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    1. and mortalities had reduced them to this paltry dynastic

    2. and to be just; and, in return for so important a service, they stipulate the paltry reward of four

    3. She left the boulder dwarf and his paltry group of soldiers to join Emily and Tetloan

    4. All the rest of the produce properly belonged to him too, either as rent for his land, or as profit upon this paltry capital

    5. Instead of piddling for the little prizes which are to be found in what may be called the paltry raffle of colony faction, they might then hope, from the presumption which men naturally have in their own ability and good fortune, to draw some of the great prizes which sometimes come from the wheel of the great state lottery of British politics

    6. But to execute a great number of little works, in which nothing that can be done can make any great appearance, or excite the smallest degree of admiration in any traveller, and which, in short, have nothing to recommend them but their extreme utility, is a business which appears, in every respect, too mean and paltry to merit the attention of so great a magistrate

    7. When the parish happened to be situated in a great city, it divided all the inhabitants into two parties; and when that city happened, either to constitute itself a little republic, or to be the head and capital of a little republic, as in the case with many of the considerable cities in Switzerland and Holland, every paltry dispute of this kind, over and above exasperating the animosity of all their other factions, threatened to leave behind it, both a new schism in the church, and a new faction in the state

    8. The german doctor motioned with his pad to the paltry shade offered by a nearby tent, filled with crates stamped with the sign of the Red Cross and Ethan lead eagerly

    9. I should think a man of your means could brush away such a paltry sum as if he was merely placing a few chips on the roulette table

    10. Although paltry compared to today’s acquisition prices, back then it was a good piece of change

    11. Some refused, and were fetched to the meeting in their nightclothes by forced Translocation, for the wizards of the northern kingdoms are paltry indeed compared to those of the three empires

    12. After all, how could he be stronger than his opponent if he couldn’t even begin to understand the mind-cane’s power for more than a few paltry moments or when he was overcome with anger? Not that the artefact was here, and not that he felt angry

    13. And when payday came, her check with its paltry addition proved a greater joy than expected

    14. What makes this distance paltry in comparison is considering the brightest star in the sky, Sirius

    15. Jesus and Mary had hoped for the receipt of a considerable sum of money when the treasurer at Sepphoris had offered them a paltry amount


    17. The kingdoms of earth were paltry things to interest the Creator and Ruler of a universe

    18. But human flesh was too frail, too paltry to hold the terrific essence that was Khosatral Khel

    19. "A paltry crew, and that chewed and clawed to pieces, but they can work the ship, and crews can always be found

    20. Yet it was but a paltry force he had gathered to dash against the invading hosts, though of the quality of tempered steel

    21. these were often paltry amounts

    22. Digging a crumpled pack of cigarettes from the depths of her old leather jacket she gave the driver a paltry wave as he maneuvered back into the onslaught of traffic

    23. was almost nowhere in the world it didn’t exist – if even in paltry numbers

    24. which was considered paltry in the hyper-inflated market of the late 90s; there was nothing

    25. unimpressed by the paltry increase in net income

    26. “bullish” during those years, some of these leverage states produced paltry gains if any

    27. We know that no operating income can exist without a sale, so the paltry 2

    28. on these paltry figures alone providing that they were consistent enough to allow

    29. “My brother told me that once in need of a paltry sum, my dad sought it from an ex-colleague whom he had helped all along; but that man excused himself, prompting my father to give me that parting advice to be careful with my money

    30. Undoubtedly, man’s magnifying of his creation will make him confess spiritually that he has a great Creator and a wise Provider; because it is unimaginable to think that a semen of paltry fluid can turn by itself to be an even human being established upon such amazing construction and wonderful creation

    31. With some satisfaction Byron noted the doors opened before them, a paltry parlour trick but one he had done himself

    32. another in a paltry 21 million years – the Earth was making

    33. _An agèd man_--or woman, it didn't matter which--_is but a paltry thing_, she had read that very morning, turning over a book of poems she kept on her dressing-table, to read while Manby was doing her hair

    34. With Smitty’s gaze on him, he quickly narrowed his stride and tried his best to shield himself behind another paltry palm

    35. "This is paltry," thought Herr Dremmel, feeling the offence was now so great as to have become ridiculous; and determined to discover into what fastness she had withdrawn and fetch her out of it, he went lamp in hand doggedly through the house looking for her, beginning with the thorough patience of one accustomed to research in the kitchen, where shy cockroaches peeped at him round the legs of tables, examining the parlour, stuffy with the exhaustion of an ended day, penetrating into a room in which Rosa and the cook reared themselves up in their beds to regard him with horror unspeakable, and at last stumbling up the narrow staircase to where Robertlet and Ditti slept the sleep of the unvaryingly just

    36. That he should even talk about the boots! Throw in her face that paltry preliminary lying

    37. Silas joined in, but he had to reach deep to pull off the sounds of laughter, like his paltry remains of good humor were at the bottom of an empty barrel

    38. Average yields sat at a paltry 0

    39. The already paltry forensic team his police department had was also under threat

    40. He had granted him his way and Elm vowed to himself that it would be he who’d be plunging his sword into Pine's paltry, penal heart

    41. The genetic wisdom accumulated over 4 billion years of experience that has been collated and integrated and simplified into our genetic code by far outweighs the paltry tool-wisdom our species has managed to accumulate over 100,00 years of its newfound existence

    42. A few paltry muffins or cakes are displayed… or a few sandwiches

    43. Then a few paltry details are unearthed, pooh-poohed, ignored and re-buried

    44. England would have rid itself of its own social inhumanity faster and better than it ever did by rich scum like Scrooge giving a few paltry donations to the institutionalization of social poverty and degradation

    45. on that paltry number of soldiers trapped out in our

    46. refuge by the large tree, it was paltry cover, but it would do

    47. Objects splashed into the water about Hanor like paltry pebbles, but he was ignorant

    48. By replacing the hugely successful exploration of the new world of the Chinese armada in 1421 with Vasco de Gama’s paltry few trips in the 1490’s to India where he failed in everything he set out to do, and brought home nothing but scurvy and rats from other seaports: the stinking European version of human history covered up how the entire energy direction of discovery is towards the light: not away from it

    49. Despite the crystal-clarity of the liquid air under the trees, he realised that the inside of his skull was an impenetrable fog of ignorance and confusion – and the paltry few facts that he had managed to wring out of Miss Leggett had only added to the obfuscation rather than dispersed it

    50. Goenka for a paltry investment of 4

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    measly miserable paltry negligible trifling flimsy superficial frivolous petty unimportant