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Minor in una frase (in inglese)

A Minor Power.
She‘s a minor.
Willy was a minor.
the child is a minor.
minor case of the flu.
that of a minor child.
A minor inconvenience.

than a minor annoyance.
Minor cuts and bruises.
‘Mate, I was the minor.
It was a minor incident.
18 The minor zone at 114.
Here is a minor window.
Minor concussion at most.
fell to the minor manager.
history is a minor aside.
But that’s minor stuff.
Only minor wounds though.
The cut was pretty minor.
Minor cut on my forehead.
parent abandoned the minor.
16 The John Minor Wisdom U.
minor power if he wanted to.
aside from this minor point.
Thoth strummed a minor chord.
between an adult and a minor.
Irritation over minor things.
I made some minor adjustments.
It was my minor at university.

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minored in the subject.
And I minored in Psychology of Circus Clowns since I knew they’d be times in this business I’d eventually have to deal with morons like you.
Another 12 percent only minored in the subject, meaning that the majority are not well trained enough for even our present weak curriculum in chemistry and physics.
Having majored in Political Science and minored in History oh those many years later, I could begin to understand how I and my fellow students had been shortchanged.
of if there are minors on the account.
restriction, minors were reached, too.
Having sex with minors was doubly illegal.
You were aware there were minors drinking?.
affected a lot of female children; abused minors.
them up on the upper floors, minors and a few elders.
They say Mike and Mitch are under age, they’re minors.
Holt had to wear a special red bracelet made for minors.
men incarcerated for having sexual contact with minors not.
Minors can be admitted as partner only to the benefits of.
(confirmed by the parents) involving core minors – 5 to 8.
Accounts of Hindu minors where persons other than the guardians place.
maximum balance in accounts of minors, between the ages of 10-14 years.
minors; it was another to keep vampires, who for the most part looked.
It’s where all of the orphaned minors are headed for social work help.
Joint Accounts of Minors: Joint account in the names of two or more minors.
4) Minors are not permitted to be in the Church nor are they to be members.
(1) Minors below 10 years of age: Savings bank account can be opened in the.
Banks do not open accounts in the names of two or more minors either jointly.
been permitted to open accounts in the names of minors with mother as guardian.
The following morning all five were charged with sexual molestation of minors.
Ensure that they are not beneficiaries or minors to avoid complications in the future.
Besides the 18 minors diagnosed with cancer, 25 others are suspected to have the illness.
Mary's brother was arrested last weekend over charges of serving alcohol to minors, after.
What kind of mess have you gotten me into? We sell dope, but we’re minors, so we get probation.
Plantard, was exposed later as a forger and fantasist and had a court conviction for corrupting minors.
The Times does not clarify just what the scandal is about if it is not about forcing sex on minors.
That particular party got a little out of hand and we ended up arresting a few minors for intoxication that night.
She graduated with the class of 1943, receiving a bachelor’s degree in European literature, with dual minors in Polish and German.
Hector graduated as one of the top students in his class with a degree in zoology with minors in ancient history and English literature.

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