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Frasi con melancholy (in inglese)

1. I heard the melancholy in.
2. He is very melancholy with.
3. She who with melancholy face.
4. It was a heavy, melancholy day.
5. In the melancholy of solitude.
6. He was melancholy yet tranquil.
7. He fell into a black melancholy.

8. Chiron gave me a melancholy smile.
9. Such people are a melancholy sight.
10. But she coughed in a melancholy way.
11. I am not a sad, melancholy creature.
12. The stranger smiled a melancholy smile.
13. The melody begin on a melancholy note.
14. Maintain the melancholy souls of those.
15. Zophar reiterated his melancholy advice.
16. Suddenly she melancholy sighed and said.
17. I carried thither my Russian melancholy.
18. The rout behind the Guard was melancholy.
19. HIS MOCKERY MADE ME melancholy once more.
20. And he was seized with a fit of melancholy.
21. A gentle melancholy took possession of him.
22. Mistress Nangong melancholy sighed and said.
23. Only it's melancholy, very melancholy here.
24. On every side reigned a melancholy silence.
25. His mind was naturally of a melancholy cast.
26. Time brought resignation, and a melancholy.
27. She took a deep breath and melancholy sighed.
28. The drive home was acutely melancholy for him.
29. Melancholy I was, and melancholy I remain’d.
30. You are both melancholy, both morose and hot-.
31. The beautiful woman melancholy sighed and said.
32. Bulstrode, in a melancholy voice, rising to go.
33. And they wax the eyes of our melancholy days—.
34. In her eyes, it was filled with much melancholy.
35. His disposition was solemn and prone to melancholy.
36. Haidee answered his remark with a melancholy smile.
37. Her smile was friendly and hopeful, but melancholy.
38. By afternoon, she’d lost all trace of melancholy.
39. On the top of the mountain, was a melancholy sighing.
40. Mavriky Nikolaevitch was melancholy and preoccupied.
41. The melody is tantalizing, with a hint of melancholy.
42. Slowly the melancholy mood subsided and her thoughts.
43. I trust we shall meet under less melancholy auspices.
44. Never was such a dreary sea or such a melancholy spot.
45. Two brands were smouldering there in a melancholy way.
46. What, indeed, ma'am! It is a melancholy consideration.
47. The melancholy prince gazed out at the cold winter day.
48. Gu Yihong unwittingly melancholy sighed and softly said.
49. Shaking his head, he sunk back down into his melancholy.
50. Till the dirges of his Hope that melancholy burden bore.
51. It was a sweet and melancholy moment, raw in its honesty.
52. What a melancholy thing not to know the address of one's.
53. Heaven; it being a melancholy, but true reflection, that.
54. What, indeed, ma’am! It is a melancholy consideration.
55. There was always a melancholy expression in his pale face.
56. As time went on, melancholy settled upon the flat children.
57. Nothing can reproduce the sombre and kindly melancholy of.
58. Melancholy face-to-face encounter of selfish and wretched.
59. She often said to him, with her sweet, melancholy voice—.
60. As he imparted this melancholy circumstance to Wemmick, Mr.
61. He was suddenly struck by melancholy at the thought of all.
62. The sound of his voice brought a rush of melancholy and an.
63. All night he was lulled by the melancholy noise of the surf.
64. And he pretended not to notice her melancholy sighs, nor the.
65. Javert replied, his face incorruptible, and as melancholy as.
66. The child cast a melancholy glance before her and behind her.
67. It seemed the right way to conclude such a melancholy record.
68. Guo Yuxia melancholy sighed awhile as though she wanted to say.
69. I, with my Russian melancholy, was the only one free in Europe.
70. It was a brief moment of black comedy in a melancholy search.
71. However, on this later day, Pat was feeling melancholy and sad.
72. It is a melancholy thing to be caught in this Paris of shadows.
73. Other times I caught a flicker of melancholy in his expression.
74. Hatch snapped out of his melancholy and turned back toward Siri.
75. They could hear each other doing it; it was a melancholy sound.
76. He paused, fighting off the sense of regret and melancholy that.
77. Daae used to play to us in his hours of melancholy and of faith.
78. He started to play an old country western cowboy melancholy tune.
79. I know what you mean, Cap’n said with a note of melancholy.
80. But the janitor emerged as melancholy and unruffled as ever, only.
81. Huck's face lost its tranquil content, and took a melancholy cast.
82. All this time I have not worked at all and I feel heavy melancholy.
83. That seems to be the difference between real and ironic melancholy.
84. This advice depressed Pavel Pavlovitch; he grew wondrous melancholy.
85. Time brought resignation, and a melancholy sweeter than common joy.
86. On the fifth day an immense melancholy descended upon him palpably.
87. Marc sensing his great anxiety and melancholy asked what was wrong.
88. An incorrect chose can lead to melancholy for all parties concerned.
89. A flash of joy illuminated Jean Valjean's melancholy old countenance.
90. Although Mitya was excited and expansive, yet he was melancholy, too.
91. She had dark, intense eyes which gave her a slightly melancholy look.
92. His calm breath played a strange melancholy to the beats of my heart.
93. They did not speak, and only exchanged a melancholy sign of the head.
94. There is always an element of melancholy in the destruction of a house.
95. Something very melancholy must be the matter, I am sure, said she.
96. The man in the dressing-gown turned upon us with a most melancholy face.
97. Then he smiled once more, but a gentle and melancholy smile, and spoke.
98. The gayety of Geronte shocks and exasperates the melancholy of Werther.
99. It was a melancholy vigil, and made more so by my own sense of its folly.
100. The first thing that Cosette felt was a confused and profound melancholy.

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