry few years longer on the street.
  60. And dealers of gold coins and bars are reporting a surge in interest from those worried by paltry returns on savings accounts and recent stock market volatility.
  61. He has a tail, your excellency, and that would be irregular! Le diable n'existe point! Don't pay attention: he is a paltry, pitiful devil, he added suddenly.
  62. The german doctor motioned with his pad to the paltry shade offered by a nearby tent, filled with crates stamped with the sign of the Red Cross and Ethan lead eagerly.
  63. Digging a crumpled pack of cigarettes from the depths of her old leather jacket she gave the driver a paltry wave as he maneuvered back into the onslaught of traffic.
  64. He makes his way through a narrow alley, winding up at the so-called Miyawaki place—an abandoned house on an overgrown lot, with a paltry bird sculpture and an obsolescent well.
  65. And then she was ashamed of her own thoughts—distressed that she had let the paltry reminiscence force itself into her mind; for great happiness should put us in charity with all.
  66. If international oil companies can raise the recovery rates on existing oil fields from a paltry 35 percent to closer to 50 percent, the world’s recoverable oil reserves would soar.
  67. She was all the angrier for her own moment of snobbishness—men ought to be above such paltry things, she reasoned; anyway, she was bound to stand by Billy to the inevitably bitter end.
  68. I pity myself above all men that I did not lose my arm at Sevastopol, not having been there at all, but served all the campaign delivering paltry provisions, which I look on as a degradation.
  69. Some refused, and were fetched to the meeting in their nightclothes by forced Translocation, for the wizards of the northern kingdoms are paltry indeed compared to those of the three empires.
  70. And when the kids came over following their real Christmas with Regan for his paltry imitation and their inaugural custody overnight, Cate ignored the canopy bed he’d bought her and headed for the horsehair.
  71. England would have rid itself of its own social inhumanity faster and better than it ever did by rich scum like Scrooge giving a few paltry donations to the institutionalization of social poverty and degradation.
  72. It was not a little, paltry affair of reducing a couple of navy-yards; not to bury the dead, who have been already interred in the marshes of the Mississippi; not twice to slay the slain: it was for a great public object.
  73. The same honorable gentleman was also pleased to speak of "a paltry trade in potash and codfish," and to refer to me as the Representative of men who raised "beef and pork, and butter and cheese, and potatoes and cabbages.
  74. He lost all patience when he considered the laziness and want of charity of his squire Sancho; for to the best of his belief he had only given himself five lashes, a number paltry and disproportioned to the vast number required.
  75. THIS TIME OF MORNING, trucks from Manhattan’s last remaining factories should be stacked at the Battery Tunnel, diverting traffic onto surface streets, but the backup is paltry; anyone looking to get out of the city is already gone.
  76. My brother told me that once in need of a paltry sum, my dad sought it from an ex-colleague whom he had helped all along; but that man excused himself, prompting my father to give me that parting advice to be careful with my money.
  77. For be a man's intellectual superiority what it will, it can never assume the practical, available supremacy over other men, without the aid of some sort of external arts and entrenchments, always, in themselves, more or less paltry and base.
  78. The collier's small, mean head, with its black hair slightly soiled with grey, lay on the bare arms, and the face, dirty and inflamed, with a fleshy nose and thin, paltry brows, was turned sideways, asleep with beer and weariness and nasty temper.
  79. After all, how could he be stronger than his opponent if he couldn’t even begin to understand the mind-cane’s power for more than a few paltry moments or when he was overcome with anger? Not that the artefact was here, and not that he felt angry.
  80. The genetic wisdom accumulated over 4 billion years of experience that has been collated and integrated and simplified into our genetic code by far outweighs the paltry tool-wisdom our species has managed to accumulate over 100,00 years of its newfound existence.
  81. Not because I couldn't, or because I shouldn't dare, or because it would be damaging, for it's all a paltry matter and absolutely trifling, but—I won't, because it's a matter of principle: that's my private life, and I won't allow any intrusion into my private life.
  82. Buying me for a few paltry dollars? Of course you do, Robert Canler, and the hope of just such a contingency was in your mind when you loaned papa the money for that hair-brained escapade, which but for a most mysterious circumstance would have been surprisingly successful.
  83. But if you had started with a paltry $100 and simply invested another $100 every single month, then by August 1939, your money would have grown to $15,571! That’s the power of disciplined buying—even in the face of the Great Depression and the worst bear market of all time.
  84. So insignificant at that moment seemed to him all the interests that engrossed Napoleon, so mean did his hero himself with his paltry vanity and joy in victory appear, compared to the lofty, equitable, and kindly sky which he had seen and understood, that he could not answer him.
  85. Despite the crystal-clarity of the liquid air under the trees, he realised that the inside of his skull was an impenetrable fog of ignorance and confusion – and the paltry few facts that he had managed to wring out of Miss Leggett had only added to the obfuscation rather than dispersed it.
  86. Did you never observe the narrow intelligence flashing from the keen eye of a clever rogue--how eager he is, how clearly his paltry soul sees the way to his end; he is the reverse of blind, but his keen eye-sight is forced into the service of evil, and he is mischievous in proportion to his cleverness?
  87. Undoubtedly, man’s magnifying of his creation will make him confess spiritually that he has a great Creator and a wise Provider; because it is unimaginable to think that a semen of paltry fluid can turn by itself to be an even human being established upon such amazing construction and wonderful creation.
  88. Now I will ask any gentleman if that paltry force is sufficient for that object; and if it will not be in the power of the British to take possession of that city within sixty days after your declaration of war against them? If gentlemen calculate on the goodness and forbearance of the enemy, I think they will be deceived.
  89. He told us that honor in arbitrary governments was identified with the monarch, who went to war for his mistress; that in republics honor consisted in the opportunities afforded to acquire wealth, and by way of illustration said, we pocketed our honor for money in paying tribute to the Barbary Powers, for the security of a paltry trade.
  90. Instead of piddling for the little prizes which are to be found in what may be called the paltry raffle of colony faction, they might then hope, from the presumption which men naturally have in their own ability and good fortune, to draw some of the great prizes which sometimes come from the wheel of the great state lottery of British politics.
  91. Well, then, do not be angry with them; for are they not as good as a play, trying their hand at paltry reforms such as I was describing; they are always fancying that by legislation they will make an end of frauds in contracts, and the other rascalities which I was mentioning, not knowing that they are in reality cutting off the heads of a hydra?
  92. When he had leased this paltry building for the purpose of converting it into a tavern, he had found this chamber decorated in just this manner, and had purchased the furniture and obtained the orange flowers at second hand, with the idea that this would cast a graceful shadow on "his spouse," and would result in what the English call respectability for his house.
  93. It was a subject of regret and absurd as well on the face of it and no small blame to our vaunted society that the man in the street, when the system really needed toning up, for the matter of a couple of paltry pounds was debarred from seeing more of the world they lived in instead of being always and ever cooped up since my old stick-in-the-mud took me for a wife.
  94. But to execute a great number of little works, in which nothing that can be done can make any great appearance, or excite the smallest degree of admiration in any traveller, and which, in short, have nothing to recommend them but their extreme utility, is a business which appears, in every respect, too mean and paltry to merit the attention of so great a magistrate.
  95. Why had he come obtruding his life into hers, hers that might have been whole enough without him? Why had he brought his cheap regard and his lip-born words to her who had nothing paltry to give in exchange? He knew that he was deluding her—wished, in the very moment of farewell, to make her believe that he gave her the whole price of her heart, and knew that he had spent it half before.
  96. By replacing the hugely successful exploration of the new world of the Chinese armada in 1421 with Vasco de Gama’s paltry few trips in the 1490’s to India where he failed in everything he set out to do, and brought home nothing but scurvy and rats from other seaports: the stinking European version of human history covered up how the entire energy direction of discovery is towards the light: not away from it.
  97. Randolph said he was afraid, after the pledge that this House had given to reduce the Naval Establishment, that that pledge was not to be redeemed; that the whole business was to end in smoke, unless some pitiful, paltry retrenchment, to the amount of a hundred thousand dollars, was made to enable them to swear by—to say here and out of doors, and to enable the public prints to say, that they had reduced the Naval Establishment.
  98. Here’s … how shall I tell you?—A theory of a sort, the same one by which I for instance consider that a single misdeed is permissible if the principal aim is right, a solitary wrongdoing and hundreds of good deeds! It’s galling too, of course, for a young man of gifts and overweening pride to know that if he had, for instance, a paltry three thousand, his whole career, his whole future would be differently shaped and yet not to have that three thousand.
  99. With despair I pictured to myself how coldly and disdainfully that "scoundrel" Zverkov would meet me; with what dull-witted, invincible contempt the blockhead Trudolyubov would look at me; with what impudent rudeness the insect Ferfitchkin would snigger at me in order to curry favour with Zverkov; how completely Simonov would take it all in, and how he would despise me for the abjectness of my vanity and lack of spirit—and, worst of all, how paltry, unliterary, commonplace it would all be.
  100. It results, that half a score of men,—or even one man, may demonstrate to people, both by his confession and by his actions, that the terrible evil from which they are suffering is not a law of fate, the will of God, or any historical necessity; but that it is merely a superstition, which is not in the least powerful or terrible, but weak and insignificant, in which we must simply cease to believe, as in idols, in order to rid ourselves of it, and in order to rend it like a paltry spider’s web.

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